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Jefferson Airplane - 1970-05-01 - Stony Brook, NY (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

Suny Athlethic Field, Stony Brook, NY

Some Tape Warble during 3/5 Of A Mile In Ten Seconds
Much interesting stage banter

Disc One
01. Volunteers
02. Someody To Love
03. The Other Side Of This Life
04. Mexico
05. Come Back Baby
06. White Rabbit
07 . 3/5m Of A Mile In Ten Seconds
08. Crown Of Creation
09. Good Sheperd

Disc Two
01. Jam
02. Have You Seen The Saucers
03. We Can Be Together
04. Volunteers
05. The Ballad Of You And Me And Pooneil

Jefferson Airplane - 1969-11-xx - Utica, NY (FM/FLAC)

(FM Broadcast FLAC)

unknown generation tape acquired through Goldmine a zillion years ago-> major speed correction in tape deck-> Sound Forge ->major patch in "Nothing" due to tape flip (gone, as they say), FLAC via TLH, level 6, sectors aligned and verified, FLAC integrity checked

01 - Good Shepard (cut)
02 - Somebody To Love
03 - Uncle Sam Blues
04 - Have You Seen The Saucers
05 - Mexico
06 - Wooden Ships
07 - The Other Side Of This Life
08 - Nothing
09 - Fat Angel
10 - Won't You Try/Saturday Afternoon
11 - Driftin' Around
12 - Greasy Heart
13 - The Ballad Of You And Me And Pooneil

Run time 77m58s

One of the most elusive early JA shows, and a beauty to boot! This performance features an early version of "Mexico", plus some over-the-top moments.

Marc Bolan & T Rex - 1971-1977 - Rare Rextasy (STU/FLAC)

(Studio FLAC)

1. Dark Hipped Woman 
(Marc's home demo,Maide Vale UK 1971)

2.The Groover
(live at the Aquarius Theatre,Hollywood Ca. April 1973)

4.The Children Of Rarn
(studio outtake,Marc re-visits the Rarn concept 1974)

5.The Flo & Eddie Show Jingle
(Marc w/Flo & Eddie on USA radio 1974)

6.Ghetto Baby
(Marc's home demo for a song he gave to Sister Pat Hall,1975)

7.Teenager In Love
(Capitol Radio UK March 28,1976)

8.Dandy In The Underworld
(live at the Manchester Appolo UK March 11,1977)

Peter Tosh - 1979-03-08 - New York City, NY (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

WNEW-FM Radio Broadcast

FM > Analog Cassette > digital > CD > Rip/wave > FLAC

01 400 Years > Steppin' Razor
02 Pick Myself Up
03 African
04 Burial
05 Instrumental >
06 Soon Come
07 I'm the Toughest
08 Bush Doctor
09 Walk and Don't Look Back
10 Get Up, Stand Up
11 Babylon Queendom
12 Instrumental (band only)

David Bowie - The Rise And Rise of Ziggy Stardust (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

Shout To The Top STTP 086/087 - 088/089

BBC Sessions

Disc One
01 Love You Till Tuesday - Top Gear December 1967
02 When I Live My Dream - Top Gear December 1967
03 Little Bombardier - Top Gear December 1967
04 Silly Boy Blue - Top Gear December 1967
05 In The Heat Of The Morning - Top Gear December 1967
06 When I'm Five - Top Gear May 1968
07 Amsterdam - The Sunday Show February 1970
08 God Knows I'm Good - The Sunday Show February 1970
09 Buzz The Fuzz - The Sunday Show February 1970
10 Karma Man - The Sunday Show February 1970
11 London Bye Ta-Ta - The Sunday Show February 1970
12 An Occasional Dream - The Sunday Show February 1970
13 The Width Of A Circle - The Sunday Show February 1970
14 Janine - The Sunday Show February 1970
15 The Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud - The Sunday Show February 1970
16 Unwashed And Somewhat Slightly Dazed - The Sunday Show February 1970
17 Fill Your Heart - The Sunday Show February 1970
18 The Prettiest Star - The Sunday Show February 1970
19 Cygnet Committee - The Sunday Show February 1970

Disc Two
01 Unwashed And Somewhat Slightly Dazed - Dave Lee Travis show October 1969
02 Let Me Sleep Beside You - Dave Lee Travis show October 1969
03 Janine - Dave Lee Travis show October 1969
04 Waiting For The Man - Sounds of the Seventies March 1970
05The Width Of A Circle - Sounds of the Seventies March 1970
06 The Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud - Sounds of the Seventies March 1970
07 The Supermen - Sounds of the Seventies March 1970
08 Queen Bitch - Sunday Concert June 1971
09 Bombers - Sunday Concert June 1971
10 The Supermen - Sunday Concert June 1971
11 Looking For A Friend - Sunday Concert June 1971
12 Almost Grown - Sunday Concert June 1971
13 Kooks - Sunday Concert June 1971
14 Song For Bob Dylan - Sunday Concert June 1971
15 Andy Warhol - Sunday Concert June 1971
16 It Ain't Easy - Sunday Concert June 1971

Disc Three
01 The Supermen - Bob Harris show September 1971
02 Oh You Pretty Things - Bob Harris show September 1971
03 Kooks - Bob Harris show September 1971
04 Fill Your Heart - Bob Harris show September 1971
05 Amsterdam - Bob Harris show September 1971
06 Andy Warhol - Bob Harris show September 1971
07 Hang Onto Yourself - Sounds of the Seventies 11th January 1972
08 Ziggy Stardust - Sounds of the Seventies 11th January 1972
09 Waiting For The Man - Sounds of the Seventies 11th January 1972
10 Queen Bitch - Sounds of the Seventies 11th January 1972
11 Five Years - Sounds of the Seventies 11th January 1972
12 Ziggy Stardust - Sounds of the Seventies 18th January 1972
13 Queen Bitch - Sounds of the Seventies 18th January 1972
14 Waiting For The Man - Sounds of the Seventies 18th January 1972
15Lady Stardust - Sounds of the Seventies 18th January 1972

