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Wavy Gravy - 1984-02-25 - Amherst, MA (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

Recording Information
mono soundboard -> Sony D6 -> Master Maxell XLII-90 cassettes, Dolby B on.

Playback circa 2000 ::: Master Maxell XLII-90 cassettes on Nakamichi BX-300 cassette deck, Dolby B on, azimuth & pitch adjusted, heads cleaned & demagnatized -> HHB CD-RW900SL CD Recorder -> CD-Rs. CD-Rs Playback 2012-08-xx -> computer -> Audacity (normalisation to remove DC offset, channel alignment, fades &/or glitches, dropouts, volume adjustments, no EQ) -> CD Wave (track splits) -> Trader's Little Helper -> yer ears. First uploaded week of 2012-08-17.

Wavy Gravy (formerly known as Hugh Romney) - telling stories, singing & playing music on the ektar.

SET ONE (CD1) :::
01. Intro: Clown Make-Up Application / The Fool / Coke / Woodstock Festival
02. Cast of 1000’s / The Human Stash! / Better Golf & Golf Stories
03. Children’s Hospital / Clown Birth / Mutant Sponges In Anti-Nuke Jail With Jackson Browne / Rainbow Choppers / Real Jail
04. Santa Claus Bust
05. Mutant Bunnies
06. Movies On Billy’s Head / Camp Winnarainbow / Peace Sunday / Kazoos For Peace
07. Lord Buckley Memorial Sunset / Hog Farm Beginnings / Village Gate / All Star Cast / Neal Cassady & Tiny Tim / The Phantom Caberet
08. The Ektar (made by Shabda Kahn) / Heads Lie Down / Jokes
09. "Climbing Harpo’s Ladder" (song)
10. Nobody For President, Pig For President, Rock For President
11. Republican Convention Press Pass / Nobody Enters & Speaks / "Hog Farm Movie" Intro / Petition / Wavy Itinerary

---Intermission & (*)“Hog Farm Movie” showing. (Unfortunately, Wavy's ad-libbed additional dialogue was not recorded, see below -----

SET TWO (CD2) :::
12. Break Dialogue / Post Movie Stories
13. Lost Hats! / More Woodstock Festival Stories... Security & The Acid Freakout Tent
14. Pennsylvania Ashes Bust / Electric Bus Races & Whipped Cream / High In An Astrojet / Woodstock Festival (cont.) / Joan Baez
15. Martin Luther’s Dreams- Wavy, Joan Baez & Bob Dylan.../ President Lincoln Eatin' Chicken!
16. Woodstock cont. / Plane Outta The Apple
17. Bad Back / Wheatgrass Clinic / Golfin' In The Streets
18. The Human Bomb Scare At The Anarchist Convention
19. Texas Pop Festival Stories / Romney Turns To Gravy Featuring B.B. King
20. Medicine Ball Caravan / Invasion Of Canterbury With Stoneground & Pink Floyd / Himalayan Bus Trip / Bubbles For Buddha / Flip Out
21. SEVA Stories
22. Wavy In Japan With 150 Rock & Rollers Including Richie Havens – Customs, The Moose & The Ultimate Big Mac Attack
23. "Basic Human Needs" (song)
24. Bag Ritual / Wavy Om / Descent Into Gong Bong / Outro…

Total Time ::: 2:12:20

- Most excellent SBD. Check samples for personal scrutiny or flashes or feverish elation.
- Warts: None really. Wavy went off mike on occasion & it's compensated for. He's a bit too close to the mike at other times.
- RARE more than 2 hour Wavy storytelling performance in GREAT form, the best I saw back in the day.

Billy Idol - 2005-06-05 - Nurburgring, DE (ts pro-shot)

(ts pro-shot)

HDTV 720p
Mpeg4 AVC, 1280x720, 12300 kbps, 50 fps Progressive
AC3, 448 kbps, 48 kHz, stereo
2: MP2, 192 kbps, 48 kHz, stereo
3: MP2, 192 kbps, 48 kHz, stereo

01 - Dancing With Myself
02 - Flesh for Fantasy
03 - Body Snatcher
04 - White Wedding
05 - Scream
06 - Eyes Without a Face
07 - Rat Race
08 - World Comin' Down
09 - Ready Steady Go
10 - Jump
11 - Rebel Yell


Janis Joplin - 1969-04-12 - Frankfurt, DE (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)


SWR German TV broadcast, traded DVD from David, thanksabillion

Video Source: SWR German TV broadcast
Taper: unknown, HANX :-)
Video Bitrate: 5392 to 5402 kb/s
Frame rate: VBR at 25.000 frames
Pictures: 4:3 (all this and more was said by GSpot)
DVD Author: unknown, HANX :-)
DVD format: PAL
Region: 0, playable worldwide, if not it's up to your equipment

Audio Source: SWR German TV broadcast(see above)
Lineage: see below
Taper: unknown, HANX :-)
Audio Codec: AC3 (GSpot strikes again)
Audio bitrate: 0xbd[0x80]:48000Hz 192 kb/s tot , stereo (2/0)

Lineage: SWR German TV broadcast(see above) > unknown VCR for recording and playback > master VHS > unknown stand alone DVD recorder > DVD > unknown editing programm > DVD > my traded DVD- on HD (> YOU)
DVD with menue and chapters
File size: 2.39GB
Length: 58:52min
Artwork included, HANX :-)

Janis Joplin and The Kozmic Blues Band
Janis Joplin: Vocals
Sam Andrew: Guitar, Vocals
Richard Kermode: Organ
Gabriel Mekler: Organ
Cornelius 'Snooky' Flowers: Baritone Saxophone, Vocals
Terry Clements: Tenor Saxophone
Luis Gasca: Trumpet
Brad Campbell: Bass
Maury Baker or Lonnie Castille: Drums

