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U2 - 1997-09-23 - Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

Venue: Kosevo Stadium



FM - M-Audio Delta Audiofile - WAV - CoolEdit - CD-R - FLAC

disc 1

01. Pop Muzik Intro (4:25)
02. Mofo (4:31)
03. I Will Follow (2:44)
04. Gone (4:40)
05. Even Better than the Real Thing (4:02)
06. Last Night on Earth (6:24)
07. Until the End of the World (4:55)
08. New Year's Day (4:57)
09. Pride (In the Name of Love) (4:57)
10. I still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For (5:39)
11. All I Want Is You (3:49)
12. Staring at the Sun (5:29)
13. Sunday Bloody Sunday (3:37)
14. Bullet the Blue Sky (6:36)

disc 2
01. Please (7:48)
02. Where the Streets Have no Name (7:35)
03. Lemon (5:35)
04. Discothèque (6:44)
05. If You Wear that Velvet Dress (3:02)
06. With or without You (5:46)
07. Miss Sarajevo (6:38)
08. Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me (6:11)
09. Mysterious Ways (6:14)
10. One (5:28)
11. Unchained Melody (2:28)
12. Official Tour Opener "Pop Muzik" (studio recording) (3:00)


Jimmy Page and The Black Crowes - 2000-06-24 - Tinley Park, IL (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

World Music Theater 
Quality: B 
Taped: Oade Micro Mics> Zefiro Inbox> Coax> sony Tcd7 
Tranferred: Sony Tcd8> Optical> Magix Audio Cleaning Lab 
Location: 2nd row WAY right of stage 
Taped & Transferred By: MarkE 

01 - Wanton Song (1st time played) 
02 - Celebration Day 
03 - Misty Mountain Hop (1st time played) 
04 - Custard Pie 
05 - No Speak No Slave 
06 - Sick Again 
07 - What Is And What Should Never Be 
08 - Bad Luck Blue Eyes Goodbye 
09 - Woke Up This Morning 
10 - Ten Years Gone 
11 - In My Time Of Dying 
12 - Your Time Is Gonna Come 
13 - Remedy 
14 - Lemon Song 
15 - In The Light (1st time played) 
16 - Shapes Of Things 
17 - Nobody's Fault But Mine 
18 - Heartbreaker 
19 - - encore - 
20 - Bring It On Home (1st time played) 
21 - She Talks To Angels 
22 - Out On The Tiles 
23 - Whole Lotta Love 

Time: 137 Minutes 9 seconds 

Great show! I had 2nd row seats for this, but they were way on the side.. As most people know the sound sucks at The World Music Theater. This show is a mediocre aud. Would assume it would sound better based on location, but, nope.. Cool show though and a very listenable recording.

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Poison - 1988-09-24 - Bristol, CT (DVDfull aud-shot) by REQUEST

(DVDfull aud-shot)

Lake Compounce 
Bristol, CT 
September 24, 1988 
CBG Classic Master Video Series Vol. 46 

video: (CBG) Ricoh R-600 (same spec as Sony CCD-V5) 8mm camcorder (w/ 2X teleconverter lens) master 8mm analog tape; NTSC, 4:3 PAR, 29.97 fps; transferred to harddrive via a firewire using a Sony TRV-330 8mm digital camera w/ Time Base Correction. 

Video capture, editing, and 2-pass VBR encoding done with Sony Vegas Pro 13 at 8.2K max, 8K avg, 1K min. 

audio: (CBG) recorded w/ Aiwa-CM30A mic through the Ricoh R-600's external mic in jack; captured with the video from CBG's master 8mm analog tape; LPCM 1536 bit. 

Authored to DVD in Sony DVD Architect Pro 6 by Silver Stallion

01. Look What The Cat Dragged In 
02. I Want Action 
03. Back To The Rocking Horse 
04. Good Love 
05. I Won't Forget You 
06. Fallen Angel 
07. Look But You Can't Touch 
08. Rikki's drum solo 
09. Every Rose Has Its Thorn 
10. Love On The Rocks 
11. CC's guitar solo 
12. Rock And Roll All Nite 
13. Nothin' But A Good Time 
14. Talk Dirty To Me 

running time: 78 mins (full show) 

The beginning of "Back To The Rocking Horse" is played twice due to Bret having mic problems. 

I only have one request, that you don't take these files and post them on other torrent sites. I have many shows to upload. I will upload, let them get seeded by others and after a majority have downloaded the files completely, remove my files so I can seed something new. I prefer to manage my own shows on DIME and The Traders Den. I will upload to other sites when I wish to for select shows. Thanks for honoring my wishes in advance. 

This is “CBG Classic Master Video Series Vol. 46”. 

I usually do one show release a week, but since I paused for a few months in releasing shows, I decided to release both the Lita Ford and the headliner, Poison, this weekend together. 

I first saw Poison when they warmed up Ratt back on their first tour in New Haven, CT in 1986 and then a few times warming up David Lee Roth on the Skyscraper tour. This was the first time I saw them headline a show. It was a beautiful night in Connecticut at this Lake Compounce amusement park venue. The best place and safest place to go was on the lawn where there wasn’t security walking through the lawn as so many shed venues now. This was a new venue built with a small concrete floor where they set up chairs and then a big lawn that sloped up slightly from the back of the seats. There was no cover over the seats or lawn so the sound was not muffled or echoed by a roof. The only thing was, because it was nestled in the woods with housing developments around it, they had to moderate the volume at this place and didn’t really crank the music too loud. This would later prove to be an issue with this band, but we will save that for another day. 

