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Tom Petty - 2012-06-25 - Cologne, DE (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Lanxess Arena

Schoeps CCM4(smp) > Tascam DR-100 @ 24/96 > PC (Sound Forge; TLH (sbeok; flac))
taped, edited & transferred by hhtfp

Tom Petty - guitar, vocals
Mike Campbell - guitar
Benmont Tench - hammond organ, piano, vocals
Ron Blair - bass, vocals
Scott Thurston - guitar, keyboard, harmonica, vocals
Steve Ferrone - drums

CD 1 [56:12]
01. audience [0:49]
02. Listen To Your Heart [3:44]
03. You Wreck Me [5:36]
04. I Won't Back Down [3:47]
05. Here Comes My Girl [5:50]
06. Handle With Care [4:09]
07. Good Enough [6:44]
08. Oh Well [4:18]
09. Something Big [6:40]
10. Don't Come Around Here No More [6:31]
11. band introduction [2:23]
12. Free Fallin' [5:37]

CD 2 [61:33]
13. It's Good To Be King [13:13]
14. Carol [5:26]
15. Learning To Fly [5:09]
16. Yer So Bad [3:33]
17. I Should Have Known It [4:38]
18. Refugee [5:19]
19. Runnin' Down A Dream [9:04]

20. Mary Jane's Last Dance [8:05]
21. I'm A Man [3:17]
22. American Girl *) [3:44]
tt: 1:57:45 h

*) the end of the song is missing (battery low)

- the show is seamless
- Jonathan Wilson opened for TP

Roger Waters - 2012-06-23 - Toronto, ON (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Source - SP-CMC8 (Cards) Microphones -> SP-SPSB-10 Battery Box -> Olympus LS-10 (16 bit - 44 kHz) -> SD card -> Nero WaveEditor -> CD Wave Editor -> Traders Little Helper -> Flac

Roger Waters – Bass Guitar, Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, & Trumpet
Graham Broad – Drums, Percussion, Ukelele
Dave Kilminster – Guitar, Banjo
G. E. Smith – Guitar, Bass Guitar, Mandolin
Snowy White – Guitar
Jon Carin – Keyboards, Guitar, Lap Steel Guitar
Harry Waters – Hammond Organ, Keyboards, Accordion
Robbie Wyckoff – Lead Vocals (songs or parts of songs originally sung by David Gilmour)
Jon Joyce – backing vocals
Kipp Lennon – backing vocals
Mark Lennon – backing vocals
Pat Lennon – backing vocals

01 - Spartacus
02 - In The Flesh
03 - The Thin Ice
04 - Another Brick In The Wall (Part 1)
05 - The Happiest Days Of Our Lives
06 - Another Brick In The Wall (Part 2)
07 - Tribute to Jean Charles de Menezes
08 - Mother Intro
09 - Mother
10 - Goodbye Blue Sky
11 - Empty Spaces
12 - What Shall We Do Now
13 - Young Lust
14 - One Of My Turns
15 - Don't Leave Me Now
16 - Another Brick In The Wall (Part 3)
17 - Goodbye Cruel World

01 - Hey You
02 - Is There Anybody Out There?
03 - Nobody Home
04 - Vera
05 - Bring The Boys Back Home
06 - Comfortably Numb
07 - The Show Must Go On
08 - In The Flesh
09 - Run Like Hell
10 - Waiting For The Worms
11 - Stop
12 - The Trial
13 - Outside the Wall
14 - Band Introductions

Outstanding show, and this recording is very good (Except for the whistler).

Roger Waters - 2012-06-15 - Sunrise, FL (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Bank Atlantic Center

Source: Yamaha Pocketrak PCM WAV @ 48k
Transfer: Wav file > Cool Edit Pro > EZCD-DA> FLAC
Recording location: Section 111
Recorded and seeded by: ForeverYes

Drums: Graham Broad
Guitars: Dave Kilminster, G.E. Smith, Snowy White
Bass: Roger Waters
Keyboards: Jon Carin, Harry Waters
Lead Vocals: Robbie Wyckoff, Roger Waters
Backing Vocals: Jon Joyce, Mark Lennon, Pat Lennon, Kipp Lennon

01 Intro
02 In The Flesh?
03 The Thin Ice
04 Another Brick In The Wall (Part 1)
05 The Happiest Days Of Our Lives/ Another Brick In The Wall (Part 2)
06 Mother
07 Goodbye Blue Sky
08 Empty Spaces
09 Young Lust
10 One Of My Turns
11 Dont Leave Me Now
12 Another Brick In The Wall (Part 3) - The Last Few Bricks
13 Goodbye Cruel World

01 Hey You
02 Is There Anybody Out There?
03 Nobody Home
04 Vera
05 Bring The Boys Back Home
06 Comfortably Numb
07 The Show Must Go On
08 In The Flesh
09 Run Like Hell
10 Waiting For The Worms
11 Stop
12 The Trial
13 Outside the Wall

Roger Waters - 1984-07-21 - East Rutherford, NJ (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Roger Waters : The Lostbrook Tape Series - Volume 30
Meadowlands Arena

Recording Equipment:
Internal Mic - Sanyo tape deck - Alesis TapeLinkUSB - Audacity - WAV

Taper: Lostbrook

Mastering: CQ

01 Cheers
02 Set The Controls
03 Money
04 If
05 Welcome To The Machine
06 Have A Cigar
07 Wish You Were Here
08 Pigs On The Wing
09 In The Flesh
10 Nobody Home
11 Hey You
12 The Gunners Dream
13 Pros And Con
14 Brain Damage - Eclipse

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Twisted Sister - 2012-06-23 - Dessel, Belgium (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Graspop Metal Meeting, Dessel, Belgium 2012-06-23

Sound Professionals SP-CMC-8 Microphones

Sound Professionals SP-SPSB-11 Mini Battery Module with Bass Roll-Off (69Hz)
Edirol R-09HR 44.1kHz / 16 bit
USB>PC>CD Wave Editor>Trader's Little Helper>FLAC level 8

Dee Snider – vocals

Eddie Ojeda – guitar, vocals
Jay Jay French – guitar, vocals
Mark Mendoza – bass, vocals
A. J. Pero – drums

01 Intro - AC/DC - It's A Long Way To The Top

02 What You Don't Know (Sure Can Hurt You)
03 The Kids are Back
04 Stay Hungry
05 Wake Up (The Sleeping Giant)
06 You Can't Stop Rock 'n' Roll
07 Jay Jay's views on American Idol
08 Shoot 'Em Down
09 We're Not Gonna Take It
10 The Price
11 Burn in Hell
12 Under the Blade
13 I Wanna Rock
14 Come Out And Play (intro)
15 S.M.F.