00) Interviews with Fritz Rau, Horst Lippmann and others
01) Raise Your Hand
02) Try(Just A Little Bit Harder)
03) Me
04) Maybe
05) Summertime
06) Ball And Chain
07) Piece Of My Heart

Length: 58:52min

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Miles Davis - 1988-02-16 - Mirimas, FR (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

Palais Paul Videl

Dsbd: Mdat>dat(x)>cdb>cdr

Miles Davis (tpt, keyb);
Kenny Garrett (as, fl);
Robert Irving III (synth);
Adam Holzman (synth);
Joe Foley McCreary (sop el-b, el-b);
Darryl Jones* (el-b);
Ricky Wellman (dr); Rudy Bird (perc)

CD1 [50:44]
01 Intruder 9:38
02 New Blues 8:45
03 One Phone Call > Street Scenes 11:23
04 Perfect Way 4:41
05 The Senate > Me & You 16:13

CD2 [53:44]
01 Tutu 13:17
02 Movie Star 5:39
03 Splatch 11:32
04 Time After Time 8:25
05 Wayne’s Tune 10:23
06 Full Nelson 4:14

* Darryl Jones' last performance with Miles Davis

Totoal running 104:28

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Jerry Lee Lewis - Sun Sessions (STU/FLAC)

(Studio FLAC)

Sourced from 4 Reel To Reel 1/4 inch 7 1/2 IPS Mono Master Tapes
Got these on an eBay auction several years ago. Transferred
to digital using Sound Forge 10. Flat transfers using a
Teac RR 3440. A+ quality. Serious tape baking was required in my toaster oven.
Some very funny and raunchy studio chatter from "The Killer". 
This is classic Sun Studio stuff. March 10, 2015. Jack Straw66

01. My Bonnie
02. I'll Sail My Ship Alone
03. It Hurts Me So
04. It Hurts Me So
05. Lovin' Up A Storm
06. Break Up
07. Crazy Heart
08. I'll Make It All Up To You
09. Johnny B. Goode
10. Crazy Arms
11. Break Up
12. Break Up
13. Johnny B. Goode
14. I'll Make It All Up To You
15. It All Depends (On Who Will Buy The Wine)
16. Put Me Down
17. Fools Like Me
18. Put Me Down
19. Put Me Down
20. Lewis Boogie
21. All Night Long

22. I Don't Love Nobody
23. My Carolina Sunshine Girl
24. Singin' The Blues
25. Rockin' With Red
26. Matchbox
27. Matchbox
28. Rock 'N' Roll Ruby
29. So Long I'm Gone
30. Ooby Dooby
31. You Win Again
32. I'm Feelin' Sorry
33. Great Balls Of Fire
34. Great Balls Of Fire
35. Cool Cool Ways
36. Milkshake Mademoiselle
37. Down The Line
38. Down The Line
39. Milkshake Mademoiselle
40. Milkshake Mademoiselle
41. Breathless
42. High School Confidential
43. Highschool Confidential
44. Highschool Confidential

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The Great Music Experience - 1994-05-22 - Nara, JP (3xDVDfull pro-shot)

(3xDVDfull pro-shot)

Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Various 1994-05-22 Nara, Japan (PAL)
Video Source: 3SAT German TV broadcast(in 1994)
Taper: Axel himself
Video Bitrate: DVD1: 8424 to 8528 kb/s, DVD2: 8886 to 9204 kb/s, DVD3: 9043 to 9137 kb/s
Frame rate: VBR at 25.000 frames
Pictures: 4:3 (all this and more was said by GSpot)
DVD Author: AODPPSS ~ Axel himself
DVD format: PAL
Region: 0, playable worldwide, if not it's up to your equipment

Audio Source: 3SAT German TV broadcast(see above)
Lineage: see below
Taper: Axel himself
Audio Codec: AC3 (GSpot strikes again)
Audio bitrate: 0xbd[0x80]:48000Hz 256 kb/s tot , stereo (2/0)

Lineage: 3SAT German TV broadcast(see above) > Nokia satellite bowl > Pace satellite TV receiver > via Scart cable > Akai VCR(SP mode) > BASF 240min master VHS > playback on LG VCR > via Scart cable > Panasonic stand alone DVD recorder(DVD1: 1h04min flexible time mode, DVD2 and DVD3: XP mode) > Sony 3DVD- set on HD (> YOU)
DVD with menue and scattered chapters
File size: 11.4GB(DVD1: 3.99GB, DVD2: 3.68GB, DVD3: 3.77GB)
Length: 176:21min(DVD1: 64:00min, DVD2: 55:40min, DVD3: 56:41min)

The Great Music Experience, Aionoshi Festival Todaiji Temple, Nara, Japan, 22nd May 1994

DVD1: (64:00min)
00) Intro
01) Traditional Buddhist Blessing and Healing Chant
Todaiji Temple Shomyo

02) The Tokyo New Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Michael Kamen
Part I: The Tokyo New Philharmonic Orchestra
Part II: The Tokyo New Philharmonic Orchestra, Ryu Hongjun and Tempyo Gafu, The Chieftains
Part III: The Tokyo New Philharmonic Orchestra, Leonard Eto and His Drummers, Toshinori Kondo
Part IV: The Chieftains, Leonard Eto and His Drummers
Part V: Leonard Eto and His Drummers, Todaiji Temple Shomyo
Part VI: The Tokyo New Philharmonic Orchestra, Ryu Hongjun and Tempyo Gafu, The Chieftains, Leonard Eto and His Drummers, Toshinori Kondo, Richie Sambora

03) INXS
Need You Tonite
Freedom Deep***
** with Leonard Eto and His Drummers
*** with Ryu Hongjun and Tempyo Gafu, The Tokyo New Philharmonic Orchestra

