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The Who - 2006-10-29 - London, UK (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

"This Is It"
29th October 2006
Electric Proms
Main Space

Video Source: BBCi/BBC1/BBC2 TV > DVB-T Freeview > Pinnacle PCTV 300i > Pinnacle MediaCenter2
Audio Source: BBC Radio 2 FM (88.80mhz) > JVC RX-7022R > Adobe Audition v2 (at 48khz)

Authoring: Womble MPEG Video Wizard 2006 > Sony DVD Architect v4

Video: PAL 720x576 25fps 4500kbps aVBR
Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Widescreen
Audio: LPCM 48khz 16bits Stereo

A Gold Hawk DVD Production [GH_DVD_WHO_016_v2]
Menu's and Chapters added by hntgzr

DVD Playlist:
01 - Introduction
02 - I Can't Explain
03 - The Seeker
04 - Who Are You
05 - Fragments *
06 - Sound Round
07 - Pick Up The Peace
08 - Endless Wire
09 - We've Got A Hit
10 - They Made My Dreams Come True
11 - Mirror Door
12 - Baba O'Riley
13 - My Generation
14 - Mike Post's Theme **
15 - Pinball Wizard
16 - Amazing Journey
17 - Sparks ***
18 - See Me Feel Me
19 - Tea & Theatre

Bonus Material:
01 - Parkinson (28th October 2006) - ITV1 16:9 Widescreen
02 - Letterman (16th September 2006) - ITV4 4:3 Generic
03 - Front Row (27th October 2006) - BBC Radio 4 FM
04 - Roundhouse Interview (Date Unknown) - BBC Webcast

The Roundhouse gig was originally broadcast on BBCi as a 33 minute looped on 30th October 2006 for 4 days as part of BBC's Electric Proms coverage. A further track was shown on a highlights package for 3 days from 31st October. The concert was also broadcast on Radio 2 on 4th November 2006. A BBC One Sessions programme aired on 26th November 2006. On 17th December 2006 a further highlights package was aired on BBC2.

From all these broadcasts only Man In A Purple Dress has not been seen or heard.

The BBCi broadcast consisted of ICE, Skr, W&G, WAY & T&T (in that order). MG was shown during the highlights package. The radio broadcast didn't include MG nor T&T. The BBC1 broadcast consisted of ICE, WAY, W&Gx2, MG, W&Gx2, BOR, PW, AJ, SMFM & T&T. The BBC2 broadcast consisted of MPT and WAY plus a very short interview segment with Pete (this is the same as the Bonus Material footage).

The radio broadcast resembled the closest order in which the tracks were played live.

On this DVD, tracks 2 and 12 to 19 were taken from the BBC1 broadcast. Tracks 3 to 11 were taken from the BBCi broadcast. Track 1 is from the Radio broadcast. Track 14 was taken from the BBC2 broadcast. Due to MG and T&T not being broadcast on radio, the audio for these two tracks has been taken from the video source and converted to LPCM for dvd compliance.

To ensure continuity, the above choice was made so as the footage did not chop and change between that with logo's and that without and to reduce the amount of editing required to sync in the FM audio with the TV footage. The BBCi footage has a small logo in the bottom left hand corner of the screen. The BBC1 and BBC2 footage is logo free.

There are some gaps within the footage. * for 34 seconds. ** for 18secs & 4 secs respectively and *** for 5mins 39secs. The first being where Pete describes the Roundhouse and them himself. This was not broadcast on TV. The second is Mike Post Theme where the introduction by Roger was not aired, nor the crowd chanting "Who" between MPT and PW. The third is Sparks. So as not to have a blank screen whilst watching this DVD, Scruff (thanks mate) sent me some scans to use. The first blank gap was filled with recent Magazine Covers. The intro to MPT and the crowd chanting was filled with a few screen grabs. Sparks was filled with Tommy memorabilia. If you find this irritating, simply look away from the

No recompression or re-encoding took place with the Roundhouse video.

For the picky amongst us (and I'm one of those), there are two points of note. Firstly, there is about 2 seconds of footage missing from this dvd just prior to Sound Round starting. The BBCi footage differed from the Radio broadcast in showing an almost false start. It was edited out of the Radio broadcast. Secondly, there is a sync issue towards the end of SMFM, where Roger says thank you. The BBC1 footage shows more crowd cheering at this point. I did not want to attempt to sync this in correctly. You will hopefully agree with me that these two points are minor and will not spoil your enjoyment of this DVD! Perhaps you may have never noticed these, but I thought I'd point them out to you!

The bonus material was captured using the same equipment and settings as above with the exception of Parkinson and the Webcast. Parkinson was captured on a standalone DVD recorder. The webcast was downloaded as an RM file and converted to MPEG2 for dvd compliance using WinAVI v7.6. This footage is therefore of lesser quality than the rest. The Letterman show is allegedly broadcast in 16:9, however it isn't really. Therefore it is here on this dvd in 4:3 aspect.

Many thanks to GuessWho for supplying the Parkinson footage.

Many thanks to Scruff for taking time and effort to scan some Covers and Tommy images for use to fill in the gaps.

