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Elvis Costello - 1991-05-25 - Santa Barbara, CA (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

Elvis Costello & the Rude 5
tour rehearsals
Arlington Theatre, Santa Barbara, California
May 2x, 1991

01 (The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes
02 Invasion Hit Parade
03 Watch Your Step
04 Georgie And Her Rival
05 Home Is Anywhere You Hang Your Head
06 Suit Of Lights
07 So Like Candy
08 Accidents Will Happen
09 You Bowed Down
10 Hidden Charms
11 All Grown Up
12 Couldn't Call It Unexpected No. 4
13 The Other Side Of Summer
14 Strange
15 How To Be Dumb
16 Alison
17 Sweet Pear
18 Bama Lama Bama Loo
19 Playboy To A Man
20 Everybody's Crying Mercy

The Rude 5 - 
- Marc Ribot - guitar
- Pete Thomas - drums
- Jerry Scheff - bass
- Larry Knechtel - keyboards

SBD > unknown > DAT clone(s) > Amadeus II capture to .wav

edits:  wav > r8brain 1.9 (downsample to 44.1 kHz) > Audacity (track splits, fades) > 
TLH > (flac 6, align SB) > Foobar2000 (flac tags).

This is said to be the last night of a week of tour rehearsals at the Arlington Theatre in Santa Barbara, recorded just before the start of the "Mighty Like A Rose" tour in 1991 (which began May 25 in Santa Barbara). The setlist here is nearly the same as the first night of the tour, and includes 10 songs from "Mighty Like A Rose".

Elvis Costello - 1987-04-16 - San Jose, CA (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

Elvis Costello, solo  
Civic Auditorium, San Jose, CA, U.S.
April 16, 1987

source : soundboard, incomplete show
lineage: SBD > ? > FLAC > Audacity (retracking, track splits, remove official content) > TLH > FLAC 6 (align SB) > Foobar2000 (flac tags).

01 Sally Sue Brown
02 (The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes
03 talk
04 Suit Of Lights
05 talk
06 Green Shirt
07 talk
08 Brilliant Mistake
09 crowd
10 talk
11 Uncomplicated
12 beatbox segue
13 Inch By Inch

Suzanne Vega - 1986-05-24 - New York City, NY (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

MAY 24,1986 

Cassette Sb Master > Cassette > Cd > Sony Screenblast Extraction > Cool Edit > Cd Wave Editor > Traders Little Helper > Flac

Frank Christian (Incomplete Set) 
01 - ? 
02 - ? 
03 - Where Were You Last Night? 
04 - Talk 
05 - Terraplane Blues 

Suzanne Vega 
01-Tom'S Diner (Fades In) 
02 - Talk 
03 - Some Journey 
04 - Talk 
05 - Small Blue Thing 
06 - Undertow 
07 - Cracking 
08 - Luka 
09 - The Queen And The Soldier (Tape Flip) 
10 - Knight Moves W/ Frank Christian 
11 - Talk 
12 - Calypso 
13 - Straight Lines 
14 - Freeze Tag 
15 - Talk 
16 - Marlene On The Wall 
17 - Talk 
18 - Left Of Center 
19 - Talk 
20 - Neighborhood Girls 
21 - Crowd/Talk 
22 - Black Widow Station 

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Metallica - 1984-06-09 - Hoe't Metallica De Westereen op 'e kop sette (ts pro-shot)

(ts pro-shot)

Dutch Frisian documentary

"[...] 'Hoe't Metallica De Westereen op 'e kop sette' (How Metallica raised hell at De Westereen), the 2014 Omrop Fryslân TV documentary of Douwe Talma about the show Metallica did in the small Dutch village Zwaagwesteinde (De Westereen) on June 9th 1984. The documentary features exclusive interviews with Kirk Hammett and Lars Ulrich.
That Zwaagwesteinde gig 30 years ago was the first Metallica European headline show ever, thanks to a mistake of the local venue owner. The documentary features a story full of anecdotes about the time that Metallica was still an unknown band and heavy metal was something completely new to everybody in Holland."