04) Koji Tamaki
Unknown (slow pop ballad)
Koji Tamaki: Vocals, Guitar with Phil Palmer: Guitar, Wix Wickens: Keyboards, Pino Palladino: Bass, Jim Keltner: Drums, Ray Cooper: Percussion

05) Joni Mitchell
Sex Kills (false start)
Sex Kills*
Loves Cry***
Magdalene Laundries****
Joni Mitchell: Vocals, Guitars with Ry Cooder: Guitar, Phil Palmer: Guitar, Wix Wickens: Keyboards, Pino Palladino: Bass, Jim Keltner: Drums, Ray Cooper: Percussion
* with Tomoyasu Hotei: Guitar
* with Margo Buchanan: Vocals
* with Lenny Zakatek: Vocals
**, *** with Wayne Shorter: Soprano-Saxophone
*** with Ryu Hongjun: Japanese Flute
**** with The Chieftans

06) Wayne Shorter and Toshinori Kondo
Footprints into the Future
Wayne Shorter: Tenor-Saxophone, Toshinori Kondo: Trumpet

07) The Chieftains with Ryu Hongjun and Tempyo Gafu
Unknown (slow ballad)
Unknown (fast jig, with Cara Butler)

DVD2: (55:40min)
08) Shoukichi Kina and Ry Cooder
Unknown (slow ballad)
Haisai Ojisan**
Going Back to Okinawa***
Shoukichi Kina: Guitar, Ry Cooder: Vocals(***), Guitar with Phil Palmer: Guitar, Pino Palladino: Bass, Jim Keltner: Drums, Ray Cooper: Percussion, many japanese musicians
*** with Wix Wickens: Keyboards, Accordion
**, *** with The Chieftains

09) Bob Dylan
A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall
I Shall Be Released
Ring Them Bells
Bob Dylan: Vocals, Guitar with The Tokyo New Philharmonic Orchestra, Phil Palmer: Guitar, Wix Wickens: Keyboards, Pino Palladino: Bass, Jim Keltner: Drums

10) Leonard Eto and his drummers feat. Ray Cooper
Leonard and Ray Play
Leonard and Ray Play with Hotei**
Leonard Eto: Kodo Drums, Ray Cooper: Percussion with The Tokyo New Philharmonic Orchestra, Phil Palmer: Guitar, Wix Wickens: Keyboards, Pino Palladino: Bass, Jim Keltner: Drums
** with Tomoyasu Hotei: Guitar

11) Ryu Hongjun and Tempyo Gafu

Standing Sex

13) Tomoyasu Hotei
Fly Into Your Dream
Tomoyasu Hotei: Vocals, Guitar with Phil Palmer: Guitar, Wix Wickens: Keyboards, Pino Palladino: Bass, Jim Keltner: Drums, Ray Cooper: Percussion, Roger Taylor: Drums

DVD3: (56:41min)
14) Roger Taylor
Foreign Sand
Roger Taylor: Vocals with The Tokyo New Philharmonic Orchestra, Phil Palmer: Guitar, Wix Wickens: Keyboards, Pino Palladino: Bass, Jim Keltner: Drums, Ray Cooper: Percussion, Yashiki: Piano, Drums, Toshimitsu Deyama: Vocals

Endless Rain

16) INXS with Tomoyasu Hotei and Leonard Eto
What You Need
INXS with Tomoyasu Hotei: Guitar, Leonard Eto: Kodo Drum, Ray Cooper: Percussion

17) Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora
Livin' On A Prayer
Jon Bon Jovi: Vocals, Guitar, Richie Sambora: Guitar, Vocals with Wix Wickens: Accordion, Kirk Pengilly: Alto-Saxophone
Bed Of Roses
Wanted Dead Or Alive
Jon Bon Jovi: Vocals, Guitar, Richie Sambora: Guitar, Vocals with Phil Palmer: Guitar, Wix Wickens: Keyboards, Pino Palladino: Bass, Roger Taylor: Drums, Ray Cooper: Percussion

18) Everybody
Intro to I Shall Be Released
The Tokyo New Philharmonic Orchestra, Leonard Eto and His Drummers, Ryu Hongjun and Tempyo Gafu, The Chieftains, Wayne Shorter: Soprano-Saxophone, Toshinori Kondo: Trumpet, Phil Palmer: Guitar, Wix Wickens: Keyboards, Pino Palladino: Bass, Roger Taylor: Drums, Ray Cooper: Percussion
I Shall Be Released
Joni Mitchell: Vocals (1st verse), Koji Tamaki: Vocals (2nd verse), Jon Bon Jovi: Vocals (2nd verse), Michael Hutchence: Vocals (3rd verse)
Bob Dylan, Roger Taylor, Richie Sambora, Kirk Pengilly, Margo Buchanan, Lenny Zakatek, Cara Butler, Ishida, Hiroshi Hori, Ed Shearmur: Background Vocals
Yashiki: Keyboards, Tomoyasu Hotei: Guitar, Ry Cooder: Guitar, Phil Palmer: Guitar, Wix Wickens: Keyboards, Pino Palladino: Bass, Jim Keltner: Drums
The Tokyo New Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Michael Kamen

19) Traditional Buddhist Chant
Hasedera Temple Shomyo

Music & Sound Consultant: George Martin
Show Conceived & Produced by Tony Hollingsworth

Length: 176:21min

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Paul Young - 1984-05-02 - Boston, MA (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

Paul Young 
Fm-recording -I think it's incomplete(but i don't know) 

I got this one in a trade (cd-r) and don't know the orig. lineage. 
My lineage: Cd-r->CDex->TLH->Flac 8->Dime->You 
It's a very good sound. 

02-Behind The Smile 
03-Love Of The Common People 
04-Wherever I Lay My Hat That's My Home 
05-Oh Woman 
06-Come Back And Stay 
07-No Parlez 
08-Love Will Tears Us Apart 

Aerosmith - 1990-08-20 - London, UK (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

Marquee Club
August 20, 1990

Thanks to the original uploader!

