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Bon Jovi - 2011-06-25 - London, UK (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

Hard Rock Calling
Hyde Park, London, England

Soundboard-Absolute Radio High Quality Webstream @ 192kbps

Edit: Normalised to 99% (left and right channel seperate)
Station IDs either removed or reduced in volume.
Chatter between encores removed and fade in/outs added.
Fade out at end of CD1, fade in at start of CD2

Quality: A+

01 - Intro
02 - Raise Your Hands
03 - You Give Love A Bad Name
04 - Born To Be My Baby
05 - We Weren't Born To Follow
06 - Lost Highway
07 - It's My Life
08 - In These Arms
09 - Blaze Of Glory
10 - Lay Your Hands On Me
11 - Captain Crash And The Beauty Queen From Mars
12 - Bad Medicine ~ Pretty Woman


01 - Hallelujah
02 - When We Were Beautiful
03 - I'll Be There For You
04 - Who Says You Can't Go Home
05 - I'll Sleep When I'm Dead
06 - Hey God
07 - Have A Nice Day
08 - Keep The Faith


Encore 1
01 - Dry County
02 - Wanted Dead Or Alive
03 - Someday I'll Be Saturday Night
04 - Livin' On A Prayer

Encore 2

05 - Always
06 - These Days
07 - Blood On Blood

Encore 3

08 - I Love This Town

Bon Jovi - 2013-07-25 - East Rutherford, NJ (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

Band: Bon Jovi
Title: Because We Can Go Home
Date: July 25, 2013
Venue: Metlife Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ, USA
Label: Lost And Found
Number: LAF1818/1819/1820
Source: Original CDR > EAC > WAV > jetAudio > FLAC

Disc 1
02.That's What The Water Made Me
03.You Give Love A Bad Name
04.Raise Your Hands
05.Born To Be My Baby
06.Lost Highway
07.Whole Lot Of Leavin'
08.It's My Life
09.Because We Can
10.What About Now
11.We Got It Goin' On
12.Keep The Faith
13.(You Want To) Make A Memory
14.Bed Of Roses

Disc 2
01.Captain Crash & The Beauty Queen From Mars
02.We Weren't Born To Follow
03.Who Says You Can't Go Home
04.I'll Sleep When I'm Dead (incl. Start Me Up / Oh, Pretty Woman)
05.Bad Medicine
07.Wanted Dead Or Alive
08.Someday I'll Be Saturday Night
09.Have A Nice Day
10.Livin' On A Prayer

Disc 3
02.These Days
03.Intro *
04.That's What The Water Made Me *
05.You Give Love A Bad Name *
06.Raise Your Hands *
07.Runaway *
08.Lost Highway *
09.Born To Be My Baby *
10.It's My Life *
11.Because We Can *
12.What About Now *

* Live at Estadio Vicente Calderon, Madrid, Spain on June 27, 2013

Bon Jovi - 1993-09-18 - Milton Keynes, UK (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

National Bowl, Milton Keynes, UK

'Long Way From Home' CD Bootleg > EAC > WAV > FLAC

CD 1:
01. I Believe
02. Wild In The Streets
03. You Give Love A Bad Name
04. Born To Be My Baby
05. Can't Help Falling In Love / Bed Of Roses
06. Keep The Faith
07. I'd Die For You
08. Blaze Of Glory
09. Lay Your Hands On Me

CD 2:
01. I'll Sleep When I'm Dead [w/ Jumping Jack Flash]
02. Bad Medicine [w/ Shout]
03. Help
04. Wanted Dead Or Alive [w/ Little Wing]
05. In These Arms / Livin' On A Prayer
06. I'll Be There For You

Bon Jovi - 2013-06-16 - Isle Of Wight, UK (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

Band: Bon Jovi
Title: Isle Of Wight Festival 2013
Date: June 16, 2013
Venue: Seaclose Park, New Port, Isle Of Wight, UK
Label: Lost And Found
Number: LAF1766/1767
Source: Original CDR > EAC > WAV > jetAudio > FLAC

Disc 1
02.That's What The Water Made Me
03.You Give Love A Bad Name
04.Raise Your Hands
05.Born To Be My Baby
06.Lost Highway
07.It's My Life
08.Because We Can
09.What About Now
10.We Got It Goin' On
11.Keep The Faith
12.In These Arms
13.Someday I'll Be Saturday Night
14.Captain Crash & The Beauty Queen From Mars
15.We Weren't Born To Follow

