domenica 26 marzo 2017

Elvis Costello - 2017-03-18 - Edinburgh, Scotland (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Elvis Costello 
Festival Theatre 

18th March 2017 


Little Blondies-Art Pro 48v Phanton power supply-into Sony PCM10-Scandisk Ultra 16gb sd card-Audacity-Amplify 3db,Compresser,CD Wave-Traders Little Helper level 6 to flac 

Elvis Costello - Vocals, Acoustic Guitars,Electric Guitars, 
Boston Steinway Piano and various loop and taped sounds 

Disc 1 
01 - Intro Monkey To Man (Intro Video) 
02 - This Years Girl 
03 - Just About Glad 
04 - Motel Matches 
05 - There Stands The Glass 
06 - Gloria Graham Story 
07 - Church Underground 
08 - Watching the Detectives 
09 - Elvis 1st Job Story 
10 - Shipbuilding 
11 - Tour Chat 
12 - Deep Dark Truthful Mirror 
13 - DIY Story 
14 - Ripping Paper 
15 - Lonsome Roads Story 
16 - Face in the Crowd 
17 - Chat 
18 - They Call Me Mrs Lonesome 
19 - Elvis's Dad Story Story 
20 - Toledo 
21 - They're Not Laughing at Me Now 
22 - Veronica 

Disc 2 
01 - Alison (of mic) 
02 - If I Had A Hammer (Ross McManus video) 
03 - Blood & Hot Sauce 
04 - No Man's Woman 
05 - Accidents Will Happen 
06 - I Can't Stand Up for Falling Down 
07 - Viceroy's Row 
08 - Oliver's Army 
09 - Indoor Fireworks 
10 - Elvis Grandfather Story 
11 - Jimmie Standing in the Rain 
12 - Vitajex 
13 - Jimmie Story 
14 - Under Lime 
15 - She 
16 - Elvis Grandmother Story 
17 - Tramp the Dirt Down

mercoledì 22 marzo 2017

Eric Clapton - 2017-03-20 - New York City, NY (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Eric Clapton 
Madison Square Garden 
New York, NY 
March 20, 2017 

Night Two 

This was the second night of a brief tour, with few changes from night one. The set was short, virtually no pauses between songs, same setlist as night one, but different sequence. With no second guitar player, Clapton played lead, rhythm and handled all the vocals. Not bad for a man of his age. 

Overall I would say the show was satisfying, but far from his best. I do not expect EC to be touring too much longer, and wanted to have one last chance to see him live. 

The sound in MSG was surprisingly good, at least where I was sitting. The patch cord from the preamp to my recorder was bad and caused a number of short drop-outs in the left channel, which I patched from the right. I apologize if I missed any. Overall I think the recording is quite good and would have been better without the usual chatter from my neighbors. Sample is attached. 

Source: CA-14 cards > CA9100 > Edirol R-09HR @ 24/48 > Kingston SDHC > Audacity- left channel drop-outs patched, tracks split, EQD, downsampled to 16/44.1 > flac (level 8) 
Location: Floor Section C 
Taper: absnj 

Eric Clapton – guitar, vocals 
Chris Stainton – piano, keyboards 
Walt Richmond - organ, keyboards 
Nathan East – bass 
Steve Gadd – drums 
Sharlotte Gibson – backing vocals 
Sharon White – backing vocals 

Opening Bands 
Jimmie Vaughan 
Gary Clark Jr.

01-Good Evening 
02-Somebody Knocking 
03-Key to the Highway 
04-Hoochie Coochie Man 
05-I Shot the Sherif 
07-Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out 
09-Tears In Heaven 
11-Wonderful Tonight 
13-Little Queen of Spades 
15-Encore Call 
16-Sunshine of Your Love (Encore) 
17-Before You Accuse Me- with Jimmie Vaughan and Gary Clark Jr. (Encore) 

lunedì 20 marzo 2017

The Rolling Stones - 1969-11-09 - Oakland, CA (AUD/SBD/FLAC) 4CDs

(Soundboard/Audience FLAC)

Alameda County Coliseum, Oakland, CA, November 9, 1969 (2nd show)


This one is the Collection DAC release.

Liver Than You’ll Ever Be, the new four disc title on Dog N Cat, is a collection with a newly surfaced audience tape of the November 9th late show. To celebrate this occasion it is packaged with material from the opening acts, the Bill Graham soundboard recording, and the famous TMOQ tape in one convenient package. Seasoned Rolling Stones collectors may scoff at this release as a cynical attempt to get more money by packaging the new tape with the older. But for collectors who do not have copies of all the tapes DAC-116 is a very good sounding and packaged document.