Broadcast in 1080i HD on June 21, 2014 on Dutch NPO/Nederland 2. A nice 30 minutes long documentary. As noted, this includes interview segments with Kirk and Lars (filmed at Pinkpop on June 9th, exactly 30 years after the show which is the subject of the documentary).
With Dutch, Frisian and English spoken language. The latter two are with Dutch subtitles.

Also see: (official trailer) and (full documentary without Dutch subtitles for the Frisian spoken parts).

Technical details:
Size : 2.951 GB
Duration : 00:30:06.20
Mux type : TS Stream
TS mux rate : 14.948 Mbps
Video Encoding : H.264
VideoStreamID : xCF9
Frame rate : 25.00 fps
Encoding size : 1920 x 1080
Aspect ratio : 16:9
Header bit rate : 20.000 Mbps
VBV buffer : 380 KBytes
Profile : Main/4.0
Progressive : Interlaced
Chroma : 4:2:0
Entropy mode : CABAC
Bit rate : 12.119 Mbps
Audio Stream: 1 (Primary) Codec : AC3
Format : AC3 stream
Channels : 5.1
Language : dut
PES Stream Id : xBD
Bit rate : 448 Kbps
Sampling rate : 48000
Sample size : 16 bits
Subtitle: 1-1 Type : DVB Subpic
Language : dut
Page : 2
Subtitle: 2-1 Type : DVB Subpic
PID : 0xD00
Language : 888
Page : 2
Subtitle: 3-1 Type : DVB Teletext
PID : 0xD01
Language : dut
Page : 100

Also includes a picture of the late bass player Cliff Burton and singer/guitarist James Hetfield next to the poster of the concert at De Westereen. Taken from:

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The Who - 2006-10-29 - London, UK (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

"This Is It"
29th October 2006
Electric Proms
Main Space

Video Source: BBCi/BBC1/BBC2 TV > DVB-T Freeview > Pinnacle PCTV 300i > Pinnacle MediaCenter2
Audio Source: BBC Radio 2 FM (88.80mhz) > JVC RX-7022R > Adobe Audition v2 (at 48khz)

Authoring: Womble MPEG Video Wizard 2006 > Sony DVD Architect v4

Video: PAL 720x576 25fps 4500kbps aVBR
Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Widescreen
Audio: LPCM 48khz 16bits Stereo

A Gold Hawk DVD Production [GH_DVD_WHO_016_v2]
Menu's and Chapters added by hntgzr

DVD Playlist:
01 - Introduction
02 - I Can't Explain
03 - The Seeker
04 - Who Are You
05 - Fragments *
06 - Sound Round
07 - Pick Up The Peace
08 - Endless Wire
09 - We've Got A Hit
10 - They Made My Dreams Come True
11 - Mirror Door
12 - Baba O'Riley
13 - My Generation
14 - Mike Post's Theme **
15 - Pinball Wizard
16 - Amazing Journey
17 - Sparks ***
18 - See Me Feel Me
19 - Tea & Theatre

Bonus Material:
01 - Parkinson (28th October 2006) - ITV1 16:9 Widescreen
02 - Letterman (16th September 2006) - ITV4 4:3 Generic
03 - Front Row (27th October 2006) - BBC Radio 4 FM
04 - Roundhouse Interview (Date Unknown) - BBC Webcast

The Roundhouse gig was originally broadcast on BBCi as a 33 minute looped on 30th October 2006 for 4 days as part of BBC's Electric Proms coverage. A further track was shown on a highlights package for 3 days from 31st October. The concert was also broadcast on Radio 2 on 4th November 2006. A BBC One Sessions programme aired on 26th November 2006. On 17th December 2006 a further highlights package was aired on BBC2.

From all these broadcasts only Man In A Purple Dress has not been seen or heard.