Artwork and MD5 Verification Files all included.

If this is shared elsewhere please leave this text file intact, thank you!

Please note that this DVD is an Upgrade. This version has a catalogue number of
GH_DVD_WHO_016_v2. The previous inferior version was GH_DVD_WHO_016.

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Joe Cocker - 1968 - BBC Radio Sessions (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

Rebroadcast on Alan (Fluff) Freeman's Satuday Rock Show (possibly 1989?)

BBC Radio 1 FM>Marantz ST320L Tuner>Aiwa or Teac cassette recorder (master cassette)>Wave capture, track markers and burned to cdr using Magix audio cleaner>Accuraterip to flac level 8.

01 - Run, Shakers Life
02 - With A Little Help From My Friends
03 - Marjorine
04 - Change In Louise
05 - Can't Be So Bad
06 - Let's Go Get Stoned
07 - That's Your Business
08 - Delta Lady
09 - Hitchcock Railway
00 - Fluff with song titles.

Runtime 00:31:25

The Who - 2015-07-02 - Amsterdam, NL (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

The Who 
Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam, Netherlands 
Thursday 2nd July 2015 

Taper: dorenberg 
Recording gear: Tascam DR-2d internal mics at 24bit/96kHz 
Transfer: SDHC card --> Audition 24bit --> Level normalizing --> Splitting --> WAV 16bit --> FLAC level 8 (TLH) --> You 
Duration: 1h 52m 31sec 

01 Introduction 
02 Who Are You 
03 The Seeker 
04 The Kids Are Alright 
05 I Can See For Miles 
06 Pictures Of Lily 
07 My Generation 
08 Behind Blue Eyes 
09 Bargain 
10 Join Together 
11 You Better You Bet 
12 I'm One 
13 Love, Reign, O'er Me 
14 Eminence Front 
15 Amazin Journey 
16 Sparks 
17 Pinball Wizard 
18 See Me, Feel Me 
19 Baba O'Riley 
20 Won't Get Fooled Again 

Bruce Springsteen - 2013-06-29 - Paris, FR (AUD/FLAC) "Crystal Cat"

(Audience FLAC)

Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band 
Stade De France 
Paris, France 
29th June 2013 

Crystal Cat CD set 

CD > EAC > Traders Little Helper > Flac8 sector aligned 

Bruce Springsteen – lead vocals, guitar, harmonica 
Steven Van Zandt – guitar, mandolin, backing vocals 
Nils Lofgren – guitar, slide guitar, accordion, backing vocals 
Roy Bittan – piano, keyboards, accordion, backing vocals 
Garry Tallent – bass, backing vocals 
Max Weinberg – drums 
Charles Giordano – organ, accordion, synthesizer 
Soozie Tyrell – violin, backing vocals, percussion, acoustic guitar 
with The E-Street Horns: 
Ed Manion - tenor and baritone saxophone, percussion 
Jake Clemons - tenor and baritone saxophone, percussion 
Curt Ramm - trumpet 
Clark Gayton - trombone 
Barry Danielian - trumpet 
and The E-Street Choir: 
Cindy Mizelle - vocals, percussion 
Curtis King - vocals, percussion 
Michelle Moore - vocals 
Everett Bradley - percussion, vocals 

Disc 1: 
Acoustic Pre-Show 
01 - This Hard Land 
02 - Burning Love 
03 - Growin' Up 

Main Set 
04 - Intro... 
05 - Badlands 
06 - Out In The Street 
07 - Lucille 
08 - Wrecking Ball 
09 - Death to My Hometown 
10 - Cadillac Ranch 
11 - Spirit In The Night 

Disc 2: 
01 - Introduction to "Born In The U.S.A." 
02 - Born In The U.S.A. 
03 - Cover Me 
04 - Darlington County 
05 - Working On The Highway 
06 - Downbound Train 
07 - I'm On Fire 
08 - No Surrender 
09 - Bobby Jean 
10 - I'm Going Down 
11 - Glory Days 
12 - Dancing In The Dark 
13 - My Hometown 
14 - Pay Me My Money Down 

Disc Three 
01 - Shackled And Drawn 
02 - Waitin' On A Sunny Day 
03 - The Rising 
04 - Land Of Hope And Dreams/People Get Ready 
05 - We Are Alive 
06 - Born To Run (with Elliott Murphy and Gaspard Murphy) 
07 - Ramrod 
08 - Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out 
09 - American Land 
10 - Thunder Road

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Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow - 1995-11-12 - Tokyo, JP (AUD/FLAC) by REQUEST

(Audience FLAC)

Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow 
Title: The Legend Lives On... Tears Of Emperor 
Dates: November 12, 1995 
Venue: Yoyogi Olympic Pool, Tokyo, Japan. 