Twisted Sister were special guests on the Saturday and played as though they were headlining. Dee Snider certainly has to be one of the best frontmen in metal today. It was quite blustery so there is a little wind noise and occassional chatter from an enthusiastic crowd but not a bad recording from a festival.

Bruce Springsteen - 1978-09-12 - Syracuse, NY (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Title: I'm Only Here For Fun
'Label': Earlmv
Format: 3 cdr
Source: Audience

Date: 12th September 1978
Location: Onondaga War Memorial, Syracuse, NY

Trade and Generation info: flac trade
coverted to .wav with DB Poweramp -> edited with Magix Audio Cleaning Lab 16 -> Traders Little Helper -> .flac (level 8, align on sector boundaries, verify)

Disc One:
01 - Badlands
02 - Streets Of Fire
03 - Spirit In The Night
04 - Darkness On The Edge Of Town
05 - Heartbreak Hotel
06 - Factory
07 - The Promised Land
08 - Prove It All Night
09 - Racing In The Street
10 - Thunder Road
11 - Jungleland

Disc Two:
01 - Paradise By The 'C'
02 - Fire
03 - Candy'S Room
04 - It'S Hard To Be A Saint In The City
05 - 4Th Of July, Asbury Park (Sandy)
06 - Rave On
07 - Not Fade Away - Gloria - She'S The One
08 - Backstreets
09 - Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)

Disc Three:
01 - Intro
02 - Born To Run
03 - Because The Night
04 - Quarter To Three

The original version run too slow. So I've tried to correct that fact.

Mark Knopfler w Notting Hillbillies & Dire Straits - 2002-07-24 London, UK (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

"Teenager Cancer Trust"-second charity gig! Stunning performance, great sound

Mark Knopfler,The Notting Hillbillies & Dire Straits

Shepherd's Bush Empire,

++Second charity Gig with a reunion of DIRE STRAITS, with John Illsley, Chris White, Guy Fletcher, and Danny Cummings together on stage again!++

Source: Audience

Mark Knopfler Guitar/Vocals

John Illsley Bass
Guy Fletcher Keyboards/Backing Vocals
Chris White Saxophone
Danny Cummings Drums
Robbie McIntosh Guitars
Geraint Watkins Keyboards
Bobby Valentino Guitar/Mandolin/Violin
Steve Phillips Guitar/Vocals
Brendan Croker Guitar/Vocals
Marcus Cliffe Bass

Jimmy Nail : guest on backing vocals

Jools Holland: guest on Piano

01. Intro speech for the charity
02. Calling Elvis
03. Run me down
04. Your own sweet way
05. Railroad worksong
06. Are we in trouble now
07. Quality shoe
08. Hobo's lullaby
09. Can't be satisfied
10. Feel like going home
11. Setting me up
12. Walk of life
13. What it is

01. Romeo and Juliet
02. Sultans of swing
03. Olé, olé, olé
04. Baloney again
05. Why aye man
06. Money for nothing
07. Brothers in arms
08. So far away
09. Going home (Local Hero)

In 2002, Knopfler reunited Dire Straits under the banner "Mark Knopfler and Friends" for a series of four concerts in July. Four separate British charities benefited from the shows: Teenage Cancer Trust, Save the Baby, Leuka 2000, and Countryside Education Trust. As for getting Dire Straits back together for good, Knopfler told reporters at the time, "I would only do that for a charity. I'm glad I've experienced it all - I had a lot of fun with it - but I like things the way they are."

Mark Knopfler's distinctive guitar work can be heard on charity recordings of "Let It Be" (1987's single to benefit the victims of the Zeebrugge Ferry disaster), "Voices That Care" (1991, as a tribute to those serving in Operation Desert Storm), and "Knockin' On Heaven's Door (1996's recording to benefit the victims and families of the horrific school shooting in Dunblane, Scotland).


Comment Pyroman:

Very good audience recording of the second charity gig in Shepherd's Bush Empire London, on behalf of "Teenage Cancer Trust".
Fantastic show, the best of the three London gigs in my opinion!
During the first part of the show, Mark plays with The Notting Hillbillies, the second part of the show is what I have been waiting for for so many years: a reunion of dIRE sTRAITS, with John Illsley, Chris White, Guy Fletcher, and Danny Cummings together on stage again!
Special guest: Jools Holland on piano!
Truely wonderful Brothers In Arms, which really made me shiver that night.
great to hear Brendan Croker sing Feel Like Going Home again, so beautifully accompanied by Mark on his Gibson Les Paul.
Baloney Again was played instead of Your Latest Trick.
Mark also played two new songs, to be released on the new album "The Ragpicker's Dream" on 30th September 2002: Quality Shoe and Why Aye Man (with Jimmy Nail as special guest).


Good audience recording of the second of four charity gigs in July 2002.
This one is on behalf of Teenage Cancer Trust. Announced as "Mark Knopfler and friends",
Mark plays with The Notting Hillbillies in the first half of the show.
with virtually Dire Straits (including John Illsley and Chris White) in the second half.
But during the whole gig different musicians are turning up.
Jimmy Nail came on stage for backing vocals on Why aye man, Money for nothing and So far away.
Jools Holland was a special guest this night on the two absolute stunning versions of Run me down and Setting me up.
Some nice arrangements on What it is, Romeo and Juliet, and including new songs Quality shoe and Why aye man from The ragpicker's dream album which was released two months after the charity shows.
Good sound quality.