Disc Four
01 White Light White Heat - Top Gear May 1972
02 Moonage Daydream - Top Gear May 1972
03 Hang Onto Yourself - Top Gear May 1972
04 Suffragette City - Top Gear May 1972
05 Ziggy Stardust - Top Gear May 1972
06 Starman - Johnny Walker show May 1972
07 Space Oddity - Johnny Walker show May 1972
08 Changes - Johnny Walker show May 1972
09 Oh You Pretty Things - Johnny Walker show May 1972
10 Andy Warhol - Sounds of the Seventies May 1972
11 Lady Stardust - Sounds of the Seventies May 1972
12 White Light White Heat - Sounds of the Seventies May 1972
13 Rock 'n' Roll Suicide - Sounds of the Seventies May 1972
14 Tommy Vance talking to Rick Wakeman
15 John I'm Only Dancing
16 Lady Stardust
17 Star

This is probably the best and most complete collection of the BBC radio sessions. The sound quality is very good except for a couple of sessions that were recorded from the radio.

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Doobie Brothers - 1977-11-xx - Chicago, IL (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

WTTW Studios, 


WBCN-FM Broadcast (aired March 4, 1978) 

Teac X-1000R > Tascam CD-RW900 
2nd Gen Reel > CDR > EAC Secure > Audacity (edits) > CD Wave (tracks) > FLAC 

Jeff "Skunk" Baxter - guitar 
John Hartman - drums 
Keith Knudsen - drums & vocals 
Bobby LaKind - drums & percussion 
Michael McDonald - keyboard & vocals 
Tiran Porter - bass & vocals 
Patrick Simmons - guitar & vocals 

01. China Grove 3:25 > 
02. Takin' It To The Streets 3:56 > 
03. Keyboard Solo 2:04 * > 
04. Sweet Maxine 4:56 > 
05. It Keeps You Runnin' 5:10 > 
06. For Someone Special > Interviews 6:28 * 
07. You're Made That Way 3:36 
08. Echoes Of Love 3:21 
09. Interview 1:41 
10. Take Me In Your Arms (Rock Me A Little While) 3:58 
11. Chinatown > Interviews 5:00 
12. Little Darlin' 3:46 
13. Black Water 5:16 
14. Listen To The Music 2:11 * 

* track 3, track 6, track 14 - 8 second DJ voice overs ("brought to you by...") 

Total Time - 54:53 

Pearl Jam - 2018-03-24 - Sao Paulo, BR (FM/FLAC)

Pearl Jam - 2018-03-24 - Sao Paulo, BR
(FM broadcast FLAC)

Lollapalooza Brazil 
Sao Paulo, Brazil 
Satuday, March, 24 2018 

Source: 89 Rádio Rock Broadcast. 

Taper: Bruno Silva. 

Generation: Broadcast via fm turner -> .wav -> Adobe Audition 3.0 -> dEdit, dEq -> CD-R (M). 

Transfer: Discs -> Nero 8 (Secure Mode) -> FLAC Frontend 8 -> TLH. 

Sound Quality: 8/10. 

01 - Intro 
02 - Wash 
03 - Corduroy 
04 - Do The Evolution 
05 - Why Go 
06 - Mind Your Manners 
07 - Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town 
08 - Can't Deny Me 
09 - Even Flow 
10 - Mountain Song (With Perry Farrell) 
11 - Breath 
12 - Pulled Up (Talking Heads Cover) 
13 - Unthought Known 
14 - Jeremy 
15 - Sirens 
16 - Down 

01 - Eddie SPeech 
02 - Better Man 
03 - Save It For Later 
04 - Hold On 
05 - Black 
06 - Once 
07 - Lukin 
08 - Porch 

09 - Smile 
10 - Comfortably Numb (Pink Floyd Cover) 
11 - Alive 
12 - Baba O'Riley (The Who COver) 
13 - Yellow Ledbetter 

Length: 2h:18m:19s

A couple of skips on the first tracks and also some radio station id´s over songs nothing to intrusive. Photos and poster inc. From King_Ganesha to the world.

Frank Zappa - 1975-05-23 - El Paso, TX (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

County Coliseum 
El Paso, TX 
May 23, 1975 

lineage: SBD > ? > CDR > EAC > WAV > FLAC (level 8) 
sound quality: A 

disc 1 48min 
1.Promoter's Advisory & Introduction 
2.Apostrophe > 
band intros 
4.I'm Not Satisfied 
5.Carolina Hardcore Ecstasy 
6.The Velvet Sunrise 
7.A Pound For A Brown 

disc 2 46min
1.You're So Fine 
2.Lonely Lonely Nights 
3.Debra Kadabra 
5.Prelude to Dupree's Paradise 
6.Advance Romance 
7.Florentine Pogen (cut) 

total time 94min

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Sting - 2001-01-12 - Rio de Janeiro, BR (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

Rock in Rio 2001

Liberated silver disc: no label stated

Recording: unknown, probably fm


EAC > wav (Audiacity track 12 was splitted wrong on the disc - fixed) - Flac Level 6

Sting vocals, bass (guitar on A Thousand Years and Fragile)

Dominic Miller guitar (bass on A Thousand Years and Fragile)
Manu Katché drums
Mark "Kipper" Eldridge keyboards
Jason Rebello keyboards
Chris Botti trumpet
Russ Irwin backing vocals (all shows from April 2000 until April 2001), keyboards (all Japanese shows and in May 2001)
Jeff Young backing vocals (all shows from May until July 2001), keyboards (all shows from May until mid June 2001)

