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Nick Cave - 2014-12-12 - Sydney, AU (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Nick Cave Vocals, Piano
Warren Ellis Violin, Guitar, Flute, Accordion, Organ,Piano, vocals
Thomas Wydler Drums
Martyn Casey Bass
Barry Adamson Keyboards, Marimba,vocals

Sony PCM10 >Audacity>CDWav>TLH>You

Recorded 12th row, right of centre stage

philandjenny recordings no 26

01 - We Real Cool
02 - The Weeping Song
03 - Red Right Hand
04 - Nobodys Baby Now
05 - Higgs Bosun Blues
06 - Mermaids
07 - The Ship Song
08 - From Her to Eternity
09 - God is in the House
10 - Love Letter
11 - Waters Edge
12 - Black Hair
13 - Lay me Low
14 - Into my Arms
15 - The Mercy Seat
16 - Jubilee Street

crowd noise, encore

17 - wide lovely eyes false start)
18 - Wide Lovely Eyes
19 - Up Jumped the Devil
20 - Breathless
21 - Jack the Ripper
22 - Push the sky Away

Very good show from Nick with assorted Bad Seeds behind him. If it didn't match the power of a full Bad Seeds performance it certainly gave some very good alternative performances and a couple of absolute gems ("From Her to Eternity" and "The Mercy Seat" being particularly tasty IMHO). Great stage show, very nice lighting and as the attached review mentions, Nick was particularly vivid in silhouette. Very enthusiastic crowd, lots of people at the front getting Nicks blessing. No-one does stage stalking like Nick :)

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Pink Floyd - 1972-03-13 - Sapporo, JP (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Nakajima Sports Centre

Cass(3)>CDR(1) > EAC > Wav > TLH > FLAC (16bit/44kHz) ----> Samplitude10 (32bit float/44kHz) > Wav (16bit/44kHz) > CDWave (1.98) > FLAC

Set 1 (47:55)
01. [01:10] Speak to Me
02. [02:54] Breathe
03. [06:10] On The Run
04. [06:17] Time
05. [01:05] Breathe (Reprise)
06. [04:17] The Mortality Sequence
07. [07:37] Money
08. [07:24] Us & Them
09. [04:37] Any Colour You Like
10. [04:07] Brain Damage
11. [02:13] Eclipse

Set 2 (51:02)
12. [01:46] Audience/Tuning
13. [08:58] One Of These Days
14. [12:17] Careful With That Axe, Eugene
15. [27:59] Echoes

|| [98:57] Total

***Neonknight's Notes***
A new source to the community of this early DSOTM concert that I received on a pair of Mitsui discs from an experienced trading friend from the US about 7 years ago.

***Littlepieces' Mastering Notes***
This is a mono recording that was processed as two channel stereo. It has a phase shift that varies some but is generally about 16 samples for the 1st set and 5-16 samples for the 2nd set. So both channels were retained and manually aligned to improve the phasing.

The left channel gain was increased 3.0-3.9db in the Darkside set up to 2:48m into BD. From this point the sets SQ changes almost like a source change. Noise levels goes up and 9s seconds later the levels begin to rise and 35s later the left channel levels goes even higher. Output and hiss levels fluctuate in both channels but the left channel is notably more erratic. So I replaced the left channel with the right channel from 44:21m - 46:18m which is the last 80s of BD and the first 37s of Eclipse. No gain increase from 44:21m - 45:36m then multiple adjustments to both channels from +2.1db to +4.5db until the end of Darkside to help smooth the changes as much as possible without using any hiss reduction. The remaining volume fluctuations you hear in this segment are within the source as if the recording level is being changed. These cannot be addressed without segmenting further and reducing hiss to make the transitions transparent. No negative gain adjustments were made.

During the Darkside set BD has 1:37m more in the middle than rec1 because rec1 is missing music from around where the lyrics turn to how "the lunatic is in my head". There is also 50s of unaffected content not in rec1 prior to the SQ change at 2:48m into BD. It's also of note that this source's levels drop about 5s before Eclipse.

At the beginning of the 2nd set all of the audience and beginning of OoTD is louder than rest of the set, so I used the left channel as its output is lower, and replaced the right channel to avoid an obvious level difference or gain reduction. After this the left channel's gain was increased 1.5db up to 13:50m into Echoes. The 2nd set was phase shifted ~5 samples til 13:50m into Echoes when the shift increased to ~15 samples, or essentially the same as the 1st set and the left channel gain increase is no longer necessary. I realigned the channels again at this point to maintain proper phasing.

The speed was close enough most of the time, so I decided not to subject it to a SpC/resample.

The '3rd gen, 2nd source' CDR transfer of rec2 that seems to be related to this version runs about 2.5% faster, which accounts for this copy of the concert being ~2:40m longer. The levels and degree of phase shift and type of sound also differ so we can be confident that they are from different sources.

Scorpions - 1984-08-11 - Tokyo, JP (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

Super Rock in Japan 84
Tokyo, Japan - Seibu Stadium
PRO - 58m - NTSC - 1DVD - A

Disc received in trade>myHD>PR

Gspot Says:
DVD VOB format
Mpeg-2 Program Stream << {1 vid, 1 aud}
Sys Bitrate 10080 kb/s VBR 8869 kbps I/L TFF
NTSC 4:3 720x480

MPEG-a Layer 2 oxcO:48000hz 256 kb/s tot, Stereo

Menus No
Chapters yes

Klaus Meine - Lead Vocals
Matthias Jabs - Lead Guitar
Rudolf Schenker - Guitar
Francis Buchholz - Bass Guitar
Herman Rarebell - Drums

01. Blackout
02. Coming Home
03. Bad Boys Running Wild
04. Make It Real
05. Big City Nights
06. Coast To Coast
07. Rock you Like A Hurricane
08. Can’t Live Without You
09. Dynamite
10. The Zoo
11. Can’t Get Enough

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Giuffria - 1985-02-01 - Long Beach, CA (AUD/FLAC) by REQUEST

(Audience FLAC)

Master Tapers Concert Series - Volume (101) 

Band name: Giuffria 
Date: February 1, 1985 
Venue: Long Beach Arena 
Location: Long Beach, California, USA 
Tour name: Giuffria 

Media: 1 CDs 
Recording type: Audience 
Taper: Marco 
Recording Equipment: Unconfirmed 
Lineage: 1st Generation Analog (TDK D90)>Sony TC-WE475>PC>AUDACITY>WAV (16bit)>TLH>FLAC (8) 
Transfer/Mastering: July 2014 
Audio format: FLAC 
Total running time: 28:14 
Audio quality: 4+ 
Artwork: No 

David Glen Eisley - Vocals 
Craig Goldy - Guitars 
Gregg Giuffria - Keyboards, BG Vocals 
Chuck Wright - Bass, BG Vocals 
Alan Krigger - Drums, Percussion 

01 - Intro 

02 - Do Me Right 
03 - Don't Tear Me Down 
04 - Line Of Fire 
05 - Call To The Heart 
06 - Gregg Giuffria Keyboard Solo 
07 - Trouble Again 

Show comments: 
Opening for Deep Purple. 