"SBD" (precise lineage unknown)

01. Milk Cow Blues
02. I Ain't Got You*
03. Think About It*
04. Red House*
05. Immigrant Song*
06. Train Kept A Rollin'*

*with Jimmy Page

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Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame - 1993-01-12 - Los Angeles, CA (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

1st/2nd Gen tape > Toshiba 6 head HiFi VCR > Canopus ADVC100 > Firewire > Premiere 6 > Frameserved to Canopus Procoder > DVD Lab Pro

NTSC 2 pass 6800 avg (3500 min 8500 Max)

448 kbps 6ch DD 5.1 AC3

DVD Video
NTSC 4:3 (720 x 480) VBR 6800 Kbps (3500 Kbps min / 8500 Kbps max)
Dolby AC3, 6 ch, 448 Kbps

The Doors Induction
Creedence Clearwater Revival Induction
Cream Induction

The Doors with Eddie Vedder
01. Roadhouse Blues
02. Break On Through
03. Light My Fire

John Fogerty & Friends
01. Who'll Stop The Rain
02. Green River
03. Born On The Bayou

01. Sunshine Of Your Love
02. Born Under A Bad Sign
03. Crossroads


DVD authoring
Got this tape from Chung@ (if I remember his user name correctly) back in the STG days to convert from his 1st/2nd Gen VHS to DVD (Tape might be slightly higher Gen than that... looks pretty good though). STG closed down before he had a chance to seed it. I'm not sure if it ever got shared so here is the DVD I put together for him. It seems to be sourced from the closed circuit feed rather than the TV broadcast. This is all the info I can give about the tape or the performances, as I'm not a big fan of any of the groups.

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Van Halen - 1977-10-XX - Valencia, CA (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Six Flags Magic Mountain,

AUD > Trade > EAC > WAV > Trader's Little Helper > FLAC

01 On Fire
02 One More Time
03 Runnin' Wtih The Devil
04 Atomic Punk
05 Aint' Talkin Bout' Love
06 Loss Of Control
07 No More Waiting
08 Eruption
09 Feel Your Love Tonight
10 Show Your Love
11 Summertime Blues
12 Angel Eyes
13 Take Your Whiskey Home
14 In A Simple Rhyme

Running Time: 57 Minutes

Notes: Quality on this recording is excellent.
This was one of the first shows Van Halen played after being signed to Warner Bros in October 1977. Some people point to this date being the 1st of October but this has never been confirmed. Also, it's worth noting that Van Halen played two sets in Magic Mountain and it's not known if this is the first or second set. 'One More Time' is an unreleased song by Van Halen and this recording is the only example of this song ever being played live. 'Loss Of Control' is the earliest live example of this song being performed from the album 'Women and the Children First'. 'No More Waiting' is also known as 'Get Off My Back' and 'Show No Mercy' and the intro was recylced by Eddie nearly 20 years later for 'Take Me Back (Deja Vu)' for their 'Balance' album. 'Summertime Blues' is the earliest known live version by Van Halen. 'Angel Eyes' is a rare Acoustic Demo by DLR, recorded sometime in 1974. 'Take Your Whiskey Home' and 'In A Simple Rhyme' are demos which have been featured on the bootleg 'Demo Daze' but these come from a much lower generation Tape source. These two songs were also recorded in 1974.

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Patti Smith - 1978-04-28 - Chicago, IL (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

Patti Smith Group
Park West
Chicago, Illinois
April 28, 1978

Source: WXRT broadcast > low generation cassette (no higher than a 2nd gen)
Transfer: Sony TC-WE 475 > JVC XL-R2010 CD-RW (44.1 Hz)
Editing: Soundforge > WAV > TLH [SB's aligned] Flac level 8
Traders Den 10/13/16 - The Stonecutter collection 207
Transferred and Tracked by kingrue upload 932

01 Mad Juana poem reading 
02 Privilege 
03 Pumping 
04 The Kids Are Alright 
05 We Three 
06 Space Monkey 
07 25th Floor 
08 Redondo Beach 
09 Be My Baby 
10 You Light Up My Life 
11 Easter
12 Radio Ethiopia
13 Gloria 
14 Because The Night
15 My Generation

Total Time = 66:50 min

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Van Halen - 1977-12-20 - Pasadena, CA (SBD/FLAC) R.I.P. Eddie!!!!

(Soundboard FLAC)

"Civic Pride" 
Pasadena Civic Auditorium 
Pasadena CA 
December 20, 1977 

Soundboard recording 
Lineage: Silver CD >dBpowerAMP convert to Flac8>You! 
Artwork: yes 

01. On Fire 
02. Feel Your Love Tonight 
03. Runnin' With The Devil 
04. Atomic Punk 
05. Little Dreamer 
06. Somebody Get Me a Doctor 
07. Ice Cream Man 
08. Ain't Talkin' Bout Love 
09. Eruption 
10. DOA 
11. You Really Got Me 
12. You're No Good* 
13. Feel Your Love Tonight* 
14. You Really Got Me* 

* September 3 1979 Kyete Japan (bonus) 
audience recording 

Bob Marley - 1979-04-10 - Tokyo, JP (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

Nakano Sun Plaza

Liberated boot>eac>wav>TLH>flac

SQ: ex

01 - I Shot The Sheriff
02 - No Woman No Cry
03 - Lively Up Yourself
04 - Jammin'
05 - Positive Vibration
06 - Concrete Jungle
07 - War>No More Trouble
08 - Running Away>Crazy Baldhead
09 - The Heathen

01 - Is This Love
02 - Get Up, Stand Up
03 - Exodus

Bob Marley Interview

lunedì 5 ottobre 2020

Freddie Hubbard Quintet - 1979-10-29 - Hamburg, DE (Pre-FM/FLAC)


Pre-FM > CDR > Original Flac > Change set order > Fix Sector Boundries / Check Decodable > Traders little helper

Freddie Hubbard Quintet featuring Leon Thomas
Onkel Pö’s Carnegie Hall
Hamburg, Germany
October 29, 1979.