01 - If You Love Somebody Set Them Free
02 - After The Rain Has Fallen , We'll Be Together
03 - Perfect Love... Gone Wrong
04 - Seven Days
05 - Fill Her Up (With James Taylor)
06 - Fields Of Gold
07 - Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
08 - Englishman In New York
09 - Brand New Day
10 - Roxanne
11 - Desert Rose
12 - Bring On The Night - When The World Is Running Downfixed
13 - If I Ever Lose My Faith In You
14 - Every Breath You Take

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Crosby & Nash - 1994-02-13 - San Francisco, CA (SBD/FLAC)

(soundboard FLAC)

SEVA Benefit
Concert & Rehearsals

Masonic Auditorium

CD 1:
01. Deja Vu
02. Unequal Love
03. Rusty & Blue
04. I Used To Be A King
05. Laughing
06. Box Of Rain
07. Cowboy Movie
08. Military Madness
9. This Land Is Your Land

CD 2:
01. Box Of Rain
02. Laughing
03. I Used To Be A King
04. Cowboy Movie
05. Deja Vu

CD 1, tracks 4-6: with Phil Lesh
CD 1, tracks 7-9: with Phil Lesh & Jorma Kaukonen

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Guns N' Roses - Appetite for Outtakes (STU/FLAC)

(Studio FLAC)



["Hollywood Rose" Works]

01. Shadow Of Your Love
02. My Way - Your Way ("Anything Goes")
03. Wreckless ("Reckless Life")

"Hollywood Rose" 1981 Studio Demos

Axl & Izzy's First Demo Recording Session


"Hollywood Rose" Studio Rehearsal
Izzy plays bass without axl on this song


05. Welcome To The Jungle #1

06. Out Ta Get Me
07. Anything Goes - Alternate Lyrics & Diffrent Verse
08. Ain'T Goin' Down A.K.A. "Meet & Beer Jam"
09. Don'T Cry
10. Back Off Bitch
11. Shadow Of Your Love
12. Welcome To The Jungle #2
13. Fucking Crazy ("You'Re Crazy")
14. November Rain - Acoustic Guitar Version
15. November Rain - Piano Version

Studio Demos recorded at various locations in 1986





01. Ain'T Goin' Down A.K.A. "Meet & Beer Jam"

02. Welcome To The Jungle
03. Nightrain
04. Paradise City
05. My Michelle
06. Think About You
07. You'Re Crazy
08. Anything Goes - Alternate Lyrics
09. Rocket Queen - Take 1
10. Rocket Queen - Take 2
11. Don'T Cry
12. Back Off Bitch
13. Move To The City - Acoustic Version
14. Jumpin' Jack Flash - Acoustic Version
15. Heartbreak Hotel
16. Mama Kin
17. Jumpin' Jack Flash - Electric Version

Studio Rehearsals recorded at various locations 1986-1987



01. Reckless Life

02. Nice Boys
03. Move To The City
04. Mama Kin
05. Shadow Of Your Love
06. Heartbreak Hotel
07. Jumpin' Jack Flash

Recorded for "Live?!!!@Like A Suicide"

Recording Sessions 1986
Original version without audience noise


08. Bad Obsession

09. Too Much Too Soon
10. Sentimental Movie
11. Crash Diet
12. Unknown Title Demo #1
13. The Garden
14. Just Another Sunday
15. Bring It Back Home
16. Unknown Title Demo #2
17. Yesterdays
18. Crash Diet - Alternate Mix

All tracks Unknown Location Demos

David Bowie - Divine Symmetry (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

'Divine Symmetry' Silver CD Bootleg 1997


CD>FLAC (Level 8)>Traders Little Helper

01 The Man Who Sold The World
02 Supermen
03 Andy Warhol
04 Repetition
05 Lady Stardust
06 White Light White Heat
07 Shopping For Girls
08 Quicksand
09 Aladdin Sane
10 Fashion
11 Little Wonder
12 Aladdin Sane
13 Jean Genie
14 I'm Hot For You Baby
15 I Can't Read
16 The Man Who Sold The World
17 Heroes
18 Let's Dance

Tracks 1-9 BBC Radio 1 (UK) 8th January 1997
Tracks 10-11 VH1 Fashion Awards September 1996
Tracks 12-18 Bridge Benefit, San Francisco 19th Sept 1996

Ted Nugent - 1979-06-03 - Boston, MA (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

Ted Nugent 
Boston Garden 
Boston, MA, USA 
June 3, 1979 

Unknown generation files shared by “OnTheRadio” > Confirmed lossless via spectral frequency in Adobe Audition CC > files shared as received 

Ted Nugent - Guitar, Vocals 
Charlie Huhn - Guitar, Vocals 
David Hull - Bass 
Cliff Davies - Drums

01. Stormtroopin' 
02. Just What The Doctor Ordered 
03. Free For All 
04. Dog Eat Dog 
05. Great White Buffalo 
06. Cat Scratch Fever 
07. Need You Bad 
08. Paralyzed 
09. It Doesn't Matter 
10. Wang Dang Sweet Poontang 
11. Stranglehold 
12. Motor City Madhouse 
13. Carol 

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John Lee Hooker Jr - 2005-06-24 - Bellinzona, CH (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

John Lee Hooker Jr 
Bellinzona Piazza Blues 
24 june 2005 

SBD > eac secure > CDWav for track splits > flac level 8 (a.s.b.) > torrent 

John Lee Hooker Jr: vocals 
Jeffrey James Horan: guitar 
William Roc: keyboards, vocals, musical director 
Craig Robinson: bass, vocals 
Michael Skinner: drums

01 - ? 13:36 
02 - intro 2:14 
03 - Goin' down to Baghdad 4:31 
04 - Suspicious 7:51 
05 - Blues ain't nothing but a pimp 5:12 
06 - Got my mojo working 8:10 
07 - Shut your mouth baby 6:03 
08 - ? 2:41 
09 - Boom boom 7:01 
10 - All night long 3:56 
11 - ? 5:54 
12 - Outro 3:01 
13 - Boogie chillum 6:01 

CD total 76:24 

Pink Floyd - 1975-06-18 - Boston, MA (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Hopkins and Lampinski Source