Megadeth - 2012-06-25 - Moscow, Russia (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Venue: Stadium Live
Taper: Barghest

SP-CMC-8 -> Edirol R-09HR -> WAV [originally in 96 kHz/24 bit->downgraded to 44kHZ/16 bit]

WAV -> Adobe Audition (Normalize-Track Splitting) -> FLAC

Dave Mustaine – lead vocals, guitar (1983–2002, 2004–present)
Dave Ellefson – bass, backing vocals (1983–2002, 2010–present)
Shawn Drover – drums (2004–present)
Chris Broderick – guitar, backing vocals (2008–present)

01 Never Dead
02 Head Crusher
03 Hangar 18
04 Trust
05 She-Wolf
06 Dawn Patrol
07 Poison Was the Cure
08 Sweating Bullets
09 A Tout Le Monde
10 Angry Again
11 Guns, Drugs & Money
12 Whose Life (Is It Anyways?)
13 Public Enemy No. 1
14 Symphony of Destruction
15 Peace Sells

16 Holy Wars... The Punishment Due

Total playing time: 1 hr 20 min 39 sec

Neil Young Booker T - 1993-09-01 Denver, CO (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Fiddler's Green, Denver, Colorado, USA

Analog master > DAT clone(s) except where indicated

DAT > optical > Hutch DAT copyprocessor mkII (scms bypass) > coax > PC (s/pdif in @ 48kHz) > Adobe Audition (fades i/o, edits, level adjustments w/Waves L3, sample rate conversion) > CDWave (tracking) > flac(8)

Tour: 1993 US Tour with Booker T and The MGs

Band: Booker T And The MGs
Neil Young - vocals, guitar, harmonica, piano
Booker T. Jones - organ, synthesizer, vocals
Steve Cropper - guitar
Donald 'Duck' Dunn - bass
Jim Keltner - drums
Astrid Young - backup vocals
Annie Stocking - backup vocals

01. Mr. Soul
02. The Loner
03. Southern Man
04. Helpless
05. Like A Hurricane
06. Motorcycle Mama
07. Separate Ways
08. Love To Burn
09. Only Love Can Break Your Heart - missing: Spliced in from different source (A3>DAT)
10. Harvest Moon
11. Unknown Legend
12. The Needle And The Damage Done
13. Powderfinger
14. Live To Ride
15. Rockin' In The Free World
16. (Sitting On) The Dock Of The Bay
17. All Along The Watchtower (cuts) Last part spliced in from different source (A3>D)

In addition to the alternate sources listed above this sounds to be a compilation of several sources. But there's no notes/indications of it on the DAT J-card/label. Slight diginoise occationally.

Queen - 1981-02-13 - Tokyo, JP (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)



BRIAN MAY- Electric & Acoustic Guitars/Backing Vocals
JOHN DEACON- Bass Guitar
ROGER TAYLOR- Drums/Backing Vocals/Tambourine

01 Intro/Jailhouse Rock
02 We Will Rock You
03 Let Me Entertain You
04 Play The Game
05 Mustapha
06 Death On Two Legs
07 Killer Queen
08 I'M In Love With My Car
09 Get Down, Make Love
10 Need Your Love Tonight
11 Save Me
12 Now I'M Here
13 Dragon Attack (W/Now I'M Here Reprise)

01 Love Of My Life
02 Keep Yourself Alive (Drum Solo/Guitar Solo Aka Instrumental Inferno)
03 Flash Medley (Featuring Vultans Theme, Battle Theme, Flash'S Theme, The Hero)
04 Crazy Little Thing Called Love
05 Bohemian Rhapsody
06 Tie Your Mother Down
07 Another One Bites The Dust
08 Sheer Heart Attack
09 We Will Rock You
10 We Are The Champions
11 God Save The Queen

Tom Waits - 1977-04-26 - Bremen, DE (SBD/FLAC)

(soundboard FLAC)

Tom Waits: piano, vocals

Frank Vicari: tenor saxophone
Dr. Fitzgerald Jenkins: acoustic/upright bass
Chip Withe: drums

01. Spare Parts 1 (A Nocturnal Emission) (5:21)
02. Invitation To The Blues (6:46)
03. Depot, Depot (3:20)
04. The Piano Has Been Drinking - Not Me (An Evening With Pete King) (3:25)
05. Pasties & A G-String (At The Two O'Clock Pub) (4:44)
06. Step Right Up (4:05)
07. Semi Suite (3:43)
08. Fumblin' With The Blues (2:40)
09. Midnight Lullaby (3:40)
10. Emotional Weather Report (3:27)
11. I Can't Wait To Get Off Work (And See My Baby On Montgomery Avenue) (6:55)
12. New Coat Of Paint (5:30)
13. Diamonds On My Windshield (8:59)
14. The One That Got Away (5:12)
15. Small Change (Got Rained On With His Own .3 (6:39)


This is a damn nice bootleg (G.&P. Music) of Tom Waits from a show in Bremen, Germany on April 26, 1977. A couple of things about this upload. The cover notes this is a "limited edition." I'm not quite sure what that means. While researching whether this has been commercially released, I discovered that this was (I believe) originally released by Great Dane (go to the link below (below "Fafos" to check it out. What I am uploading, however, was released by G.&P. Music. (So, I guess this is a rip-off of a bootleg. Makes me think bootleggers have lots of class, all of it very low!) In any event, there is some Cyrillic type at the bottom of one of boot's pics you will get. I do not speak or read Russian, and while my wife took some Russian in college, she can't read it either. Unfortunately, I do not know how to include the specific text here, so perhaps one of our Cyrillic reading friends here will have an opportunity to grab this and translate for us. Let me thank you in advance for your help in this matter!

There was no other information provided with this when I got it, not text file or checksums. Consequently, I guess this introduction constitutes the "original" text file. Additionally, I have created checksums for this recording. Both the checksums and this introduction/text file will be included in your download.

This sounds to me like a soundboard recording, although I think folks who attend his shows are generally pretty attentive/not particularly rowdy. For the most part the only time you will hear the audience is between songs.

