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Roger Waters - 1990-05-02 - London, UK (SBD/FLAC) Berlin Wall Rehearsals

(Soundboard FLAC)

Roger Waters and The Bleeding Heart Band
Berlin Wall Rehearsals
The London Rehearsals
London, England

Free Range Pigs (FRP CDR 032/033) in association with Harvested Records

Soundboard > Town House Post-Production Studio > Maxell UDL II 129 Studio Cassette >Edirol UA-1D > CEP > Hard Drive > WAV (48 Khz) > FLAC

Dics 1:
01. In The Flesh?
02. Thin Ice
03. Another Brick In The Wall (Part 1)
04. The Happiest Days Of Our Lives
05. Another Brick In The Wall (Part 2)
06. Mother
07. Goodbye Blue Sky
08. Empty Spaces
09. What Shall We Do Now?
10. Young Lust
11. One Of My Turns
12. Don't Leave Me Now
13. Another Brick In The Wall (Part 3)
14. The Last Few Bricks
15. Goodbye Cruel World

Disc 2:
01. Hey You
02. Nobody Home
03. Vera
04. Bring The Boys Back Home
05. Comfortably Numb
06. In The Flesh
07. Run Like Hell
08. Waiting For The Worms
09. The Tide Is Turning
10. Waiting For The Worms
11. Stop
12. The Trial (original studio version)
13. The Tide Is Turning (another take)

Comments from original poster: This is a soundboard recording of a rehearsal in a small London studio with The Bleeding Heart Band. It is an absolutely clean studio take complete with chatter between and during tracks. This is not the final, full-up rehearsal with all of the artists that appeared in Berlin.

The story: Someone who worked in the post-production studio made a copy of the master tape, or plugged his recorder into the soundboard. He then took a studio stock pre-printed cassette cover and typed the title and date of the rehearsal on it.

The cassette cover reads:
2.5.90 Roger Waters Rehearsals
The Wall Berlin

Preprinted cassette information:
The Town House
Post Production
140 Goldhawk Road, London, along with address and phone number

The studio still exists under a slightly different name.

Special thanks to The Big Pig and The Pentagon Pig at FRP for making this available.
Remastering by MOB
Artwork created by Moonwall

Remastering notes from MOB:

For the main rehearsal (stereo) I worked on track indexing and level adjustments. For the second rehearsal (mono, tracks 10-13 of CD2), I realized that the speed was different from the main rehearsal. By comparing Waiting For The Worms and The Tide Is Turning, I immediately noticed that the second rehearsal ran too slow. My suspicion is that the end of the tape was probably copied by a studio worker from another rehearsal tape, perhaps adding one gen to the lineage. My applied speed correction resulted in a 98% fix. I also applied a very slight EQ to Waiting For The Worms in order to decrease the "bassy" sound and to create a more natural transition between the last track of the main rehearsal (The Tide Is Turning) and the first track of the second rehearsal (Waiting For The Worms). I also did some editing in order to smooth out the abrupt cut during the judge's sentence in The Trial. BTW, I realized that the tape of The Trial that is played during the rehearsal, is not simply the regular version converted to mono. The voices are really mixed upfront and during the judge's sentence, you can hear the orchestra, but not Gilmour's guitars from the official release. I think this is a really unique mix of The Trial, specifically used for these rehearsals.

Rory Gallagher - 1977-1994 - French broadcasts (FM/FLAC)

(FM masters FLAC)

cassettes played on Marantz SD 4051 deck to ZOOM H4, card to PC, Audacity editions, FLAC.

Excellent sound except may be for the only TV track.

01 Country mile jam

02 Shin kicker
03 Bad penny
04 What in the world
05 Moonchild
06 I'm leavin'
07 Shadow play
08 Louie Louie / Bullfrog blues, radio outro
09 The devil made do it (TV, Orleans)

10 Moonchild
11 Nadine
12 Big guns
13 Walking blues
14 Brute, force and ignorance
15 Shadow play

16 Out on the western plains
17 Walking blues
18 Ghost blues ?
19 Je veux du soleil (i want some sun)

Notes by the uploader:
This is a collection of FM masters recordings i have from Rory's performances thru the years. (First upload from my sources).

1977: a jam recorded in Montreux festival, broadcasted on France Musique. This track (01) is not included in the official CD /DVD releases.

1982: on march 1982, Rory made a "Paris tour", playing several shows in the area. On march 8th he did 2 shows at the Paris Olympia; i remember i recorded the first and Phil (finkployd49) went to the second (making a recording too as well as he did in Melun). A portion of the second set was broadcasted on Radio 7 (02-08). We have the great "What in the world" here.
I added a track (09) recorded on TV from the Orleans show (same tour, on marh 10th). 

1986: the tracks (10-15) were broadcasted on RTL, they came from the Casino de Paris show played on may 12th.

1994: on october 17th Rory played acoustic for the Europe 1 "Top Live" radio show (16-19).  At the end of the session, he joined another guest of the day (the Au petit bonheur band) for a jam. On this track we can hear Jamel, the singer, saying proudly something like "hey mum,  it's me with Rory on the radio".

Stevie Ray Vaughan - 1985-12-15 - Dallas, TX (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

Dec. 15th 1985 
Fair Park Coliseum 
Dallas, TX 
FM Broadcast 

Dubwise's original info: 

Info below is from the text file I received in trade from Vince at 
Visit his great site and also my SRV page at 
I don't know the original lineage of the recording. Sounds like a low gen. radio capture. 

Lineage here would be DVD Trade > FLAC Files

01. Look At Little Sister / Pride and Joy
02. Change It
03. Cold Shot
04. Love Struck
05. Wham
06. Get High
07. Say What
08. Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)

Usually, Stevie plays "Say What" early, so I'm not sure if this is the correct track order, but this is the way I've put them on the disc, piecing them together from various sources. 

The concert does start with LALS and P&J. 

Bryan Ferry - 2011-09-16 - Moscow, Russia (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

Recorded, excellently mixed and mastered by drusilla2. 