01. Raving and Drooling (12m 23s)
02. You Gotta Be Crazy (13m 18s)
03. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts I - V) (12m 6s)
04. Have a Cigar (4m 27s)
05. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts VI - IX) (11m 18s)
06. Speak to Me (5m 32s)
07. Breathe (2m 50s)
08. On the Run (4m 44s)
09. Time (4m 59s)
10. Breathe [Reprise] (1m 02s)
11. The Great Gig in the Sky (5m 52s)
12. Money (7m 55s)
13. Us and Them (7m 02s)
14. Any Colour You Like (8m 12s)
15. Brain Damage (3m 46s)
16. Eclipse (4m 09s)
17. Echoes (21m 23s)

I came into possession of this a few years ago, when I downloaded it from a blog site dedicated to RoIO / bootlegs (the name escapes me now). From what information I've gathered since, this is a composite of both the Hopkins source tape, and the legendary Lampinski tape - In other words, this is THE DEFINITIVE version of this show. The only way the sound can be marginally improved is if a tape from the soundboard popped up.

This, coupled with the Millard recording of LA Sports Arena, 'Cruel, But Fair' (which I also may re-post if the interest is there) are the best recordings from the entire tour. Not only that, but the Floyd are white-hot on both nights.

In terms of lineage, there isn't much that I can really say (not being too much of an expert), but both the sources for this show have been taken from the Master cassette, and now I am uploading the files as I originally got them, in FLAC format.

I'd like to add that it is worth getting this JUST for Any Colour You Like. Take my word for it, it is PHENOMENAL :D

The only thing that I have changed about the files since I first got them, is that instead of it covering 3 CD's, I managed to fit the encore of Echoes on the end of Disc 2. (I should specify that when I downloaded this show in FLAC format, I copy and pasted it and converted one of the copies into MP3 format, so I could have it on my iPod).

For me, the sound quality doesn't get much better than this (although I'm more than willing to be proved wrong!)

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Talking Heads - 1978-01-14 - Amsterdam, NL (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

Paradiso, Amsterdam, NL

cassette > Nakamichi Dragon > Audacity > WAV > FLAC@blog > Audacity (splitting, fades) > TLH flac 8 > you

David Byrne - vocals, guitar
Tina Weymouth - bass
Chris Frantz - drums, backing vocals
Jerry Harrison - keyboards, guitar, backing vocals

01 Love -> Building On Fire
02 Uh-Oh, Love Comes To Town
03 Don't Worry About The Government
04 Take Me To The River
05 The Book I Read
06 New Feeling
07 Let's Work (A Clean Break)
08 Who Is It?
09 Psycho Killer

This is a partial recording of this show; but according to the enclosed PDF file by Louisfyne that contains an extensive and seemingly well informed listing of Talking Heads shows with setlists it is missing only 3 songs. If anyone knows better - please let us all know!

The sound quality is excellent, with nice stereo separation and next to no hiss. Hans really must have kept his tapes under very good conditions.

George Thorogood - 1999-04-28 - New Orleans, LA (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)



01 - Be Bop Grandma
02 - Who Do You Love
03 - Night Time
04 - I Drink Alone
05 - One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer
06 - Half A Boy, Half A Man
07 - The Sky Is Crying
08 - Get A Haircut
09 - Bad To The Bone
10 - Gear Jammer
11 - Move It On Over

12 - Nothing New
13 - You Talk Too Much

14 - I Don't Trust Nobody
15 - Rockin' My Life Away

16 - Johnny B. Goode

AC/DC - 1988-02-08 - Melbourne, AU (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

National Tennis Center

CD (trade) > EAC > WAVE > FLAC

CD 1:

01 - Who Made Who
02 - Shoot To Thrill
03 - Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
04 - Back In Black
05 - Heatseeker
06 - That's The Way I Wanna Rock & Roll
07 - You Shook Me All Night Long

01 - Rock & Roll Ain't Noise Pollution
02 - High Voltage
03 - Whole Lotta Rosie
04 - Let There Be Rock
05 - Highway To Hell
06 - T.N.T.
07 - For Those About To Rock (We Salute You)

incomplete show missing "Jailbreak", "The Jack" and "Hells Bells"

Echo and The Bunnymen - 1997-06-13 - Mountain View, CA (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

Echo and The Bunnymen 
1997 June 13 
Live 105 BFD IV: Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, CA 

Source: FM 

Transfer: DAT Master (32/16) --> Tascam DA-20 --> Sony PCM-D100 --> Audacity (44.1/16) --> Trader's Little Helper --> FLAC 8 

01 - Intro 
02 - Lips Like Sugar 
03 - Rescue 
04 - Altamont 
05 - The Killing Moon 
06 - I Want to Be There (When You Come) 
07 - Nothing Lasts Forever 
08 - The Back of Love 
09 - The Cutter 
10 - Do It Clean 
11 - Interview (preshow, after Third Eye Blind/before Dick Dale's second set) 
12 - Interview (postshow, after Erasure/before The Cure) 

Length: 58:55 

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Steve Miller Blues Band - 1968-04-28 - San Francisco, CA (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

Carousel Ballroom, San Francisco, CA 

SB master reeels > ? > audio CD > EAC (secure) > FLAC 

Steve Miller - guitar, vocals 
Boz Scaggs - guitar, vocals 
Jim Peterman - keyboards 
Lonnie Turner - bass 
Tim Davis - drums 

CD 1: 
1. I Got My Eyes On You 
2. Born In Chicago 
3. Highway Child 
4. Fannie Mae 
5. Got Love If You Want It 
6. Steppin' Stone 
7. Blues With A Feeling 
8. I Worry About My Baby Too Much 
9. Yonders Wall 
10. Mercury Blues 

CD 2: 
1. Living In The USA 
2. Blues For The Goldberg/Miller Blues Band a/k/a Song For Our Ancestors 
3. Key To The Highway 