Not that you should care, but this recording includes one of my favorite Waits' songs, "Step Right Up." I'm a big one for novelty songs, and I consider "Step Right Up" to be one. Any song that includes lines like "Turns a sandwich into a banquet" and "It's our going out of business sale!" definitely qualifies as novelty.

This is another Tom Waits recording that I would never play within earshot of my wife. The production values are fine. She just hates Tom's voice and finds most of Tom's music too jazzy. Oh well. I think it's really pretty nice.

As I noted above, no checksum or original text file was included when I got this. Therefore, I am including this introduction as the "original" text file. I have also created a fingerprint file (also included with the download) using xACT 2.16.

One more thing: Please note that I am, as always, simply the messenger. All thanks go to mozier2001 and, of course, the musicians. A very humble "thank you!" from Luckymudster to one and all.

Wilco - 1996-07-04 - Chicago, IL (FM/FLAC)

(WXRT-FM broadcast FLAC)

Taste of Chicago
Petrillo Bandshell
Grant Park

unknown (not provided in original info file)

Track listing (44:45):
01) Intro (1:06)
02) Casino Queen (3:43)
03) I Must Be High (3:08)
04) Red Eyed and Blue => I Got You (At The End of the Century) (5:56)
05) Hotel Arizona (3:26)
06) New Madrid (3:55)
07) That's Not The Issue (3:11)
08) Outta Site (Outta Mind) (2:47)
09) Monday (3:15)
10) Passenger Side (3:49)
11) Kingpin (6:32)
12) We've Been Had (3:52)

WXRT has an annual tradition of simulcasting the three headlining bands at the Taste of Chicago festival every year in Chicago; Wilco held down one of the support slots in 1996 as they prepared to support "Being There." Sound quality is prety good - in line with the typical quality of their live simulcasts - and the setlist is quite interesting considering that the album was not yet released (I believe it came out in October 1996).

For those who don't yet have it, it's worth the download for the surprising arrangement of "Casino Queen." If you didn't know better, you would think it was a Bob Dylan outtake.

Wilco - 1995-07-20 - Nashville, TN (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

Dancing in the District

unknown (not given in original torrent)

01) I Got You (At The End Of The Century) (2:28)
02) Say You Miss Me (3:51)
03) Ian Drury (4:11)
04) Watch Me Fall (2:45)

Main Set:
05) We've Been Had (3:59)
06) I Must Be High (3:31)
07) Box Full Of Letters (3:32)
08) Shouldn't Be Ashamed (3:52)
09) It's Just That Simple (5:19)
10) Pick Up The Change (3:08)
11) New Madrid (4:50)
12) That's Not The Issue (3:28)
13) Should've Been In Love (4:41)
14) I Got You (At The End Of The Century) (3:29)
15) The Long Cut (3:40)
16) Passenger Side (4:19)
17) Casino Queen (3:46)
18) Outta Site (Outta Mind) (3:00)
19) Listen To Her Heart (3:01)

Track listing (71:01):

This was originally posted to the now-defunct Wilco torrent site "Via Chicago" in early 2005; I think it has run once on DIME in 2008, but I'm thinking that this may not be widely available. This is a raw soundboard recording with a few flaws; the mix isn't perfect (vocals are a little too prominent to my ears, and the guitars are a little light in the mix) and the levels are a touch low in the midsection of the show, but overall a very listenable recording from a nice era in their touring career. This features a nice Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers cover in the final encore.

Short but sweet; I thought there might be Wilco completists out there who might enjoy having this one.

Comments from the original info file:
"There are a couple of minor problems - the end of track 12 is cut and it's a choppy transition between tracks 12 and 13, but the show seems pretty rare so I thought I'd put it out there."

Van Halen - 1979-06-26 - Newcastle, UK (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

2Nd Gen To Dat Krw_Co Transfer


Audience Analog Second Generation To Dat To Wav To Audio Cleaning Lab For Id And Tape Flip Splice Only To Cdr Krw Transfer To Eac To Tlh Flac Level 8

Eddie Van Halen Guitar

Alex Van Halen Drums
Micharel Anthony Bass Vocals
David Lee Roth Vocals

Cd 1

01 Intro/Light Up The Sky
02 Somebody Get Me A Doctor/Drum Solo
03 Running With The Devil
04 Dance The Night Away
05 Beautiful Girls
06 On Fire/Bass Solo
07 Your No Good
08 Jamies Cryin
09 Feel Your Love Tonight
Tape Flip

Cd 2
01 Outta Love Again
02 Ice Cream Man

Small Gap Spliced At 11:11 Total Time

03 Aint Talking About Love

04 Guitar Solo/Jam
05 You Really Got Me
Tape Change Spliced At 35:41 Total Time

06 Bottoms Up

07 Atomic Punk

Madonna - 2012-06-21 - Barcelona, ES (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

The MDNA Tour 2012
Palau Sant Jordi,

Edirol R-09HR (24/48) + Coresound Cardioid Mics (w/ Battery Box)--> 4 GB San Disk--> R8 for resampling (16/44.1) --> Cool Edit Pro 2.1 for equal --> CD wave for tracks splitting --> flac (8) Trader's Little Helper --> YOU

Recording notes:
Very good audience recording
Location: Sector 323
Complete concert.

01. The Prayer Ouverture: Act of Contrition
02. Girl Gone Wild
03. Revolver
04. Gang Bang
05. Papa Don't Preach
06. Hung Up
07. I Don't Give A

08. Best Friend (video interlude)
09. Express Yourself
10. Give Me All Your Luvin'
11. Turning Up the Hits
12. Open Your Heart
13. Masterpiece

14. Justify My Love (video interlude)
15. Vogue
16. Candy Shop
17. Human Nature
18. Like a Virgin

19. Nobody Knows Me (video interlude)
20. I'm Addicted
21. I'm a Sinner
22. Like a Prayer
23. Celebration

Total running time: 1hour and 58 minutes.

giovedì 28 giugno 2012

Neil Young - 2002-05-18 - Nurburgring, DE (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

"Rock am Ring" festival

TV (satellite) > Sony SBM-1 (@ 44.1 kHz) > Sony TCD-D100

tv>dat-m>shn (no DAE)