When the band hit the stage, it was full on energy. The album ‘Open Up and Say…Ahh!’ was just released in May 1988 and they had come around through the area in March-April and returned with in July warming up David Lee Roth. Now they were headlining in September. You could tell that they were thrilled with being the headliner finally. The show went smoothly with no issues from security and this Lake Compounce place was becoming one of my favorite places to film in a lawn situation. Enjoy Poison in Bristol, CT as they were starting to hit it big! CBG5150 Posted to DIME 2016-11-27.

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Frank Zappa - 1968-10-25 - London, UK (SBD/FLAC) TRICK OR TREAT

(Soundboard FLAC)


01 Uncle Meat Variations
02 In The Sky
03 Orange County Medley

Total Time: 25:59
Date & Location: 10/25/68 Royal Festival Hall, London
Audio Quality: Very Good Soundboard
Source: Original Boot Lp
Label: Bizarre (Fake)
Matrix: Poop 1348 - Treat
Turntable: Sony Ps-Lx350H
Stylus: At-440Mla
Preamp: Kenwood Kr-A5060
Transferred To: Philips Cdr870
Ripped To Wav With Eac
Edited & Mastered In Cooledit
Tracked With Cdwave
Converted To Flac With Flac Frontend

Side One Of This Lp (Official Material) Has Been Excluded
Pops And Clicks Were Removed By Hand
There Was No Hiss Reduction Processing Of Any Kind

Sound quality of this LP is slightly better than Drew's tape source. Drew's tape has some distortion in the bottom end and isn't quite as clear, but they do sound very similar. Pick your poison. This LP is reasonably quiet with just some surface noise in the quietest parts. There are some tape-chewy spots and dropouts that could not be helped, but overall this is a very enjoyable recording. I would rate the sound quality of this LP as A-, better than the B/B+ rating this tape usually gets. - J

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The Firm - 1984-12-09 - London, UK (2xDVDfull pro-shot)

(2xDVDfull pro-shot)

Venue: Hammersmith Odeon

unknown gen vhs tape>standalone burner>2dvdr

Video Attributes:
-Codec: MPEG-2
-Bitrate: 9299 kbps
-Resolution: 720x480
-Framerate: NTSC (29.97 fps)
-Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Audio Attributes:
-Codec: AC3
-Bitrate: 256 kb/s
-Samplerate: 48000kHz
-Channels: Stereo (2ch)

Band Members:
Paul Rodgers - vocals, guitar, piano
Jimmy Page - guitar
Tony Franklin - bass, synthesizer
Chris Slade - drums

Disc 1
01. Intro
02. Closer
03. City Sirens
04. Make Or Break
05. The Morning After
06. Together
07. Cadillac
08. Prelude
09. Money Can't Buy
10. Radioactive
11. Live In Peace
12. Midnight Moonlight

Disc 2
01. You've Lost That Loving Feeling
02. Bass Solo
03. The Chase
04. Guitar Solo
05. Drum Solo
06. Someone To Love
07. Full Circle
08. Boogie Mama
09. Everybody Needs Somebody

Full pre-prebroadcast version (originally broadcast on MTV) of this video without any of the interviews that were recorded and mixed in afterwards. The concert video is sequenced correctly also unlike the broadcast with Money Can't Buy -> Radioactive -> Live In Peace in their correct order with no video missing between songs. This also has a little bit more video after Midnight Moonlight than on the commonly circulating copies with the interviews mixed in. This still has the same cut in the video towards the end of the drum solo into Someone To Love but here the cut is not patched with any audio from the board tape like other copies out there. Video and audio are decent but better quality copies do circulate which are half mixes of this tape source with the broadcast tape.

Neil Young - 2012-10-25 - Tuscaloosa, AL (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Tuscaloosa Amphitheater

Location: second row stage left of center
Source - Edirol R-09 (WAV 16 bit - 44 KHz) -> Audacity for editing -> Flac

Disc 1
01. A Day in the Life Intro
02. Star Spangled Banner
03. Love and Only Love
04. Powderfinger
05. Born In Ontario
06. Walk Like A Giant
07. The Needle and the Damage Done
08. Twisted Road
09. Singer Without A Song

Disc 2
10. Ramada Inn
11. Cinnamon Girl
12. Fuckin' Up
13. Mr. Soul
14. Hey Hey, My My (into the black)

14. Roll Another Number

Led Zeppelin - 1972-10-09 - Osaka, JP (AUD/FLAC) by REQUEST

(Audience FLAC) 

Title: Live 
Dates: October 9, 1972 
Venue: Festival Hall, Osaka, Japan. 

Source: Audience Recording 
Lineage: Bootleg Vinyl Record (No Label Credit) > 96.0KHz/24bit WAV > Sonic Stage Mastering Studio SBM 44.1KHz/16Bit (Super Bit Mapping) WAV > EAC > FLAC 
* No equalizer 

Robert Plant: Vocals 
Jimmy Page: Guitar 
John Bonham: Drums 
John Paul Jones: Bass, Keyboard 

01: Over The Hills And For Away 
02: Misty Mountain Hop 
03: Since I've Been Loving You 
04: Bron-Y-Aur Stomp (10/04 OSAKA 1972 1ST NIGHT) 
05: Dancing Days 
06: The Song Remains The Same 
07: The Rain Song 
08: Stand By Me 

* After me clean up a record scratch noise dropped dramatically.