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Bruce Springsteen - 1999-06-20 - Arnhem, NL (AUD/FLAC) Crystal Cat 496-98

(Audience FLAC)

Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band - Arnhem Night (Crystal Cat 496-98) 

Gelredome, Arnhem - Holland, 20th June 1999 

Original silver discs - dBpoweramp secure rip - flac level 6 

CD 1 
01 intro 
02 I wanna be with you 
03 The promised land 
04 Two hearts 
05 Darlington county 
06 Trapped 
07 Factory 
08 The river 
09 Youngstown 
10 Murder inc. 
11 Badlands 
12 Out in the street 

CD 2 

01 10th avenue freeze-out 
02 You can look (but you better not touch) 
03 Working on the highway 
04 The ghost of Tom Joad 
05 Meeting across The river 
06 Jungleland 
07 Light of day 
08 Cadillac ranch 
09 Hungry heart 
10 Born to run 

CD 3 

01 Bobby Jean 
02 Thunder road 
03 If I should fall behind 
04 Land of hope and dreams 

bonus tracks:
Arnhem, Gelredome (Netherlands) 19th June 1999
05 My love will not let you down
06 Prove it all night
07 Darkness on the edge of town
08 Rendezvous
09 Mansion on the hill
10 Where the bands are
11 Born in the USA
12 Backstreets
13 Stand on it

The Police - 1982-09-03 - Devore, CA (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

The Police
September 3, 1982
The US Festival
Glen Helen Regional Park
Devore, California, USA

Primary source: Master audience cassette
Nakamichi CM300 shotguns > Technics 686 > Maxell UD XL II
Playback: Nakamichi 680ZX > Tascam CD RW5000

Secondary source: low-gen. audience cassette received in trade (Dolby B Maxell USXLII) [used only for splices where noted].
transfer of secondary source: Nakamichi Dragon [Dolby B decoded] > Macintosh with DigiDesign AudioMedia III sound card.

disc 1 - main set - 71:08
01 [1:22] Voices Inside My Head
02 [3:56] Message in a Bottle
03 [4:02] Every Little Thing She Does is Magic
04 [4:21] Walking On The Moon
05 [0:40] band intros
06 [3:07] Spirits in a Material World
07 [3:26] Hungry for You
08 [4:13] When The World is Running Down
09 [4:50] The Bed's Too Big without You
10 [5:42] De Do Do Do De Da Da Da
11 [5:20] Demolition Man
12 [5:51] Shadows in the Rain
13 [5:37] Bring on the Night
14 [3:14] Driven to Tears >
15 [4:50] One World
16 [4:21] Invisible Sun
17 [6:16] Roxanne > crowd

disc 2 - encores - 19:34
01 [0:29] talk and crowd before encores
02 [3:31] Don't Stand So Close To Me >
03 [8:00] Can't Stand Losing You
04 [0:21] talk before last encore
05 [7:13] So Lonely > crowd

The splices from the secondary source are:

disc 1 edits:
The first 47 seconds of track 1
3:47 track 3 to the first second of track 4
All of track 5 to 4 seconds into track 6
3:23 track 7 to 4 seconds into track 8
The last second of track 9 to 3 seconds into track 10
5:19 track 10 to 7 seconds into track 11
5:28 track 17 (right as music ends) to end of disc 1

disc 2 edits:
All of track 1 to 1.6 seconds into track 2
3.7 seconds track 3 to 22 seconds track 3
7:20 track 3 to 5.4 seconds into track 4
6:39 track 5 (right as music ends) to end of disc 2

Other notes: speed match of secondary source to master, edits and retracking with Pro Tools. A few minor dropouts also repaired seamlessly. No equalization or noise reduction. New level 8 Flac files created with xACT (sector boundaries verified). md5 file created with checkSUM+.

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The Velvet Underground, Caught Between the Twisted Stars (FLAC)


Disc 1: Exploding Plastic Inevitable b/w Poor Richard's
01. Melody Laughter
02. Femme Fatale
03. Venus in Furs
04. Black Angels Death Song
05. All Tomorrow's Parties
06. Waiting for the Man
07. Heroin
08. Run Run Run
09. Poor Richard's

* 1-8: November 4, 1966 - Valleydale Ballroom, Columbus, Ohio
* 9: June 23, 1966 - Poor Richard's Club, Chicago, Illinois. This track is actually Heroin and Venus In Furs from Ronald Nameth's & Andy Warhol's EPI film and ends with 1:17 of an unidentified Sister Ray.

Disc 2: The Chic Mystique of Nothing Songs

01. Nothing Song
02. Venus Heroin
03. Chic Mystique
04. Train 'Round the Bend/Oh! Sweet Nuthin'

* 1: November 4, 1966 - Valleydale Ballroom, Columbus, Ohio
* 2: February 7, 1966 - USA Artists, WNET TV, New York City, New York
* 3: January 8, 1966 - Delmonico's Hotel, New York City, New York
* 4: May 1970 - Second Fret, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This track ends with a 2:20 instrumental - same source as the hidden track on Ostrich/Hilltop CD but longer excerpt.

Disc 3: Sweet Sister Rayn's Heroin

01. Sweet Sister Ray
02. Sister Ray
03. Hey Mr. Rain
04. Heroin

* 1,4: April 30, 1968 - La Cave, Cleveland, Ohio
* 2: March 15, 1969 - The Boston Tea Party, Boston, Massachusetts
* 3: June 6, 1993 - Wembley Arena, London, England

Disc 4: Illuminations of Atonality

01. Searchin' "Swan mix"
02. Lady Godiva's Operation "mono mix"
03. The Gift
04. Run Run Run
05. What Goes On
06. Guess I'm Falling in Love
07. A Short Lived Torture of Cacophony
08. Black Angels Death Song
09. The Biggest, Loudest, Hairiest Group of All
10. A Distant Mirror

* 1,2: September 1967 - Mayfair Recording Studio, New York City, New York
* 3: June 6, 1993 - Wembley Arena, London, England
* 4: August 2, 1969 - Hilltop Rock Festival, Ringe, New Hampshire
* 5: listed as "1968 live" - this is really the same version as 1969 Live album
* 6: April 1967 - Gymnasium, New York City, New York
* 7: listed as "New York City 1965", actually a part of Columbus '66 Melody Laughter recorded backwards
* 8,9: January 29, 1972 - Bataclan Club, Paris, France
* 10: the VU Rock & Roll Hall of fame introduction by Patti Smith, the band accepting the award, the band playing Last Night I Said Goodbye To A Friend, then Ghost Story from the Bataclan show, then 53 seconds of I'm Waiting For The Man from Max's Kansas City '70