Disc 1
Opening Acts

Ike & Tina Turner
01. Come Together
02. Respect

Terry Reid
03. Marking Time
04. I'Ve Got News For You
05. Superlungs My Supergirl

B.B. King
06. Get Off My Back Woman
07. Instrumental

Disc 2
New Alternate Source
01. Jumping Jack Flash
02. Carol
03. Sympathy For The Devil
04. Stray Cat Blues
05. Prodigal Son
06. You Gotta Move
07. Love In Vain
08. I'M Free
09. Under My Thumb
10. Midnight Rambler
11. Live With Me
12. Gimme Shelter
13. Little Queenie
14. Satisfaction
15. Honky Tonk Women
16. Street Fighting Man

Disc 3
Soundboard Recording Made By Bill Graham
01. Sympathy For The Devil
02. Stray Cat Blues
03. Prodigal Son
04. You Gotta Move
05. Love In Vain
06. Live With Me
07. Gimme Shelter
08. Little Queenie
09. Satisfaction

Disc 4
Legendary Tmoq Source Remastered
01. Jumping Jack Flash
02. Carol
03. Sympathy For The Devil
04. Stray Cat Blues
05. Prodigal Son
06. You Gotta Move
07. Love In Vain
08. I'M Free
09. Under My Thumb
10. Midnight Rambler
11. Live With Me
12. Gimme Shelter
13. Little Queenie
14. Satisfaction
15. Honky Tonk Women
16. Street Fighting Man

domenica 19 marzo 2017

King Crimson - 1995-06-28 - San Diego, CA (DVDfull aud-shot)

(DVDfull aud-shot)

Symphony Hall

Media: DVD, Aud, A-
Menus/Chapters: No/Chapters
DVD TV System: NTSC, 4:3

1.Conan O’Brien Show. November 14, 1995 Dinosaur

San Diego, CA. June 28, 1995
01.Circular Improv
03.Frame By Frame
05.One Time
09.Matte Kudasai
11.Sex Sleep Eat Drink Dream
13.Improv (Two Bass Sticks) 
14.Elephant Talk
16.Talking Drum
17.Lark's Tongue In Aspic
18.Walking On Air

From my personal trade collection. I actually had this on a VHS tape and it’s worth having. It still holds up very nice and enjoyable. The information below is to the best of my knowledge.

domenica 5 marzo 2017

Bruce Springsteen - 2016-09-09 - Philadelphia, PA (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band 
2016-09-09 Citizens Bank Park 
Philadelphia, PA USA 

source : schoeps mk6 (c) > actives > nbox platinum > 24/44.1 wav 
adobe audition > ozone 5 > xACT 2.38> flac 16 
taper : edtyre 

01 - New York City Serenade 
02 - Out in the Street 
03 - Sherry Darling 
04 - From Small Things (Big Things One Day Come) (sign request) 
05 - I'm Goin' Down (sign request) 
06 - Loose Ends (sign request) 
07 - It's Hard to Be a Saint in the City (with Vini Lopez) 
08 - Spirit in the Night 
09 - 4th of July, Asbury Park (Sandy) 
10 - Kitty's Back 
11 - Rosalita (Come Out Tonight) 
12 - No Surrender (sign request played with fan) 
13 - My City of Ruins 
14 - American Skin (41 Shots) 
15 - The Promised Land 
16 - Candy's Room 
17 - She's the One 
18 - Racing in the Street (sign request) 
19 - Lucky Town 
20 - Hungry Heart 
21 - Darlington County 
22 - I'm On Fire 
23 - Because the Night 
24 - The Rising 
25 - Badlands 

26 - Streets of Philadelphia 
27 - Backstreets 
28 - Born to Run 
29 - Dancing in the Dark 
30 - Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out 
31 - Shout 
32 - Bobby Jean 
Jersey Girl (lost)

The Who - 2012-11-11 - Pittsburgh, PA (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Consol Energy Center 

mbho603a/ka200 > Naiant adapter cable > Tinybox > Edirol r05 (24/48) 

soundforge 9.0 (tracking, fades, resample, dither) > traders little helper > flac level 8 

Taped, Processed, Upped by Kubacheck 

01 I Am The Sea 
02 The Real Me 
03 Quadrophenia 
04 Cut My Hair 
05 The Punk And The Godfather 
06 I'm One 
07 The Dirty Jobs 
08 Helpless Dancer 
09 Is It In My Head 
10 I've Had Enough 
11 515 
12 Sea And Sand 
13 Drowned 
14 Bell Boy 
15 Doctor Jimmy 
16 The Rock 
17 Love, Reign O'er Me 
18 Band Introductions 
19 Who Are You 
20 Behind Blue Eyes 
21 Pinball Wizard 
22 Baba O'Riley 
23 Won't Get Fooled Again 
24 Tea And Theatre 
25 Rog and Pete talk TeenCancer America Org 

great show by The Who... I was about 15 rows back, DFC, and I'm pretty happy with the results..... there were a couple of mistakes by the band here and there, and it took the soundguy a couple songs to really get dialed in on the mix and a few songs to crank up the volume, but still a nice clear recording overall, IMO.... not too much crowd noise on the recording, either, which always makes me happy when that happens.... anyway, Simon took lead vocals on "The Dirty Jobs"... and they "flew in" a John Entwistle bass solo during "5:15" complete with John's "bass cam" on the big screen and also used Keith Moon's vocals for "Bell Boy" while showing footage of him singing during what looks to me to be from the Charlton show from 1974..... in both instances, it worked great.... 