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Led Zeppelin - Complete BBC Sessions - Empress Valley (FM/FLAC)


Led Zeppelin - The Complete Bbc Radio Sessions
Empress Valley Label - Black "Maxell Presents" Boxed Set Version

Original Silvers > Eac (Secure) > Wav > Flac Frontend (Level 6, Align On Sb'S, Verify, Test) > Hc > Hd >Prlb

Disc 1
Radio One Session- 1969.03.03 John Peel'S Top Gear Playhouse Theatre,London (Original Broadcast) 1969.03.23

01) You Shook Me
02) Communication Breakdown
03) I Can'T Quit You Baby
04) Dazed And Confused

World Service Radio Session- 1969.03.19 Rhythm & Blues Maida Vale Studio,London (Original Broadcast) 1969.04.14

05) Alexis Korner Introduction
06) What Is And What Should Never Be
07) More Chat
08) I Can'T Quit You Baby
09) More Chat
10) You Shook Me
11) Sunshine Woman

Radio One Session- 1969.06.16 Chris Grant'S Tasty Pop Sundae London (Original Broadcast) 1969.06.22
12) The Girl I Love Has Long Black Wavy Hair
13) Communication Breakdown
14) Something Else
15) What Is And What Should Never Be
16) Group Interview With Chris Grant

Radio One Session- 1969.06.24 John Peel'S Top Gear Maida Vale Studio 4,London (Original Broadcast) 1969.06.29
17) Whole Lotta Love
18) Communication Breakdown
19) What Is And What Should Never Be
20) Travelling Riverside Blues

Disc 2
Radio One Sessions- 1969.06.27 Bbc Rock Hour Playhouse Theater, London (Original Broadcast) 1969.08.10

01) Alan Black Intro
02) Communication Breakdown
03) I Can'T Quit You Baby
04) Alan Black Interview
05) Dazed And Confused
06) Interlude With Adrian Henry
07) White Summer-Black Mountain Side
08) You Shook Me
09) How Many More Times

Bbc1 Tv Recording- 1970.04.23 Julie Felix Show Bbc Tv Studios, London (Original Broadcast) 1970.04.26
10) White Summer
11) Black Mountain Side

Disc 3
Radio One Live Session- 1971.04.01 John Peel Sunday In Concert Bbc Tv Studios, London (Original Broadcast) 1971.04.04

01) John Peel Intro
02) Immigration Song
03) Heartbreaker
04) Since I'Ve Been Loving You
05) Black Dog
06) Dazed And Confused
07) Stairway To Heaven

Disc 4
Radio One Live Session- 1971.04.01 John Peel Sunday In Concert Bbc Tv Studios, London (Original Broadcast) 1971.04.04
01) Going To California
02) That'S The Way
03) What Is And What Should Never Be
04) Whole Lotta Love
05) Thank You
06) Communication Breakdown

Alice In Chains - 1993-03-03 - Nottingham, UK (SBD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Rock City

CD-R Trade -> EAC (Secure Mode) -> FLAC Frontend Level 8 -> TLH -> You.

01 - Dam That River & We Die Young
02 - Them Bones
03 - Would?
04 - Rooster
05 - Junkhead
06 - God Smack
07 - Bleed The Freak
08 - Put You Down & Sickman
09 - It Ain't Like That
10 - Dirt
11 - Hate To Feel
12 - Angry Chair 
13 - Man In the Box
14 - Rain When I Die 
15 - Love, Hate, Love

Rating: A.

Time: 78:46

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Bob Dylan - 2017-10-23 - Omaha, NE (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Bob Dylan & band 
Omaha, Nebraska 
CenturyLink Center 

October 23, 2017 

Taper: readermo (many thanks) 
???-downloaded from onedrive as wav-Cdwave for tracking-dbpoweramp flasc level 6. 

01. Intro + Things Have Changed 
02. It Ain't Me, Babe 
03. Highway 61 Revisited 
04. Why Try To Change Me Now 
05. Summer Days 
06. Melancholy Mood 
07. Honest With Me 
08. Tryin' To Get To Heaven 
09. Where Is The One 
10. Pay In Blood 
11. September Of My Years 
12. Tangled Up In Blue 
13. Early Roman Kings 
14. Soon After Midnight 
15. Desolation Row 
16. Thunder On The Mountain 
17. Autumn Leaves 
18. Long And Wasted Years 

19. Blowin' In The Wind 
20. Ballad Of A Thin Man 

Led Zeppelin - 1973-04-01 - Paris, FR (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

A Paris Affair

silver cd > XLD extractor > wav > flac 7

Robert Plant - vocals
Jimmy Page - guitar
John Bonham - drums
John Paul Jones - bass and organ

01 Instrumental Opening (Dazed & Confused) cuts in after the bow solo
02 Stairway To Heaven
03 Everybody Needs Somebody
04 Whole Lotta Love
05 Let That Boy Boogie
06 Baby I Don;T Care
07 Let's Have A Party
08 I Can't Quit You
09 Lemon Song
10 Whole Lotta Love
11 Whole Lotta Love-Medley * removed

*Tracks 1-10 listed as being from Paris, 1st April 1973, in fact those tracks are from Hamburg 21st March 1973
*Track 11 is listed as being from London, 25th March 1971, in fact the date is 1st April 1971 at the Paris Theatre (this track has been removed due to it being released on the BBC sessions)