The package is a CD size cardboard one, with 4 individual CD sleeves inside, each made to look like a 45 RPM singles picture sleeve. There is a photo of the Trip Club poster, Poor Richard's poster, Balloon Farm poster, and a few photos of the band and a photo of Andy Warhol peeling a large banana on the back cover. The 64-page booklet includes a Sterling Morrison interview with Greg Barrios, a review of VU & Nico album by Timothy Jacobs from Vibrations No. 2, July, 1967, Chicago Happenings by Larry McCombes from Zig Zag, Vol. 5, No. 1, April/May, 1974, New York Art And The Velvet Underground by Jonathan Richman from Vibrations, September 1967, A Quiet Night at the Balloon Farm by Richard Goldstein, Problems in Urban Living by Richard Somma, and another interview with Sterling, Reflections In A Lone Star Beer. This set is supposedly a limited edition of 500 copies. **some guy from the internet**

> A magnificent CD compilation of the most legendary (and deservedly so) of all Velvet Underground bootleg material, Caught Between the Twisted Stars is a four-disc collection drawn from throughout the original band's career (plus the 1993 reunion), lavishly packaged, beautifully annotated by an epic 64 page booklet, packed with interviews and press reports, and just about all the live VU you could possibly need. From 1966, the legendary showing at Chicago's ~Poor Richard's, where John Cale took lead vocals from an unwell Lou Reed for "Heroin" and "Venus in Furs," appears in best ever sound. From 1968, the mystery-draped "Sweet Sister Ray" transforms the band's best-known soundscape into a "Pale Blue Eyes"-esque ballad; from 1969, the truly infamous and utterly devastating "guitar amp" version of "Sister Ray" explodes with such vivacity that even if you know it by heart, it'll still take you by surprise. The performance was taped, apparently, with the recording equipment connected straight to Lou Reed's guitar monitor, rendering band and vocals a ghost in the distance while unimagined chords, riffs, and solos slice the top off your skull. Elsewhere, "A Short Lived Torture of Cacophony," from a New York performance in 1965, turns out to be a gripping rendition of the pre-Velvets Reed composition "Fever in My Pocket," while a pair of performances from Reed, John Cale, and Nico's 1972 reunion at the Paris ~Bataclan, have a sparse, acoustic charm which stands in absolute polarity to everything else on the box. Occasionally across the four discs, the sound quality lets you down a little -- "Chic Mystique," a rare jam from early 1966, is essentially hiss and drum beat with dissonant ambience somewhere in the distance, while the oft-praised "Venus Heroin" medley is scarcely even discernible. So, not everything in the collection bears repeated listens, although it's interesting that the flattest moments actually come from the 1993 reunion -- and are, as such, the most hi-fi things in sight. Whether the original Velvets rehearsed regularly or not, in concert their every movement appeared to be a step into the absolute unknown. Reformed, there was no room for any kind of unexpected maneuver, and so they recite "The Gift" with weary familiarity, or plod through "Hey Mr Rain" like they left their umbrellas at home. Musically, it's exemplary. Spiritually, it's crushing. Such lowlights, however, are the exception. Regardless of quality, the performances from 1966-1970 (and 1972) not only capture some scintillating highs, they represent a band going hell-for-leather toward a level of artistic accomplishment which even they were only partially aware of -- and whose actual significance would not be realized for years to come. A murderous mystery indeed. **Dave Thompson, All Music Guide**

The FLAC files are tagged with as much information as possible. If you're converting to another format your best bet is probably gonna be to burn 4 CDs from these here FLAC files and then let CDDB do the tagging for you.

Fingerprints, checksums, packaging images (front, back & inside), album covers (front & back) and cd images included (all images in both 72dpiRGB.png & 300dpiCMYK.tif).

The Police - 1981-01-30 - Okayama, JP (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

The Police 
Zenyatta Mondatta Japan Tour 1981&#12288; 
January 30, 1981 
Kurashiki Shiminkaikan, Okayama, Japan. 

Source: Audience Recording 
Lineage: Master tape > Sony PCM-M10 96KHz 24Bit > Sound Engine > 
44.1KHz 16Bit WAV > Xrecode II > FLAC 
* It was reeditted on July 28, 2016. EQ: on 
Taper: japrainbow 

Sting: Bass, Vocals 
Andy Summers: Guitar 
Stwart Copeland: Drums

01: Voices Inside My Head (Introduction) 
02: Don't Stand So Close To Me 
03: Walking On The Moon 
04: Deathwish 
05: Fall Out 
06: Man In A Suitcase 
07: Bring On The Night 
08: De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da 
09: Truth Hit's Every Body 
10: Shadows In The Rain 

01: When The World Is Running Down, You Make The Best Of What's Still Around 
02: The Bed's Too Big Without You 
03: Driven To Tears 
04: Message In A Bottle (fade out) 
05: Roxanne (fade in)

06: Can't Stand Losing You 
07: So Lonely

Jeff Beck with Stanley Clarke - 1978-11-28 - Okayama, JP (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Jeff Beck with Stanley Clarke 
Dates: November 23, 1978 
Venue: Kurashiki Shimin Kaikan, Okayama, Japan. 

Source: Audience Recording 
Lineage: Master tape > Sony PCM-M10 96KHz 24Bit > Sound Engine > 
44.1KHz 16Bit WAV > Xrecode II > FLAC 
* It was reeditted on July 28, 2016. EQ: on 
Taper: japrainbow 

Jeff Beck: Guitar 
Stanley Clarke: Bass 
Anthony Hymas: Keyboards 
Simon Phillips: Drums

01: Darkness / Earth In Search Of A Sun 
02: Star Cycle 
03: Freeway Jam 
04: Hot Rock 
05: Goodbye Pork Pie Hat 
06: Stanley Solo 
07: School Days 
07: Too Much To Lose 

01: Lopsy Lu 
02: Scatterbrain ~ Drums Solo 
03: Diamond Dust 
04: Rock'n Roll Jelly 
05: Cause We've Ended As Lovers 
06: Blue Wind 

AC/DC with Axl Rose - 2016-09-14 - New York, NY

(Audience FLAC)

AC/DC with Axl Rose 
Madison Square Garden, New York, NY 
September 14th, 2016 
Recorded by viper from Section 225, Row 12, Seat 10 (See photos included for my view) 
Source: Nokia Lumia Icon w/built-in HAAC mics > Audio Recorder Pro app > 16bit/48 KHz PCM/WAV 
Encoding: Trader's Little Helper > FLAC (Level 8) 

Original FLAC files (16-bit, 48kHz) > xAct 2.37 (decode to WAV) > iZotope RX Advanced 1.30.768 (resample to 44.1kHz) > xAct 2.37 (encode to flac, align sectors, ffp). 