Frank Zappa - 1972-09-15 - Berlin, DE (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Frank Zappa & The Grand Wazoo Orchestra

~~ from Audience Master Reel CD-R Clone ~~

Kindly contributed by the owner of the original Master Reel tape (Mr.Reel)

Complete, patched with material from inferior sounding fill source of unknown origin,
as in previous Yojimbo MC seed (from same source):

This copy: 131.34 min, AUD MC, A/A- (flawed portions B+)

Source: UHER Master reel tape
Equipment: UHER Report tape recorder, Mic unknown

Lineage: Master Reel tape > CDR(reel) > CDR(flambay) > EAC > wav >
Soundforge 9: speed correction, phase inversion fixed, various local gain adjustments & clean-up edits, re-tracking, inserting patch from alternate source > flac TLH lvl8 w/SBA (706 MB)

Taped by: unknown
Transferred to CD-R & contributed by: reel
Edited by: flambay

Fill (patch) from alternate source, kindly provided by walk and NWIU2B,
and also included with previous Yojimbo MC seed (same main source origin):

Lineage fill: AUD > ? > cass/MC? > A/D ? > wav ? > CDR > CDR > EAC (secure mode) > wav > flac frontend (lvl 7, SBE aligned) > Soundforge 9: extracting patch and merging with main source

Taped by: unknown
Transferred by: unknown
Contributed by: walk, NWIU2B, Yojimbo

The Grand Wazoo Orchestra, September 1972:
FZ, Tony Duran, Jerry Kessler, Dave Parlato, Jim Gordon, Tom Raney, Ruth Underwood, Ian Underwood, Bruce Fowler, Malcolm McNabb, Tom Malone, Earle Dumler, Glenn Ferris, Sal Marquez, Ken Shroyer, Mike Altschul, Joanne McNabb, Jay Migliori, Ray Reed, Charles Owens.

more line-up info:

01 intros [3:38]
02 New Brown Clouds [7:48]
03 Big Swifty [16:38]
04 Approximate [14:57]
05 For Calvin And His Next Two Hitch-hikers [8:03]
06 Think It Over (The Grand Wazoo) [21:19]
07 Greggary Peccary Preamble [1:25]
08 The Adventures Of Greggery Peccary Part I [2:59]
09 The Adventures Of Greggery Peccary Part II-III [5:48]
10 Dog Meat [5:33] °°° last 30 secs flawed, fill source patch {5:16-end}
11 Improvisations preamble (from patch source) [0:44]
12 Improvisations (beginning, from patch source) [1:25]
13 Improvisations (contd., switch back to main source) [17:37] °°° x-fade to main source in 1st second
14 Blues For A Minute [4:36]
15 Penis Dimension [3:26]
16 Variant Processional March (incl. Regyptian Strut) [3:14]
17 ovations [4:20]
18 tune-up [1:49]
19 Chunga's Revenge [6:04]

Total time (patched version) 131.34 min

Unpatched track (reel MC source only)
in separate subfolder (30,5 MB):

10 Dog Meat (unpatched) [5:23] °°° fades out at end, last 30 secs flawed

Total time (reel MC source only) 129.14 min (tracks 01-10, 13-19)

Note: In case you want to hear the Reel MC source tracks only:
Delete Tracks 10-11-12 from main directory
and include Track 10 from the Unpatched subfolder in the playlist.

Suggested CD-R burn split between Tracks 06 and 07.

Many thanks to Mr.Reel for contributing a copy of his original CD-R transfer from this Master Recording
Thanks to Yojimbo, NWIU2B and walk for the fill source.

Enjoy !!
-- flambay - July 2010

Thanks to Jon and the rest of the zappateers
for getting all the frank out to the world at large

Mastered by Raymond Morelli JR

Additional Lineage: Soundforge 10 pro Minor volume adjustments waves Multimaximizer
warm analog setting adjusted track by track > TLH

One of the epic Zappa concerts

sabato 4 marzo 2017

David Gilmour - 2006-03-25 - Milan, IT (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Milano, Italy 2006 (FLAC)

2006-03-25 Teatro Arcimboldi Milano, Italia
Ex Audience
"Il Signore del Suono"
Recorded by Alessandro F. (
AIWA CM-P11>SHARP MD-MS702>Soundblaster Live!>GoldWave 5.08>flac

Disc 1
01) Castellorizon
02) On an island
03) The blue
04) Red sky at night
05) This heaven
06) Then I close my eyes + band intro
07) Take a breath
08) Smile
09) A pocketful of stones
10) Where we start

Disc 2
01) Shine on you crazy diamond
02) Wearing the inside out
03) Dominoes
04) Fat old sun
05) Breathe
06) Time
07) Breathe (reprise)
08) High hopes
09) Echoes

Disc 3
01) Wish you were here
02) Comfortably numb