Total time 1:33:26 

domenica 16 settembre 2018

New Order - 1983-04-24 - Kilkenny, Ireland (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)


Source - Radio Broadcast
(late 80s BBC rebroadcast due to the jingle that cuts briefly into Blue Monday)

transferred by: lammah

Cass > WAV > CD-R > FLAC

01 - We All Stand (4:58)
02 - Leave Me Alone (4:07)
03 - Denial (4:40)
04 - The Village (4:34)
05 - Temptation (8:30)
06 - Confusion (5:59)
07 - In A Lonely Place (4:35)
08 - Age Of Consent (6:22)
09 - Blue Monday (Totp Edit Version) (4:05)
10 - Everything'S Gone Green (4:39)
11 - Ceremony (5:19)

Kilkenny radio interview (20:45)
Total for gig: (57:46)
Total for disc: (78:31)

See for more particulars about the performance/sources.

"Straight from Top Of The Pops, we have New Order! On my left, I have Peter Hook. On my right, I have Gillian Gilbert. Behind me, I have Ian Curtis."

Listen at about 0:19 of Blue Monday for the BBC 'bong'. This was punched into the broadcast by a hapless engineer who missed their cue. Don't settle for imitation rebroadcasts encoded via inferior lossy algorithms!

Don't buy what Bernard's saying about his "Ceremony guitar" being a 1959 Les Paul. He's talking shite, as usual. You'll get to hear a special bonus as I've included the Kilkenny radio interview taped afterwards, and hear Stephen fend off the interviewer's usual barrage, a prototype of what was to come with the Other Two drawing the short straws and doing the press rounds.

R.E.M. - 1980-06-06 -Atlanta, GA (pre-FM/FLAC)

(pre-FM FLAC)

Early Moments 

Wuxtry Records 

01 - Dangerous Times 
02 - All The Right Friends 
03 - Different Girl 
04 - Narrator 
05 - Just A Touch 
06 - Baby I 
07 - Mystery To Me 
08 - Permanent Vacation

Length: 21 min. 

A pre-show practise session, recorded by video camera with the intention to produce a promotional clip for getting further bookings, which was never pursued. This performance spawned the first unofficial bootleg cassette titled 'Slurred', and can now be found on the CD bootleg "Early Movements", and the LP bootlegs "Chronic Murmurings" and "Pretty Pictures

Heart - 1985-08-31 - Raleigh, NC (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

complete show

Cdr > computer > plex tool professional XL > wav > flac.

Disc one :
01. If Looks Could Kill
02. The Wolf
03. Barracuda
04. Straight On
05. Never
06. These Dreams
07. Dog & Butterfly
08. Nobody Home

Disc two :
01. What He Don't Know
02. Shell Shock
03. Bebe Le Strange
04. Even It Up
05. How Can I Refuse
06. What About Love
07. Magic Man
08. Allies
09. Crazy On You

Oasis - 1994-10-29 - Wetlands, NY (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

Venue: Live At The Wetlands
Quality: A+

01. Rock 'n' Roll Star
02. Columbia
03. Fade Away
04. Digsy's Dinner
05. Shakermaker
06. Live Forever
07. Bring It On Down
08. Up In The Sky
09. Slide Away
10. Cigarettes & Alcohol
11. Married With Children
12. Supersonic
13. I Am The Walrus
14. Rock 'n' Roll Star (encore)

Running time: 74:08

Wetlands; New York, NY, USA; 29th October 1994

This is the whole show except for 50 seconds between I Am The Walrus and Rock 'n' Roll Star which had to be cut to fit the gig onto one CD-R. This gig is apparently the one responsible for splitting the band up during this tour because it was so bad.

Rolling Thunder Revue - 1976-05-03 - New Orleans, LA (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

Rolling Thunder Revue 
source:  The Warehouse 5/03/76 

Disc one 
01 - I Love My Music 
02 - Flint Hill Special 
03 - Werewolves Of London 
04 - Rollin' Across The USA 
05 - Dear Abbie 
06 - Asshole From El Paso [Revue] 
07 - Mr Tambourine Man (a) 
08 - Love Minus Zero (a) 
09 - Vincent Van Gogh (a/b) 
10 - Maggies Farm 
11 - Mozambique 
12 - Eight Miles High 
13 - Jolly Roger 
14 - Lover Of The Bayou 
15 - Chestnut Mare [Roger McGuinn] 
16 - Do Right Woman 
17 - Gonna Build A Brand New World 
18 - Love Is A Pain In The Ass 

Disc two 
01 - The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down 
02 - Red Telephone 
03 - Dancing In The Streets 
04 - Diamonds And Rust [Joan Baez] 
05 - Railroad Boy (Butcher Boy - trad.) (a) (w/JB) 
06 - I Pity The Poor Immigrant 
07 - Shelter From The Storm 
08 - Stuck Inside Of Mobile 
09 - Rita May 
10 - Lay Lady Lay 
11 - Idiot Wind 
12 - Knockin' On Heaven's Door[w/Roger McGuinn] 
13 - Gotta Travel On * (Clayton/Six et al) 

The Warehouse, New Orleans, LA  May 3, 1976 
Manufacturer / Catalog No. 
Flashback 01.94.0225 2CD 

(a) acoustic 
(a/b) acoustic with band 
(w/JB) duet with Joan Baez 
* verses by: 
Dylan, Baez, Friedman, McGuinn, Stoner 

This is a great representation of the '76 material.  The mono soundboard recording is not up to today's standards (there is quite a bit of tape hiss), but it is right up there among the best tapes of the tour. The sonic problems disappear, however, once you concentrate on the songs (such as the way Bob draws out the words on Maggie's Farm or the happy feeling bounce of the reworked Shelter From The Storm. The performance is as good as you will find from this tour. The set includes 14 of the 16 Dylan performances. While giving a larger overview of the entire revue, the set leaves off Isis and You're A Big Girl Now. The package, typical of this label, is very sparse and unworthy of such a historical recording. 