00 Intro 
01 Rock or Bust 
02 Shoot to Thrill 
03 Hell Ain't a Bad Place to Be 
04 Back in Black 
05 Got Some Rock & Roll Thunder 
06 Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap 
07 Rock 'n' Roll Damnation 
08 Thunderstruck 
09 High Voltage 
10 Rock 'n' Roll Train 
11 Hells Bells 
12 Given the Dog a Bone 
13 If You Want Blood (You've Got It) 
14 Live Wire 
15 Sin City 
16 You Shook Me All Night Long 
17 Shot Down in Flames 
18 Have a Drink on Me 
19 T.N.T. 
20 Whole Lotta Rosie 
21 Let There Be Rock (with Angus Young guitar solo) 

22 Audience/Pre-HtH Solo 
23 Highway to Hell 
24 Riff Raff 
25 For Those About to Rock (We Salute You) 
26 Post-Show Comments 

Length: 146mins, 32secs (2hrs, 26mins, 32secs) 

When I first heard this AC/DC w/Axl Rose thing was happening I thought "you have got to be kidding me mates! this is going to be an abomination". AC/DC is my favorite band of all-time and this guy was about to ruin my favorite band's legacy. Well, I couldn't have been more wrong. Mr. Rose Ruled! He truly redeemed himself this year, both with Guns and Roses and as Guest Vocalist with the greatest band that's ever been. Dare I hope for an actual studio album w/Mr. Rose and then a farewell tour? 

More Notes: 
One on-the-fly split after track 21. Everything else split with Audacity. Again, a pretty good capture with my Nokia Lumia Icon but please let me know what you think. Some samples in the comments below. Photos and videos here:

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Tom Waits - 1975-12-12 - Minneapolis, MN (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

KQRS-FM Broadcast > Silver CD > CDR > EAC > WAV > FLAC

Tom Waits Live at ASI Studios

01 Introduction 00:26
02 Emotional Weather Report 06:23
03 Eggs And Sausage (Introduction) 05:51
04 Eggs And Sausage 03:04
05 Better Off Without A Wife 04:47
06 Semi Suite 06:27
07 Spare Parts 08:10
08 The Ghosts Of Saturday Night/The Heart Of Saturday Night 08:24
09 New Coat Of Paint 02:24
10 Warm Beer And Cold Women 05:47
11 Virginia Avenue 02:47
12 San Diego Serenade 04:25
13 Putnam County 06:37
14 Ol' 55 04:02

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U2 - 2017-05-17 - Santa Clara, CA (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Levis Stadium
Santa Clara, Ca
May 17, 2017

Recorded by Daspyknows
Recorded from 50 yard line about 5 to 10 feet off dead center
(same spot as my 1987 Joshue Tree recordings)
Schoeps MK41/NBox Platinum Tascam DR-2D 24 Bit 48K

Processed using Soundforge 11, resample, to 16bit 44.1K
TLH to convert to Flac

Master 2017.15

01. Sunday Bloody Sunday
02. New Year's Day
03. A Sort Of Homecoming / America (snippet)
04. Bad / America (snippet)
05. Pride (In The Name Of Love)
06. Where The Streets Have No Name
07. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
08. With Or Without You
09. Bullet The Blue Sky
10. Running To Stand Still
11. Red Hill Mining Town
12. In God's Country
13. Trip Through Your Wires
14. One Tree Hill
15. Exit / Eeny Meeny Miny Moe (snippet)
16. Mothers Of The Disappeared / El Pueblo Vencera (snippet)
17. Crowd

18. Beautiful Day / Do You Know The Way To San Jose (snippet)
19. Elevation
20. Ultra Violet (Light My Way)
21. One
22. Miss Sarajevo / The New Colossus (snippet)
23. The Little Things That Give You Away

30th Anniversary of Joshua Tree, where has the time gone. I knew I needed to do this show since my original Joshua Tree tour recordings were some of the most well known recordings from a 35 year taping career. How times have changed. For those shows we had 60 pounds of gear and help from security. Now we have 2 pounds of equipment but need to really work to get tickets, beat walk through metal detectors, wands and stupid security rules. I got down there early and was waiting for another taping friend who had my ticket reserved. My friends  ended up running late and getting caught in traffic meanwhile there were rumours of an earlier start due to curfew and train issues. While I was killing time listening to my 11/15/87 recording in the car I ran the battery down. Dumb move and another jump in the stress level. I heard from a fellow taper who got his gear in and I said I would be late so make sure to capture the opener Mumford and Sons since I didn't expect to be in by the start. My friends showed up, I packed up  his gear since better to have one point of failure sneakking gear in. Got to security and passed through almost unscathed. They wouldn't let me bring in my oranges. Since when is a tasty little tangerine a security risk? Next stop was the bathroom to get set up. Both of us went into a  handicapped stall together to get rigged up (it is SF) and we went out to the GA floor. Security then said no plastic water bottle and I had to pour it into a cup. Poured the water bottle into a cup, found my spot and poured the cup back into the bottle. Had about 10-15 minutes and spotted the other taper 30 feet to my left. Mumford and Sons came on and played for about 50 minutes. Between bands it got quite a bit more crowded and then a bit before 9 Larry Mullen Jr starts walking around the stage and makes his way to the B stage which was anout 20 feet in front and to my left. He sits down and starts the drum intro to Sunday Bloody Sunday. As they blast into the song  I notice how good it sounds. The first part of the stage is on the B stage but I am looking straight ahead not seeing much of the band but enjoying every note. From there they blast into one early vintage song after another. The video screens are also entertaining and I am pretty sure I recognized the road they used in the video footage during Where The Streets Have No Name. For me this was the best U2 show in a long long time. There was some political overtones which were expected and enjoyable and Bono was able to convey his view that we all are on this planet together so we should all work to make it a better place. Before I knew it the set was over and we were waiting on an encore. This was generally newer material and they ended right at 11 on a high note. Made my way back to my car and my friend was waiting  with jumper cables. Got the car started and made it home after a great evening. Enjoy this one.

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Jeff Wayne - 2014-12-16 - Amsterdam, NL (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Jeff Wayne's Musical Version of 'The War Of The Worlds' - The New Generation: Alive On Stage! 

Heineken Music Hall 
The Netherlands 

16th December 2014 (2014-12-16) 


Type: Audience master, recorded from seat in the centre of row 11 of the stalls, approximately 15 metres from the stage. 

Source: Factory-matched pair of Schoeps CCM 41V microphones (DINa mounted) -> Marantz PMD661 recorder with Oade Concert Mod (-18 dB gain/44.1 kHz/24 bit WAV) 

Lineage: Audacity 2.0.6 
* Applied envelope tool for minor amplification. 
* Applied Click Removal effect to attenuate small amounts of applause (Threshold 200/Max Spike Width 40). 
* Attenuated a few peaks caused by pyrotechnics. 
* Added fades. 
* Split tracks. 
* Converted to 16 bit. 
-> FLAC (compression level 8) [libFLAC 1.3.1 20141125] 

Taper: Ian Macdonald (ianmacd) 


Act I: The Coming Of The Martians 
01. [01:16] [intro] 
02. [03:13] H.G. Wells (Part 1) 
03. [03:03] The Prequel 
04. [10:14] The Eve Of The War 
05. [12:08] Horsell Common And The Heat Ray 
06. [12:07] The Artilleryman And The Fighting Machine 
07. [07:53] Forever Autumn 
08. [06:13] Thunder Child 