Oasis - 1997-12-05 - Dublin, Ireland (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

01. Be Here Now
02. My Big Mouth
03. Some Might Say
04. Roll With It
05. Magic Pie
06. Don't Look Back In Anger
07. Stand By Me [Acoustic]
08. D'You Know What I Mean? [Acoustic]
09. Whatever [Acoustic]
10. Don't Go Away [Acoustic]
11. Fade In-Out
12. Cigarettes & Alcohol
13. The Girl In A Dirty Shirt
14. Live Forever
15. Wonderwall

Length : 82.47


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Van Halen - 1984-08-25 - Stockholm, SWE (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Monsters of Rock 

aud>2nd.gen.cassette>SonyTCWE435>PioneerPDR- O4>CDR>EAC>WAV>Trader'sLittleHelper>FLAC 

Quality: B+/++ 

01 - Roth pre-gig press conference 
02 - Unchained 
03 - Hot for Teacher/Drum Solo 
04 - On Fire 
05 - Runnin' With the Devil 
06 - Little Guitars 
07 - House of Pain 
08 - Bass Solo 
09 - I'll Wait 
10 - Everybody Wants Some!! 
11 - Pretty Woman 
12 - 1984
13 - Jump 
14 - Guitar Solo 
15 - Panama 
16 - You Really Got Me 

Another Monsters of Rock gig from 1984 here. This is the rarer second source of the show. While the quality is very good here, the first source - which has been put on LP and cd - is better. So this might be more for completists. I also stuck on a press conference with Roth and the Swedish media in the days leading up to the gig. It runs about 30 minutes and is a fun and somewhat informative listen.

Pink Floyd - 1987-12-08 - Seattle, WA (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Pink Floyd - Kingdome Seattle 
The Kingdome 
Seattle, Washington, USA 
December 8th, 1987 

Source : Audience /Recorder 1 
My Lineage: Sennheiser mics>SonyWM PRO>Cass[M]>CDR[1]>WAV>EAC>SHN. 

01. Fade in – Shine On You Crazy Diamond (5:12) 
02. Signs Of Life (4:18) 
03. Learning To Fly (4:56) 
04. Yet Another Movie (7:17) 
05. A New Machine – part 1/Terminal Frost (8:26) 
06. A New Machine – part 2/Sorrow (10:27) 
07. The Dogs Of War – Fade out (5:01) 

01. Fade in – The Dogs Of War (2:04) 
02. On The Turning Away (8:53) 
03. One Of These Days (7:08) 
04. Time (5:30) 
05. On The Run (4:16) 
06. Wish You Were Here (4:49) 
07. Welcome To The Machine (8:05) 

01. Us And Them (7:10) 
02. Money – part 1 (3:58) 
03. Money – part 2 (5:07) 
04. Another Brick In The Wall – part 2 (5:04) 
05. Comfortably Numb (11:06) 
06. One Slip (7:32) 
07. Run Like Hell (8:50) 

Led Zeppelin - 1971-12-16 - Birmingham, UK (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Sweet Brummy Roll- Empress Valley EVSD-243 ~ 245 
3CDs in a double jewel case. 
Birmingham Odeon, Birmingham 16 December 1972, with Brighton Dome , Brighton, 20 December 1972 

CDR>EAC(safe mode)>Shn 

Disc 1 (54.32) : 
01 - Rock And Roll
02 - Over The Hills And Far Away
03 - Black Dog / Misty Mountain Hop
04 - Since I've Been Loving You
05 - Dancing Days
06 - Bron -yr-Aur Stomp
07 - The Song Remains The Same
08 - The Rain Song 

Disc 2 (74.34): 
01 - Dazed and Confused
02 - Stairway To Heaven
03 - Whole Lotta Love 

Disc 3 (52.06): 
01 - Black Dog
02 - Misty Mountain Hop
03 - Since I've Been Loving You
04 - Whole Lotta Love 

Two completely new shows that have recently surfaced, pulled out of the hat by Empress Valley once again, how do they manage to release so many exciting new shows I wonder. The sound quality for Birmingham is almost very good, with Plant's voice talking in between songs sounding slightly distant. This source is from the master tape. Empress Valley have done a very good job in beefing up this tape, and the CDs sound louder and punchier than the master tape. There is a lot of tape wobble during Stairway To Heaven and the beginning of the Whole Lotta Love Medley. One point of great interest is that early on in The Rain Song John Paul Jones has big problems with the Mellotron, which goes out of tune, and he had to scurry across to the organ and play that instrument for the rest of the song. The first and only time I think in a Led Zeppelin concert, most surprising considering what a precocious instrument the Mellotron is. Brighton is a real gem, sadly only a fragment, taken from a first generation copy. It was recorded by a teenager who had little money for cassettes, and he recorded over much of this concert later at a Rory Gallagher concert. What a terrible shame as it was an amazing concert by all accounts. The sound on this is very good indeed. (Jules McTrainspotter Sept 03) 

Sweet Brummy Roll 3CD Empress Valley Supreme Discs EVSD 243-245 
Birmingham Odeon 16th December 1972/Brighton Dome 20th December 1972 