Source: Audience Recording 
Lineage: Unknown Label (11121/11122) Boot 2CD > WAV > EAC > FLAC 

Ritchie Blackmore: Guitar 
Doogie White: Vocals 
Greg Smith: Bass, Backing Vocals 
Paul Morris: Keyboards 
Chuck Burgi: Drums

01: Opening ~ Over The Rainbow 
02: Spotlight Kid 
03: Rainbow Eyes 
04: Too Late For Tears 
05: Long Live Rock'n Roll (incl. Black Night) 
06: Hunting Humans (Insatiable) 
07: Wolf To The Moon 
08: Difficult To Cure 
09: Keyboard Solo 
10: Still I'm Sad 
11: Drum Solo 
12: Man On The Silver Mountain 
13: Adlib Song #1 (Love Hurts) 
14: Temple Of The King 

01: Black Masquerade 
02: Ariel 
03: Street Of Dreams 
04: Trad Song #2 
05: Since You Been Gone 
06: Perfect Strangers 
07: Adlib Song #2 (Waltzing Matilda) 
08: Hall Of Mountain King 

Encore 1 
09: Stone Cold 
10: Trad Song #2 
11: Burn 

Encore 2 
12: Maybe Next Time 
13: Woman From Tokyo 
14: Smoke On The Water - Over The Rainbow

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Patti Smith - 2012-06-26 - Cardiff, Wales (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

The Coal Exchange


Edirol R09 (internal Mics) > soundforge (normalise, start & end edits) > CD Wav (track splits & flac creation)


01. Dancing Barefoot
02. April Fool
03. Fuji-San
04. Redondo Beach
05. Free Money
06. This Is The Girl
07. 9
08. Southern Cross
09. (Medley)
09. We Three
11. Because the Night
12. Happy Birthday
13. Pissing In A River
01. Peaceable Kingdom
02. Gloria
03. Banga
04. Rock ‘N’ Roll ******

Track 9 (Medley) was performed by the band without Patti

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Michael Jackson - 1997-08-16 - Gothenburg, SWE (DVDfull pro-shot DL)

(DVDfull pro-shot DL)

HIStory Tour
Ullevi Stadium, Gothenburg, Sweden

Format: Pal
Resolution: 4:3
Size: 4.6GB

No Menu or Chapters

01 - Scream
02 - They Don't Care About Us
03 - In The Closet
04 - Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'
05 - Stranger In Moscow
06 - Smooth Criminal
07 - You Are Not Alone
08 - Jackson 5 Medley (I Want You Back / The Love You Save / I'll Be There)
09 - I'll Be There
10 - Billie Jean
11 - Thriller
12 - Beat It
13 - Blood On The Dancefloor
14 - Dangerous
15 - Black Or White
16 - Earth Song
17 - Heal The World
18 - HIStory

This particular VHS rip has never been uploaded before and happens to be an original broadcast recording that was available several months back. Quality is superb for a 17 year old tape. Colours are vibrant and the audio quality is almost flawless.

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Dire Straits - 1985-07-04 - London, UK (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Prince Trust 85 (Corrected Speed and Tone)

Wembley Arena London UK
4th July 1985

CD 1
02- Ride across the river
03-Expresso love
04- So far away
05- Romeo and Juliet
06- Private investigations
07- Sultans of swing
08- Why worry
09- Walk of life

CD 2
01- Two young lovers
02- The man's too strong
03- Money for nothing [A]
04- Tunnel of love
05- Brothers in arms
06- Solid rock
07- Intro Pete Townshend/Going home [B]
08- Closure

[A] guest player Sting
[B] guest player Pete Townshend

Good sound quality, complete show featuring Sting and Pete Townshend as special guests. This is the first of twelve consecutive nights at Wembley Arena! Very funny is the Laurel and Hardy tune that is played at the very end of Solid rock.

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Bruce Springsteen - 2006-11-12 - London, UK (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Wembley Session Second Night, CC 814-815 
November 12 2006, Wembley Arena 
London, England 

Original Silver Discs --> EAC (Secure) --> Waw --> Flac Level 8 & Align --> ABMS 

01 - Intro 
02 - Blinded By The Light 
03 - Does This Bus Stop At 82nd Street? 
04 - John Henry 
05 - Johnny 99 
06 - Further On (Up The Road) 
07 - Jesse James 
08 - O, Mary Don't You Weep 
09 - Bobby Jean 
10 - Erie Canal 
11 - My Oklahoma Home 
12 - The River 
13 - Mrs. McGrath 
14 - How Can A Poor Man Stand Such Times And Live 

01 - Jacob's Ladder 
02 - Long Time Comin' 
03 - Open All Night 
04 - Pay Me My Money Down 
05 - Land Of Hope And Dreams 
06 - You Can Look (But You Better Not Touch) 
07 - When The Saints Go Marching In 
08 - This Little Light Of Mine 
09 - American Land 
10 - Man On The Flying Trapeze 
11 - Shenandoha* 

* = Bonus Track 
11 - The Point, Dublin, November 18 2006

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Bob Dylan & Mark Knopfler - 1979-1986 The Complete Recording Sessions (SBD/AUD/FLAC)

(Soundboard/Audience FLAC)

Bob Dylan & Mark Knopfler
The Complete Recording Sessions 1979-1986
Compilation Soundboard/Audience