The BBCi broadcast consisted of ICE, Skr, W&G, WAY & T&T (in that order). MG was shown during the highlights package. The radio broadcast didn't include MG nor T&T. The BBC1 broadcast consisted of ICE, WAY, W&Gx2, MG, W&Gx2, BOR, PW, AJ, SMFM & T&T. The BBC2 broadcast consisted of MPT and WAY plus a very short interview segment with Pete (this is the same as the Bonus Material footage).

The radio broadcast resembled the closest order in which the tracks were played live.

On this DVD, tracks 2 and 12 to 19 were taken from the BBC1 broadcast. Tracks 3 to 11 were taken from the BBCi broadcast. Track 1 is from the Radio broadcast. Track 14 was taken from the BBC2 broadcast. Due to MG and T&T not being broadcast on radio, the audio for these two tracks has been taken from the video source and converted to LPCM for dvd compliance.

To ensure continuity, the above choice was made so as the footage did not chop and change between that with logo's and that without and to reduce the amount of editing required to sync in the FM audio with the TV footage. The BBCi footage has a small logo in the bottom left hand corner of the screen. The BBC1 and BBC2 footage is logo free.

There are some gaps within the footage. * for 34 seconds. ** for 18secs & 4 secs respectively and *** for 5mins 39secs. The first being where Pete describes the Roundhouse and them himself. This was not broadcast on TV. The second is Mike Post Theme where the introduction by Roger was not aired, nor the crowd chanting "Who" between MPT and PW. The third is Sparks. So as not to have a blank screen whilst watching this DVD, Scruff (thanks mate) sent me some scans to use. The first blank gap was filled with recent Magazine Covers. The intro to MPT and the crowd chanting was filled with a few screen grabs. Sparks was filled with Tommy memorabilia. If you find this irritating, simply look away from the

No recompression or re-encoding took place with the Roundhouse video.

For the picky amongst us (and I'm one of those), there are two points of note. Firstly, there is about 2 seconds of footage missing from this dvd just prior to Sound Round starting. The BBCi footage differed from the Radio broadcast in showing an almost false start. It was edited out of the Radio broadcast. Secondly, there is a sync issue towards the end of SMFM, where Roger says thank you. The BBC1 footage shows more crowd cheering at this point. I did not want to attempt to sync this in correctly. You will hopefully agree with me that these two points are minor and will not spoil your enjoyment of this DVD! Perhaps you may have never noticed these, but I thought I'd point them out to you!

The bonus material was captured using the same equipment and settings as above with the exception of Parkinson and the Webcast. Parkinson was captured on a standalone DVD recorder. The webcast was downloaded as an RM file and converted to MPEG2 for dvd compliance using WinAVI v7.6. This footage is therefore of lesser quality than the rest. The Letterman show is allegedly broadcast in 16:9, however it isn't really. Therefore it is here on this dvd in 4:3 aspect.

Many thanks to GuessWho for supplying the Parkinson footage.

Many thanks to Scruff for taking time and effort to scan some Covers and Tommy images for use to fill in the gaps.

Artwork and MD5 Verification Files all included.

If this is shared elsewhere please leave this text file intact, thank you!

Please note that this DVD is an Upgrade. This version has a catalogue number of
GH_DVD_WHO_016_v2. The previous inferior version was GH_DVD_WHO_016.

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Phil Collins - 1990-03-15 - Sydney, AU (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

Something Happened On The Way To Sydney
The Hussey Remaster
Live at The Entertainment Centre

Phil Collins - Vocals / Drums
Bridgette Bryant - Vocals
Brad Cole - Keyboards
Rahmlee Michael Davis - Trumpet
Harry Kim - Trumpet
Arnold McCullar - Vocals
Don Myrick - Saxophone
Louis Satterfield - Trombone
Leland Sklar - Bass
Daryl Stuermer - Guitars
Chester Thompson - Drums
Fred White - Vocals