Midas XL8 > EMU 0404USB > Cubase5 > Wavelab6/WavesR7 > WAV (24kHz/16-bit) > Sound Forge 8 (dither) > FLAC 

- I Put a Spell on You (Screamin' Jay Hawkins cover) [missing] 
- Slave to Love [missing] 
- Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues (Bob Dylan cover) [missing] 
- Don't Stop the Dance [missing] 
01. If There Is Something (Roxy Music song, cuts in) 
02. Make You Feel My Love(Bob Dylan cover) 
03. You Can Dance 
04. Alphaville 
05. All Along The Watchtower (Bob Dylan cover) 
06. Reason or Rhyme 
07. Like a Hurricane (Neil Young cover) 
08. Tara (Roxy Music song) 
09. Bitter Sweet (Roxy Music song) 
10. Smoke Gets in Your Eyes 
11. Avalon (Roxy Music song) 
12. Oh Yeah (Roxy Music song) 
13. My Only Love (Roxy Music song) 
14. Band Introduction 
15. Love Is the Drug (Roxy Music song) 
16. Let's Stick Together (Wilbert Harrison song) 
17. Jealous Guy (John Lennon song) 
18. Hold On (I'm Coming) 

Notes by the uploader:
this is a "sterile" sounboard recording. There is no real crowd noise present in the recording, so it goes almost silent between tracks, you can hear a bit of clapping. I am not a big specialist in BF recordings but I can say that this could be one of the best unofficial recordings of his up to date. I took this tape from the local torrent site and simply added info. So all credits go to drusilla2. According to him "the first 4 tracks were corrupted hence are not shared". 
I am amazed at how this guy shares his recordings since it is evident he was working with or simply was the soundguy @ the gig and if i'm not mistaken such recordings are out of question among 
sound engineers. They are recorded for the band but never shared. On the other handside I am sure this one and Elton John recording definitely made a lot of people happy. Unfortunately they are 
most likely to be sold by bootleg-selling sc*m and there's nothing we can do about it. 

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Bruce Cockburn - 1981-10-23 - Denver, CO (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

Rainbow Music Hall

Taped for KBCO-FM radio broadcast, full recording including encore breaks

Pre-FM Soundboard Master Reels? > ? > CD-R > WAV (Normalized) > FLAC

Re-edited by Simmdale with song beginnings retracked, tracks titled properly with corrected Info text, files recompressed to FLAC (level 8, align on sector boundaries), and new artwork completed just for this torrent in March 2008.

Bruce Cockburn - Vocals, guitar
Dennis Pendrith - Bass
Jon Goldsmith - Keyboards
Bob Disalle - Drums
Hugh Marsh - Violin
Kathryn Moses - Sax, flute, vocals

Disc One
01 You Pay Your Money And You Take Your Chance 5:19.55
02 The Trouble With Normal 3:15.27
03 The Strong One 5:57.74
04 The Coldest Night Of The Year 4:42.53
05 Going Up Against Chaos 6:28.65
06 Radio Shoes 4:29.33
07 Creation Dream 6:42.23
08 Rumours Of Glory 5:58.40
09 Civilization And Its Discontents 5:15.60

Total Disc Time: 48:10.55

Disc Two
01 Band Introduction 1:01.59
02 Mama Just Wants To Barrelhouse All Night Long 6:12.16
03 All's Quiet On the Inner City Front 5:47.59
04 Broken Wheel 4:23.17
05 Justice 5:22.12
06 Tokyo 3:53.28
07 Loner 7:54.34
08 Wanna Go Walking 3:11.66
09 It's Going Down Slow 6:48.19

10 Wondering Where The Lions Are 7:11.71

Encore Two
11 All The Diamonds In The World 4:09.68

Total Disc Time: 55:56.74

Johnny Cash - 1996-07-09 - New York City, NY (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

Johnny Cash 07/09/96
Irving Plaza, New York, NY


01 - Folsom Prison Blues
02 - Get Rhythm When You Get the Blues
03 - Sunday Morning Coming Down
04 - (Ghost) Riders in the Sky
05 - A Cowboy's Prayer > Oh, Bury Me Not
06 - I Never Picked Cotton
07 - Unchained
08 - Rowboat
09 - Rusty Cage
10 - Southern Accents
11 - Memories Are Made of This
12 - Ring of Fire
13 - Intros > Walk the Line
14 - I've Got Jesus in My Soul
15 - Jackson*
16 - If I Were a Carpenter* %cuts
17 - Wabash Cannonball*
18 - Wildwood Flower*
19 - June yakking > I Used to Be Somebody**
20 - Can the Circle Be Unbroken (Bye and Bye)**
21 - Big River
22 - I Still Miss Someone
23 - Orange Blossom Special
24 - I'll Be Waiting*

* - w/ June
** - June, no Johnny

Talking Heads - 1977-05-24 - Birmingham, UK (FM/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

CDr>CDwave>WAVE>FlacFrontend Level 8>FLAC

Quality : 9 (+)

01.Love Goes To Buildings On Fire
02.Uh Oh,Love Comes To Town
03.Dont Worry About The Government
04.Take Me To The River
05.Who Is It ?
06.Tentative Decision
07.The Book I Read
08.New Feeling
09.A Clean Break ( Wash That Love Away )
10.Pulled Up
11.Im Not In Love ( bad tape at the beginning )
12.Psycho Killer
13.No Compassion

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Eric Clapton - 2018-05-26 - Greenwich, CT (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Eric Clapton
Greenwich Town Party
Roger Sherman Baldwin Park
Greenwich, CT
May 26, 2018

Eric Clapton - vocals, guitar
Nathan East - bass
Sonny Emory - drums
Doyle Bramhall II - guitar
Chris Stainton - keyboards
Walt Richmond - keyboards
Sharon White - vocals
Sharlotte Gibson - vocals

Special guests on "Crossroads": 
Derek Trucks - guitar
Susan Tedeschi - guitar, vocals

Source: master audience recording
Taper: larryrulz
Location: on the front rail, left side
Lineage: CA-14 (cardioid) > Sony M10 (24/44) > Audacity (amplify, tracking) > TLH > FLAC 6 > foobar2000 (FLAC tags)

01 stage entrance
02 Somebody's Knocking
03 Key to the Highway
04 I'm Your Hoochie Coochie Man
05 I Shot the Sheriff
06 White Room
07 Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out
08 Lay Down Sally
09 Layla
10 Tears in Heaven
11 Got to Get Better in a Little While
12 Wonderful Tonight
13 The Core
14 Little Queen of Spades
15 Cocaine

16 Crossroads - with Derek Trucks and Susan Tedeschi

Length: 1:44:17

This is an annual concert which sells tickets only to people who live or work in Greenwich, CT. This year was a very tough ticket, for obvious reasons, but somehow I was able to snag one on-line on the day of sale. They've had good bands in the past, but never had "God" before. I got there at 3:30 PM and stayed on the rail for the next 6 1/2 hours. The recording is very good overall with no technical issues. There is some audience chat during the quiet portions of the show. During a 15-20 minute segment of the middle part of the show you'll hear some really annoying children whose father decided it would be cool to go to the front and try to squeeze up to the rail. The guy to my right can be heard yelling at them a few times to stop pushing. Later in the show, during the applause prior to the encore, the same guy was asked multiple times by an incredibly annoying woman to remove his hat. After multiple requests and refusals, he finally took it off. After the concert, we exchanged comments, then the annoying woman starting talking to me about him. I put that in the Comments section just for laughs. Tedeschi Trucks Band opened for EC, and I will post their excellent set as well.