DISC ONE (the outtakes):
01. Trouble in Mind 4.51
02. Ye Shall Be changed 4.09
03. Blind Willie McTell (acoustic version) 5.53
04. Someone’s Got A Hold Of My Heart 4.33
05. Tell Me 4.25
06. Lord Protect My Child 3.57
07. Foot of Pride 5.58
08. Death Is Not The End 5.10
09. Julius And Ethel 4.47
10. This Was My Love 4.09
11. Blind Willie McTell (electric version) 4.56
12. Angel Flying Too Close 4.46
13. Straight A’s In Love 2.23
14. Clean Cut Kid 6.49
15. Don’t Fly Unless It’s Safe 3.16
16. Dark Groove 2.48
17. Trouble in Mind 4.16

Total time: 77:08

Track #1: This is the uncut version with an extra verse. Perfect sound quality. Never officially released.
Track #2-8: Perfect sound quality.
Track #9-11: The sound quality varies. Never officially released.
Track #12 b-side.
Track #13-16: The sound quality varies. Never officially released.
Track #17: b-side. Same recording as track #1 but with one verse cut.


DISC TWO (the alternative versions):
01. Jokerman 6.22
02. Sweetheart Like You 4.15
03. Neighbourhood Bully 4.38
04. License To Kill 3.31
05. Man Of Peace 6.35
06. Union Sundown 5.06
07. I and I 4.30
08. Don’t Fall Apart On Me Tonight 5.48
09. Foot Of Pride (version #2) 6.01
10. Someone’s Gotta Hold of My Heart (version #2) 5.05
11. Tell Me (version #2) 4.35
12. Lord Protect My child (version #2) 4.41
13. Death Is Not The End (version #2) 5.02
14. Angel Flying Too Close (version #2) 4.06
15. This Was My Love (version #2) 3.46
16. Julius and Ethel 4.41

Total time: 78:53

Tracks #1-8: Alternative versions of the Infidels songs.
Tracks #9-15: Alternative versions of outtakes.
Track #16: Mono version, same take as the other one. The lead guitar has almost disapeared.


DISC THREE (rehearsels and live):
01. I and I (version #2) 5.00
02. Sweetheart Like You (version #2) 4.08
03. Union Sundown (version #2) 6.49
04. Sweetheart rehearsals 28.14
05. Blowin’ In the Wind 5.55
06. Rock ‘Em Dead 4.43
07. Knocking On Heavens Door 3.50
08. All Along The Watchtower 4.37
09. Leopardskin Pillbox Hat 4.24
10. License To Kill 4.48
11. Knocking On Heaven’s Door 5.32

Total time: 78:03

Tracks #1-3: Alternative versions. Sound quality varies.
Track #4: Sweetheart Like You rehearsals. Alternative takes, talking, improvisations. Sound quality varies.
Track #5-7: Mark Knopfler joining Bob Dylan at a concert in Sydney, Australia, February 10, 1986. The backing band is Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers. Poor sound.
Track #8-11: Dylan joining Dire Straits at a concert in Melbourne, Australia, February 19, 1986. Poor sound

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Led Zeppelin - Eye Thank Yew (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

07/03/1980 Eisstadion, Mannheim, Germany
07/02/1980 Eisstadion, Mannheim, Germany

Silver > EAC > Flac

07/03/1980 Eisstadion, Mannheim, Germany

1. The Train Kept A Rollin' 
2. Nobody's Fault But Mine 
3. Black Dog
4. In The Evening 
5. The Rain Song 
6. Hot Dog 
7. All My Love
8. Trampled Underfoot 
9. Since I've Been Loving You

1. Achilles Last Stand 
2. White Summer 
3. Black Mountain Side
4. Kashmir
5. Stairway To Heaven 
6. Communication Breakdown
7. Rock And Roll

07/02/1980 Eisstadion, Mannheim, Germany

1. The Train Kept A Rollin'
2. Nobody's Fault But Mine 
3. Black Dog
4. In The Evening 
5. The Rain Song 
6. Hot Dog 
7. All My Love
8. Trampled Underfoot 
9. Since I've Been Loving You

1. Achilles Last Stand 
2. White Summer 
3. Black Mountain Side
4. Kashmir (Incomplete)

Bonus: July 5th, 1980 Olympiahalle, Munich, Germany
5. Stairway To Heaven 
6. Rock And Roll
Simon Kirke only played on Whole Lotta Love

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The Who - 1970-06-21 - Memphis, TN (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Ellis Memorial Auditorium

From the JEMS archives

1st gen cassette>Nakamichi 670 pitch & azimuth-adjusted playback deck>Wavelab 96/24>Izotope 44.1/16>flac

Transferred By: JEMS

Disc one (50:27):
(1) Heaven and Hell (start cut) (3:32)
(2) Can't Explain (3:12)
(3) Young Man Blues (6:15)
(4) Water (9:42)
(5) Overture (4:43)
(6) It's a Boy (0:42)
(7) 1921 (2:26)
(8) Amazing Journey (5:14)
(9) Sparks (2:58)
(10) Eyesight to the Blind (1:56)
(11) Christmas (3:17)
(12) The Acid Queen (3:30)
(13) Pinball Wizard (2:53)