Freddie Hubbard - Trumpet & flugelhorn
Hadley Caliman - Tenor sax and Flute
Billy Childs - Acoustic & Electric Piano
Larry Klein - Bass
Carl Burnett - Drums
Leon Thomas (vocals on tracks 4-7 and 12-15).

CD-1 (Set 1)
01) Love Connection (10:10)
02) Little Sunflower (18:59)
03) Cousin Mary (john coltrane) (7:41)
04) Let The Rain Fall On Me (5:54)
05) Song for my Father (Horace Silver) (6:10)
06) Chains of Love (5:55)
07) One (5:32)

CD-2 (Set 2)
08) Blues For Duane (4:14)
09) Take It To The Ozone (9:29)
10) One Of Another Kind (25:34)
11) Here's That Rainy Day (9:47)
12) A Night In Tunisia (dizzy) (11:24)
13) After The Rain (john coltrane) (9:10)
14) Straight No Chaser (thelonius monk) (5:39)
15) Boom Boom Boom (5:47)

Here's a great show from Freddie Hubbard with Leon Thomas guesting over a short 2 week tour the duo did in Europe in the fall of 1979. What can I say about this show? Two of my Favorite jazz icon's playing together in a Small Club Setting, and the Performance is Hot! To me it's jazz at it's finest!! This original source for this show was listed as a Pre-Fm, and I have corrected the track order of the entire show (see notes below). Many thanks to the original seeder Hamhen, and as always your comments are appreciated!!!

Jazamo Setlist Notes:
This show has been uploaded here a few times here since it's original posting in 2007. The first time was with an incomplete set (9 songs), then a few days later with a complete Pre-FM set (15 songs) except with wrongly titled Hubbard songs, 1 duplicated song (Love Connection), and a very questionable setlist order. Most recently Sachmo posted the original upload (9 songs) and I promised him to get the full show up. I have always felt the setlist of this complete show was in the wrong order. My only basis was the out of print album "A Piece Of Cake" recorded a week later in Italy under Leon's name, but problem was this album featured none of Freddie's songs. Then a few years ago Ricola uploaded a DVD of this Freddie & Leon tour shot a few days earlier in Warsaw. That gave me the basis for correcting the song order. My conclusion is the band played 2 sets this night, with Freddie leading off both sets and Leon joining. In changing the track order The applause meshed between songs, and the setlist finally made sense. I feel with this upload the complete fileset is now in the correct order as it happened on that fall night in 1979. Enjoy the show, to me it's Jazz at it's finest!

John Cougar - 1982-08-16 - Denver, CO (pre-FM/FLAC)

(pre-FM FLAC)


Pre Fm Lp Masters Newmark Turntable To Cdr To Plextools Pro/Wav 16/44.1 To Audio Cleaning Lab For Track Marks And Edits/Wav 16/44.1 To Tlh Flac Level 8

01 Intro
02 30 Days In The Hole
03 Ain't Even Done With The Night
04 Thundering Hearts
05 Danger List
06 Hand To Hold On To
07 Hurts So Good
08 Down South Jukin'
09 Jack & Diane
10 This Time
11 I Need A Lover
12 Lovin' Mother Fo Ya
13 You Can't Always Get What You Want
14 Close Enough
15 Hurts So Good Reprise

KRW&CO and mike1061 are pleased to present to you the collection of R.J.P.(RIP). R.J.P. was a prolific archivist from Chicago whom recorded live radio broadcasts, tv broadcasts, as well his own captures live from the audience. These are on on Reel to Reel, Cassette, Beta, and VHS as well as hundreds of pre fm transcription discs and reels. We will be presenting to you our transfers of the R.J.P. collection, which has been in the possession of mike since his passing, over the coming months. There are going to be several exciting upload to come. Many thanks go to R.J.P. for his archiving (which date back to the 1970's) and Mike for preserving this collection and allowing it to be presented to you here.

Warpaint - 2012-07-18 - Nyon, CH (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

Paléo Festival, Nyon, Switzerland 

Source: Swiss Radio Couleur3 broadcast, August 11, 2012 

Lineage: Cable radio > WAV > FLAC (SBE corrected) 

01. Intro 
02. Bees 
03. Stars 
04. Jam 
05. Beetles 
06. Burgundy 
07. Undertow 
08. Billie Holiday (one jingle couldn't be removed) 
09. Majesty 
10. Elephants (fades out) 

Total running time: 53:44 minutes

Gram Parsons - 1964-1973 - Under Your Spell Again (SBD/STU/FM/FLAC)


Gram Parsons
Under Your Spell Again

Colosseum Records: 98-C029
Format: 2×CD
Length: 2:35:16
Release: 1998

CD's > ripped to wave 16-bit w/EAC > encoded/aligned to flac 16-bit (level 8/pad) w/TLH

Disc One (77:45)
** The Legends - 1964 **
1. Rip It Up

** International Submarine Band 45 - 1967 **
2. Sum Up Broke
3. One Day Week

** Byrds - Roundhouse, London UK - 6 JUL 68 - final show w/Byrds **
4. Hickory Wind
5. Sing Me Back Home
6. The Christian Life
7. Under Your Spell Again
8. You Don't Miss Your Water
9. Eight Miles High
10. Space Odyssey
11. Tribal Gathering

** Flying Burrito Bros - Seattle Pop Festival - Woodenville, WA - JULY 1969 **
12. Sin City
13. Take A Message To Mary
14. She Thinks I Still Care
15. Christine's Tune
16. Sweet Dreams Baby
17. Wake up Little Susie