The latest offering from the premiere Japanese label is 2 shows from the late '72/early '73 UK tour, I was looking forward to hearing this release as it's the first appearance of these two shows which were played only 4 days apart. The tape starts off with a few words from the venue MC telling every one that the show is about to start. The band take the stage to a comment of "Strike a light!" from one of the tapers. The tape overloads for a few seconds as Rock & Roll starts but soon settles down to a reasonable audience recording with Bonzo's drums a little down in the mix. Plant's voice is in relatively good shape for this show as he hits those high notes during the verse to Over The Hills And Far Away. Unfortunately, none of Plant's between song comments the his home crowd can be made out due to the taper being up in the stalls, this lack of volume also affects the bow solo in Dazed And Confused and the beginning of Stairway To Heaven. The Rain Song contains a garbled section of tape which also affects the other side of the C120 cassette during Dazed And Confused. Dazed And Confused interestingly contains a snippet of the descending riff from 'In The Light' during the final section. The Brighton tape is clearer than that from Birmingham and all instruments are well defined, unfortunately we only have 50 minutes of this show containing Black Dog, Misty Mountain Hop, Since I've Been Loving You (only 3 minute's worth), Whole Lotta Love and an encore of Heartbreaker. Some sources state that the band played a medley of Christmas songs during the encore, well if they did, it's not here folks. Top marks to EVSD for finding these two new shows, it's just a pity that the shows weren't swopped around, eg the full Brighton show and 50 minutes of Birmingham because the Brighton show is a corker! (Yage 2003 September 03)

The Eagles - 1980-06-28 - Alpine Valley, WI (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Eagles at Alpine Valley June 28th 1980 1st night of two. 

Analog Master RB 

About 8th row right center main floor. 
Cassettes: Maxell UD XLII C-90 
DECK: Technics RS-686DS 
MICS: Teac ME-80 (CM-300) 
Dolby On for recording. 

Playback on identical unit. 
Dolby off for playback! 
Using Chord Company cables from Naim... 
Played through the Naim Audio NAC-52 pre-amp 
to the Teac CDR-2000 Standalone. 
Mastered to Taiyo Yuden 74-ZY CDR's 
PC drive.....Plextor UltraPlex40max CDR-ROM SCSI W/adaptec 2930 
EAC (1.8X ripping speed or slower on all my uploads)>FLAC>YOU GUYS, Enjoy RB 

CD 1 
01 - Hotel California 
02 - Already Gone 
03 - In The City 
04 - King Of Hollywood 
05 - The Sad Cafe 
06 - Lyin' Eyes 
07 - I Can't Tell You Why 
08 - Wasted Time / Desperado 
09 - Those Shoes 
10 - Heartache Tonight 

CD 2 
01 - Turn To Stone 
02 - The Long Run 
03 - Set II 
04 - Life's Been Good 
05 - Life In The Fast Lane 
06 - Rocky Mountain Way 
07 - Sea Cruise 
08 - Take It Easy 
09 - All Night Long

Another one from the 'dust collection'. Scanned through my list, found this and was mildly surprised that it still works (i've run into a media degradation lately, 2 DVDs stopped working). This is a very nice audience recording as the samples will prove. RIP Glenn Frey. I had to create an .md5, there was only the info file with an .ffp on the text and the tracks. I'm not sure which category to put it in, Classic Rock, Hard Rock, Rock n i settled on Rock. Enjoy this, i am. So I'm sharing this here, just as i got it back in the day (around 2006 so new lineage is add the following to the lineage in the info: -> transferred to DVD in .flac form -> transferred to internal HDD -> used TLH to combine info, md5 and audio files into a torrent -> Dime -> YOU!) and have changed nothing below this intro. So, without further ado, i present.... 

sabato 21 ottobre 2017

AC/DC - 1979-05-22 - Nashville, TN (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Location: Nashville, TN USA 
Date: May 22nd 1979 
Venue: Tennessee Theatre 
Lineage: trade > hdd > you 

01 Live Wire 
02 Problem Child 
03 Sin City 
04 Bad Boy Boogie 
05 The Jack 
06 High Voltage 
07 Riff Raff 
08 Rocker 
09 Whole Lotta Rosie

Lenght: 59 mins.

Nick Cave - 2017-10-20 - Copenhagen, DK (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds 
Copenhagen Royal Arena, DK 

Source: ca14->ca9100->sony pcm-m10 
Transfer: sony pcm-m10->hd->cep->cdwav->flac 

01. Intro - Three Seasons in Wyoming 
02. Anthrocene 
03. Jesus Alone 
04. Magneto 
05. Higgs Boson Blues 
06. From Her to Eternity 
07. Tupelo 
08. Jubilee Street 
09. The Ship Song 
10. Into My Arms - 
11. Girl in Amber 
12. I Need You 
13. Red Right Hand 
14. The Mercy Seat 
15. Distant Sky (with Else Torp) - 
16. Skeleton Tree 
17. The Weeping Song 
18. Stagger Lee 
19. Push the Sky Away

Steve Hackett - 2013-07-21 - Verona, IT (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Steve Hackett 
Teatro Romano 
Verona, Italy 
July 21, 2013 
(MRDR Master Series Volume 8) 

Recording: Sony ECM717 > Sony MZ-R700 

Transfer: MZ-R700 Minidisc Master > .wav file transfer > iZotope RX / Ozone 5 (mastered) > Peak Pro XT (post production) > xACT 2.37 > FLAC 

01 Watcher Of The Skies 
02 Dancing With The Moonlit Knight 
03 Fly On The Windshield > Broadway Melody Of 1974 
04 Shadow Of The Hierophant 
05 The Musical Box 
06 Horizons > Blood On The Rooftops 
07 …In That Quiet Earth 
08 Afterglow 
09 I Known What I Like 
10 Dance On A Volcano 
11 Entangled 
12 Ripples 
13 Supper’s Ready 
14 Firth Of Fifth 
15 Los Endos 

Known Faults: 

Welcome back to the MRDR Master Series Volume 8 with a superb capture of Steve’s Verona stop on his “Genesis Revisited II” Tour. 