Disc two (42:16):
(1) Do You Think It's Alright (0:24)
(2) Fiddle About (1:11)
(3) Tommy Can You Hear Me (1:09)
(4) There's a Doctor I've Found (0:25)
(5) Go To The Mirror (3:33)
(6) Smash the Mirror (1:15)
(7) Miracle Cure (0:13)
(8) I'm Free (2:19)
(9) Tommy's Holiday Camp (1:01)
(10) We're Not Gonna Take It (9:21)
(11) Summertime Blues (4:05)
(12) My Generation (17:15)

The beginning of a new series from the JEMS archives. Up to now we've been putting up masters, but I've pulled out some first generation tapes and started transferring them. These aren't 'low-gen' or 'I-don't-know' gen tapes, these are legitimate 1st gen tapes, meaning my copy came right from the master. I got this from the guy that taped the show. It was a cassette master and this copy is probably as good as were going to get on this one which is a pretty good quality for this era of recording.

Led Zeppelin - 1973-07-09 - St. Paul, MN (AUD/FLAC) "Complete Performance In Minnesota"

(Vg+ Audience Recording FLAC)

Title: Complete Performance In Minnesota
Venue: Civic Center, St Paul, Minnesota, US.

Lineage: TDOLZ Vol.043 Boot 3CD > EAC > FLAC

Jimmy Page: Guitar
Robert Plant: Lead Vocal
John Paul Jones: Bass, Keyboard
John Bonham: Drums

01: Rock And Roll
02: Celebration Day
03: Black Dog
04: Over The Hills And Far Away
05: Misty Mountain Hop
06: Since I've Been Loving You
07: No Quarter

01: The Song Remains The Same
02: The Rain Song
03: Dazed And Confused

01: Stairway To Heaven
02: Moby Dick
03: Heartbreaker
04: Whole Lotta Love
05: Communication Breakdown

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Bob Marley - Exodus and Kaya (STU/FLAC)

(Studio FLAC)

1977 1978
CD1 & 2

Cd>> Wav >> Flac lvl.8

orignaly cd was known and dubbed
"kaya & exodus horns mixs"...false here
it is finaly and complete, and with
its orignaly title.
one love on cd 2 is awesome...
no glitchs..perfect.

audio quality: studio sdb.

Cd 1:
01 Exodus,
02 Satisfy My Soul,
03 Satisfy MY Soul (continues),
04 Misty Morning,
05 Natural Mystic,
06 Running Away,
07 Turn Your Lights Down Low,
08 Is This Love,
09 Jamming,
10 Guiltiness,
11 Sun Is Shining,
12 Kaya,
13 Crisis,
14 Easy Skanking,
15 So Much Things To Say

Cd 2:
01 exodus
02 guiltyness
03 roots
04 she's gone
05 waiting in vain
06 natural mystic
07 heathen
08 so much things too say
09 exodus
10 jamming
11 waiting in vain
12 three little birds
13 one love
14 satisfy my soul
14 satisfy my soul
15 satisfy my soul
16 waiting in vain
17 waiting in vain

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Van Halen - 2015-07-09 - Concord, CA (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)



01 - Light Up the Sky
02 - Runnin With the Devil
03 - Romeo Delight
04 - Everybody Wants Some
05 - Drop Dead Legs
06 - Feel Your Love Tonight
07 - Somebody Get Me a Doctor
08 - She's the Woman
09 - China Town
10 - I'll Wait
11 - Drum Solo
12 - Little Guitars

01 - Dance The Night Away
02 - Beautiful Girls
03 - Woman In Love
04 - Hot For Teacher
05 - In a Simple Rhyme
06 - Growth
07 - Dirty Movies
08 - Ice Cream Man
09 - Unchained
10 - Ain't Talkin Bout Love
11 - Panama
12 - Jump

Third show from the tour on an oddly cold summer night in this suburb east of of San Francisco. Very cool the band opens with "Light Up The Sky," great energy. Ed playing well with the rest of the band. Alex jumps into "Panama" before the band, not sure if this is planned or an accident. Roth was up and down, but not as bad as he has been at times. Most annoying thing is that he talks over the band while they are playing. An example: The band is jamming a nice intro on "Dirty Movies" and Roth talks gibberish all over it. Recorded from the lower bowl. This is an outdoor venue, but has a roof over the sections closest to the stage where I was. Decent recording, clear enough.

giovedì 10 ottobre 2019

David Gilmour - 2016-07-08 - Pompei, IT [24/48] (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Venue: Anfiteatro Scavi di Pompei, Pompei, Italy
Date: 2016 July 8
Source: aud

Lineage: audience recording at943-12v-r09-24/48 - mastering - 24/48Flac

David Gilmour: Guitar, Vocals
Chester Kamen: Guitar, Harmonica, Backing Vocals
Guy Pratt: Bass, Backing Vocals, Vocals (Run Like Hell)
Greg Phillinganes: Keyboards, Vocals (Time)
Chuck Leavell: Keyboards, Vocals (Comfortably Numb)
Steve DiStanislao: Drums, Wind Machine, Backing Vocals
João Mello: Saxophones, Clarinete, Guitar
Louise Clare Marshall: Backing Vocals
Bryan Chambers: Backing Vocals
Lucita Jules: Backing Vocals