Disc 2
01.Who Says You Can't Go Home
02.Rockin' All Over The World
03.I'll Sleep When I'm Dead (incl. Start Me Up)
04.Bad Medicine
05.Wanted Dead Or Alive
06.Have A Nice Day
07.Livin' On A Prayer
08.Intro *
09.That's What The Water Made Me *
10.You Give Love A Bad Name *
11.Raise Your Hands *
12.Born To Be My Baby *
13.Lost Highway *

* Live at Ratinan Stadion, Tampere, Finland on May 25, 2013

Bon Jovi - 2013-03-09 - Cleveland, OH (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

Band: Bon Jovi
Title: Live From Cleveland
Date: March 9, 2013
Venue: Quicken Loans Arena, Cleveland, OH, USA
Label: Sylph Records
Number: SY-1186
Source: Original CDR > EAC > WAV > jetAudio > FLAC

Disc 1
02.You Give Love A Bad Name
03.Raise Your Hands
04.Lost Highway
05.Because We Can
06.That's What The Water Made Me
07.It's My Life
08.Someday I'll Be Saturday Night
09.What About Now
10.Work For The Working Man
11.We Got It Goin' On
12.Keep The Faith

Disc 2
02.Bed Of Roses
03.I'll Be There For You
05.We Weren't Born To Follow
06.I'll Sleep When I'm Dead
07.Wanted Dead Or Alive
08.Who Says You Can't Go Home
09.Bad Medicine

Disc 3
01.(You Want To) Make A Memory
02.In These Arms
03.Born To Be My Baby
04.Have A Nice Day
05.Livin' On A Prayer
06.I Love This Town

Bon Jovi - 2013-04-25 - San Jose, CA (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

Band: Bon Jovi
Title: What About The Last Night
Date: April 25, 2013
Venue: HP Pavilion, San Jose, CA, USA
Label: Lost And Found
Number: LAF1886/1887
Source: Original CDR > EAC > WAV > jetAudio > FLAC

Disc 1
02.That's What The Water Made Me
03.You Give Love A Bad Name
04.Born To Be My Baby
05.Raise Your Hands
06.Lost Highway
07.Whole Lot Of Leavin'
08.It's My Life
09.Because We Can
10.What About Now
11.We Got It Goin' On
12.Keep The Faith
14.Bed Of Roses

Disc 2
02.We Weren't Born To Follow
03.Who Says You Can't Go Home
04.I'll Sleep When I'm Dead (incl. Dancing In The Streets / Start Me Up)
05.Bad Medicine
06.Wanted Dead Or Alive
07.Have A Nice Day
08.Livin' On A Prayer
09.Blood On Blood
11.I Love This Town

Aerosmith w/ Jimmy Page - 1990-08-18/20 - London, UK (DVDfull aud-shot)

(DVDfull aud-shot)

Jimmy Page with Aerosmith
Marquee Club & Castle Donnington, 1dvd by Archive Master Series (#AMS 012)

original dvd > HD > You

August 18, 1990
Donington Park, Castle Donington, England, UK
01 - Backstage (Page, Perry & Tyler)
02 - The Train Kept A Rollin'

August 20, 1990
Marquee Club, London, England, UK (rehearsals)
01 - Rattlesnake Shake
02 - Big Ten Inch
03 - The Train Kept A Rollin'
04 - I Ain't Got You
05 - Mother Popcorn
06 - Let Me Love You
07 - All Your Love
08 - Immigrant Song (3 takes)
09 - Think About It (2 takes)
10 - Red House

August 20, 1990
Marquee Club, London, England, UK
01 - I Ain't Got You
02 - Think About It
03 - Red House
04 - Immigrant Song
05 - The Train Kept A Rollin'

Judas Priest - 1990-12-15 - Uniondale, NY (2xDVDfull aud-shot) by REQUEST

(2xDVDfull aud-shot)

Judas Priest 
Date: December 15, 1990 
Venue: Nassau Coliseum 
Location: Uniondale, New York 
Tour: Painkiller Tour 