Led Zeppelin - Tribute To Johnny Kidd And The Pirates (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

A Scorpio Production

Silver >EAC >Flac

01.Schoolday (Ring Ring Goes The Bell) (Berry)
02.Nadine (Berry/Freed)
03.Around And Around (Berry)
04.Move On Down The Line (Phillips)
05.Please Don't Tease (Chester/Welch)
06.Move It (Samwell)
07.Dynamite (Samwell)
08.Shakin' All Over (Kidd)
09.Hungry For Love (Mills)
10.I'll Never Get Over You (Mills)
11.Reelin' And Rockin' (Berry)
12.Snowdonia (unknown)
13.Tales From The Riverside (unknown)
14.Daze That Used To Be (unknown)
15.Bert Jansch (unknown)
16.In The Beachwoods (unknown)
17.Friends (Page/Plant)
18.Wind in the Willows (unknown)
19.Golden Breast (unknown)
20.Who Remembers Davey Graham? (unknown)
21.Strawberry Jam #1 (Traditional)
22.Strawberry Jam #2 (Traditional)
23.The Wanton Song (Page/Plant)
24.The Rover #1 (Page/Plant)
25.The Rover #2 (Page/Plant)
26.Night Flight #1 (Page/Plant/Jones)
27.Night Flight #2 (Page/Plant/Jones)
28.Night Flight #3 (Page/Plant/Jones)

Tracks 1-11 & 20-28 Metropolitan Sports Center, Minneapolis,1/17/75
Tracks 12-19 Bron-Y-Aur Cottage, Wales, 1970

'The dates' are unknown,but clear soundboard tapes are always tasty.

Lou Reed, David Byrne, Rosanne Cash, Luka Bloom - 1993-02-19 - New York City, NY (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

Note that this is actually longer than the late show as Lou was allowed (ahem) to perform two songs from magic and Loss. I would bet that that was a stipulation for his appearing. Regardless, Lou is doing his charming cynic act, and he is sometimes funny as shit.

Lou Reed David Byrne
Rosanne Cash Luka Bloom
February 19, 1993, early show
Bottom Line
New York City, NY, USA

sb dat>cdr>eac>cdwave>flac

Disc One:
01. Intro to Luka (deleted)
02. Dreams in America
03. <intro>
04. Tentative Decisions
05. <intro>
06. What We Really want
07. <intro>
08. Busload of Faith
09. <intro>
10. The River is Drowning
11. <intro>
12. Mind
13. <intro>
14. The Wheel
15. <intro>
16. Heroin
17. <intro>
18. Jacqueline Goes To Pablo
19. <intro>

Disc Two:
01. <intro picked up>
02. Sax & Violins
03. <intro>
04. Sleeping in Paris
05. <intro>
06. Cremation & What's Good
07. <intro>
08. Exploring The Blue
09. Ready for the World (cuts in)
10. <intro>
11. Dance With The Tiger
12. <intro>
13. Romeo Had Juliet
14 <intro> (deleted)
15. I Need Love (deleted)
16. Sweet Old World
17. Crescent City
18. Foot of Pride

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Kiss - 1970s Demos 1975 (Kill & Destroy) (STU/FLAC)

(Studio FLAC)

KISS - Kill & Destroy ( Demos 1975)


Larrabee Studios January 1975
1 Burning Up With Fever
2 Anything For My Baby
3 Rock And Roll All Nite
4 Mistake

Magna Graphics Studio August 1975
5 Doncha Hesitate
6 God Of Thunder
7 It Aint The Smoke That Burns Ya
8 Detroit Rock City
9 Love Is Alright
10 Bad, Bad Lovin'
11 Man Of 1,000 Faces
12 Don't Want Your Romance
13 Burning Up With Fever
14 Rock And Rolls Royce
15 Mad Dog
16 Night Fly
17 I'm A Star
18 Howling For Your Love
19 True Confessions

(57:27) Larrabee Studios January 1975; Burning Up With Fever, Anything For My Baby, Rock And Roll All Nite, Mistake. Magna Graphics Studios August 1975; Doncha Hesitate, God Of Thunder (Paul Vocal), It Ain’t The Smoke That Burns Ya, Detroit Rock City, Love Is Alright, Bad Bad Lovin’, Man Of 1,000 Faces, Don’t Want Your Romance, Burning Up With Fever, Rock And Rolls Royce, Mad Dog, Night Fly, I’m A Star, Howling For Your Love, True Confessions

The latest batch of KISS studio material focuses on an important year in KISStory, 1975, the year when the band went from a strong and up and coming live act to larger than life superstars. After the lackluster sales of Hotter Than Hell Casablanca owner Neil Bogart decided the band needed a new record and one with a hit. While the record was recorded in early February 1975 at Electric Lady Studios in New York City, the band did do some initial work at Larrabee Studios in Hollywood, California from January 1975 and is the source for the first four songs on this set. The sound for all four songs is excellent soundboard, a little dull sounding but consistent throughout, the inside cover lists them as being from January 3 where the excellent KISS alive forever places them from January 24-25.

Burning Up With Fever: A different version than the one found on Not For The Innocent (The Godfatherecords G.R.141), duller sounding but musically much fuller. Ace plays a smoking solo and one can only wonder why the band elected not to use it for Dressed To Kill, although Simmons would use it on his 1978 solo record.

Anything For My Baby: A more stripped down version of the song, as Paul Stanley has said he was looking for more of a BTO sound and the band would use acoustic guitar to make the sound fuller, none of which is found on this version. Clocking in at 2:02 much shorter than the Dressed To Kill version.

Rock And Roll All Nite: The ultimate KISS anthem, this outtake is a great version, more powerful than the official version, Gene has a slightly different vocal delivery and the vocals have more echo on them and the song has a “live” feel to it.

