mercoledì 23 dicembre 2020

Iron Butterfly - 1967-11-09 - Hollywood, CA (SBD/SHN)

(Soundboard SHN)

Iron Butterfly
Galaxy Club
North Hollywood, CA

Technical: Lineage: SBD > ??? > cass > ???
Source: SBD

01. Real Fright
02. Possession
03. Filled With Fear
04. Fields Of Sun
05. It's Up To You
06. Gloomy Day To Remember
07. Got To Ignore Evil Temptations
08. So-Lo
09. Gentle As It May Seem
10. Lonely Boy
11. Iron Butterfly Theme
12. You Can't Win

I received the cassette recording of this show from Rick Gagnon who runs the Iron Butterfly Archives. A bootleg record called Galaxy Club exists of this show. I don't know if my cassette was made from a pressing of this bootleg record or not, it's clean and I can't tell for sure. I have never been able to find the bootleg record of this show but I did find the artwork and have included it. Some of the songs are listed wrong on the artwork, these are the correct titles.

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