Audio/Video Specs: 
Video: MPEG2 Video 720x480 (4:3) 29.97fps 8000kbps [Video - MPEG2, Main Profile, Main Level, 720x480, 29.970 fps, 8000.0 kbit/s (0000,e0,00)] 
Audio: PCM 48000Hz stereo 1536kbps [Audio - DVD LPCM, 48.0 kHz, 2 chn, 16 bit, 1536.0 kbit/s (0000,bd,a0)] 

Media: 2 DVDs 
Version: Unknown 
Filming type: Audience 
Generation: Master <Tripod filmed> 
Video format: NTSC 
Aspect ratio: 4:3 
Total running time: Approx. 103 mins 
Filming quality: B+ 
Audio quality: A 
Video quality: A 

Authored by: Unknown 
Chapters: Yes 
Menus: Yes 
Number of camera angles: 1 
Number of audio selections: 1 

Disc 1 
01. Hell Bent For Leather 
02. Grinder 
03. The Hellion~Electric Eye 
04. All Guns Blazing 
05. The Sentinel 
06. Metal Gods 
07. Nightcrawler 
08. The Ripper 
09. Beyond The Realms Of Death 

Disc 2 
01. Riding On The Wind~Drum Solo 
02. A Touch Of Evil 
03. Victim Of Changes 
04. Painkiller 
05. The Green Manalishi (w/ the Two Pronged Crown) 
06. Breaking The Law 
07. Living After Midnight 
08. You've Got Another Thing Coming

Pink Floyd - 1980-08-06 - London, UK (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Earl's Court, London, England

Source: Analog Audience recording
Lineage: cass[M] > WAV > Remaster > CDR(1) > EAC > SoundForge 7 (just for indexing) > FLAC (level 8, align on sector bound.)

Sound Quality: EX+

Disc 1 (54:05m)
01. MC:Atmos (2:04m)
02. In The Flesh? (2:58m)
03. The Thin Ice (2:45m)
04. Another Brick In The Wall (part I) (3:54m)
05. The Happiest Days of our Lives (1:47m)
06. Another Brick In The Wall (part II) (6:09m)
07. Mother (7:42m)
08. Goodbye Blue Sky (2:36m)
09. Empty Spaces / What Shall We Do Now? (5:22m)
10. Young Lust (4:37m)
11. One Of My Turns (3:30m)
12. Don't Leave Me Now (4:03m)
13. Another Brick In The Wall (part III) (1:15m)
14. The Last Few Bricks (3:56m)
15. Goodbye Cruel World (1:27m)

Disc 2 (51:27m)
01. Hey You (4:21m)
02. Is There Anybody Out There?
03. Nobody Home (3:08m)
04. Vera (1:33m)
05. Bring The Boys Back Home! (1:18m)
06. Comfortably Numb (7:31m)
07. The Show Must Go On (2:37m)
08. MC:Atmos (2:34m)
09. In The Flesh (4:59m)
10. Run Like Hell (6:48m)
11. Waiting For The Worms (4:17m)
12. Stop! (0:29m)
13. The Trial (6:02m)
14. Outside The Wall

This beauty comes directly from the master tapes, while the MoLM release is an FM Broadcast of a 1st gen. This was obtained directly from the taper, and it's a remaster of his master tapes (made by himself), but whatever he did, it sounds wonderful. Amazing show, you are not to miss this one.

David Byrne - 1993-01-31 Princeton, NJ (DVDfull aud-shot)

(DVDfull aud-shot)

McCarter Theatre

Coalition for Nuclear Disarmament Education Fund Benefit

JVC GX-N8U camera with Minolta 35mm lens mounted on a Bogen tripod + two Nakamichi CM-300 microphones > Panasonic AG-7400 portable VHS / S-VHS recorder > Maxell RX-PRO 120 master (shot by "Exploding Commode Video").

VHS master transfer [2012-08]: Sony WV-DR7 > Sony DVMC-DA2 Media Converter (DV Hardware Codec Converter) > Final Cut Pro (capture, "nip and tuck" edits, chaptering & filter to remove head switch jitter on bottom of screen) > Compressor > DVD Studio Pro (menu & DVD authoring) > DVD file set.

Audio post-capture processing in Pro Tools: DC offset correction, minor clicks repaired and normalization. No noise reduction or EQ. Audio placed back into Final Cut Pro before Compressor down-sampling.

NTSC 720x480 VBR 7.7 Mbps peak, 6.2 Mbps average data rate, 2-pass.

choice of: Dolby Digital 2/0 (L,R), 48 kHz sample rate, 448 kbps data rate

Linear PCM (2 channel 48kHz 16 bit).