Guns N' Roses - 1986-01-18 - Hollywood, CA (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Date: Saturday, 1986-01-18 
City: Hollywood, US-CA 
Venue: The Roxy 
Title: The Wild, The Willing 'N' The Innocent 
Label: Ingram Suicide/Metal Sword Records (MS CD 157/158) - 2CD 
Format: FLAC 
Size: 428 MB 
Lineage: Silver CD>EAC>FLAC 

W. Axl Rose: vocals 
Slash: lead guitar 
Izzy Stradlin':rhythm guitar 
Duff McKagan: bass 
Steven Adler: drums 

Disc 1: 
01 – Intro 
02 – Reckless Life 
03 – Shadow Of Your Love 
04 – Welcome To The Jungle 
05 – Jumpin’ Jack Flash 
06 – Think About You 
07 – Move To The City 
08 – Don’t Cry 
09 – Nice Boys 

Disc 2: 

01 – Back Off Bitch 
02 – Rocket Queen 
03 – Nightrain 
04 – My Michelle 
05 – Paradise City 
06 – Anything Goes [Alt. Lyrics] 
07 – Mama Kin 
08 – Heartbreak Hotel 
09 – Goodnight Tonight 

Aerosmith - 2011-11-25 - Hiroshima, Japan (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Band: Aerosmith
Title: Peace Of The Lord
Date: November 25, 2011
Venue: Green Arena, Hiroshima, Japan
Label: Anaconda
Number: ANACONDA 427/428
Source: Original CDR > EAC > WAV > jetAudio > FLAC

Disc 1

01 Intro
02 Draw The Line
03 Love In An Elevator
04 Mama Kin
05 Back In The Saddle
06 Jaded
07 Janie's Got A Gun
08 Livin' On The Edge
09 Lick And A Promise
10 Drum Solo
11 Lord Of The Thighs
12 Hangman Jury
13 No More No More

Disc 2

01 What It Takes
02 Last Child
03 Red House
04 Combination
05 I Don't Want To Miss A Thing
06 Cryin'
07 Sweet Emotion
08 Love Lies - Home Tonight - Dream On
09 Train Kept A Rollin'
10 Walk This Way

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Led Zeppelin - 1971-09-24 - Tokyo, JP (AUD/FLAC) "Graf Zeppelin - SUPER-STARS!"

(Audience FLAC)

Led Zeppelin 1971-09-24 - Audience Recordings Stereo/Mono
Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 
Graf Zeppelin - SUPER-STARS!

Lineage - silvers > eac wav > tlh flac 8

Stereo Audience Recording
101 intro
102 immigrant song
103 heartbreaker
104 since I've been loving you
105 black dog
106 dazed and confused
201 mc
202 stairway to heaven
203 celebration day
204 that's the way
205 going to california
206 tangerine
207 what is and what should never be
208 moby dick
301 tunning
302 whole lotta love
303 organ solo
304 thank you
305 communication breakdown

Mono Audience Recording
401 intro
402 immigrant song
403 heartbreaker
404 since I've been loving you
405 black dog
406 dazed and confused
501 mc
502 stairway to heaven
503 celebration day
504 that's the way
505 going to california
506 tangerine
507 what is and what should never be
508 moby dick
601 tunning
602 whole lotta love
603 organ solo
604 thank you
605 communication breakdown

Whitesnake - 2016-10-09 - Saitama, JP (IEM/AUD/MTX/FLAC) by REQUEST

(IEM/Audience matrix FLAC)

Date: October 9th, 2016 
Venue: Saitama Super Arena 
Location: Saitama, Japan 
Source: IEM/Audience matrix 
Length: 94:22 min 

Lineage: Silver discs - EAC - TLH 

David Coverdale - vocals 
Reb Beach - guitars, backing vocals 
Joel Hoekstra - guitars, backing vocals 
Michael Devin - bass, harmonica, backing vocals 
Tommy Aldridge - drums 
Michele Luppi - keyboards, backing vocals 

Disc 1 
01. Opening (My Generation) 
02. Bad Boys (incl. Children of the Night) 
03. Slide It In 
04. Love Ain't No Stranger 
05. The Deeper the Love 
06. Fool For Your Loving 
07. Ain't No Love in the Heart of the City 
08. Judgement Day 
09. Reb Beach Guitar solo 
10. Joel Hoekstra Guitar Solo 
11. Slow an' Easy 

Disc 2 
01. Michael Devin Bass Solo 
02. Cryin' in the Rain 
03. Tommy Aldridge Drums Solo 
04. Cryin' in the Rain reprise 
05. Is This Love 
06. Give Me All Your Love 
07. Here I Go Again 
08. Still of the Night 
09. Burn 
10. Closing (We Wish You Well) 

Notes: Excellent quality IEM/audience mix.

Rush - 2004-08-04 - Camden, NJ (2xDVDfull pro-shot)

(2xDVDfull pro-shot)

Media: 2 DVDs 
Time: 78:25, 100:55 
Catalog: none 
Source: 8mm Master, Pro-shot 
Date: August 04, 2004 
Location: Tweeter Center, Camden, New Jersey, USA 

4:3 NTSC 
6193 Kbps 
29.970 Frames/sec 
AC3 48000 Hz 
256 kb/s 

01 - Intro 1:34 
02 - R30 Medley 6:40 
03 - The Spirit of Radio 5:09 
04 - Force Ten 4:49 
05 - Animate 5:58 
06 - Subdivisions 6:09 
07 - Earthshine 5:56 
08 - Red Barchetta 6:58 
09 - Roll the Bones 6:13 
10 - Bravado 6:13 
11 - YYZed 4:51 
12 - The Trees 5:43 
13 - The Seeker 3:43 
14 - One Little Victory 6:33 

01 - Darn That Dragon Movie 3:22 
02 - Tom Sawyer 5:06 
03 - Dreamline 5:08 
04 - Secret Touch 7:20 
05 - Between the Wheels 6:14 
06 - Mystic Rythms 5:27 
07 - Red Sector A 5:11 
08 - O'Baterista 8:25 
09 - Resist 4:33 
10 - Heart Full Of Soul 2:47 
11 - 2112 Overture/The Temples Of Syrinx/Grand Finale 8:09 
12 - La Villa Strangiato 9:15 
13 - By-Tor And The Snow Dog 4:39 
14 - Xanadu 7:03 
15 - Working Man 7:12 
16 - Summertime Blues 3:46 
17 - Crossroads 3:14 
18 - Limelight 4:47 
19 - Outro 0:56 

jtm9734 notes: 
I received this in a snail-mail trade on DVDs in data format from Eric1975. He said that he got this from the filmer himself. The directory structure on the DVDs sent to me were the playable "VIDEO_TS" folder as well as the usual empty "AUDIO_TS" folder. That is all that I know about the lineage. I don't know what equipment was used or what software was used in the transfer process. All I know is that this is Pro-shot and is from the 8mm Master media. Enjoy! 