According to Genesis-Movement there is one other incomplete audio capture for this stop recorded on a Canon Digital Ixus 85 15 camera. The brothers Mauro & Dario got a superb pull that other than the usual de-clicking, azimuth adjustment/DC offset and extraction of offending audience noises there was very little to do to the file. 

Looking at other setlists around the same time it appears that “Shadow Of The Hierophant” was not often played on this tour. 

Highly recommended for the excellent performance and beautiful capture...samples provided and artwork included. 

Thanks to Mauro & Dario for their continued efforts to document the Italian music scene both audio and visually. 


venerdì 20 ottobre 2017

Manfred Mann's Earthband - 1979-05-25 - Vienna, AT (AUD/FLAC) by REQUEST

(Audience FLAC)

unknown lineage (received in a trade in the early eighties). 

vg+ aud, very listenable 

01 - The Good Earth 
02 - Angels At My Gate 
03 - Davy's On The Road Again 
04 - Chicago Institute 
05 - Spirits In The Night 
06 - Don't Kill It Carol 
07 - Father Of Day, Father Of Night 
08 - Martha's Madman 

01 - You Angel You 
02 - Blinded By The Light 
03 - Pretty Flamingo/Mighty Quinn 
04 - Eastbound Train 
05 - Davy's On The Road Again (reprise) 

small cut at the start of Father Of Day 

giovedì 19 ottobre 2017

Pink Floyd - 1987-09-12 - Montreal, Quebec (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Unknown gen. cassette -> Sony HCD-EH26 -> Creative SB Audigy SE -> wave 96/24 -> AdobeAudition and NeroWaveEditor (44/16 and split only) -> TLH -> flac

David Gilmour
Nick Mason
Richard Wright
Jon Carin - keyboards & vocals
Rachel Fury - backing vocals
Scott Page - saxophone
Guy Pratt - bass guitar & vocals
Tim Renwick - guitars
Margaret Taylor - backing Vocals
Gary Wallis - percussion

cd 1:
01 Echoes
02 Signs Of Life
03 Learning To Fly
04 A New Machine Part I
05 Terminal Frost
06 A New Machine Part II
07 Sorrow
08 The Dogs Of War
09 Yet Another Movie
10 On The Turning Away

cd 2:
01 One Of These Days
02 Time
03 On The Run
04 Wish You Were Here
05 Welcome To The Machine
06 Us And Them
07 Money
08 Another Brick In The Wall Part II
09 Comfortably Numb
10 One Slip
11 Run Like Hell
12 Shine On You Crazy Diamond

Second date for A Momentary Lapse Of Reason Tour.
Very nice recording, with Pink Floyd that play as for rehearsals, very different from all the equal gigs 1987-89, when they play as a machine. The songs order is different too, and they play Shine On You Crazy Diamond for the first Time after 10 years, and in the same place (Montreal). Unfortunately, the sax solo of SOYCD is miss...

martedì 17 ottobre 2017

U2 - 2017-10-10 - La Plata, ARG (AUD/FLAC)

U2 - 2017-10-10 - La Plata, ARG
(Audience FLAC)

Audience microphone recording 

Credits: pibeslandia (Audio Taper), manolito (Remasterer) 

[unconfirmed source, possibly ZOOM H1] > [digital master: .wav (32-bit float / 48kHz)] > Audacity (Edit & equalization) > Adobe Audition > .wav (Fade in/Fade out, Resampled to 16/44.1) > TLH > flac 8 

01-Sunday Bloody Sunday 
02-New Year's Day 
04-Pride (In The Name Of Love) 
05-Where The Streets Have No Name 
06-I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For 
07-With Or Without You 
08-Bullet The Blue Sky 
09-Running To Stand Still 
10-Red Hill Mining Town 
11-In God's Country 
12-Trip Through Your Wires 
13-One Tree Hill 
15-Mothers Of The Disappeared 
16-Beautiful Day 
19-You're The Best Thing About Me 
20-Ultra Violet (Light My Way) 

U2 postpones taking the stage at their normal time so fans in the stadium can watch Argentina’s World Cup qualifying match on the the big screen. There is no Waterboys intro music tonight, as U2 take the stage immediately following the match.