Mistake: A different version than the one found on Drive You Crazy (The Godfatherecords G.R. 554), the chorus has a stronger chorus, the sound does not sound compressed and it is about 8 seconds longer. Nice guitar playing from Ace, one of those songs if you played it for someone they would never guess it’s KISS.

1975 was a whirlwind year for the band, they achieved a bit more momentum with Dressed To Kill and the single Rock And Roll All Nite, thankfully mid year the decision was made to try and capture the band where they were most at home, on the concert stage. The band would record shows in the midwest during May – June 1975 and the live tapes were given a studio polish in August 1975 and be released September of the same year, Alive! would be the breakthrough the band had been working toward since their inception. Within days of completing the studio work on Alive!, the band would be back in the studio to begin what would become the seminal Destroyer record. The initial studio work was done at Magna Graphic Studios in New York’s Greenwich Village and is reportedly the source of the remainder of the songs on this disc, sound quality is excellent throughout, Paul said in a latter interview that the band members would work up song demos individually then bring in to the group, a fact that is corroborated by these versions.

Doncha Hesitate: Originally released on the 2001 KISS box set, the some is typical KISS and sounds like they were building on the lyrics of C’Mon and LoveMe. The music has a funky bass live and musically is a real up tempo rocker.

God Of Thunder (Paul Vocal): A great outtake, while the song will be forever linked with Gene it was in fact written and initially recorded by Paul. It is much faster in tempo and the drumming and chorus gives it a disco sound, very dynamic and a highlight of this release.

It Ain’t The Smoke That Burns Ya: Another one from Drive You Crazy (The Godfatherecords G.R. 554) but in far better sound quality than that release. Another Paul demo of a song that did not make the cut, apparently Bob Ezrin thought this was the type of song he did not want for Destroyer.

Detroit Rock City: Same version as found on Nuits Parisiennes (The Godfatherecords G.R. 662) but with slightly crisper sound, great Paul demo of a classic song. The lyrics are a bit different but the chorus is all there as well as the classic riff.

Love Is Alright: The music sounds a lot like Rock Bottom, a real basic Gene demo with no real lyrics just a chorus of “Love is alright…alright”.

Bad Bad Lovin’: An early version of the song that would ultimately become Calling Dr. Love and originally released on the bands official 2001 box set, another excellent outtake.

Man Of 1,000 Faces: Gene’s love of vintage horror movies is well documented, this song takes inspiration from Lon Chaney who’s diverse work in the genre gave him the name. This version was also found on Not For The Innocent (The Godfatherecords G.R.141) and officially on Gene’s first solo album. I love Gene’s vocal, he has a soft tone and it really shows his ability to really sing, a fully realized demo with great guitar solos and overdubbed vocals.

Don’t Want Your Romance: A different version than the version on Not For The Innocent (The Godfatherecords G.R.141), a more stripped down version of the song and with less of the female backing vocals, the lyrics would be later used for Ladies Room on Rock and Roll Over.

Burning Up With Fever: Again not the same as the version on Not For The Innocent (The Godfatherecords G.R.141), a Gene demo that is more musically stripped down but lyrically about the same, he obviously did not give up on the song and it would eventually be found on his first solo record.

Rock And Rolls Royce: A bit more of a polished version of what was found on Not For The Innocent (The Godfatherecords G.R.141), a Gene demo of a song that would be drastically re worked for Love ‘Em Leave ‘Em on Rock And Roll Over, sound quality is much improved over the previous release.

Mad Dog: A song that was also found on the 2001 Box set, the riff would be refined and become the basis for Flaming Youth on Destroyer, lyrically nothing really there although Gene does do a nice sleazy vocal.

Night Fly: An early version of what would eventually become Sweet Pain from Destroyer, there is a bit of hiss at the beginning of the song but quickly clears up, great guitar playing and the chorus sounds very close to Mad Dog.

I’m A Star: Quality is not as good as the other songs from this series, thankfully it is on a song that there is not much happening. It does have the same basic sound as the other Gene songs on this set as they were recorded together.

Howling For Your Love: A different version from the one found on Not For The Innocent (The Godfatherecords G.R.141), a more stripped down version with no female back up singers, the song would be musically reworked for Plaster Caster on Love Gun.

True Confessions: A different version from the one found on Not For The Innocent (The Godfatherecords G.R.141), a more stripped down version with no female back up singers. The song would eventually be included on Gene’s 1978 solo album.

As with the Daisy show from 1973, this collection of outtakes began circulating on a few torrent sites, there has been another release of this same material on Studio Demos 1975 (Zodiac 054). The packaging for this new Godfather title is the usual trifold sleeve with photos from the Dressed To Kill cover photo shoot, the one on the inside of the band going into a phone booth in suits and coming out in the stage attire ala Superman is great.
There are nice liner notes written by Paul’s high school friend Binky Philips that are well written, although a booklet with additional information such as the one found in the Not For The Innocent package would have been greatly appreciated.
While I do not casually listen to studio outtakes much, this is certainly a comprehensive look at a specific period in KISS and it is nice to have it all in one package.