If anyone feels inclined to re-author this and sync the video to the audio, please feel free to do so. But if you feel so inclined to take on that project, please let me know how you do it so that I can learn and later do it myself. Yes, the audio is out of sync with the video on this, but otherwise, it is an excellent quality recording both visually and aurally.

Nirvana - Outcesticide (5 CD Box Set + Bonus Disk) (SBD/FLAC) by REQUEST

Nirvana - Outcesticide (5 CD Box Set + Bonus Disk)
(Soundboard FLAC)

Genre : Grunge

Year of manufacture CDs : 1994-1998
Audio codec : FLAC
Type rip : tracks Bitrate audio : lossless
Duration : 6 CD Here is the original Blue Moon Records 5-Disc Outcesticide box set, along with a bonus 6th disc from Darkside Records.
Discs were all released between 1994 and 1998.

Outcesticide - In Memory of Kurt Cobain[(2nd pressing)

picLabel: Blue Moon Records (BMCD14)
Total CD Time: 69:59 / 23 Tracks
Matrix: CDA 00138 REDEYE MUSIC 22

1. If You Must (Reciprocal 23.1.88) 3:46

2. Downer (Reciprocal 23.1.88) 1:36
3. Floyd The Barber (Reciprocal 23.1.88) 2:05
4. Paper Cuts (Reciprocal 23.1.88) 3:50
5. Spank Thru (Reciprocal 23.1.88) 3:17
6. Beeswax (Reciprocal 23.1.88) 2:32
7. Pen Cap Chew (Reciprocal 23.1.88) 2:47
8. Blandest (Reciprocal 11.6.88) 3:39
9. Polly (a.k.a. Cracker) (Barnyard 1/89) 2:20
10. Misery Loves Company (a.k.a. Seed) (Barnyard 1/89) 2:20
11. Sappy (Barnyard 1/89) 2:22
12. Do You Love Me? (Evergreen 6/89) 3:27
13. Been A Son (Music Source 9/89) 2:21
14. Junkyard (a.k.a. Token Eastern Song) (Leeds 25.10.89) 3:26
15. Opinion (KAOS 29.9.90) 1:39
16. D-7 (version) (BBC 21.10.90) 2:31
17. Imodium (Smart Studios 4/90) 3:03
18. Pay To Play (Smart Studios 4/90) 3:21
19. Sappy (Smart Studios 4/90) 3:24
20. Here She Comes Now (VARA-FM 24.11.91) 4:40
21. Where Did You Sleep Last Night (VARA-FM 24.11.91) 4:58
22. Return Of The Rat (Laundry Room 4/92) 2:59
23. Talk To Me (Ghent 23.11.91) 3:21
24. Courtney's Eulogy (Seattle 10.4.94) 6:19

Track 24 is not included on the 2nd pressing, but was included on the 3rd and after, so it was extracted from "Into The Black" d6t19 silver as a sort of bonus track


Outcesticide II - The Needle and the Damage Done

Label: Blue Moon Records (BMCD25)

Total CD Time: 74:14 / 21 Tracks
Matrix: OLI 11794

1. In Bloom (unissued Sub Pop 7" mastertape) (Smart Studios 4/90) 4:30

2. Imodium (Early version of 'Breed' with different lyrics) ("live 11/89") 3:05
3. Help Me (An unreleased song from winter 1989) (Wien 22.11.89) 2:36
4. Oh, The Guilt (Live version) (Ghent 23.11.91) 3:12
5. Smells Like Teen Spirit (with Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers on trumpet) (Rio De Janeiro 23.1.93) 4:48
6. Pennyroyal Tea (Early version with different lyrics) (Chicago 12.10.91) 4:16
7. It's Closing Soon (Kurt & Courtney, The Rio Tape) (a.k.a. Closing Time) (Ariola Ltda BMG 22.1.93) 2:38
8. Heart-Shaped Box (Early version with different lyrics) (Rio De Janeiro 23.1.93) 5:27
9. Scentless Apprentice (Extended experimental feedback version) (Rio De Janeiro 23.1.93) 9:43
10. Been A Son (Acoustic rehearsal) (Minneapolis 14.10.91) 2:07
11. Something In The Way (In-store acoustic gig) (Minneapolis 14.10.91) 3:20
12. Negative Creep (In-store acoustic gig) (Minneapolis 14.10.91) 2:02
13. Where Did You Sleep Last Night (Kurt solo at Castaic Lake) (Valencia 26.9.92) 2:27
14. Baba O'Riley (Covering the Who in Rennes) (Rennes 7.12.91) 3:13
15. The End (Slaughtering the Doors in Belgium) (Ghent 23.11.91) 2:22
16. Lithium (Mix six, unreleased studio version) (acoustic) (Sound City 5/91) 2:55
17. Dumb (with Melora Craeger on cello) ("2/94") 2:24
18. Molly's Lips (an early attempt at the Vaselines' song) ("11/89") 2:23
19. In His Hands (a.k.a. Verse Chorus Verse) (Unreleased song written circa Summer 1990) (Hollywood 17.8.90) 3:07
20. The Man Who Sold The World (Electric version) ("12/93") 4:35
21. Smells Like Teen Spirit (Live on The Word TV Show) (The Word 8.11.91) 2:58
1995 - Outcesticide III - The Final Solution

Label: Blue Moon Records (BMCD39)

Total CD Time: 74:19 / 23 Tracks
Matrix: C 2404/mmBHP (95089121)

1. Rape Me (Canal + 4.2.94) Live 'Nulle Part A' French TV Studios

2. Pennyroyal Tea (Canal + 4.2.94) Live 'Nulle Part A' French TV Studios
3. Drain You (Canal + 4.2.94) Live 'Nulle Part A' French TV Studios
4. Marigold (a.k.a. Color Pictures Of A Marigold) (Upland Studios 23.12.90) Dave's original demo
5. Dive (Hanau 18.11.89) Early version, different lyrics
6. Mr. Moustache ("demo summer 1988") Early version with different lyrics
7. Blandest (Reciprocal 11.6.88) Original scrapped B-side of 'Love Buzz' Sub Pop 7"
8. Even In His Youth (Music Source Studios, Seattle 9/89) Early version
9. Polly (Music Source Studios, Seattle 9/89) Unfinished, Electric version
10. Smells Like Teen Spirit (MTV Studios 10.1.92) Live
11. Serve The Servants (Tunnel 23.2.94) Live, 'Tunnel', RAI Italian TV Studios
12. Dumb (Tunnel 23.2.94) Live, 'Tunnel', RAI Italian TV Studios
13. The Eagle Has Landed (a.k.a. tourette's) (Reading 30.8.92) Early live version
14. Aneurysm (Seattle 15.11.90) Early live version - different lyrics
15. Oh, The Guilt (Seattle 15.11.90) Early live version - different lyrics
16. Dive (VPRO 5.11.89) The 'Lost' radio session, VPRO, Hilversum, Holland
17. About A Girl (VPRO 5.11.89) The 'Lost' radio session, VPRO, Hilversum, Holland
18. The Money Will Roll Right In (Reading 30.8.92) Live cover of a Fang song
19. In His Hands (a.k.a. Verse Chorus Verse) (Seattle 15.11.90) Live version of an unreleased song with different lyrics
20. Curmudgeon (Ghent 23.11.91) The only live performance, from Belgium
21. Alcohol (a.k.a. High On The Hog) (Mezzago 26.11.89) For one night only this unreleased song was played in Italy
22. Run Rabbit Run (a.k.a. Raunchola) (Tacoma 23.1.88) Rough, but rare, the long forgotten set closer from 1987
23. Beans (Barnyard 12/88) Left off the 'Bleach' LP as Sub Pop thought they were retarded!