00:00:00 The Cowboy Mambo (Hey Lookit Me Now)
00:04:04 (Nothing But) Flowers
00:08:41 Sax And Violins
00:13:34 Creatures Of Love
00:17:48 Buck Naked
00:21:44 Ready For This World
00:25:45 Road To Nowhere
00:29:16 If You Were A Bluebird
00:32:33 Life During Wartime
00:37:06 talk
00:37:22 Gypsy Woman
00:40:38 encore break
00:43:46 Tonight I Think I'm Gonna Go Downtown [with Lucinda Williams, Gurf Morlix and Roly Salley]
00:46:26 second encore break
00:47:35 Heaven
00:51:01 Psycho Killer
00:55:15 final thanks and applause
00:56:06 end

From audience tripod VHS HiFi master shot from balcony front row - very decent quality. It takes about 30 seconds for the video image to get properly framed but it's well-shot after that with pans and zooms. the opening set by Lucinda Williams and her band is being posted separately.

Genesis - 1974-04-21 - Montreal, Quebec (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

Montreal 1974 Complete CHOM FM broadcasts
Montreal University Sports Centre
and CHOM-FM broadcast studio

CD1 tracks 1 and 3 download from genesismovement
tracks 2 and 4 "Almost Complete BBC" cdr trade
tracks 5 thru 10 cdr trade
CD2 PRRPSAE04 "A Classic Broadcast Revisited"
CD3 tracks 1 thru 5 PRRPSAE04 "A Classic Broadcast Revisited"
track 6 download DIME

01 Peter Gabriel on air interview pt 1
02 Twilight Alehouse (BBC version 25.09.72)
03 Peter Gabriel on air interview pt 2
04 Return Of The Giant Hogweed (BBC version 02.03.72)
05 Stage Introduction
06 Solitude (Peter Hammill)
07 Time For A Change (Peter Hammill)
08 The Birds (Peter Hammill)
09 Out Of My Book (Peter Hammill)
10 Slender Threads (Peter Hammill)
11 German Overalls (Peter Hammill)

01 Watcher Of The Skies
02 ...good evening...
03 Dancing With The Moonlit Knight
04 ...romeo and juliet...
05 The Cinema Show
06 I Know What I Like
07 ...merci...
08 Firth Of Fifth
09 ...story of henri...
10 The Musical Box

01 Horizons
02 The Battle Of Epping Forest
03 ...story of michael...
04 Supper's Ready
05 CHOM-FM announcer comments
06 The Knife (Liverpool 1975)

Gerry Rafferty - 1993-02-12 - Hamburg, DE (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

Gerry Rafferty
Live at Music Hall, Hamburg 

Original files from trade DVD source, SBD (or FM?) then a bit of digital TLC. 

Gerry Rafferty: Guitars 
Kenny Craddock: Hammond,Keyboards 
Liam Genocky: Drums 
Jerry Donahue: Guitars 
Hugh Burns: Guitars 
Pavel Rosak: Keyboards 
Mel Collins: Sax 
Pete Zorn: Bass 
Arran Amun: Percussion 
Nicky Moore: Vocals 
Lianne Carroll: Keyboards, Vocals 

01 Instrumental 
02 Waiting For The Day
03 Hearts Desire
04 Get Out Of My Life Woman 
05 Right Down The Line
06 Does He Know What He's Taken On 
07 Moonlight and Gold
08 Don't Give Up On Me
09 Hearts Run Dry
10 Stuck In The Middle With You (Originally recorded as Stealers Wheel) 
11 It's Easy To Talk
12 Standing at The Gates
13 The Right Moment
14 Baker St
15 Late Again (Originally recorded as Stealers Wheel)
16 Get It Right Next Time
17 It Makes No Difference (Robbie Robertson/The Band cover)
18 Mess Of Blues (Elvis Presley standard written by Pomus/Shuman)

R.E.M. - 1982-10-10 - Raleigh, NC (DVDFull pro-shot)

(DVDFull pro-shot)

The Pier

01 - Wolves Lower
02 - Laughing
03 - Million
04 - Moral Kiosk
05 - Catapult
06 - West of the Fields
07 - Radio Free Europe
08 - Ages of You
09 - We Walk
10 - Box Car
11 - Unknown Song