** Flying Burrito Bros - Palomino Club - N. Hollywood, CA - 6 JUN 69 **
18. Buckaroo
19. Another Place, Another Time
20. High On A Hilltop
21. She Once Lived Here
22. Hot Burrito #1
23. Everyone Loves A Winner

Disc Two (77:52)
** Gram Parsons - 1964 **
1. Race With The Wind

** GP session demos - 1972 ** 
2. How Much I Lied
3. The New Soft Shoe
4. Still Feeling Blue
5. A Song For You
6. Big Mouth Blues
7. Kiss The Children

** Fallen Angels - WBCN radio - Boston, MA - 18 MAR 72 **
8. Fallen Angels
9. Widowmaker
10. Love Hurts
11. Sin City

** Flying Burrito Bros - Avalon Ballroon - 6 APR 69 **
12. You're Still On My Mind

** Flying Burrito Bros - Palomino Club - N. Hollywood, CA - 8 JUN 69 **
13. Undo The Right/Somebody's Back In Town
14. Lucille
15. I Threw Away The Rose
16. Train Song

** Fallen Angels - Liberty Hall - Houston, TX - 23 FEB 73
17. Six Days On the Road
18. Close Up The Honky Tonks

** Fallen Angels - American Tour - 1973 **
19. We'll Sweep Out The Ashes In the Morning

** Alternate Studio Versions - 1973 **
20. Return Of Thje Grievous Angel
21. Hearts On Fire

Quality varies from poor to great. Due to GP's early departure there isn't much material out there making this pretty damn good regardless. This set comes with a booklet that has an interview w/ Gram and a bunch of cool pics, the entire package including the disc sleeves have pics and additional information and is worth picking up if you come across it.

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Heart - 1979-01-26 - Passaic, NJ (FM/SHN)

(FM Broadcast SHN)

Capitol Theater

Source: FM Broadcast from WNEW in NYC

Disc 1
01. Into
02. Cook With Fire
03. High Times
04. Heartless
05. Devil Delight
06. Straight On
07. Magic Man
08. Love Alive
09. Magazine
10. Mistral Wind
11. Dog & Butterfly

Disc 2
01. Crazy On You Intro
02. Crazy On You
03. Kick It Out
04. Barracuda
05. Encore Break #1 - DJ Talking
06. White Lightning & Wine
07. Rock 'n Roll (Led Zeppelin Cover)
08. Encore Break #2 - DJ Talking
09. Without You (Harry Nilsson Cover)
10. Backstage Interview w/ Ann & Nancy

Red Hot Chili Peppers - 1996-04-16 - San Diego, CA (pre-FM/FLAC)

(pre-FM FLAC)


Sports Arena

Pre-Broadcast (censored)

Quality : Excellent

Soundboard > Pre-FM source > ? > "Funkamental" silver (Moonraker) > WAV (using EAC) > TLH (FLAC level 8) > Dime

Anthony Kiedis - Vocals
Flea - Bass
Dave Navarro - Guitar
Chad Smith - Drums
Acacia Ludwig - Backing Vocals
Rain Phoenix - Backing Vocals

01. Give It Away 07:20 
02. Suck My Kiss 04:00 
03. Warped 07:20 
04. Walkabout 04:12 
05. Backwoods 04:21 
06. My Friends 05:33 
07. Higher Ground 03:22 
08. Blood Sugar Sex Magik 05:40 
09. Pea 01:56 
10. Coffee Shop 05:14 
11. Aeroplane 05:26 
12. One Big Mob 06:18 
13. Under the Bridge 04:52 
14. Me and My Friends 03:29 


15. Sweet Home Alabama 01:27 
16. Deep Kick 06:39 
17. Nevermind 02:48 

Total playing time 1:19:57

Bob Dylan - 1993-02-17 - Eindhoven, NL (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

Unknown CD-R>EAC(secure)>FLAC Frontend>FLAC

Disc 1
01.Folsom Prison Blues (Johnny Cash)
02.The Man In Me
03.All Along The Watchtower
04.Tangled Up In Blue
05.Watching The River Flow
06.Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again
07.Silvio (Bob Dylan & Robert Hunter)
08.Tomorrow Night (Sam Coslow/Will Grosz)
09.Jim Jones (trad. arr. by Bob Dylan)
10.Gates Of Eden
11.It's All Over Now, Baby Blue
12.Cat's In The Well
13.I And I

Disc 2
01.The Times They Are A-Changin'
02.Highway 61 Revisited
03.Ballad Of A Thin Man
04.Everything Is Broken
05.It Ain't Me, Babe

Notes from a fan in the audience:
Suddenly at the start of The Times They Are A-Changin' there's a girl standing on stage. Blond, dressed in black, wearing a hat like it could have been a souvenir of the Rolling Thunder Revue. She wants to sing with Dylan. The bodyguard wants to take her away, but Dylan says it's OK. They sing the first verse together. She sings great! Then Dylan steps back to play some guitar, probably expected her to leave, but she stays on stage. Dylan shows her his guitar as if he wants to say: "Maybe you wanna take this over as well?" Then the bodyguard again comes to take her away, but Dylan again says it's OK. They sing the whole  song together (and it sounds very good!) although Liz Souissi from Bern, Switzerland, is shaking all over, nervous as she is. All the time there are big cheers and lots of applause from the crowd.When the song is over, she starts to walk off stage, but then returns, giving Bob a big hug and kiss. This was front-page news in  the local newspaper: "A Kiss for Swiss Liz". Her comments: "This is what I always dreamed of. I almost didn't dare, but still I took a chance on it. Of course I expected to be taken away immediately. To me this is  the most beautiful thing I ever experienced." And it was beautiful for many people in the crowd. Bob even smiled when all this happened.