1996 - Outcesticide IV - Rape Of The Vaults

Label: Blue Moon Records (BMCD46)

Total CD Time: 76:51 / 23 Tracks
Matrix: TOBIN ROSCOE 09-08-86 CD5890 (96060102)

01. Pennyroyal Tea (Pachyderm Studios, Cannon Falls, MN 2/93)

02. Spank Thru (Reciprocal Recording Studios, Seattle, WA 06/11/88)
03. Territorial Pissings (Tonight With Jonathan Ross, Channel 4 Studios, London, UK 12/06/91)
04. Smells Like Teen Spirit (Top Of The Pops, BBC Television Studios, London, UK 11/27/91)
05. Rape Me (Teatro Castello, Roma, Italy 11/19/91)
06. Stay Away (Duffy's Tavern, Lincoln, NE 05/13/90)
07. Scoff (Bogart's, Long Beach, CA 02/16/90)
08. Love Buzz (Bogart's, Long Beach, CA 02/16/90)
09. Floyd The Barber (Bogart's, Long Beach, CA 02/16/90)
10. Here She Comes Now (Duffy's Tavern, Lincoln, NE 05/13/90)
11. D-7 (Reading Festival, Reading, UK 08/30/92)
12. Drain You (Melvins practice space, San Francisco, CA 4/91)
13. About A Girl (Cobain residence, Aberdeen, WA 1987-1988)
14. Lithium (Evergreen State College Television Studios, Olympia, WA 03/20/90)
15. Blew (Reciprocal Recording Studios, Seattle, WA 12/24/88)
16. All Apologies (Mayfair, Newcastle, UK 12/02/91)
17. Radio Friendly Unit Shifter/ My Sharona ...Salle Omnisports, Rennes, FR 02/16/94)
18. Sappy (Salle Omnisports, Rennes, FR 02/16/94)
19. Bambi Slaughter (Cobain residence, Aberdeen, WA 1987-1988)
20. Clean Up Before She Comes (Cobain residence, Aberdeen, WA 1987-1988)
21. Black And White Blues (Cobain residence, Aberdeen, WA 1987-1988)
22. Montage Of Heck (Cobain residence, Aberdeen, WA 1987-1988)
23. Escalator To Hell (Cobain residence, Aberdeen, WA 1987-1988)

Two-second gaps have been removed from about ten of the tracks.


1997 - Outcesticide V - Disintegration

Label: Blue Moon Records (BMCD98)

KAOS Olympia Community Radio - Olympia, WA United States 04-17-87
MTV Studios - New York, NY United States 01-10-92
Total CD Time: 71:46 / 22 Tracks
Matrix: BMCD 98

01. Live Through This (Demo)

02. Love Buzz [VPRO Radio, Holland].wav
03. In His Hands (Live) [17 Aug 90 Soundcheck, Hollywood Palladium]
04. Lithium (Live) [9 Feb 94, Barcelona]
05. Rape Me (Live) [9 Feb 94, Barcelona]
06. On A Plain (Live) [10 Jan 92 Soundcheck, MTV Studios, NYC]
07. Stain (Live) [10 Jan 92 Soundcheck, MTV Studios, NYC]
08. School (Live) [10 Jan 92, MTV Studios, NYC]
09. Molly's Lips (Live) [10 Jan 92, MTV Studios, NYC]
10. Aneurysm (Live) [10 Jan 92, MTV Studios, NYC]
11. Love Buzz (KAOS-FM Radio Apr 87)
12. Floyd The Barber (KAOS-FM Radio Apr 87)
13. Downer (KAOS-FM Radio Apr 87)
14. Mexican Seafood (KAOS-FM Radio Apr 87)
15. White Lace and Strange (KAOS-FM Radio Apr 87)
16. Spank Thru (KAOS-FM Radio Apr 87)
17-Suicide Samurai (KAOS-FM Radio Apr 87)
18. Hairspray Queen (KAOS-FM Radio Apr 87)
19. Pen Cap Chew (KAOS-FM Radio Apr 87)
20. More Than A Feeling (Jam) (Live) [30 Aug 92, Reading Festival]
21. My Best Friends Girl (Live) [1 Mar 94, Muncich]
22. You Know You're Right (Live) [23 Oct 93, Chicago]

1. Live Through This

The first thing a listener will hear when playing this disc is a loud "pop". Blue Moon has likely "borrowed" the Courtney Love demo from the Love Buzz CD. The Love Buzz version has a radio DJ who talks over the first few seconds of the song. Blue Moon has edited the first few seconds out and quickly fades into the song. For whatever reason, the "pop" noise was left in. This demo has Kurt on the backing vocals. The sound is FM broadcast quality.

2. Love Buzz This track is from the VPRO Hilversum radio session on 11/5/89. You can find "Dive" and "About a Girl" from this session on Outcesticide III. This track is unique to Outcesticide V.

3. Verse Chorus Verse (aka "In His Hands")

From the sound check 8/17/90. This is an upgrade from the recording found on Outcesticide II. This recording is probably borrowed from the Love Buzz CD also. Excellent stereo sound.. by far the best surfaced recording of this song.

4. Lithium

5. Rape Me
These tracks are from the 2/9/94 show in Spain. These were the only two songs broadcasted and unavailable on any other commercial bootleg.

6. On A Plain

7. Stain Tracks six and seven are the sound check to the MTV studios broadcast on 1/10/92. Sombody in the band snorts to the beat of "Sifting" before they start.

8. School

9. Molly's Lips
10. Aneurysm
Tracks eight, nine and ten are the unbroadcast songs from the MTV studios broadcast on 1/10/92. Excellent sound quality. These tracks are unavailable on any other commercial bootleg CD.

11. Love Buzz

12. Floyd The Barber
13. Downer
14. Mexican Seafood
15. White Lace and Strange
16. Spank Thru
17. Suicide Samurai
18. Hairspray Queen
19. Pen Cap Chew
Tracks eleven through nineteen are definitely the highlight of the disc. The source is apparently the same as the one tape traders have been circulating.... it garbles a little during the "scream" in Spank Thru. The difference is that these tracks have been remastered... the majority of the hiss is gone and the noise level has been increased. While it's nothing revolutionary, these tracks are a little crisper than other KAOS versions I have heard. Surprisingly, Suicide Samurai (aka Anorexorcist) might be the best sounding track from the KAOS demos. Love buzz is very early for the band and Kurt repeats the first line twice during the beginning of the song. There appears to be a little editing between some of the tracks, but nothing "important" is missing.