Sony PCM-R300 > coax cable (custom made) > DiO 2448> Cool Edit Pro 1.2a > CDWave 1.6 > mkwACT 0.97b1 > shn (see flac info below)

Neil Young -- vocals, guitar, harmonica
Frank 'Poncho' Sampedro -- guitar, backing vocals, piano on "Helpless"
Donald 'Duck' Dunn -- bass guitar
Booker T. Jones -- hammond organ
Steve 'Smokey' Potts -- drums
Astrid Young -- backing vocals, piano on "Quit" and "She's a Healer"
Pegi Young -- backing vocals
Larry Cragg* -- additional bass guitar on "Let's Roll"
*Neil's guitar tech

01. When You Dance I Can Really Love
02. The Loner
03. Differently
04. Sleeps With Angels
05. Are You Passionate?
06. Goin' Home
07. Cinnamon Girl
08. Cortez the Killer
09. Let's Roll
10. Powderfinger
11. Quit (Don't Say You Love Me)

01. She's a Healer
02. All Along the Watchtower
03. Two Old Friends
04. Mr.Soul
05. Down by the River

06. Fuckin' Up
07. Helpless

Bon Jovi - 1989-03-08 - Philadelphia, PA (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

Mid gen VHS -> Pioneer Standalone DVD Recorder -> DVD

Dolby AC3 audio (256 kbps)

01 - Lay Your Hands On Me
02 - I'd Die For You
03 - Wild In the Streets
04 - You Give Love a Bad Name
05 - Tokyo Road
06 - Born To Be My Baby
07 - Pink Flamingos
08 - Let It Rock
09 - I'll Be There For You
10 - Blood on Blood
11 - Runaway
12 - Livin' On a Prayer
13 - Living in Sin
14 - All Right Now (w/ Skid Row)
15 - Ride Cowboy Ride
16 - Acoustic Guitar Solo
17 - Wanted Dead or Alive
18 - Bad Medicine
19 - Never Say Goodbye

I got this VHS from an ex collector who was getting rid of their old items from the early 90's, and I found this was better than any copy I had seen before. It's not pristine by any means, but for some reason this particular show has not surfaced in any kind of passable quality even though the other 2 known shows shot in this same format ("Phoenix 89" and "Largo 89") have. The audio on this one is really nice, and although I'm no longer actively collecting anymore I have to admit I'd love to see a better version of this come out one day (anyone out there?).

mercoledì 27 giugno 2012

Iron Maiden - 2012-06-23 - Atlanta, GA (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Aaron's Amphitheatre @ Lakewood

Awia CM-TS55 > Tascam DR-2r Recorder (@24/48000) > SDHC card > PC > WavePad > TLH > Flac

Taped by Jerry B. aka "The Govner"

01 Ice Shelf Video Intro
02 Moonchild
03 Can I Play With Madness
04 The Prisoner
05 2 Minutes To Midnight
06 Afraid To Shoot Strangers
07 The Trooper.
08 The Number Of The Beast
09 Phantom Of The Opera
10 Run To The Hills
11 Wasted Years
12 Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son
13 The Clairvoyant
14 Fear Of The Dark
15 Iron Maiden
16 Audience
17 Aces High
18 The Evil That Men Do
19 Running Free
Total Time 107:03

Bonus Audio
Iron Maiden 2012-06-21 Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre Charlotte NC

Awia CM-TS55 > Tascam DR-2r Recorder (@24/96000) > SDHC card >
PC > WavePad > TLH > Flac

20 Ice Shelf Video Intro
21 Moonchild
22 Can I Play With Madness
23 The Prisoner
24 2 Minutes To Midnight (cut)

Total Time 17:33

Combined Total Time 124:36

martedì 26 giugno 2012

Eric Clapton - Unknown Land Of The South (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

Unknown Land Of The South: 1975 Australian Tour
Sounboard recordings; SB6+/6
Tarantura; TCDEC-45-/12 & 46-1/2

sbd > ? > Tarantura silvers > eac > wav > flac

Hordern Pavilion
Sydney, Australia
17 April, 1975 (previously circulated commonly as 1975-04-20)

Eric Clapton Guitar, Vocals
George Terry Guitar
Carl Radle Bass
Dick Sims Keyboards
Jamie Oldaker Drums
Yvonne Elliman Backing Vocals
Marcy Levy Backing Vocals

Disc 1 (62:29) [TCDEC-45-1]:
01. introduction
02. Let It Grow
03. Tell The Truth
04. Better Make It Through Today
05. Badge
06. I Shot The Sheriff
07. Teach Me To Be Your Woman
08. Band Intros
09. Steady Rollin¡¦ Man
10. Key To The Highway

Disc 2 (58:49) [TCDEC-45-2]:
01. Can¡¦t Find My Way Home
02. Blues Power intro
03. All I Have To Do Is Dream
04. Blues Power
05. Driftin¡¦ Blues
06. Crossroads
07. Have You Ever Loved A Woman
08. Driftin¡¦ Blues
09. Layla
10. Opposites
11. Let It Rain
12. Little Wing

Festival Hall
Brisbane, Australia

23 April, 1975 (previously circulated commomnly as 1975-04-14)

Disc 3 (51:44) [TCDEC-46-1]:
01. introduction
02. Badge
03. Milk Cow Calf Blues
04. When You¡¦ve Got A Good Friend
05. Have You Ever Loved A Woman
06. Steady Rollin¡¦ Man
07. two ladies' introduction
08. Can¡¦t Find My Way Home
09. Teach Me To Be Your Woman

Disc 4 (62:38) [TCDEC-46-2]:
01. interval
02. Let It Rain
03. Nobody Knows You When You¡¦re Down And Out
04. I Shot The Sheriff
05. Layla
06. All I Have To Do Is Dream
07. Little Wing
08. Little Queenie

Roger Waters - 2012-06-05 - Detroit, MI (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Joe Louis Arena, Detroit

Recorder: ravingandrooling
Location: 16th row center
Equipment: DPA 4061's-MPS6030-Sony M10
Processing: 24/48-Soundforge-16/44-Traders Little Helper-Flac Level 8