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Interpol - 2005-07-01 - Belfort, FR (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

Eurockeennes Festival

Source : PRO

Region : PAL
Length : 90
Size : 2.49GB
Resolution : 720x576

01 - Next Exit
02 - Slow Hands
03 - Narc
04 - Say Hello to the Angels
05 - Public Pervert
06 - Not Even Jail
07 - Leif Erikson
08 - Evil
09 - C'mere
10 - Take You on a Cruise
11 - PDA
12 - Obstacle 1
13 - Roland

14 - Interpol
15 - T In The Park 2005
16 - Balado, Kinross 10th July 2005

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Rush - A Single, Perfect Sphere (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

Rush - 1978-79 - A Single, Perfect Sphere v1.1
Media: 2CDr
Time: 72:04, 52:39
Catalog: EBP002

A Desert Passage PE 
Black Forest 
Buenos Noches! Motor City 

November 20, 1978
May 28, 1979
December 02, 1978

Tucson Convention Center Arena, Tucson, Arizona, USA
Stadhalle, Offenbach, Germany
Cobo Hall Arena, Detroit, Michigan, USA 


Disc 1
1. Intro/Warm-up 2:54
2. Anthem 4:01
3. A Passage To Bangkok 3:54
4. By-Tor and the Snow Dog5:24
5. Xanadu 12:26
6. Something For Nothing 4:25
7. The Trees 4:37
8. Cygnus X-1 10:33
9. Hempispheres20:23
10. Closer to the Heart 3:26

Disc 2
1. Circumstances 4:26
2. A Farewell to Kings 5:40
3. La Villa Strangiato 10:33
4. 2112 19:12
5. Working Man 3:09
6. Bastille Day 1:43
7. In The Mood 2:43
8. Drum Solo 5:12

Production Notes:

A Single, Perfect Sphere v1.1 comes from my great love of the Hemispheres Tour. Every Soul a Battlefield was the first boot that I ever traded for (by B&P) because I wanted to hear Hemispheres live! I still love that recording, and the other Hemispheres Soundboards, but I have often wished there were a complete Hemispheres Soundboard with no tape flips or major problems like noticable tape fluctuation. To have a "Single, Perfect" Hemispheres show is the goal, but I hope the title doesn't suggest that I think this is it! The title simply indicates my goal. I realize that my skills as a sound editor (not to mention my equipment) leave much to be desired and that improved versions of the Hemispheres Soundboards may surface and so I will remain open to the future need of new editions of AS,PS. This release is mainly the result of the excellent work of the producers of the three shows that are here represented. Mine is just the idea to blend the best of them all in the least noticable way possible. With version 1.1 I have eliminated the sector bourndary errors, lowered the volume of some of Geddy's spoken intros to songs as needed, improved a few transitions between shows, added a more complete version of the evening in Tucson's intro tape, and made a few edits of rough material.

Intro is mainly from A Desert Passage PE and now is "complete" being sourced from a clean disc, with only the last few seconds cross-faded into Black Forest where the band is announced.

Anthem is at first from Black Forest and then cross-fades into A Desert Passage PE. The reason is that the beginning of the ADP PE version is marred by an Alex flub (not very noticable) and a short equipment sound problem, but then the rest of the track is great. Conversly, the beginning of Anthem from Black Forest is very nice with  unique playing from Alex while later in the track there is some clipping on Geddy's vocals.

A Passage to Bangkok is from Black Forest because I think the performance is the best and the sound is very good.

By-Tor is from A Desert Passage PE because I think it sounds the best and because it goes immediately into Xanadu, which is also from ADP PE. I think this is the best sounding over-all version of this song available from this tour. I did, however, take the liberty to edit out a finger/string split-second electric guitar noise that occurs in the stop-time silence right before the very last set of chords. With this edition I've also replaced the very crunchy keyboard riff at 9:00 with an earlier, identical riff. The beginning of this production borrows heavily from ADP PE, but I have edited out completely the problems with the crowd from the evening in Tucson. This is an interesting historical event for the group and us fans, but I don't think it should represent the Hemispheres Tour!

Something for Nothing is from ADP PE because I think it has the best sound and performance.

The Trees is one of the big reasons why I wanted so much to make this show. I love, as a whole, the performance and sound of the ADP PE version, but I have never liked how the nylon guitars sound from any of the Tucson versions. So, the intro is taken from Black Forest, and the rest of the song is from ADP PE. This was also partly done because I also wanted to take Cygnus X-1, Book 1 from ADP PE as well (and The Trees seamlessly leads into it). This track arguably sounds the best from the tour, has a great performance and is complete including the whole intro tape.

Cygnus X-1, Book 2: Hemispheres is the greatest reason for this compilation. It is taken from Black Forest. Thankfully, this track is completely (so far as I can tell) free of the minor sound problems that are present on some of the other songs from BF. The best thing about it is that it is absolutely complete! There was no tape flip that night (at least not during Hemispheres!) Even still, I chose to take The Sphere from ADP PE, mainly because of the transition into the next song, but also because it just sounds the best in a number of ways. So you get a different Hemispheres here than any where else! One very notable improvement featured on this production is that I have, believe it or not, eliminated the splice between Hemispheres and Closer to the Heart, which is also from ADP PE. Now it sounds like the keyboard is continuous. This was done by looping the keyboard sound a little and lots of cross-fades and then a little volume adjustment.

Circumstances is from Buenos Noches! Motor City because I needed to get this show involved--now that the tape fluctuation is done, and because the only alternative from ADP PE features a mis-sung lyric from Geddy. In that show he says something like " more, that's looking for, the world..." 

A Farewell to Kings is also from BN!MC, mainly because the nylon guitar sounds very nice and the alternative from Black Forest features a volume problem with Geddy's Synth (the very beginning of that part.)

La Villa Strangiato is from Black Forest chiefly because of the very unique and weird effects put on the spoken introduction. With this version I have added crowd noise behind the brief, (nearly) dead silence between La Villa and 2112, which is from ADP PE. The space between these two songs just sounded weird on version 1.

Working Man and  Bastille Day are also from ADP PE because there was no reason that they shouldn't have been and this meant no transition work for a while!!! ; )

In the Mood is from BN!MC mainly because of Geddy's unmistakable silliness and enthusiasm. This makes this version very unique.

Drum Solo is also from BN!MC because it is a fine performance and Geddy calls Neil Dr. Brain-o, okay?

Richie Sambora - 1992-01-10 - San Diego, CA (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

01 Church of disire
02 Bad Medicine
03 We all sleep alone
04 Father time
05 Stranger in this town
06 I'll be there for you
07 Rosie
08 Midnight Rider
09 Wanted dead or alive
10 The answer
11 One light burning
12 With a little help from my friends