20. More Than A Feeling Jam

21. My Best Friends Girl Tracks twenty and twenty-one are two clips, from 8/30/92 and 3/1/94. The sound quality is quite good. I wonder if Blue Moon has access to the rest of 3/1/94???

22. You've Got No Right (aka Autopilot) This track can be found in the Season in Hell box set and Sermon on the Mount. The quality of this track appears to be a little better than those two sources. It's a nice addition that most discs neglect.


1998 - Outcesticide VI - A Mess Of Blues

Label: Darkside Records DSS CD 008

Total CD Time: 77:45 Minutes

01. Smells Like Teen Spirit (Saturday Night Live, NBCTV Studio, NYC, 11th Jan 1992)

02. Territorial Pissings (Saturday Night Live, NBCTV Studio, NYC, 11th Jan 1992)
03. I Hate Myself And I Want To Die (In Utero Outtake, Mar 1993)
04. Love Buzz (John Peel Session, BBC Maida Vale Studio, London, 26th Oct 1989)
05. About A Girl (John Peel Session, BBC Maida Vale Studio, Lodnon, 26th Oct 1989)
06. Dumb (Early studio version Produced by Mike Angles & Tim Durham 1991)
07. Lounge Act (Live Football Stadium Gig, Argentina, 1992)
08. Jesus Doesn't Want Me For A Sunbeam (Live from the 1991 Nevermind Tour)
09. Sifting(inst.) (Studio Outtake from 1989)
10. Breed (Nevermind Demo from 1991)
11. Polly (Rare opening number from Pukkelpop Festival, Belgium, 25th Aug 1991)
12. Unknown Song (NOB Radiostudio, Hilversum, Holland, 24th Nov 1991)
13. I Wanna Be Your Dog (Rare jam on this Stooges classic, Astoria, London, 3rd Dec 1989)
14. Moist Vagina (From the In Utero Sessions, BMG Rio 19-23rd Jan, 1993)
15. Milk It (From the In Utero Sessions, BMG Rio 19-23rd Jan, 1993)
16. Seasons In The Sun (From the In Utero Sessions, BMG Rio 19-23rd Jan, 1993)
17. Old Age (Partial song from the 1991 Boombox demos)
18. Where Did You Sleep Last Night (Kurts 1989 side project with Mark Lanegan & Mark Pickerel & Krist on bass)
19. Big Cheese (Recorded live in 1989 for Australian radio)
20. All Apologies (Very different early studio version 1991)
21. Drain You (Early studio version. Produced by Mike Engles & Tim Durham 1991)

John McLaughlin - 2014-03-24 - Tokyo, JP (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

John McLaughlin & The 4th Dimension 
Blue Note Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan 
1st Show 

Tascam DR-05 > wav > flac

John McLaughlin (g) 
Gary Husband (key, dr) 
Etienne Mbappe (b) 
Ranjit Barot (dr) 

01. (intro) 
02. Guitar Love 
03. Little Miss Valley 
04. Senor C.S. 
05. Call & Answer 
06. The Unknown Dissident 
07. Echoes from Then 
08. Hijacked 
09. Maharina 
10. Mother Tongues

11. You Know, You Know

Soul Asylum - 1984-2012 - Live Compilation (DVDfull pro/aud-shot) by REQUEST

(DVDfull pro/aud-shot)

Soul Asylum 1984-2012 Live Compilation DVD

Menu & Chapters
Pro-Shot & Audience

Compiled by:M. Wilson

(May 1 1990)

Voodoo Doll
(December 1 1984 Minneapolis, MN)

No Man’s Land
Growing Pain
Never Really Been
Can’t Go Back
(April 25 1987 Fargo, ND)

Don’t It (make your troubles seem small)
(August 31 1987 St. Louis, MO)

Sometime To Return
(May 6 1988 Mouth To Mouth T.V. Show New York, NY)

Horse News Clip
(September 1 1990)

(May 30 1990 Minneapolis, MN)

I Put A Spell On You
(October 29 1990 Ann Arbor, MI)

Be On Your Way
Easy Street
Made To Be Broken (medley)
Closer To The Stars
(October 30 1990 Toronto, ON)

Horse Interview
(May 1 1990)

Wandering Eyes
Bird On A Wire
Twiddly Dee
Ship Of Fools
(April 12 1991 Dave & Dan – Madison, WI)

Somebody To Shove
(March 20 1993 New York, NY SNL)

White House News Clip
(September 21 1993)

Runaway Train
Black Gold
(May 28 1993 Dave & Dan - London - MTV Europe)

ABC In Conert Interview
(March 1 1994)

Japanesse T.V. Interview
(April 11 1994 Tokyo Japan)

Let Your Dim Light Shine News Clip #1
(January 1 1995)

(April 6 1995 New York,NY - Letterman)

Let Your Dim Light Shine News Clip #2
(January 1 1995)

Hopes Up
(April 6 1995 New York, NY - Letterman)

Promises Broken
(Feburary 8 1996 New York, NY - Letterman)

Prom News Clip
(June 28 1997)

I Will Still Be Laughing
(May 9 1997 New York, NY - Letterman)

New York Blackout
(Dave & Dan - May 4 1998 Toronto, ON)

The Silver Lining
(July 1 2006)

Crazy Mixed Up World 
(April 12 2006 Minneapolis, MN)

( May 15 2009 Spain)

(July 20 1012 - Minneapolis, MN)

Steven Wilson - 2018-05-23 - Santiago, Chile (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Teatro Caupolicán

Venue: Teatro Caupolicán.
City: Santiago.
Country: Chile.
Date: 2018-05-23
Source: Audience.
Taper: mk360.