Morphine - 1995-07-09 - Lisboa, PT (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

Festival Superbock SuperRock, Gare Maritima de Alcântara, Lisboa, Portugal 

Source: Proshot>VHS gen1 

01. Candy (cuts in) 
02. Yes 
03. You Speak My Language 
04. Buena 
05. Cure For Pain 

notes by the taper
20 years of the First concert by Morphine in Portugal. I was there and it was a blast. All this festival was. It was the first organized festival of the modern age. There have been festival before but not regular events as it became from this point on. Looking back it was a great moment in time with a great line up and fabulous performances and Morphine was one of them. Playing in day time, i believe it was around 6 or 7pm, their show was tight short and great surprise for many people there. They were straight to our hearts and stayed there until Mark's death. Every show in Portugal was a party you didn't want to miss. This recording is a proshot from the cameras on stage and it is not complete because the cameras were not working since the begining of the show due to sunlight on the screens as the sun went down the cameras were on and filmed the last 5 songs. Somehow i managed to get my hands on a gen1 copy of this video and it is what i am sharing here today. It is a short but cool video with good sound.

lunedì 16 ottobre 2017

Peter Gabriel - 1977-04-10 - Los Angeles, CA (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

The Roxy 

Early show 

FM broadcast from master reel -- from JEMS archives 

JEMS 2014 Transfer: off-air master reel to reel tape > Otari 5050mkII azimuth-adjusted transfer > Sound Devices USBPre 2 > Audacity 2.0 (24/96) capture > iZotope RX click repair > Peak 6.0 with iZotope Ozone 5.0 > re-sample 16/44.1 > Audigy Audio Cleaning Lab* => FLAC front-end (16-bit) 

* Audio Cleaning Lab was used to apply the following effects to the source recording: 
- Moderate de-hissing and de-noising (adaptive) 
- Boost higher range (primarily 13 kHz) 
- Boost lower range (primarily 170 Hz) 

The mix on the broadcast improved approximately 15 minutes in; the upper registers opened up and the stereo separation improved slightly. I tried to apply additional EQ lightly on the first portion so that the change appears seamless. 

ADisc one (41:13): 
(1) Here Comes The Flood (2:04) * 
(2) On The Air (4:07) 
(3) Moribund The Burgermeister (4:33) 
(4) DJ Comments (0:13) 
(5) Waiting For The Big One (7:21) ** 
(6) "Good Evening Roxy" (1:08) 
(7) A Song Without Words (3:22) 
(8) DJ comments (0:24) 
(9) Excuse Me (3:39) 
(10) Solsbury Hill (4:44) 
(11) PG banter (0:26) 
(12) Ain't That Peculiar (4:50) 
(13) PG banter (0:20) 
(14) Humdrum (3:55) 

Disc two (42:36): 
(1) Story of Prunes and Prisms Mating Time (1:26) 
(2) Slowburn (5:32) 
(3) All Day and All Of The Night (4:32) 
(4) Here Comes The Flood (6:05) 
(5) Modern Love (4:55) 
(6) Band introductions (1:25) 
(7) Down The Dolce Vita (8:43) 
(8) Encore break/DJ comments (2:11) 
(9) Back in NYC (5:44) 
(10) Applause (1:25) 
(11) DJ outro (0:36) 

* 1st 35 seconds patched from alternate broadcast source 
** 54 seconds mid-song patched from alternate broadcast source 

Info and md5 signature file are included. Sorry, no artwork. Please don't circulate this with the artwork of any of the multiple existing versions of this performance. 

Note: There are no fades applied to this recording, so the disc splits above are merely a suggestion. You can split between CDs (assuming you burn to CD) anywhere you wish. 

In mid-February 2014, "metro_cubo" shared a variety of sources of this famous Peter Gabriel show, several of which are still on the tracker as of this writing (March 2014). This inspired the JEMS team to pull out and digitize an uncirculated master reel from their (apparently bottomless) archives, and they asked me to see what I could do with it. I was happy to contribute what I could; this radio broadcast was widely bootlegged in the 1980s and among the first bootleg LPs I ever bought. The quality doesn't really hold up to the standards of modern FM broadcasts, but I have an attachment to it because I played it to death while I was growing up, and it remains one of my favorite solo Peter Gabriel shows. 

The back-story, for those who don't know it -- this show took place roughly a month into Peter's first solo tour; he played two nights (4/9-4/10) at the Roxy in Los Angeles, with two performances each night. This recording captures the early show on the second night, carried live on various radio stations around the United States. According to the DJ chatter, this marks the first attempt at a live nationwide simulcast of a concert performance. You'll hear during the encore break (d2t8) a partial listing of the stations who carried the performance as it happened; it must have been quite a breakthrough to do this in real-time in the 1970s. 

Given how closely Peter was associated with Genesis, it's interesting that even on his first tour he chose to focus almost entirely on material from his only solo album, with only one track ("Back in NYC") from his Genesis catalog. The 80-minute set was filled out with covers (Marvin Gaye's "Ain't That Peculiar" and the Kinks' "All Day and All Of The Night") and even an unreleased track ("A Song Without Words," which later became "Indigo"). Listening to this show makes one appreciate what a strong album his debut release was -- there is literally not a weak song in the set. 

The performance, like every other show I've heard from this tour, was fantastic, augmented with a top-notch band that featured Robert Fripp (performing under the pseudonym "Dusty Rhodes," who according to legend remained entirely behind a curtain for the whole show). If you don't have any of the multiple releases of this concert (or for that matter, anything from this tour), it's worth the download. 

In terms of the recording, it is very good given the era -- but not perfect. The vocals distort a bit during the louder portions, and the mix is kind of shaky in points. Furthermore, there was a fair amount of hiss in this recording (and probably evident in the broadcast itself, given that this source is a master reel that has probably not been played much). The tweaks I made in Audio Cleaning Lab removed the majority of the hiss and surprisingly brought out nuances in the guitars and keyboard; the vocals are still too low for my liking, but overall this is a very enjoyable recording of a great concert. 