00. audience
01. 5 A.M.
02. Rattle That Lock
03. Faces Of Stone
04. What Do You Want From Me
05. The Blue
06. The Great Gig in the Sky
07. speech
08. A Boat Lies Waiting
09. Wish You Were Here
10. Money
11. In Any Tongue
12. High Hopes

13. One of These Days
14. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts I-V)
15. Fat Old Sun
16. Coming Back to Life
17. On an Island
18. band introduction
19. The Girl in the Yellow Dress
20. remark about Echoes
21. Today
22. Sorrow
23. Run Like Hell

24. encore break
25. Time
26. Breathe (Reprise)
27. Comfortably Numb

total time: 2h49m05s

Taper notes: 
audience was very excited and more cheerful than on day 1. People were shouting "ECHOES" a lot, so Mr.Gilmour made a remark about it.

mercoledì 9 ottobre 2019

Jimmy Page & Robert Plant - 1998-06-26 - Auburn Hills, MI (DVDfull aud-shot)

(DVDfull aud-shot)

Jimmy Page & Robert Plant
Palace Of Auburn Hills
Auburn Hills, Michigan
Third Eye Productions
DVD Trade>My HD>You

01 - Egyptian Intro
02 - Wanton Song
03 - Bring It On Home
04 - Heartbreaker
05 - Ramble On
06 - Walking Into Clarksdale
07 - No Quarter
08 - Shining In The Light
09 - Going To California
10 - Tangerine
11 - Gallows Pole
12 - Heart In Your Hand
13 - Babe I'm Gonna Leave You
14 - How Many More Times
15 - incl: Down By The Seaside
16 - Most High
17 - Whole Lotta Love

18 - Thank You
19 - Rock And Roll

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Tool - 1994-07-01 - Torhout, Belgium (AUD/FLAC) by REQUEST

(Audience FLAC)

Voetbalterrein DK Torhout 
Torhout Campingfestival, Belgium 

UNKNOWN TAPER >> TDK AD90 tape >> Audacity (WAV) >> Trader's Little Helper (FLAC level 8) > YOU 

01) Cold and Ugly 
02) ranting 
03) Intolerance 
04) Undertow 
05) Sober 
06) ranting 
07) Prison Sex 
08) Disgustipated 
09) Swamp Song 
10) ranting 
11) 4 Degrees 
12) ranting 
13) Bottom 

Then talking before Bottom he says "-thanks a lot for coming to check us out tonight // everyone say hello to Paul our sound man back there look at him see, without him it would sound like nothing, not a fucking thing so, there he is // -this is another song. // -apparently we're going to be here some place tomorrow, i don't know about half an hour from here or something, playing at some other festival, not this one, lucky you // - the Werchter festival? you guys gonna see us there, i don't know were gonna miss you... // - hey uh we're all really sorry Sensor(?) couldn't play tonight, they're a really great band, it's kind of a drag," 

domenica 6 ottobre 2019

Neil Young - 2001-07-24 - Rotterdam, NL (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Sportpaleis Ahoy

Neil Young - vocals, guitar, piano, pump organ 
Frank Sampedro - guitar, keyboards, vocals 
Billy Talbot - bass, vocals 
Ralph Molina - drums, vocals 
Pegi Young - vocals 
Astrid Young - vocals

Disc 1 
1 Don't Cry No Tears 
2 I've Been Waiting For You 
3 Love And Only Love 
4 Piece Of Crap 
5 Goin' Home 
6 Hold You In My Arms 
7 From Hank To Hendrix 
8 Don't Let It Bring You Down 
9 Out On The Weekend 
10 Long May You Run 
11 Only Love Can Break Your Heart 
12 Standing In The Light Of Love 
13 Gateway Of Love 

Disc 2 
1 Hey Hey, My My 
2 Sedan Delivery 
3 Like A Hurricane 
4 Tonight's The Night 
5 Come On Baby Let's Go Downtown 
6 Rockin' In The Free World 
7 Powderfinger 
8 Down By The River 

Disc 3 
1 Roll Another Number 
2 Goin' Home 
3 Pocahontas * 
4 After the Gold Rush * 
5 Opera Star * 
6 Cortez the Killer * 
7 Fuckin' Up ** 
8 Don't Say You Love Me *** 
9 The Losing End **** 
10 Welfare Mothers ***** 

* Rotterdam, Netherlands, 6-21-01 (Date on artwork is wrong!) 
** Birmingham, England, 6-15-01 
*** Brescia, Italy, 7-9-01 
**** Oslo, Norway, 7-4-01 
***** Vienne, France, 7-17-01 

sabato 5 ottobre 2019

Les Rallizes Denudes - 1985 - Studio demo at Azabu (STU/FLAC) by REQUEST

(Studio FLAC)

Trade CDR > HDD > FLAC 

disc 1 
1.yoru yori fukaku Part2 (Take1.2) 
2.tori no koe 
3.shiroi mezame 
4.enter the mirror 

disc 2 
1.enter the mirror 
3.yoru, ansatsusha no yoru 
5.eien ni imaga

Wham! - 1986-06-28 - Wembley Stadium - London, UK (aud/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Recorded from the audience with a handheld cassette recorder and dumped onto 3CDs. This was long before MP3 and only just into the CD age. Its nearly 25 years old, the recording shows signs of age but the music is fresh as ever. 