CA-14 Cardioids > CA-Ugly Battery Box > Olympus LS-14 (44/16) > Audacity > FLAC

Steven Wilson
Nick Beggs
Craig Blundell
Adam Holzman
Alex Hutchings

101-Intro (_Truth_ short film)
102-To the Bone
103-Nowhere Now
105-Home Invasion
106-Regret #9
107-The Creator Has a Mastertape
109-People Who Eat Darkness
201-Arriving Somewhere but Not Here (Porcupine Tree)
203-Song of I
204-Lazarus (Porcupine Tree)
206-The Same Asylum as Before
207-Heartattack in a Layby (Porcupine Tree)
209-Sleep Together (Porcupine Tree)
301-Blackfield (Blackfield)
303-The Sound of Muzak (Porcupine Tree)
304-Song of Unborn

Levin Brothers - 2017-03-30 - Natick, MA (AUD/FLAC) by REQUEST

(Audience FLAC)

Levin Brothers 
Venue: The Center for Arts in Natick 
Location: Natick, Ma 
Date: March 30, 2017 

SP-CMC-8c===SP-SPSB-11 (12v) Bass Roll Off set @ 69hz to Sony PCM-M10 (Mic In)===SDHC SanDisk 16GB Micro Memory Card @ 48/24(Downsampled to 44.1/16) 

Tony Levin : cello, bass 
Pete Levin : organ, piano 
Erik Lawrence : tenor sax, alto sax, flute 
Jeff Siegel : drums 

CD 1 
01 Special Delivery 
02 Havana 
03 Straight No Chaser 
04 Matte Kudasi 
05 Gimme Some 
06 Milonga Del Angel 
07 Not So Square 
08 Fire Drill 

CD 2 
01 Bach Cello Concerto 
02 Ballad of the Innocent 
03 Ostropolya 
04 Theme From Cinema Paradiso 
05 Petes Blues 
06 Scarborough Fair 
07 Dont Give Up 
08 Icarus 

Taper: Farve4 
Mastering: Bob S.

The Faces - 1972-09-02 - Seattle, WA (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Seattle Center Coliseum 
Seattle, Washington 
September 2, 1972 
JEMS Master 

RIP Ian McLagen 

Recording Gear: Sony ECM-22P mic > Tandberg Model 11 R2R deck, 

JEMS 2014 Transfer: Master Reels @ full track mono > Tandberg Model 11 > Wavelab 96/24 mono > iZotope RX and Ozone > MBIT+ convert to 16/44.1 > Peak Pro XT (edit / 2 track mono / index) > xACT 2.21 > FLAC 

01 It's All Over Now 
02 Miss Judy's Farm 
03 Memphis, Tennessee 
04 Maggie May 
05 Stay With Me 
06 Angel 
07 Too Bad 
08 I'd Rather Go Blind 
09 That's All You Need > True Blue 
10 Maybe I'm Amazed 
11 (I Know) I'm Losing You 
12 Twistin' The Night Away 

JEMS' master tape of The Faces has been in the queue for some time now, but with the sad sad news of Ian McLagen's passing today it seemed only right to push it to the top. 

This is one of Stan's earliest recordings using his new Tandberg reel to reel. For those of you unfamiliar with previous releases recorded on this deck, it recorded in full-track mono and required 10(!) D-cel batteries to move those 7-inch reels along at 7.5 IPS. That Stan managed to successfully get the deck in and record dozens of concerts on the Tandberg in the '70s is nothing short of remarkable. 

He also invested in a long microphone cord for his Sony ECM-22P to get it up and way from the audience, typically attaching it to the infrastructure of the arena seating itself in hopes of getting it up and away from close audience noise. 

This show has been circulated and torrented before but this marks the first time the master has been transferred on the original tape deck to extract every bit of its full-track mono glory. As a result, this is presented in true mono, hence the small file sizes. Samples provided. 

Stan seems to recall the show being cut short due to someone in the band taking ill, but the 60+ minutes that are there pretty joyful and McLagen comes through nicely in the mix. 

The Police - 1982-01-15 - Boston, MA (AUD/FLAC) by REQUEST

(Audience FLAC)

The Police 
Sting: bass, vocals 
Andy Summers: guitar 
Stewart Copeland: drums 
David Watson: tenor sax 
Darryl Dixon: alto sax 
Marvin Daniels: trumpet 

Boston Garden 
Boston, Mass. USA 
January 15th, 1982 

audience recording from unknown (low) generation cassette 
Taper: Unknown 

01. voices inside my head 1:04 (cuts at :28) 
02. message in a bottle 4:01 
03. every little thing she does is magic 4:12 
04. spirits in the material world 3:16 
05. additional band intros, hungry for you 3:38 
06. when the world is running down 4:14 
07. bed's too big without you 4:27 
08. de do do do, de da da da 5:35 
09. demolition man 4:59 (end applause fades out, tape flip) 
10. shadows in the rain 5:43 (end applause spliced) 
11. walking on the moon 4:24 (end applause spliced) 
12. bring on the night 5:45 
13. one world (not three) 4:38 
14. invisible sun 4:14 
15. Roxanne (and encore applause) 6:20 
16. don't stand so close to me > 3:28 
17. can't stand losing you > regatta de blanc > be my girl medley, and encore applause 8:10 
18. so lonely 7:06 (end applause spliced) 

runtime: 85:16 (minutes/seconds)

The Police - 1982-03-16 - Birmingham, AL (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Tuesday, March 16, 1982 
Birmingham, AL 
Birmingham-Jefferson Civic Center 

Lineage: Unknown gen cassette>CDR 

Disc 1: 
01 - Voices Inside My Head 
02 - Message in a Bottle 
03 - Every Little Thing She Does is Magic 
04 - Spirits in the Material World 
05 - Hungry For You (J'aurais toujours faim de toi) 
06 - When the World is Running Down, You Make the Best of What's Still Around 
07 - The Bed's Too Big Without You 
08 - De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da 
09 - Demolition Man 
10 - Shadows in the Rain 
11 - Walking On the Moon 

Disc 2: 
01 - Bring On the Night 
02 - One World (Not Three) 
03 - Invisible Sun 
04 - Roxanne 
05 - Don't Stand So Close to Me 
06 - Can't Stand Losin' You/Reggatta de Blanc/Be My Girl 
07 - So Lonely 

This was a transfer done around 2003 of a tape I had since the late 1990s. Overall, I think this is a good show and Sting seems to be in a playful mood. Nothing too unusual happens here, outside of Sting mentioning that Stewart was born in Birmingham.

Animals - 1965-1968 - Animalistic Radio Compilation (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

The Animals / Eric Burdon & The Animals 

The Gold Standard 
GOLD S.95001 
Total duration: 71:04 

Silver cd -> easy CD-DA Extractor -> Flac

01.We're gonna howl tonight 
02.Baby what's wrong 
04.I can't believe it 
05.Drown in my own tears 
06.Ain't that a shame 
07.Squeeze her, Tease her 
09.One monkey won't stop the show 
11.She'll return it 
12.The same thing 
13.If I were a carpenter 
14.It's all meat 
15.San Franciscan nights 
16.All night long 
17.Good times 
18.I get so excited 
21.It hurt's me, too 
22.Unknown blues 
23.Gratefully dead [omitted]* 

Track 01 : Nov. 28 1965 ABC TV "Dangerous Christmas of Red Riding Hood" 
Track 02-04 : 1965 Saturday Club 
Track 05,06 : April 1965 
Track 07,08 : 1965 Unknown 
Track 09-11 : March 1966 Saturday Club 
Track 12 : Nov. 11 1966 BBC Session 
Track 13-22 : 1967-68 BBC Sessions 
Track 23 : U.K. Single B-Side [omitted]* 
Track 24 : No credit on booklet 

* Track 23 of the B-side of UK single "San Franciscan Nights" was omitted. 