Pink Floyd - 1971-01-17 - London, UK (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Pink Floyd 1971-01-17 The Roundhouse, London (speed-corrected Uninvited Mole acetate)

REEL ? > Vinyl > Technics 1210 MKII > Allen & Heath Xone 62 Mixer > EMU 1212M > Cubase 6 > Audition CC 2015 > WAVES VST > FLAC FRONT END LEVEL 5

01 - Embryo
02 - Fat Old Sun (Part One) 

03 - Fat Old Sun (Part Two) 
04 - Astronomy Domine 

Source - LTD Edition Acetate Vinyl Record

Label: Uninvited Mole
Release: 2014 "Implosion at the Roundhouse", 12/100 copies [tezeta: according to, 131 copies were pressed.]
Previously Unreleased Generation of this Recording, I've not sound better.

Much higher quality recording than currently I can find surfacing (Even on here), sounds direct from the reel to vinyl I've been told. Tops seem much clearer

Recorded in 24/96 LOSSLESS

Normal EQ, Click, Pop, Hum and minimal Hiss Reduction (Only When Required)

Alter Bridge - 2016-10-07 - Dallas, TX (ts pro-shot) by REQUEST

(ts pro-shot)

Alter Bridge 
House of Blues 
Dallas, Texas 
October 7, 2016 

Lineage: LIVE Webcast -> Livestreamer -> FFmpeg (edit) -> .ts 
Video: MPEG4 Video (H264) 1920x1080 16:9 3670 Kbps 29.97 fps 
Audio: AAC 128 Kbps 48.0 KHz stereo 

01 - Come to Life 
02 - Farther Than the Sun 
03 - Before Tomorrow Comes 
04 - Addicted to Pain 
05 - Ghost of Days Gone By 
06 - Broken Wings 
07 - Cry of Achilles 
08 - Isolation 
09 - Waters Rising 
10 - Ties That Bind 
11 - My Champion 
12 - Blackbird 
13 - Wonderful Life 
14 - Watch Over You 
15 - Metalingus 
16 - Open Your Eyes 


17 - Show Me a Leader 
18 - Rise Today 

TRT = 01:41:55

Tears for Fears - 2016-09-24 - Las Vegas, NV (ts pro-shot) by REQUEST

(ts pro-shot)

Tears for Fears
iHeartRadio Music Festival
T-Mobile Arena
Las Vegas, Nevada
September 24, 2016

Lineage: LIVE Webcast -> FFmpeg (capture & edit) -> .ts
Video: MPEG4 Video (H264) 1280x720 16:9 2575 Kbps 30.00 fps
Audio: HE-AAC 128 Kbps 48.0 KHz stereo

01 - Everybody Wants to Rule the World
02 - Sowing the Seeds of Love
03 - Mad World
04 - Head Over Heels
05 - Shout

TRT = 00:25:11

domenica 15 ottobre 2017

Bruce Springsteen - 2017-10-05 - New York City, NY (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Bruce Springsteen 
Springsteen on Broadway 
Walter Kerr Theatre 
New York, NY 
October 5, 2017 

Digitally recorded in mono by Johnny98. Lineage Unknown. 
I received the flac file then dbPoweranp (WAV)>Audacity (to split the tracks)>dbPoweramp (converted back to flac) 

01 Ladies & Gentlemen, Welcome to the Walter Kerr Theatre 
02 Magic Trick 
03 Growin' Up 
04 I Live 10 Minutes From My Hometown 
05 My Hometown 
06 Citadels of Mystery 
07 My Father's House 
08 A Never-Say-Die Thirst For Life 
09 The Wish 
10 The Beauty of That Blank Page 
11 Thunder Road 
12 A Lasting Love Affair with the Desert 
13 The Promised Land 
14 I Wrote My Protest Song 
15 Born In The USA 
16 One Plus One Equals Three 
17 Tenth Avenue Freezeout 
18 Patti Intro 
19 Tougher Than The Rest 
20 Trust Is A Fragile Thing 
21 Brilliant Disguise 
22 Intro to Long Walk Home 
23 Long Walk Home 
24 The Rising 
25 Lace Up Your Dancing Shoes 
26 Dancing in the Dark 
27 Land of Hope and Dreams 
28 I Drove Back to My Neighborhood 
29 Born To Run

Sit back and allow yourself to enjoy this 2 hour complete performance of Springsteen on Broadway. 
As many of us can't afford the average ticket price of around $500, consider this a gift to the community. Take that money and do something special with pay the rent or make your car payment. Seriously Bruce, a top ticket price of $850?!? Nevertheless, I digress.... 

The sound quality on this recording is terrific. Perhaps as good as it can possibly get from an audience recording. Kudos to Johnny98 who may have snagged the ultimate recording seat in the Walter Kerr Theatre. 

The storytelling is vintage Bruce and, while many of them are lifted from his incredible autobiography, Born To Run, it's still a treat to hear him tell the stories and then play a relevant song from his long and illustrious songbook. Growin' Up is delightful to listen to and brings a smile to my face each time I play it but for my money, My Father's House and Tenth Avenue Freezeout are the standout moments of the show. If the story of his dad doesn't bring tears to your eyes, you need to have your pulse checked. And the tears of joy that fell down my cheeks as he plays Tenth, and talks about the E Street Band, Clarence in particular, brings back nearly 40 years of memories. So plug in your headphones, sit back and enjoy Springsteen on Broadway. And remember, Ladies & Gentlemen, Welcome to the Walter Kerr this time we ask you to turn off all cellphones...the performance is about to begin.