01. Intro 
02. Everything She Wants 
03. Club Tropicana 
04. Heartbeat 
05. Battlestations 
06. Bad Boys 
07. If You Where There 
08. Candle in the Wind 
09. Credit Card Baby 
10. Like a Baby 


01. Love Machine 
02. Where did your Heart Go? 
03. Why? 
04. Last Xmas 
05. Wham Rap 
06. A Different Corner 


01. Freedom 
02. Careless Whisper 
03. Band Intro 
04. Young Guns (and a little bit of Wham Rap) 
05. Wake me Up 
06. I'm Your Man

venerdì 4 ottobre 2019

Mark Knopfler - 2005-07-01 - Boston, MA (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

Mark Knopfler
Bank Of America Pavilion
Boston, MA
July 1, 2005

“Soundboard > ? > WMA - Audio CD > FLAC”

Disc 1
1. Why aye man
2. Walk of life
3. What it is
4. Sailing to Philadelphia
5. Romeo and Juliet
6. Sultans of swing
7. Band introduction
8. Done with Bonaparte
9. Song for Sonny Liston
10. Donegan's gone

Disc 2
1. Boom, like that
2. Speedway at Nazareth
3. Telegraph road
4. Brothers in arms
5. Money for nothing
6. So far away
7. Our Shangri-La

Eric Clapton - 1975-10-29 - Shizuoka, JP (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Sunpukaikan, Shizuoka, Japan

Silver CDs>EAC(secure & accurate mode)>FLAC

Purple Haze (Tarantura TCDED-13-1, 2)

Disc 1
01 Opening
02 Layla
03 Little Wing
04 Blues Power
05 Can’t Find My Way Home
06 So Many Lord Blues
07 Stormy Monday

Disc 2
01 tuning
02 Badge
03 Sun Is Shining
04 Tell The Truth
05 Eyesight To TheBlind
06 Carnival

As you can read below in the review, this recording seems runs from 2,5% to 4% too slow. If someone can check this and eventually fix the speed problem will make a very good thing.

Review from

Purple Haze presents a new tape source for Eric Clapton’s October 29th, 1975 show at the Sun Plaza in Shizuka, Japan. An older, very good tape source exists for this show and has been pressed before on Eyesight To The Blind (Dirty 13 D13-013A/B). This new source is distant but the music is loud and clear enabling the taper to capture the atmosphere of the show perfectly. Unfortunately, the tape runs 2.5% too slow and detracts from what otherwise would be another sterling Eric Clapton release on the Tarantura label.

There are minor cuts between some of the tracks but is otherwise musically complete. The tracking is slightly off too: the introduction before “Can’t Find My Way Home,” where Clapton plays the opening riff to “Purple Haze,” is tracked separately as is the minute long tuning before “Badge” on disc two. What is listed on disc one as “So Many Lord Blues” is a cover of Otis Rush’s “So Many Roads” with references to “Stormy Monday” included in the long improvisation. Shizuoka is in the middle of Clapton’s second tour of Japan occurring almost exactly a year after the first. This is the fifth of seven total dates and is followed by the two Budokan shows.

In the intervening year two albums were released, There’s One In Every Crowd and the live album E.C. Is Here. Curiously, nothing from the latest studio albums are played in this concert. Four songs, including the opening two, date from Derek And The Dominos’ Layla And Other Assorted Love Songs and it isn’t until the spectacular encore section where anything brand new is attempted. Clapton is supported by the same band as the previous trip and the mellow, acoustic numbers were dropped in favor of a full electric set.

“Layla” is a good opener and features Clapton playing off of George Terry very well during the long improvisation. After a long tuning the band launch into “Little Wing” to the appreciation of the audience. “Blues Power” reaches almost fifteen minutes with extended soloing in the middle. Afterwards Clapton introduces Elliman who attempts to speak in Japanese and laughs out of embarrassment. Clapton plays the opening to Jimi Hendrix’s “Purple Haze” before order is restored and Elliman introduces the next song “I Can’t Find My Way Home.” The song really drags on this tape before it ends six minutes later.

There is a small cut in the tape right after this song eliminating the applause. “We’d like to take you even further down” is Clapton’s cryptic introduction to “So Many Roads.” It begins similar to Zeppelin’s “Since I’ve Been Loving You” and is a long, majestic blues that reaches fifteen minutes in duration. This is the version first recorded by Otis Rush and also goes under the name “So Many Roads, So Many Trains.” John Mayall And The Bluesbreakers covered this tune in the past so it is very familiar to Clapton. This version is interesting because it also includes an electric piano solo caught up in the middle on Clapton’s genius blues soloing. Disc two begins with a minute of tuning before Clapton introduces the next song, “This is called BAD-GE. It’s about a badger.” The favored arrangement is to play the first verses before a long percussion solo by Jimmy Oldaker. At five minutes twenty-seven seconds into the track Clapton forgets his vocal cue and comes in late with the second verse before the six minute drum solo in middle. The band returns for the closing section of the track, repeating, “love is my badge.”