01 Outside the Wall
02 In the Flesh
03 The thin Ice
04 Another Brick In The Wall (Part 1)
05 The Happiest Days of Our Lives
06 Another Brick in the Wall (Part 2)
07 The Ballad of Jean Charles De Menezes
08 Mother
09 Goodbye Blue Sky
10 Empty Spaces
11 What shall We Do Now?
12 Young Lust
13 One Of My Turns
14 Don't Leave Me Now
15 Another Brick in The Wall (Part 3)
16 The Last Few Bricks
17 Goodbye Cruel World

18 Hey You
19 Is There Anybody Out There?
20 Nobody Home
21 Vera
22 Bring the Boys Back Home
23 Comfortably Numb
24 The Show Must Go On
25 In the Flesh
26 Run Like Hell
27 Waiting for the Worms
28 Stop
29 The Trial
30 Outside The Wall

Ted Nugent - 1979-01-06 - Richmond, VA (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

CDR trade > EAC > flac

01. Stormtroopin' (4:38)
02. Just What The Doctor Ordered (6:40)
03. Free-For-All (5:55)
04. Dog Eat Dog (4:53)
05. Cat Scratch Fever (4:51)
06. Need You Bad (5:44)
07. I Got The Feelin' (5:26)
08. One Woman [cut] (8:27)
09. Wang Dang Sweet Poontang (5:51)
10. Stranglehold [w/ Smokescreen] (10:35)
11. Motor City Madhouse (8:17)
12. Gonzo (4:33)

Time: 75:50

Ted Nugent - 1979-07-16 - Huntsville, AL (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

Civic Center

Soundboard unknown gen Trade CD-R> (wav) EAC (secure mode)> (flac) Trader's Little Helper level 6 (align on sector boundaries)

CD1 (49:46)
01. Pre-concert music/Stormtroopin'
02. Just What The Doctor Ordered
03. Free For All
04. Dog Eat Dog
05. Great White Buffalo
06. Cat Scratch Fever
07. Need You Bad
08. Paralyzed (cut)
09. Guitar Solo/It Don't Matter

CD2 (38:34)
01. Wang Dang Sweet Poontang/Hibernation/TNT Overture/Wang Dang (cont.)
02. Stranglehold
03. Motor City Madhouse
04. Oh Carol (cut)

Length: 88:20

Paralyzed - Only the first 26 seconds exists.
Guitar Solo - missing, only the last part before segue into It Don't Matter.
Oh Carol - only the start of the song is here.

Comments by the uploader:
Thought that I would revive the Nugent flood that was going strong about a week ago. Up today we have a show from the State of Shock tour. I would see Ted for the first time about a month after this show in Jacksonville, FL. All I really remember was how loud it was and that my ears were ringing for a couple days afterwards.

Rage Against The Machine - 1993-1994 - Danish Radio (FM/FLAC)

(FM broacast FLAC)

Venue: Århus Hallen, Denmark
Date: September 3rd, 1993
Source: Danish Radio P3 FM broadcast on December 16th, 1993 > Master cassette > Cakewalk AU 1G > SoundForge

1. Township Rebellion
2. Know Your Enemy
3. Bullet In The Head

Venue: Roskilde Festival, Denmark
Date: June 30, 1994
Source: Danish Radio P3 FM broadcast on November 24th, 1994 > Master cassette > Cakewalk AU 1G > SoundForge

4. Bombtrack
5. Bullet In The Head
6. Fist Full Of Steel
7. Killing In The Name

Note. Song 7 was from broadcast during the july 1994. Only a single track.
Note. Complete with speaker announcements in Danish.

sabato 23 giugno 2012

Tracy Chapman - 1991-02-02 - Engelwood, CO (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

The Gothic Theater

01. (tuning)
02. Across The Lines
03. For My Lover > Still I Cry
04. Baby Can I Hold You
05. (tuning)
06. Open Arms
07. The Love That You Had > Crossroads
08. (tuning)
09. If These Are The Things
10. Dreaming On A World
11. (tuning)
12. Fast Car
13. Short Supply
14. Missile Blues
15. Missile Blues > Mountain's O'Things
16. All That You Have Is Your Soul

Total time = 64:52

giovedì 21 giugno 2012

Gentle Giant - 1980-05-18 - New Haven, CT (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

Toad's Place

performance quality - B+
recording quality - A-
source - 1st generation FM broadcast tape

01 - Convenience
02 - All Through The Night
03 - Free Hand
04 - Memories
05 - Knots > Playing The Game
06 - Giant For A Day >
07 - Inside Out
08 - It'S Not Imagination >
09 - Underground > Drums
10 - For Nobody
11 - The Advent Of Panurge
12 - Number One

This was Gentle Giant as broadcast live on WPLR. Thanks to Dave in Ct. for my copy of this which is a 1st generation copy of his master tape. A pretty good recording, not as clear in the first couple of songs due to the sound mix (this happened a few times on this tour) but the recording is consistent, no static or hiss that I could notice and the tapes have survived the 27 years well. It's the full show, tape flipped just after inside out ended. Unlike some 1980 GG shows (including the only one I saw), this one closes with "number one", the other songs are the standard setlist for this tour. Someone may have a better recording of this but not much better, this one sounds good enough for my personal copy of this show. Both the master and my copy were recorded on TDK-Sa (high bias) and I believe both master and my copy are without dolby. I wouldn't call it the best show I've heard of this tour but it was a good performance. There is a fadeout after track 7 and a fadein to track 8 for disc burning convenience.

mercoledì 20 giugno 2012

Queensryche - 1984-08-04 - Tokyo, JP (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)


"First Warning In Japan" Silver (Shades135)

Silver -> EAC(secure) -> TLH -> FLAC(lvl8)

01. Intro
02. NM 156 *
03. Prophecy
04. Deliverance *
05. Blinded
06. The Lady Wore Black
07. Warning
08. Before The Storm
09. No Sanctuary *
10. Child Of Fire
11. Nightrider
12. En Force *
13. Roads To Madness
14. Take Hold Of The Flame
15. Queen Of The Reich