Act II: The Earth Under The Martians 
09. [02:36] H.G. Wells (Part 2) 
10. [01:34] Distant Shores 
11. [06:56] The Red Weed (Part 1) 
12. [12:01] The Spirit Of Man 
13. [05:24] The Red Weed (Part 2) 
14. [03:20] The Artilleryman Returns 
15. [13:44] Brave New World/Life Begins Again 
16. [05:30] Dead London (Part 1) 
17. [03:47] Dead London (Part 2) 
18. [04:28] Epilogue (Part 1)/Life Begins Again (Reprise) 
19. [01:58] H.G. Wells (Part 3) 
20. [02:12] Epilogue (Part 2) NASA 
21. [05:04] [cast & band introductions] 

Total running time: 124:55 

lunedì 15 maggio 2017

U2 - 2017-05-12- Vancouver, BC (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Edgerulz- ZoomH2 GA
Taper: joekickass

01 Sunday Bloody Sunday
02 New Years Day
03 A Sort of Homecoming
04 MLK
05 Pride
06 Where the Streets Have No Name
07 I Still Havent Found What Im Looking For
08 With or Without You
09 Bullet the Blue Sky
10 Running to Stand Still
11 Red Hill Mining Town
12 In Gods Country
13 Trip Through Your Wires
14 One Tree Hill
15 Exit
16 Mothers of the Disappeared
17 Encore Break
18 Beautiful Day
19 Elevation
20 Ultraviolet (Light My Way)
21 Bono Talking
22 One
23 Miss Sarajevo
24 The Little Things That Give You Away

Recorded on the floor, about 10 people from the outer stage ramp on edge's side, just to left of center stage. Should have been Mid mic Gain, but looking at my recorder now, could have been Low mic gain, Rec level was 73. My previous recordings are too high and distorted, this one is much nicer to listen to. I listened with headphones and I think it sound great. First show, so I was really there to enjoy it so there is some talking in between songs, but the none during. Do with it what you will, I'm just sharing. Enjoy.

domenica 14 maggio 2017

Pete Townshend - 1965-1975 - The Genuine Scoop (STU/SHN)

(Home Studio Recordings SHN)

Bootleg Label: HIWATT
5 cd Set

bootleg [unclekurty's wallet] > eac (secure) > wav > shn(seekable)

Disc 1 [A]
01. My Generation
02. It's Not True
03. Circles
04. Things Have Changed
05. La-La-Lies
06. Call Me Lightning
07. The Kids Are Alright
08. I'm A Boy
09. Do The Strip
10. Kill My Appetite
11. I Can See For Miles
12. I Always Say
13. Run Run Run
14. Disguises
15. Don't Look Away
16. Politician
17. So Sad About Us
18. Happy Jack
19. Substitute
20. Pictures of Lily
21. Melancholia
22. Magic Bus
23. King Rabbit
24. Lazy Fat People
25. Riot In A Female Jail
26. Accidents

Disc 2 [B]
01. Dogs
02. That Motherland Feeling
03. Rael Pts 1-9
04. Overture
05. It's A Boy
06. 1921
07. Amazing Journey
08. Sparks
09. Christmas
10. The Acid Queen
11. Underture
12. Do You Think It's Alright?
13. Pinball Wizard
14. There's A Doctor
15. Go To The Mirror
16. Success
17. Tommy Can You Hear Me?
18. Smash The Mirror
19. Sensation
20. Miracle Cure
21. Sally Simpson
22. I'm Free
23. Tommy's Holiday Camp
24. Welcome
25. We're Not Gonna Take It
26. Mary Jane
27. Can't You See I'm Easy

Disc 3 [C]
01. Pure and Easy
02. Teenage Wasteland
03. Going Mobile
04. Baba O'Riley
05. Time Is Passing
06. Love Ain't For Keeping
07. Bargain
08. Too Much Of Anything
09. Greyhound Girl
10. Mary
11. Behind Blue Eyes
12. I Don't Even Know Myself
13. Getting In Tune
14. Won't Get Fooled Again
15. The Song Is Over

Disc 4 [D]
01. Let's See Action
02. Join Together
03. Relay
04. Put The Money Down
05. Long Live Rock
06. Love Reign O'er Me
07. Is It In My Head?
08. I've Had Enough
09. The Real Me
10. Sea And Sand
11. The Punk Meets The Godfather
12. I'm One
13. Dirty Jobs
14. Bell Boy
15. Cut My Hair
16. Drowned
17. Slip Kid

Disc 5 [E]
1. No Way Out (However Much I Booze)
2. Squeeze Box
3. Girl In A Suitcase
4. Gonna Fight To Make You Mine
5. Keep On Turning
6. Who Are You
7. Love Is Coming Down
8. New Song
9. Sister Disco
10. Never Ask Me
11. I Like It The Way It Is
12. Love Is Wine
13. Broken Nails
14. Keep On Working
15. Guitar And Pen
16. Music Must Change
17. Empty Glass
18. No Road Romance

Review by OSWALD From Hotwacks:
Billed as home studio recordings from 1965-1975, this set is a pretty monumental collection of Townsend's demos. The nature of the material makes it impossible to tell how comprehensive it is, but a quick glance imparts that this collection very nicely supercedes a series of releases, both underground and sanctioned. As any Who fan knows, Townsend's home demos make for fascinating listening -- many of the arrangements, licks, and even vocal phrasing is already present on these rougher takes. Add to that a sort of home-made funkiness (think a more pissed-off, English version of the Band), and you have a set of recordings that stack up very well against their more familiar later, full-band versions. Townsend has leaked out this
sort of stuff on the SCOOP collections for some time, but those have always been piecemeal affairs -- one track from here, another from ten years later, synth instrumentals next to unreleased songs. This collection is wonderfully focused, chronological, and in pretty strong fidelity. The three Who benchmarks, TOMMY, WHO'S NEXT, and QUADROPHENIA, are well represented, as are a host of popular album and singles tracks in sketchbook form. The thrill of having these cuts in one place and in a reasonable order is indescribable. The drawbacks to this set are few -- sound quality is pretty consistant, the material is endlessly engaging. My one complaint is the packaging. A cool mini-poster of rare foreign EP sleeves is killer, but there are no notes to put the cuts into context. That being said, it's pretty obvious where this stuff comes from, an it should be of major interest to Who buffs the world over. Pete's demo of "Empty Glass" might be the most intense thing he ever laid down...

Review by Matt Whipple from Hypertext Who:
This is another beautiful package from HIWATT! A super 5 CD set complete with a 9.5" x 14" double-sided poster. The tracks are all PT demos presented in chronological order of when they were recorded. The back insert states: "ALL TRACKS RECORDED 1965-1975 BY PETE TOWNSHEND
IN HIS HOME STUDIOS: OLD CHURCH STREET, CHELSEA AND TWICKENHAM". Although I doubt that any of the tracks for Who Are You were recorded prior to 1975. The majority of these tracks were taken from Pete's Scoop series, The Lifehouse Chronicles and Pete's website. Disc 1 actually has a 26th song not listed on the disc - Accidents (this was written by Pete for the Thunderclap Newman release - w. Speedy Keene and a very young Jimmy McCollough a lead guitarist). On Disc 2, last 2 seconds of track 3 starts to play Jaguar. Disc 5, Track 18 - should be No Road Romance NOT No Road Running as stated on the back scan. The others are from various bootlegs still not officially released. An initial listen reveals excellent sound quality.