Afterwards Clapton introduces Marcy Levy for her solo spot “The Sun Is Shining” in a thick Japanese accent, “Rovery Rady named Marcy Revy!” Some girls in the audience shout out Eric’s name before he says, “Dis is de last number of de show. You get the message? The epitome of it all” before “Tell The Truth.” Marcy Levy sings the second verse before the long guitar solo which features Clapton and Terry playing a duel with slide guitars. After several minutes of audience clapping the band come out for the encores and ironically contain the only brand new material. The spectacular “Eyesight For The Blind” comes from the film Tommy which was released the previous spring. The frenetic percussion and the strong Hammond organ presence in the middle bring a strong Santana vibe to the song.

The driving riff and the soloing above the rhythm makes this song a highlight both in the movie and this concert. After ten minutes the band leaves Oldaker alone as Clapton introduces the second encore number, “dedicated to Dana and Will because it is their birthday today and they like this song.” “Carnival” is a song Clapton worked on the previous July with the Rolling Stones in New York where it was given the provisional title “Carnival To Rio.” The final version would appear on the 1976 LP No Reason To Cry. It is great that Tarantura are unearthing all these previously unknown Eric Clapton tapes from Japan. The sound quality of this one is very good and Purple Haze could have been a killer release if the speed were corrected. It is limited to one hundred copies and comes packaged in a cardboard gatefold sleeve. (GS)

There are some really great jams in this show with some being very lengthy. “Badge” has what sounds to be an interesting improvised drum/percussion solo followed by “Sun Is Shining” that features Marcy Levy on vocals and is a highlight in tonight’s set. “Eyesight To The Blind” runs non-stop with “Carnival” and both are great versions as well.

I believe the speed on this release runs closer to 4% too slow and really does drag down the performance. Hearing this tape at the corrected speed is a really good listen but is otherwise difficult to listen to as is. For this reason, Purple Haze will not be one of Tarantura’s more desirable titles. (WGPSEC)

martedì 1 ottobre 2019

Stevie Ray Vaughan - 1988-08-16 - Bristol, CT (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Lake Compounce
w/ Roomful of Blues horn section

Essential SRV series – a “must have” show. If you have the master, please post it!

Audience recording EX-
Unknown gear> 1st gen cassette>2nd gen cassette>CDR>EAC>FLAC

01 intro instrumental
02 scuttle buttin’>
03 say what?!
04 Pride & Joy
05 You’ll be mine
06 Look at little sister {mic problem during this song, big dropout]
07 You done lost your good thing now
08 Woke up this morning
09 Mary Had a little Lamb (cut)
10 Travis Walk (cut)
11 Superstition>
12 Willie the Wimp
Disc 2
13 Cold Shot>
14 Couldn’t stand the weather w/ Band into
15 Life without you

w/ Roomful of Blues Horn Section
16 encore - no music
17 Let me love you baby (early version of this too)
18 Texas Flood
19 Don’t lose your cool (the shit baby)
2nd encore
20 Lovestruck Baby
21 Rude Mood
22 Voodoo Chile (slight return)

There are a lot of copies of a transfer Bob Wilmott did for me many years ago, but sound cards have improved so much I decided to do a new transfer. This is one of the absolute best SRV audience recordings I’ve ever heard even though the crowd is present at times. No close talkers. Samples provided. It is also a great, very upbeat performance. First show of the tour, probably the first performance of “Travis Walk,” somewhat atypical setlist, 2 encores, Stevie in a great mood, clean and happy to be alive.

Bruce Springsteen - 2013-07-05 - Mönchengladbach, DE (AUD/FLAC) Crystal Cat

(Audience FLAC)

Borussia Park

Crystal Cat 1022-24


Disc 1:
01 - Jackson Cage
02 - My Love Will Not Let You Down
03 - Better Days
04 - Shake Rattle & Roll
05 - One Way Street
06 - Mary's Place
07 - Wrecking Ball
08 - Badlands
09 - Death to My Hometown

Disc 2:
01 - Point Blank
02 - Trapped
03 - The Promised Land
04 - Hungry Heart
05 - Man's Job
06 - Because the Night
07 - Candy's Room
08 - She's the One
09 - Leap of Faith
10 - Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)
11 - Shackled and Drawn
12 - Waiting on a Sunny Day

Disc 3:
01 - Radio Nowhere
02 - Thunder Road
03 - Rocky Ground
04 - Born in the USA
05 - Born to Run
06 - Dancing in the Dark
07 - Tenth Ave. Freeze-Out
08 - Rocking All Over the World

09 - Who'll stop the rain (Munich)
10 - Seaside bar song (Munich)
11 - Drift away (Hannover)
12 - Roll of the dice (Hannover)