Frank Zappa - 1979-02-12 - Manchester, UK (SBD/AUD/FLAC)

(Soundboard/Audience FLAC)

12-Feb 1979, Apollo Theater, Manchester, England 
133 min, SBD, A+
150 min, Aud, B+ 
The SBD cuts in Pound For A Brown. Persona Non Grata, Dead Girls Of London, I Ain't Got No Heart, Brown Shoes Don't Make It, Cosmik Debris, Tryin' To Grow A Chin, City Of Tiny Lights, Dancin' Fool, Easy Meat, Jumbo Go Away, Andy, Inca Roads, Florentine Pogen, Honey Don't You Want A Man Like Me?, Keep It Greasey, The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing, For The Young Sophisticate, Wet T-shirt Nite, Why Does It Hurt When I Pee?, Peaches En Regalia, Yellow Snow Suite, Strictly Genteel, Montana, Pound For A Brown, Mystery Rehearsal Piece (incl. Deathless Horsie, Five-Five-Five)

This version: 149:00 min, SBD/Aud, A+/B+

Lineage: SBD->?->CDR->EAC->SoundForge (retracking)->FLAC Frontend

The SBD is used up through 8:58 into Pound For A Brown, from there on it's from an Aud tape of unknown generation, with a whole lot of compression on it. Throughout the board recording, the levels are very high, and clipped peaks are in abundance. Strangely enough, I'm not sure this has harmed the sound quality, which is among the best you'll ever hear on a Zappa boot. This version doesn't have any of the problems that previously circulating copies had.

01 intro
02 Persona Non Grata
03 Dead Girls Of London
04 Ain't Got No Heart
05 Brown Shoes Don't Make It
06 Cosmik Debris
07 Tryin' To Grow A Chin
08 City Of Tiny Lights
09 Dancin' Fool
10 Easy Meat
11 Jumbo Go Away
12 Andy
13 Inca Roads
14 Florentin Pogen
15 Honey Don't You Want A Man Like Me?
16 Keep It Greasey
17 The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing
18 For The Young Sophisticate
19 Wet T-Shirt Nite
20 Why Does It Hurt When I Pee?
21 Peaches En Regalia
22 Don't Eat The Yellow Snow
23 Nanook Rubs It
24 St. Alfonzo's Pancake Breakfast
25 Father O'Blivion
26 Rollo
27 Strictly Genteel
28 Montana
29 Pound For A Brown
30 Mystery Rehearsal Piece
31 Deathless Horsie
32 Five-five-five

Alice in Chains - 1993-01-08 - Honolulu, HI (SBD/SHN)

(Soundboard SHN)

Aloha Tower

Honolulu, HI

SBD > DATM > CDR(1) > eac > mkw > shn

Remastering: Andy A. ( 

01. Dam That River
02. We Die Young
03. Them Bones
04. Would?*
05. Love, Hate, Love
06. Junkhead
07. God Smack
08. Bleed The Freak
09. Put You Down
10. Sickman**
11. It Ain't Like That
12. (drum/vocal competition w/fans + Sean Kinney comedy routine)
13. Hate To Feel
14. Angry Chair
15. Man In The Box

*small bit of diginoise after first verse

**spots of diginoise throughout last chorus

Pink Floyd - 1975-04-21 - San Diego, CA (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

David Gilmour (guitar, vocals)
Roger Waters (bass guitar, vocals)
Richard Wright (keyboards, vocals)
Nick Mason (percussion)

Venetta Fields (backing vocals)
Carlena Williams (backing vocals)
Dick Parry (saxophone)


01.Intro (2:23)
02.Raving And Drooling (12:11)
03.Tuneups (2:30)
04.You've Gotta Be Crazy (15:44)
05.Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts 1-5) (14:28)
06.Have A Cigar (5:19)
07.Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts 6-9) (12:05)
08.Speak To Me (5:38)
09.Breathe (3:01)

01.On The Run (4:43)
02.Time (5:42)
03.Breathe (Reprise) (1:05)
04.The Great Gig In The Sky (6:37)
05.Money (9:21)
06.Us And Them (7:58)
07.Any Colour You Like (10:20)
08.Brain Damage (2:37)
09.Brain Damage (0:04)
10.Echoes (23:01)

tot length: 144:55

distinctly longer and better sounding than the JFG remaster.
this comes from a second generation tape, no NR used.
Eclipse is still missing and Brain Damage is cut! ... so does not exist a version including more, this taper didn't get anything else!


Men at Work - 1982-xx-xx - San Diego, CA (FM/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

WBCN FM radio "BBC Rock Hour" pre recorded broadcast > Sansui 8 reciever with wire antenna > tape deck (possibly an average model Harmon Kardon, dolby off) > Maxell XLI master cassette > played on Nak. 125 into soundforge (WAV) > FLAC (sb's aligned)

BBC rock hour concert Fm broadcast (pre-recorded)

Colin Hay: vocals and guitar
Ron Steykart: vocals and guitar
Greg Ham: sax, flute, keyboards and vocals
John Rees: bass and vocals
Jerry Speiser: drums and vocals

01: announcer introduction :37
02: I can see it in your eyes 3:53
03: people just love to play with words 3:47
04: down under 4:19
05: down by the sea 6:35
06: touching the untouchables 3:43
07: Shintaro 3:04
08: helpless automaton 3:43
09: high wire 3:08
10: who can it be now? 4:37
11: Mr. Entertainer 12:14
12: be good, Johnny 4:37

runtime: 54:21 (minutes/seconds)

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David Bowie - 1990-1996 - Compilation (pre-FM/FLAC)

(pre-FM FLAC)

~ remastered by exene ~

Westwood One cds > eac > wav > flac

This one was great fun to remaster.  Plus a setlist I could not resist.