Approximately 45 minutes

Eurythmics - 1983-08-21 - San Francisco, CA (FM FLAC)

(BBC broadcast FLAC)

Annie Lenox- vocals
Dave Stewart- keyboards (not the one from Bill Bruford Band)

"BBC rock hour" FM broadcast master tape

01 - Radio Announcer Introduction (0:23)
02 - This Is The House (5:29)
03 - Never Gonna Cry Again (4:35)
04 - The Walk (4:31)
05 - Take Me To Your Heart (4:03)
06 - This City Never Sleeps (5:29)
07 - Satellite Of Love (3:58)
08 - Sweet Dreams (3:52)
09 - I Could Give You A Mirror (4:10)
10 - Band Introduction (0:45)
11 - Love Is A Stranger (3:45)
12 - Somebody Told Me (4:02)
13 - Jennifer (5:06)

Playlist length:
50 minutes 8 seconds 

this concert also had a drummer, 3 backing vocalists, a bassist and Vic Martin on Keyboards. It's from their tour of the "Sweet Dreams" album, their 2nd. don't know if this is the full concert but it is the full broadcast. part of the ntroduction was talked over a studio song (sweet dreams) so I had to remove that part of it but enough of it remains to get the idea. all the 11 songs are complete.

Leonard Cohen - 1988-05-20 - San Sebastián, ES (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

TVE 50 rebroadcast
Digital recording, not reencoded
PRO SHOT, PAL, 4:3, Stereo
Menus w/ DVD Studio Pro

Data Size: 3.20 GB
Bit Rate: 4.01 Mbps

Video Tracks:
MPEG-2, 720 × 576, 4:3, 25 fps, 8.00 Mbps, upper field first

Audio Tracks:
MP2 stereo, 48 kHz, 192 kbps

01. Dance me to the end of love
02. Ain’t no cure
03. Who by fire
04. Bird on a wire
05. Avalanche
06. Chelsea Hotel # 2
07. Tower of song
08. Sisters of mercy
09. One of us cannot be wrong
10. First we take Manhattan
11. Everybody knows
12. Joan of Arc
13. Hallelujah
14. Take this waltz
15. Partisan
16. Suzanne
17. Heart with no companion

18. Coming back to you
19. I can’t forget
20. So long Marianne

Duration: 1:54:04

Aerosmith - 1973-03-20 - Boston, MA (FM/FLAC)

(FM braocast FLAC)

1973-04-23 was the broadcast date, performed on 1973-03-20.
**Remastered** by thir13en Productions

Label: Hard Road
Number: HR-R03009
Source: Original CDR > EAC > WAV > FLAC Frontend > FLAC

01 Make It
02 One Way Street
03 Somebody
04 Write Me
05 I Ain't Got You *removed - officially released*
06 Mother Popcorn *removed - officially released*
07 Movin' Out
08 Walkin' The Dog
09 Train Kept A Rollin'
10 Mama Kin

U2 - 2009-08-20 - Sheffield, UK (FM/FLAC)

(FM Broadcast FLAC)

Don Valley Stadium, Sheffield, England.

Bootleg name: The 360° Broadcast
Manufacturer: The Godfatherecords
Number: G.R. 431/432
Support: Silver Disc's
Format; 2 CD
Complete Show: Yes
Source: Soundboard
Quality: Excellent

Silver Disc's > EAC (Secure mode) > Wav > dBpowerAMP > Flac (medium)

CD 1:
01. Breathe
02. No Line On The Horizon
03. Get On Your Boots
04. Magnificent
05. Beautiful Day/ Blackbird (snippet)
06. Elevation
07. I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For/ Movin' On Up (snippet)
08. Happy Birthday
09. Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of
10. Unknown Caller
11. The Unforgettable Fire
12. City Of Blinding Lights
13. Vertigo

01. I’ll Go Crazy If I Don’t Go Crazy Tonight (remix)/ Reverend Black Grape (snippet)/ Two Tribes (snippet)
02. Sunday Bloody Sunday/ Oliver's Army
03. Pride (In The Name Of Love)
04. MLK
05. Walk On/ You’ll Never Walk Alone (snippet)
06. Where The Streets Have No Name/ Gloria (snippet)
07. One
08. Mysterious Ways
09. Ultra Violet (Light My Way)
10. With Or Without You
11. Moment Of Surrender

Bonus Tracks:
May 28, 2009, London, England, Shepherd's Bush Empire
12. One (with Baaba Maal)
13. Vertigo

Willie Nelson - 1974-10-17 - Austin, TX (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

Austin City Limits Pilot Episode
Studio 6A LBJ Communications Building
at the University of Texas

Very nice color and sound, and a real collector's item for those of us who enjoy the ACL series, and/or Willie! The chapters had been set at something near to 5-minute intervals (another slacker product), so I used TMPGEnc DVD Author 3 to reset the chapter points to coincide with the tracks. This also had the effect of eliminating the substandard menu which came with the original copy.