Paul McCartney - 2015-06-23 - Charlottesville, VA (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

John Paul Jones Arena
Charlottesville , Virginia
June 23, 2015

Recorded by bcironmaiden
Recorded w/ SP-CMC-8 Sound Professionals Deluxe Audio Technica Cardioid Stereo Microphones >
SP-SPSB-1 Sound Professionals Mini Battery Module > Olympus LS-10 Linear PCM Recorder HD > Sony Sound Forge 96khz/24bit > 44khz/16bit > CD Wave Editor Track Split >
TLH ( Flac 8 ) > You

Paul McCartney - Vocals/Bass/Guitar/Piano
Brian Ray - Bass/Guitar
Rusty Anderson - Lead Guitar
Wix Wickens - Keys
Abe Laboriel - Drums

01. Eight Days A Week
02. Save Us
03. Got To Get You Into My Life
04. One After 909
05. Temporary Secretary
06. Let Me Roll It
07. Foxy Lady Jam
08. Paperback Writer
09. My Valentine
10. Nineteen Hundred And Eighty-Five
11. The Long And Winding Road
12. Maybe I'm Amazed
13. I've Just Seen A Face
14. We Can Work It Out
15. Another Day
16. Hope For The Future
17. And I Love Her
18. Blackbird
19. Here Today
20. New
21. Queenie Eye
22. Lady Madonna
23. All Together Now
24. Lovely Rita
25. Eleanor Rigby
26. Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite!
27. Something
28. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da
29. Band On The Run
30. Back In The U.S.S.R.
31. Let It Be
32. Live And Let Die
33. Hey Jude
34. Encore:
35. Another Girl
36. Hi, Hi, Hi
37. Can't Buy Me Love
38. Yesterday
39. Helter Skelter
40. Brings People On Stage
41. Golden Slumbers
42. Carry That Weight
43. The End


Amazing show by Paul and Band !!!! I took my Daughters to this show (10 & 12 They LOVE McCartney & all things Beatles , I'm doing a good job as a Daddy ). The look on their faces when Paul came out was worth every penny spent on this LONG road trip ..... 303 Miles . We wanted to go to Philly but the website for Wells Fargo bounced me out while checking out .... it does that quite often !!!!! So we spent a couple days down in sunny Virginia . So glad we went to this show .... The sound in JPJ Arena is WAAAAY better than Wells Fargo .... WAY BETTER !!!! At any rate , Great show , Great venue , Great time with the family .... Sound is really good , no talkers or singers , only clapping between songs .

sabato 13 maggio 2017

The Rolling Stones - 1983 - Sing Me Back Home (STU/FLAC)

The Rolling Stones - 1983 - Sing Me Back Home
(Studio FLAC)

Rolling Stones xxxx-xx-xx Outtakes 1983-1983 (Sing Me Back Home) (16-bit) (FLAC)

OBR 458031

LP -> Dual CS2215 -> Technics SU-V470 -> Soundblaster Live! -> Cool Edit Pro/Adobe Audition (declicking) -> FLAC Frontend -> DIME

Artwork included (front = original LP artwork, back = modified by me)

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, hotel room, December 1983

01 Oh Boy
02 So Sad
03 Cathy's Clown
04 I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now
05 Memphis Tennessee
06 Wanna Hold You
07 All Shook Up
08 Let's Spend The Night Together
09 Wild Horses
10 Time Is On My Side
11 In My Mind
12 Tutti Frutti
13 Blue Moon
14 Sing Me Back Home
15 You Win Again
16 Born To Loose
17 Think It Over
18 It's So Easy
19 Well Allright
20 Summertime Blues
21 Crying, Waiting, Hoping
22 That'll Be The Day
23 Love Is Strange
24 Learning The Game

mercoledì 10 maggio 2017

Marc Cohn - 2016-11-17 - Dallas, TX (AUD/FLAC) by REQUEST

(Audience FLAC)

Marc Cohn
The Kessler Theater
Dallas, TX
November 17, 2016
25th Anniversary Tour

Source info:
AT831 cards(3-wire)>AT8538x>Naiant Tinybox(P48)>Sony PCM-M10(24/96)>Adobe Audition CS6(normalize, tracking)>Ozone 7(mastering, resample/dither)>TLH>Flac(6)

Taper: David Sell (Falconidave)
Location: Floor, FOB, DFC
Sound Quality: Excellent

Marc Cohn - Organ, Acoustic guitar, Electric Piano, Vocals
Glen Patcha - Piano, Organ, Vocals
Joe Bonadillo - percussion
Kevin Barry - Guitar, steel guitar

01. From the Station
02. Ghost Train
03. ~banter~
04. Silver Thunderbird
05. Dig Down Deep
06. Chilly Wind
07. The Rainy Season
08. 29 Ways
09. Perfect Love
10. ~banter~
11. Listening to Levon
12. ~banter~
13. Walking in Memphis
14. True Companion

15. One Safe Place


I never miss a chance to share the music with Marc Cohn. This was a really special show as the 25th anniversary of his iconic 1st album, containing many of the songs he performed this night. Pardon the occasional sniffle as his songs just reach a deeper part of my soul. The mix was exquisite, and a very well behaved crowd around me. Crank it up!!

The Who - 1972-08-16 - Brussels, Belgium (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Summertime Mods 

Forest National, Brussels, Belgium 
Killing Floor (KF 99028/29) 

Silver CD --> WAVE (xACT) --> FLAC 8 

Quality: VG- AUD (Stereo) 

01 I Can't Explain 
02 Shakin' All Over 
03 My Wife 
04 Summertime Blues 
05 Baba O'Riley 
06 Behind Blue Eyes 
07 Bargain 
08 Won't Get Fooled Again 
09 Magic Bus 

01 Relay 
02 Pinball Wizard 
03 See Me, Feel Me 
04 My Generation 
05 Sparks 
06 Naked Eye 
07 Long Live Rock 

This is one of the better sounding audience recordings from 1972. 
There is a cut in "Won't Get Fooled Again" at 5:40, and in "Naked Eye" at 1:44.

martedì 9 maggio 2017

Humble Pie - 1972-09-17 - Boston, MA (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Humble Pie 
Boston Music Hall 
September 17 1972 

Trade CDR > Eac Test & Copy Secure Mode > Wav > TLH > Flac lvl 8 

Audience recording 

01.Up Our Sleeve (pop @ 2:22) 
02.Guitar Tuning 
03.C'mon Everybody 
04.Guitar Tuning 
05.Honky Tonk Woman 
06.Guitar Tuning 
07.I Wonder 
08.Hallelujah I Love Her So 
09.Guitar Intro > 
10.I Don't Need No Doctor 
11.Hot'n Nasty 
12.Four Day Creep 
13.Road Runner

lunedì 8 maggio 2017

Björk - 2016-09-24 - London, UK (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Artist: Björk 
Date: 2016-09-24 
Venue: Hammersmith Apollo, London, UK 