I saw Bowie on the Sound + Vision tour in Dallas, summer of '90.  It was a joy to behold.
There is a good audience recording of that show floating around.
But these sets here are preFM all the way...

01. Space Oddity
02. Changes
03. TVC-15
04. Rebel Rebel
05. Fashion
06. Let's Dance
07. Suffragette City
08. Fame
09. Modern Love
10. The Hearts Filthy Lesson
11. Heroes
12. Strangers When We Meet
13. Lust For Life
14. All The Young Dudes
15. White Light White Heat
16. Moonage Daydream

Total time: 1hr 12min

tracks 1-9
May 16, 1990
Tokyo Dome
Tokyo, Japan

tracks 10-16
July 18, 1996
Phoenix Festival
Stratford, England

Janis Joplin - 1966-03-27 - Santa Fe (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

Janis Joplin
Santa Fe ??
3/27/1966 ??

date & place uncertain

Sbd > ?? > A Flower in the Sun(RSC 039 CD).silvers > eac(secure mode,offset corrected) > wav >Audacity(snaps,crackles,pops) > wav > WavMerge > CDWav >TLH(flac level 8) > flac16

01. Flower in the Sun 03:00
02. Road Block 02:41
03. Summertime #1 04:26
04. Piece of My Heart 04:36
05. All Is Loneliness 05:46
06. Down on Me 02:58
07. Bye Bye Baby 03:44
08. Farewell Song 04:37
09. Amazing Grace 01:06
10. High Heeled Sneakers 01:32
11. Raise Your Hand 03:37
12. Magic of Love 02:56
13. Summertime #2 03:56

Mercyful Fate - 1982-03-07 - Copenhagen, DK (SBD/SHN)

(Soundboard SHN)

Venue: Saltlageret


King Diamond vocals
Hank Sherman guitars
Michael Denner guitars
Timi Hansen bass
Kim Ruzz drums

01 Intro 1:52
02 Black Funeral 3:12
03 Curse of the Pharaohs 4:59
04 Into the Coven 5:14
05 A Corpse Without Soul 7:02
06 Satan's Fall 13:13
07 The Witch 6:07
08 The Return of the Vampire 5:13
09 Doomed By the Living Dead 5:22
10 Nightmare 7:18
11 Devil Eyes 5:36
12 Denner/Sherman jam 4:22
13 Nuns Have No Fun 4:23
14 Walking Back to Hell 5:49

Time: 79:47

Aerosmith - 1994-06-29 - Stockholm, SWE (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

Naval Museum Garden

Band: Aerosmith
Title: King's Chronicle
Date: June 29, 1994
Venue: Naval Museum Garden, Stockholm, Sweden
Label: Bondage Music
Number: BON115

Silver > EAC > WAV > jetAudio > FLAC

Disc 6
04.Back In The Saddle
05.Janie's Got A Gun
06.Love In An Elevator
07.Sweet Emotion
08.Livin' On The Edge
09.Walk This Way
10.Eat The Rich

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Eric Clapton - Laidback (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

(Do Not Disturb! Going Solo)
Nassau Coliseum
Uniondale, New York
Mid Valley 079 thru 082

Soundboard>?>Silvers>EAC>Flac frontend 6

Eric Clapton   guitar, vocals
Jamie Oldaker   drums
Dick Sims   keyboards
Carl Radle   bass
George Terry   guitar
Yvonne Elliman   backing vocals

Disc 1: June 30, 1974
1. Easy Now
2. Let it Grow
3. Can't Find My Way Home
4. Let It Rain
5. Key To The Highway
6. Badge
7. Little Wing
8. Mainline Florida
9.Tell The Truth

Disc 2: June 30, 1974
1. Blues Power
2. Have You Ever Loved A Woman
3. Little Queenie
4. Willie And The Hand Jive
5. Get Ready
6. Crossroads
7. Layla
8. Presence Of The Lord

Disc 3: September 29, 1974
1. Better Make It Through Today
2. Can't Find My Way Home
3. Let It Rain
4. Little Wing
5. Singing The Blues
6. I Shot The Sheriff
7. Tell The Truth
8. The Sky Is Crying

Disc 4: September 29, 1974
1. Badge
2. Little Rachel
3. Willie And The Hand Jive
4. Get Ready
5. Blues Power

Mark Knopfler - 1996-06-10 - Copenhagen, DK (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

Forum Copenhagen, Denmark " COPENHAGEN SOUNDBOARD 1996" complete version!

01 Radio intro 0:49
02 Darling Pretty 4:23
03 Walk Of Life 5:11
04 Imelda 6:55
05 The Bug 5:04
06 Rudiger 6:46
07 Je Suis D?sol? 6:11
08 Calling Elvis 9:26
09 I'm The Fool 5:21
10 Last Exit To Brooklyn 2:37
11 Romeo And Juliet 7:36
12 Sultans Of Swing 15:44
13 Done With Bonaparte 6:56
14 Father And Son 0:52
15 Golden Heart 5:07
16 Cannibals 7:13
17 Telegraph Road 15:39
18 Brothers In Arms 8:49
19 Money For Nothing 6:11
20 Ole Ole 2:49
21 The Long Highway 4:32
22 Going Home 5:25

running time: 2:19:40

Enlight note:
Perfect soundboard recording, featuring the complete "Romeo & Juliet" version, and "The Long Highway" and "Going Home" from this date ,so NOT! added from Vaison-la-romaine Aug. 8 1996.

Very long performance of Sultans of Swing .
Nice versions of Darling Pretty, Golden Heart and Money For Nothing (POWERFULL DRUM).

The audience singing - Ole Ole Ole - and the band playing a accompaniament for this and Mark Plays a stunning solo over it.

When you compare this "Going Home" version with e.g. Vaison 96 , you can hear the echo-delay set in Mark's guitar sound before he starts playing the melody line. this is a very, very powerfull 1996 version.