Per Mjk5510:
"This is not from a TV broadcast but came directly from ACL, I suppose there may be a protection copy between the ACL Master copy and the VHS but I'm not sure. This is not the raw footage but does contain an intro "board" at the beginning. Video quality is excellent and the show is simply wonderful, great setlist with many songs Willie hasn't played in decades."

ACL Master (not from TV) Video > VHS > DVD-R

Video Bitrate: 9100 kb/s average
Video Stream: 4:3, NTSC, 29.97 fps, 704x480, pro-shot
Audio Stream:  AC3 stereo, 48 kHz,  256 kb/s
Duration:  ~ 59:23
Size:  ~ 3.94 GB 
Menu:  No
Chaptered:  Yes
Artwork:  Yes (fuzzy)

00. Intro
01. Whiskey River
02. Stay All Night
03. Bloody Mary Morning
04. Redneck Mother
05. Okie From Muskogee (Bee Spears vocals)
06. Funny How Time Slips Away>
07. Crazy
08. Devil In A Sleeping Bag>
09. Phases And Stages (tease)>
10. I Still Can't Believe You're Gone>
11. It's Not Supposed To Be That Way
12. Good Hearted Woman
13. Pick Up The Tempo
14. Will The Circle Be Unbroken
15. When The Roll Is Called
16. Mountain Dew
17. A Song For You
18. Turn Out The Lights
19. Nelson Family Jam>
20. Rollin' My Sweet Baby's Arms
21. Outro

Dire Straits - 1979-02-16 - Cologne, DE (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

This FULL DIGITAL RECORDING & NOT RE-ENCODED torrent comes from a RE-BROADCAST (APRIL 27/28, 2007)

forget the "Solid Rock" 5.1 Mono Surround DVD: this is the best you can get

General Information:

LINEAGE: Cable Digital / Topfield 5200 PVR-C / MPEG
Streamclip 1.8 / DVD Studio Pro 4

Movie Information:

DVD Title..: Dire Straits - Rockpalast
Date Of The Show.: February 16, 1979
Recording Date.: April 28/29, 2007
Venue..: WDR Studio L, Köln/Cologne, Germany
Festival.: Rockpalast
TV - Station.: 1Festival (Germany)
Video Format.: DVD
Posting Format.: DVD-5
Lineage..: Cable Digital / Topfield 5200 PVR-C / MPEG
Streamclip 1.8 / DVD Studio Pro 4
DVD Menu Sound.: Has Animated Menus, Chapter & MONO Sound
DVD Menu.: Photoshop CS2 & Apple's DVD Studio Pro 4.0
Audio Format.: MONO (MP2 2.0 / 48kHz / 192 kBit/s)
Video Format.: MPEG 2
Resolution.: 720 x 576 / PAL / 50 Hz / Color
Frames Per Second..: 25
Aspect Ratio.: 4:3 - 1.33:1 - Full Frame
Approx Running Time..: ROCKPALAST: 1:24:43:03 Minutes
BONUS: 35:52:06 Minutes
Variable Bitrate.: ROCKPALAST: 4,499,517 kbps
BONUS: 5,331,056 kbps

Mark Knopfler: Guitar, Vocals
David Knopfler: Guitar, Vocals
John Illsley: Bass, Vocals
Pick Withers: Drums

01. Down To The Waterline
02. Six Blade Knife
03. Once Upon A Time In The West
04. Lady Writer
05. Single Handed Sailor
06. Water Of Love
07. In The Gallery
08. Follow Me Home
09. News
10. What's The Matter, Baby?
11. Lions
12. Sultans Of Swing
13. Wild West End
14. Where Do You Think You're Going?
15. Eastbound Train
16. Sultans Of Swing (Reprise)

17. Ferienrock