Source Info: 
Matched DPA4060s > Core Sound HEB BBox (flat) > Edirol R-09HR > FLAC 

01 - Stonemilker 
02 - Lionsong 
03 - History Of Touches 
04 - Black Lake 
05 - Family 
06 - Notget 
07 - Aurora 
08 - I'Ve Seen It All 
09 - Jóga 
10 - Quicksand 
11 - Mouth Mantra 
12 - Bachelorette 
13 - The Anchor Song 
14 - Pluto

Running time: 92' 

domenica 7 maggio 2017

Rush - 2015-06-29 - New York, NY (2xDVDfull aud-shot)

(2xDVDfull aud-shot)

Madison Square Garden

Here’s the third R40 show I filmed complete. Out of the three I think Philly is best. This one is similar to St Paul in that it’s a side-ish view of the stage, this time from Geddy’s side. Warning: TMMB is nearly unwatchable due to the lights. Just skip that one, or you can use it as a bathroom break. :-)

Many thanks to spitback for the awesome matrix he created from our two audio sources. It greatly enhances this project.

DISC 1: 1:05:46
01 - Video: The World Is… The World Is
02 - The Anarchist
03 - Headlong Flight
04 - Far Cry
05 - The Main Monkey Business
06 - One Little Victory
07 - Animate
08 - Roll The Bones
09 - Distant Early Warning
10 - Losing It
11 - Subdivisions

DISC 2: 1:32:08
01 - Video: No Country For Old Hens
02 - Tom Sawyer
03 - Red Barchetta
04 - The Spirit of Radio
05 - Jacob’s Ladder
06 - Hemispheres Prelude
07 - Cygnus X-1
08 - Closer To The Heart
09 - Xanadu
10 - 2112 (Overture/Temples of Syrinx/Presentation/Grand Finale)
11 - Video: Mel’s Rock Pile
12 - Lakeside Park
13 - Anthem
14 - What You're Doing
15 - Working Man
16 - Video: Exit Stage Left

Video (tapehead2): Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS3 @ 1280x720p (AVCHD Lite)
Audio source 1 (spitback): Schoeps MK41s > Nbob actives > Tinybox (OT) > Sony PCM-M10
Audio source 2 (tapehead2): SP-CMC-8 (AT943) > SP-SPSB-10 > Edirol R-09
Audio matrix created by: spitback

FCPX > iDVD (Professional Quality 2-pass variable bit rate encoding) > disc image > Toast > DVD > VIDEO_TS file

Media: Two DVD+/-R (DVD5, single layer)
Menu: Yes Chapters: Yes
Video: NTSC 16:9, 720x480, 29.97fps, VBR 8000
Audio: Stereo LPCM, 48kHz, 1536kbps

Notes (all audio intact):
1) Two segments (13 seconds then 9 seconds) of Headlong Flight freeze-framed
2) 19 seconds of The Main Monkey Business freeze-framed—but the whole song is ruined by the lights anyway
3) Most of Mel’s Rock Pile video, all of Lakeside Park and first part of Anthem (5 minutes total) taken from YouTube clip uploaded by user “mrputerz.”

A Tapehead2 Production

Depeche Mode - 2017-05-05 - Stockholm, SWE (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Depeche Mode 
City: Stockholm, Sweden 
Venue: Friends Arena (Solna) 
Date: 2016-09-01 
Audience: 37.040 

Taper: Trekytt 

Master - **** 44.1-16 BIT **** 

AT 943 External Stereo Microphones >> SP-SPSB-10-80020 - Sound Professionals - Micro-mini microphone power supply with mini 12vdc battery >> Olympus LS- 10 >> 30m from stage >> WavePad Editor >> 48 / 24 Bit >> Dithered 44.1-16 Bit >> Songsplit >> Tracking >> Wave >> FLAC Level 8 >> DIME >> You

Dave Gahan - Vocals 
Martin L.Gore - Synths, Guitar, Vocals 
Andrew Fletcher - Synth, Back-Up Vocals 
Peter Gordeno - Synth, Bass 
Christian Eigner - Drums 

01 Intro 
02 Going Backwards 
03 So Much Love 
04 Barrel Of A Gun 
05 A Pain That I´m Used To 
06 Corrupt 
07 In Your Room 
08 World In My Eyes 
09 Cover Me 
10 Home 
11 A Question of Lust 
12 Poison Heart 
13 Where´s The Revolution 
14 Wrong 
15 Everything Counts 
16 Stripped 
17 Enjoy The Silence 
18 Never Let Me Down Again 
19 Encore Break 
20 Somebody 
21 Walking In My Shoes 
22 Heroes (Bowie-cover) 
23 I Feel You 
24 Personal Jesus 
25 Outro 

Total Running Time: 2 Hours : 13 Minutes : 36 Seconds 

Excellent concert by the "synth-masters". Only negative thing is perhaps that they only played 5 songs from the latest LP. Otherwise a great concert but somehow a little bit predictable. If you compare with other "stadium-rock-bands" like "The Cure", who practiced about 100 songs and mixed their setlists every night then of course this is something totally else. 

As an old fan of the "synth-masters" I understand that they work in a different way. Also maybe partly the pressure to deliver the hits like "Enjoy The Silence", "In Your Room" or "Never Let Me Down Again" is something they have to take into account when preparing the setlist. Also they have never really been a band that can switch songs as they wish. 

I only hope for the sake of the fans seeing them later on this tour, that they will include more new songs, as the new LP is really the strongest for the last 10 years. This is ofcourse only my "humple opinion". "Cover Me" worked really well live. 

It doesn´t mean that their latest 3-4 albums are bad, just the new LP "Spirit" is an "right-trough" strong album with almost all songs have potential to become DM-classics. At least in my "humble opinion". 

The TV-screens in the stadium also of course has to be in synch with the actual song being played, so once again I really understand how this machinery works, just a bit sad that they could have mixed it up with some other older songs and play at least 2 more songs from the excellent new LP. New songs like "Scum" or "Fail" are too good to 
be left out. 

The TV-screens were really great, I think most of you will enjoy the "visuals". 

I have to give credit to the other "stadium-veterans" U2, when they toured "ZOO TV" they played 8 songs of the "Achtung Baby"-album every night. Again we are talking about a different "stadium-rock-monster" here. 

Personal highlights for me this evening was hearing all 5 new songs and ofcourse the songs "Barrel of A Gun" and "Home" from my favorite DM-album "Ultra". 

Of course each and everyone of you has different opinions and let´s face it, It´s very hard for an "stadium-rock-band" to please every human being out 40.000-50.000. 

Also they payed tribute to Bowie with the cover "Heroes". Great stuff. 

sabato 6 maggio 2017

Dire Straits - 1979-03-31 - San Francisco, CA (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

"The New Old Waldorf"

Button Kodak Silver CD-R > LiteOn iHAP322 > EAC v. 0.99 Prebeta 4 (Secure, Offset Correct @ +6,0,24 bytes) > FLAC (Level 8) > You !