* First Time played live

Notes by the uploader:
I ripped this directly from my Silver that i bought from a japanese bootleg site. This was the first show of the Warning tour and also the very first show Queensryche ever played in Japan. This show is extremely rare, in fact before i found it in Japan i dont think it was even known to be recorded by most queensryche collecters. The sound on this is quite nice considering its an audience recording from 1984. To me this is the way i want to remember Queensryche, they became something totally different over the years and to be quite honest their setlist choices were a bore to me. Now that Rising West formed i am hoping setlists similar to this show become the norm and they tour more now that they have a more than capable singer that isnt afrird to let it all out, unlike the person he replaced. On a tech note i couldnt get the last track to rip without errors with EAC but i listened to the track and heard no audible issues.

martedì 19 giugno 2012

Fleetwood Mac - 1977-05-18 - Oklahoma City, OK (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

Fairgrounds Arena


01 - Say You Love Me
02 - Monday Morning
03 - The Chain
04 - Dreams
05 - Rhiannon
06 - Oh Daddy
07 - Never Going Back Again
08 - Landslide
09 - Over My Head
10 - You Make Loving Fun
11 - Go Your Own Way
12 - Blue Letter
13 - Second Hand News
14 - Green Manalishi
15 - Don't Stop

Pink Floyd - 1980-02-28 - Hempstead, NY (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

TDK D-C120 1980 OR 1981 cassette (low?) > *Technics RS-B965-M > Focusrite Saffire Pro 14 > Audacity 1.3 > WAV (24bit/96kHz) > r8brainPRO > WAV (16bit/44kHz) > TLH > FLAC

Side A (One Continuous Flac File)
01 - In The Flesh?
02 - The Thin Ice
03 - Another Brick In The Wall (Part 1)
04 - The Happiest Days of Our Lives
05 - Another Brick in the Wall (Part 2)
06 - Mother
07 - Goodbye Blue Sky
08 - What Shall We Do Now
09 - Young Lust
10 - One Of My Turns
11 - Don't Leave Me Now
12 - Another Brick in the Wall (Part 3)
13 - Goodbye Cruel World
14 - Hey You
15 - Is There Anybody Out There (Cuts)

Side B (One Continuous Flac File)
01 - Nobody Home
02 - Vera
03 - Bring the Boys Back Home
04 - Comfortably Numb
05 - The Show Must Go On
06 - Introduction
07 - In The Flesh?
08 - Run Like Hell
09 - Waiting For the Worms
10 - Stop
11 - The Trial
12 - Outside The Wall

lunedì 18 giugno 2012

Iggy Pop - 1983-06-22 - Tokyo, JP (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Tsubaki House

Tape transfer by guigui

2nd Gen audience tape > PC > Noise Removal in Audacity > FLAC > you

01. Fire Engine
02. Loose
03. Penetration
04. Fortune Teller (Benny Spellman)
05. Five Foot One
06. No Fun
07. I'm waiting for the man (The Velvet Underground)
08. One for my Baby (Frank Sinatra)
09. Tiny Girls
10. Run like a villain (tape flip)
11. Real Cool Time
12. Mass Production
13. I'm a conservative
14. 96 Tears (? and the Mysterians)
15. Dum Dum Boys

Notes by the uplaoder
About this one tape, I got it, along with two others from 2 others shows from the following nights of the same Japan Leg of the 1983 Breaking Point Tour during my brief trading days in the mid nineties. If this fellow trader evers reads this, may he forgive me for forgetting his name, but may he be blessed. He recorded those 3 shows. Sound quality isn't the best (at most a B) but they tell the tale of a 1983 Iggy on the verge of a much needed break (from recording and touring as well as some substances) who gets to meet his then-future, now-ex, wife Sushi. On one of the shows he clearly mentions her being there and introduces her to the audience.

This show is my personnal favorite of these three tapes. Great setlist and a rarity with "Tiny Girls" from The Idiot, which is one of my favortie Iggy song that don't get played live often. And on top of that Dum Dum Boys and Mass Production from this same album... That has to be the only time he played those three songs in a single gig !

Simple Minds - 1986-04-04 - New Orleans, LA (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Simple Minds "To The Crucial Top"
Once Upon A Time 1985-'86 World Tour
Lakefront Arena, New Orleans LA (USA)

unkn. gen. 2xC60 Chrome Tapes> Audacity, wav aquisition, tracks splitting> dBPowerAMP, flac encoding (Level 6)> mkwACT, integrity file creation.

Vocals: Jim Kerr
Guitar: Charlie Burchill
Keyboards: Mick MacNeil
Drums: Mel Gaynor
Bass: John Giblin
Vocals: Robin Clark
Percussion: Sue Hadjopoulous

01. Waterfront [07:41]
02. Speed Your Love To Me [05:16]
03. Come A Long Way [04:48]
04. The Book Of Brilliant Things [07:21]
05. Ghostdancing [09:18]
06. Don't You (Forget About Me) [09:51]
07. Promised You A Miracle [05:16]
08. Once Upon A Time [06:53]
09. Oh! Jungleland [07:10]
10. All The Things She Said [05:00]
11. Alive & Kicking [07:34]
12. Sanctify Yourself [05:45]
13. Encore Break [02:15]
14. Someone, Somewhere (In Summertime) [06:53]
15. Love Song (incl. Medley: Sun City*/ Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)°/ Dance To The Music°) [11:41]

App. Running Time: 102 mins.

*= by Steven Van Zandt ('Artists United Against Apartheid')
°= by Sly & the Family Stone

Notes by the uploader and taper:
This comes from an unknown generation cassette tapes, obtained in a tape trade years ago. A good, average, walkman tape recording. The concert it's complete, no cutted or missing tracks.