Free - 1972-07-22 - Tokyo, JP (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

1972-07-22, Tokyo, Japan 
Kourakuen Stadium Tokyo, Japan 
July 22nd, 1972

Tv > Low Gen VHS > ? Transfer? > ? Author > DVD 

G-Spot Tango:DVD "VOB" format
MPEG-2 Program Stream << { 1 vid, 1 aud }
Sys Bitrate: 10080 kb/s VBR
Audio: AC3 CBR 0xbd[0x80]:48000Hz 256 kb/s tot , stereo (2/0) 
Video: Frames/s 29.970 kbps 8542 Prog NTSC 720x480 4:3

Paul Rodgers - Vocals, Guitar
Simon Kirke - Drums
Tetsu Yamauchi - Bass
John "Rabbit" Bundrick - Keyboards, Vocals

01. Intro
02. Seven Angels 
03. Unseen Love 
04. Fire And Water 
05. Heartbreaker 
06. Honky Tonk Women

Run Time: 27:17

Paul McCartney - 2005-11-30 - Los Angeles, CA (AUD/FLAC) by REQUEST

(Audience FLAC)

Paul McCartney 
Staples Center 
Los Angeles, CA USA 
November 30, 2005 

Source: Audience recording > Schoeps MK41 > actives > NBox > SBM-1 (mod) > D100 > Teac RW-CD22 > WAV > Soundforge 7.0 > CD Wave > FLAC Frontend > FLAC. Taped by "Josephine." 

CD 1: 
01. Magical Mystery Tour 
02. Flaming Pie 
03. Jet 
04. I'll Get You 
05. Drive My Car 
06. Till There Was You 
07. Let Me Roll It > Foxy Lady Jam 
08. Got To Get You Into My Life 
09. Fine Line 
10. Maybe I'm Amazed 
11. Long & Winding Road 
12. In Spite Of All The Danger 
13. I Will 
14. Jenny Wren 

CD 2: 

01. For No One 
02. Fixing A Hole 
03. English Tea 
04. I'll Follow The Sun 
05. Follow Me 
06. (Paul talks about "the old days") 
07. Blackbird 
08. Eleanor Rigby 
09. Too Many People 
10. She Came In Through The Bathroom Window 
11. Good Day Sunshine 
12. Band On The Run 
13. Penny Lane 
14. I've Got A Feeling 
15. Back In The USSR 

CD 3: 

01. Babyface > oops > Hey Jude 
02. Live And Let Die 
03. Yesterday 
04. Get Back 
05. Helter Skelter 
06. Please Please Me 
07. Let It Be 
08. Sgt. Pepper's (Reprise) > Abbey Road Jam > The End 

Total time = 169:41

venerdì 25 maggio 2018

Led Zeppelin - 1979-08-11 - Stevenage, UK (2xDVDfull pro-shot)

(2xDVDfull pro-shot)

Led Zeppelin 
Knebworth Festival 
Stevenage, U.K. 
August 11, 1979 

"Return Of The Dinosaurs" 
2-DVD set, LPCM Stereo 

Trade DVDRs > HD > HungerCity Tracker 

Video Stream: 
Type: Interlaced MPEG2 
Bitrate: 8.000 Mbps 
Framerate: 29.970 Hz 
Resolution: 720x480 
Aspect ratio: 4x3 
Audio Stream: 
Type: Linear PCM 
Bitrate: 1536 Kbps 
Number of channels: 2 
Sampling Frequency: 48khz 
Sampling Bits: 16 

Disc 1 (83.08 mins): 
01 - Intro 
02 - The Song Remains The Same 
03 - Celebration Day 
04 - Black Dog 
05 - Nobody's Fault But Mine 
06 - Over The Hills And Far Away 
07 - Misty Mountain Hop 
08 - Since I've Been Loving You 
09 - No Quarter 
10 - Hot Dog 
11 - The Rain Song 
12 - White Summer Black Mountain Side 
13 - Kashmir 

Disc 2 (77.05 mins): 
01 - Trampled Underfoot 
02 - Sick Again 
03 - Achilles Last Stand 
04 - Guitar Solo 
05 - In The Evening 
06 - Stairway To Heaven 
07 - Audience Cheering 
08 - Rock And Roll 
09 - Whole Lotta Love Medley 
10 - Communication Breakdown 

I think I traded for this one in about 1991. At the time, it was a phenomenal find, a "holy grail" of sorts even though the copies in circulation were all relatively washed out and had suspect audio quality. Still, it was exciting to find a complete pro-shot document of their final U.K. show, even if the recording didn't exactly capture the band at their peak. I was vaguely aware that new and improved versions of this had made the rounds over the years, but never went out of my way to upgrade my old VHS copy. 

When this popped up on Hunger City, I figured I'd give it a try - and I'm glad I did. This is a huge upgrade over anything I've ever seen for this show, apparently sourced from a very low-generation (i.e. 1st or 2nd gen.) tape with what appears to be dubbed, remastered audio of the soundboard recording. I can't really describe it well enough to do it justice, but I'd highly recommend this one to any fan of Zeppelin. The info file has several reviews which you can read in full on the link, but here is a sampling of the comments: 

"The picture quality is excellent, a fraction better than Knebworth Festival 1979. The soundtrack stereo sound quality is also really excellent, and both factors combined make this a highly enjoyable release." (Underground Uprising) 

"The production of this set is second to none at this juncture. Genuine Masters has eclipsed the other releases of this new low gen source by a hair. The clarity is stunning and the PCM Stereo Audio, superb." 

"The Genuine Masters release is the absolute best version available. There will not be a better version of this show unless Mr. Page officially releases his masters of this show." 

The resolution of the video is really amazing -- close-up shots of Jimmy show very detailed views of his fingers on the strings, and you pick up a lot of nuance on Robert's facial expressions. There is a slightly washing out of colors during bright points of the show, but it's not distracting or disappointing in any way unless you're comparing it head-to-head against a commercially released DVD. 

Can - 1975-05-18 - London, UK (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

The Roundhouse

unknown> cassette> Wav > Flac 

Holger Czukay – bass guitar
Michael Karoli – guitar, vocals,
Jaki Liebezeit – drums, percussion
Irmin Schmidt – keyboards

CD 1
01 Chain Reaction 18:18
02 Bel Air 08:34
03 Dizzy Dizzy 10:07
04 Improvisation 08:50

CD 2
01 Quantum Physics 19: 02
02 One More Night 12:10
03 Full Moon On The Highway 12:28

A stereo audience recording. Sound quality is perfectly acceptable though not as good as the previous day’s show at Colchester. Not sure if this one has been widely circulated before. Exact lineage is unknown but it does sound very low generation.With thanks to Richard for the original transfer from his cassette.