01. Down to the Waterline

02. Six Blade Knife
03. Once Upon a Time in the West
04. Lady Writer
05. Water of Love
06. In the Gallery
07. News
08. What's the Matter Baby
09. Lions
10. Sultans of Swing
11. Wild West End
12. Where Do You Think You're Going?
13. Eastbound Train
14. Southbound Again

Geetarz Comments:
Most excellent! Once again, Button does it best with this effort. This combines the best quality parts from all available sources to make the best possible recording of this show. An essential part of any DS collection. If it's "Button" ... you know it's good!

giovedì 4 maggio 2017

Bruce Springsteen - 1975-09-23 - Ann Arbor, MI (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band 
Yes We're Going to a Party Party 
Hill Auditorium 
Ann Arbor, MI 
September 23, 1975 
JEMS Archive 

2nd Generation Reel > DAT > Wavelab 6 capture and master > Peak Pro XT (re-indexing) > xACT > FLAC 

01 Thunder Road 
02 Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out 
03 Spirit In The Night 
04 Pretty Flamingo 
05 Growin' Up 
06 It's Hard To Be A Saint In The City 
07 The E Street Shuffle 
08 Sha La La 
09 She's The One 
10 Born To Run 
11 Backstreets 
12 Kitty's Back 
13 Jungleland 
14 Rosalita (Come Out Tonight) 
15 Detroit Medley > Back In The U.S.A. 
16 4th Of July, Asbury Park (Sandy) 
17 Quarter To Three 
18 Carol 
19 Twist And Shout 

Known Faults: 
-E Street Shuffle: seamless splice 
-Carol: start cut 

If you are well versed in Springsteen bootlegs (and if you hang around here, you most likely are), you're probably aware of some of the "birthday shows" that have occurred on or around Bruce's own birthday. Passaic 9/22/78 is a good example, where a cake was wheeled out (with a young lady inside, no less) to celebrate the occasion. Philadelphia 9/24/99 is another "birthday show," as Bruce turned 50 that year and the set had some special additions. 

But what both those shows have in common besides celebrating Bruce's birthday is that they didn't happen ON his birthday. The truth of the matter is, Springsteen has only played three proper concerts on his actual birthday of September 23: the Oakland Amnesty show in 1988, Mile High Stadium in Denver in 1985 and this show in the heart of the Born to Run tour on the day Bruce turned 26. 

The Amnesty shows weren't exactly normal anyway given the multi-artist bill, and though Oakland was one of Bruce's longest sets of the Amnesty tour, it wasn't down to the special occasion, but the fact that Sting had a scheduling conflict and the rest of the headlining artists' sets were extended as well. Like Passaic, Denver '85 featured a birthday cake, but the set that night is rather pedestrian and certainly not extended in celebration--in fact the next night is longer. 

But Ann Arbor 9/23/75 feels like a true 26th birthday extravaganza, with four encores and the majestic slow "Thunder Road" moved to the opening slot for the first time. Moved from the Power Center to Hill Auditorium due to anticipated ticket demand, Brucebase calls it "an extra special performance" and it is hard to argue with that, in a set that includes not only current BTR tour covers like "Sha La La" and "Pretty Flamingo," but the rarer "Carol" and "Twist and Shout." Bruce also nods to "Stagger Lee" in "Spirit in the Night" and later "Nothing's Too Good For My Baby" in "Kitty's Back." 

Ann Arbor '75 also marks the debut of what would become a concert staple for Springsteen for the next ten years, the "Detroit Medley." The arrangement is largely established even on night one, with the exception of the song ending away from Mitch Ryder and instead on Chuck Berry's "Back in the U.S.A.," played just a handful of times, but most famously on the Main Point broadcast in February. 

This is a perfect example of a show that probably has not gotten its due because it wasn't a radio broadcast or a famously high-quality audience tape. Happily, the JEMS archive yielded a second-generation copy that is superior to what's long been in circulation, moving the quality firmly into the "solid for '75" category. The new JEMS transfer also lacks some of the cuts found in previous versions. Samples provided. 

In addition to transferring his DAT copy of the show, Tapeboy shared some further memories around his first time seeing Bruce: 

"I had seen the 'Born To Run' album on the end-cap display at the E.J. Korvette's department store in Roseville, Michigan (which had a great record department...spent many an hour there in my youth) for a week or so before I heard the last minute of the title track on radio one night at work. I bought the album at Korvette's the next day on the strength of those 60 seconds of genius. 

After reading in the Detroit Free Press that Bruce was coming to play in Ann Arbor later that month, I got a pair of tickets, and had to convince a friend of mine to go to the show...convince! Ann Arbor was a great college town with record stores seemingly on every corner. I remember buying Bruce's first two albums at a store there the day of the show. 

I tried to get my 8-track recorder into Hill Auditorium, but was unable to get it past security. That was the only disappointment of the night though. Like many a 'first time seeing Bruce' story, the show felt magical, from the solo 'Thunder Road' opening on the piano to the last notes of 'Twist and Shout' a marathon later. Unbeknownst to us at the time, it was Bruce's 26th birthday as well, and I'm sure that had a effect on the wonderful performance that evening. 

Bob Seger was down front for the show, and I think Bruce ended up in his lap when he ventured into the crowd for 'Spirit In The Night.' Who ever heard of a rock performer going into the audience before Bruce? The mythical nature of the band was there in full force, too: The Big Man, Miami Steve, The Phantom and The Professor, all locked down by The Mighty Max and Garry W Tallent!" 

Again taking this one the last mile is our comrade MJK5510. Thanks to him for final finishing and prepping. 


lunedì 1 maggio 2017

U2 - 2010-09-23 - Brussels, BE (IEM/AUD/MTX/FLAC)


Bootleg : "Live in Belgium '2010"
Place : King Bauduin Stadium, Brussels, Belgium
Source : IEM/AUD Source Matrix
Label : Abisu Rekõdo
Catalogue Number : ARJ-059
Release Country: Japan
Format : CDr
Number of Discs : 4
Rating : 5 Stars
Certified LossLess Through TLH
Full Artwork 300 dpi included

01. Return Of The Stingray Guitar
02. Beautiful Day/Rain
03. New Year'S Day
04. Get On Your Boots
05. Magnificent
06. Mysterious Ways/Private Dancer
07. Elevation
08. Until The End Of The World/It'S The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)/Singin' In The Rain
09. I Still Haven'T Found What I'M Looking For/Many Rivers To Cross
10. Angel Of Harlem/Don'T Stop 'Til You Get Enough
11. Bad/Singin' In The Rain
12. In A Little While
13. Miss Sarajevo
14. City Of Blinding Lights

01. Vertigo/It'S Only Rock 'N' Roll (But I Like It)
02. Can'T Stand The Rain/I'Ll Go Crazy If I Don'T Go Crazy Tonight/Relax/Life During Wartime
03. Pride (In The Name Of Love)
04. Mlk
05. Walk On/You'Ll Never Walk Alone
06. One
07. Rain/Where The Streets Have No Name
08. Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me
09. With Or Without You/Shine Like Stars
10. Moment Of Surrender/Singin' In The Rain