Styx - 1978-01-28 - San Francisco, CA (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

Winterland Arena


CD1: (43:34)
01. The Grand Illusion
02. Lorelei
03. Mademoiselle
04. Fooling Yourself
05. Suite Madame Blue
06. Crystal Ball
07. Light Up

CD2: (47:45)
01. Lady
02. Man In The Wilderness
03. Come Sail Away
04. Midnight Ride
05. Miss America
06. Born For Adventure

91 minutes

domenica 17 giugno 2012

Bonnie Raitt - 2012-06-09 - Uncasville, CT (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Arena @ Mohegan Sun Casino

With Mavis Staples opening

Source info:
Sennheiser ME-104's>Tascam DR-07 (16/44.1, 40hz bass rolloff)
>USB> PC> GoldWave v5.56 (invert, slight eq)> CDWaveEditor v1.96 (track split)> TLH> Flac (6)

Taper: Ringfedder
Location: Section 20
Sound Quality: Excellent

Bonnie Raitt - vocals, guitar
Mike Finnigan - keys, vocals
George Marinelli - guitar, vocals
James "Hutch" Hutchinson - bass, vocals
Ricky Fataar - drums
Manny Alvarez (Bonnie's guitar tech) - guitar (some songs)

01. Used to Rule the World
02. Right Down The Line
03. Something To Talk About
04. Million Miles
05. You Can't Fail Me Now
06. Love Sneakin Up On You
07. Come To Me
08. Marriage Made In Hollywood
09. Ain't Gonna Let You Go
10. Not Cause I Wanted To
11. Angel From Montgomery
12. Down To You
13. I've Got News For You
14. I Feel So Damn Good (I'll Be Glad When I Get The Blues)
15. Real Man

16. I Can't Make You Love Me
17. Have a Heart
18. Not The Only One

Game Theory - 1985-11-06 - Berkeley, CA (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

Recording Information
stereo soundboard -> unknown recording equipment -> master stereo tape -> 1st generation tape -> 2nd generation Maxell XLII-S 90 cassette, Dolby B on

2nd generation Maxell XLII-S 90 cassette on Nakamichi BX-300 cassette deck, Dolby B on, azimuth & pitch adjusted, heads cleaned & demagnatized -> Tascam CD-RW900SL pro CD recorder -> CD-RW -> computer, EAC secure -> wavs -> Audacity (fades &/or glitches, dropouts, volume adjustments, no EQ) -> CD Wave (track splits) -> Trader's Little Helper -> yer ears

Scott Miller - guitars, vocals
Suzi Ziegler - bass, backing vocals
Shelley LaFreniere - keyboards, backing vocals
Gil Ray - drums

01. ...? (last 1&1/2 minutes only)
02. Shark Pretty
03. Never Mind
04. Curse Of The Frontier Land
05. The Only Lesson Learned
06. Baker Street
07. 24
08. Waltz The Halls Always
09. Where You Going Northern? ->
10. Real Nighttime
11. Rayon Drive
12. Couldn't I Just Tell You
13. ...Friend Of The Family (starts late)
14. I've Tried Subtlety

First Encore :::
15. Beach State Rocking
16. If & When
17. Remake Remodel

Second Encore :::
18. I Turned Her Away
19. Dead Center

Total Time ::: 76:31

::: Excellent quality warm stereo soundboard. Check samples for deliberation or to start filling yer tank.
::: Warts: Couple o' late starts & didn't check every second like usual so may have missed something, but I think it's pretty damn smokin'!
::: This is the THEIR time. Looks like the '86 & '88 Berkeley Square shows have been here before, but not this one. Best of the lot.
::: Glass Eye opened. Band seems fairly relaxed & glad to be out of America & back in California.

Led Zeppelin - 1973-06-02 - San Francisco, CA (AUD/SBD/FLAC)

(audience with soundboard patch FLAC)

Kezar Stadium, San Francisco, California

01 opening announcements
02 rock and roll
03 celebration day
04 black dog
05 over the hills and far away
06 misty mountain hop
07 since I've been loving you
08 no quarter - cut
09 the song remains the same
10 the rain song

01 dazed and confused
02 stairway to heaven
03 moby dick - aud/sb

01 heartbraker
02 whole lotta love
03 communication breakdown
04 the ocean
05 bill graham outroduction

Lou Reed - 2012-06-14 - Amsterdam, NL (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

CA-14 -> CA-9200 -> Edirol R-09 -> USB2 -> Har-Bal v2.3 -> Wavelab v6.11 Build 353 -> CD Wave Editor v1.98 ->

Heineken Music Hall - Amsterdam

Edirol R-09

01 - Brandenburg Gate [11:03]
02 - Heroin [15:41]
03 - I'm waiting for the Man [13:43]
04 - Senselessly cruel [07:46]
05 - The View [06:15]
06 - Mistress Dread [05:45]
07 - Street Hassle [10:55]
08 - Cremation [05:07]
09 - Think it over [03:56]
10 - Walk on the Wild Side [06:57]
11 - Sad Song [08:06]
12 - Junior Dad [09:47]
13 - Band Introduction [01:23]
14 - Encore Break [02:08]
15 - Sweet Jane [05:20]

Playing Time 01:54:00

Neil Young - 1989-04-12 - Melbourne, AU (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

National Tennis Centre
w/ The Lost Dogs

Source: Audience master > 1st gen cassette > DAT > CDR
Transfer: CDR > EAC > ProTools (fades, cleanup, retracking) > xACT2.18

Neil Young - vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, piano, guitjo, harmonica
Frank Sampedro - guitar, keyboards, vocals
Ben Keith - pedal steel guitar, dobro, vocal
Rick Rosas - bass
Chad Cromwell - drums

01. Comes A Time*
02. Sugar Mountain*
03. The Needle And The Damage Done
04. This Note's For You
05. Wrecking Ball
06. For The Turnstiles
07. Roll Another Number
08. Heart Of Gold
09. Too Far Gone
10. Heavy Love
11. Don't Cry
12. No More
13. Cocaine Eyes
14. Boxcar
15. Mr. Soul
16. Cinnamon Girl
17. Powderfinger
18. Rockin' In The Free World
19. Hey Hey, My My (Into The Black)
20. On Broadway
21. Tonight's The Night

Length: 129:30

* - track 1 and 2 have severe recorder speed problems. It sounds like
Neil is singing underwater. All known copies have this same flaw.
The issue resolves itself near the end of Sugar Mountain and the rest of the
recording sounds fine.

Tour: 1989 Australian Tour with The Lost Dogs
Band: The Lost Dogs