Disc One:
1.1 Intro Music 00:55 
1.2 Hand In Hand 08:11 
1.3 Hang In Long Enough 04:24 
1.4 Behind The Lines 05:33 
1.5 Against All Odds 03:31 
1.6 Doesn't Anybody Stay Together Anymore? 05:45 
1.7 All Of My Life 06:57 
1.8 Don't Lose My Number 05:56 
1.9 Do You Remember? 05:43 
1.10 Something Happened On The Way To Heaven 07:28 
1.11 Another Day In Paradise 05:49 
1.12 Separate Lives 05:07 
1.13 I Wish It Would Rain Down 05:40 
1.14 Saturday Night And Sunday Morning 01:27 
1.15 The West Side 07:40 

Disc Two:
2.1 That's Just The Way It Is 07:29 
2.2 Heat On The Street 04:16 
2.3 One More Night 06:29 
2.4 Colours / Drum Duet 10:29 
2.5 In The Air Tonight 06:39 
2.6 Band Introductions 07:22 
2.7 You Can't Hurry Love 02:52 
2.8 Two Hearts 03:09 
2.9 Find A Way To My Heart 06:36 
2.10 Groovy Kind Of Love 03:28 
2.11 Easy Lover 05:11 
2.12 Always 04:34 
2.13 Take Me Home 08:11 

Total Running Time :  2:36:51 

Here's another fantastic soundboard recording from Phil's 1990 But Seriously world tour, courtesy of The Genesis Movement website.  You will note that Phil has some vocal difficulties on this one, but the sound of the band and music alone makes this a worthwhile show to have.  It's a complete soundboard show with artwork included. Also, if you have the time and inclination, check out The Genesis Movement Torrent website for hundreds of Genesis, Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel, Mike & The Mechanics, Tony Banks and Ray Wilson torrents.  You won't be disappointed!

House of Lords & Robin Beck - 2014-03-06 - Athens, Greece (DVDfull aud-shot DL)

(DVDfull aud-shot)

Artist: House Of Lords, Robin Beck
Location: Kyttaro, Athens, Greece, 2014-03-06

Video (vlc codec info)
Codec: MPEG-1/2 Video (mpgv)
Resolution: 720x576
Frame rate: 25
Decoded type: Planar 4:2:0 YUV

Audio (vlc codec info)
Codec: DVD LPCM Audio (lpcm)
Channels: Stereo
Sampling rate: 48000 Hz
Bits per sample: 16

01. Sahara
02. Big Money
03. Battle
04. Cartesian Dreams
05. Love Don't Lie
06. Come to My Kingdom
07. Permission to Die
08. I'm Free
09. Swimmin' with the Sharks
10. Can't Find My Way Home
11. Rock Bottom
12. Slip of the Tongue

House of Lords duration: 63 minutes

01. If You Were a Woman (And I Was a Man)
02. Don't Lose Any Sleep
03. Hold Back the Night
04. Wrecking Ball
05. Wish You Were Here
06. The one
07. Save Up All Your Tears
08. Tears in the Rain
09. First Time
10. Hide Your Heart
11. Follow You

Robin Beck duration: 63 minutes

Recorded with Sony TG7
Editing/rendering with Sony Movie Studio
Authoring/DVD creation with DVD Architect

SOURCE: Audience

Menu: Yes (including track listing)

James Christian's House of Lords and his wife Robin Beck in a co-headlining 2+ hour performance. The video and audio are excellent, the footage is unobstracted. Part of House of Lords' performance is one of the best ballads of the 80s (Love don't Lie originally by Stan Bush) and one of the best hard rock tracks of the genre (Cartesian Dreams). Robin Beck performs most of her 1989 album (Trouble or Nothin') as well as some newer tracks. Her set contains covers of Bonnie Tyler, John Waite and Glen Burtnick. Melodick rock fans, this is for you!

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Joe Cocker - 1968 - BBC Radio Sessions (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

Rebroadcast on Alan (Fluff) Freeman's Satuday Rock Show (possibly 1989?)

BBC Radio 1 FM>Marantz ST320L Tuner>Aiwa or Teac cassette recorder (master cassette)>Wave capture, track markers and burned to cdr using Magix audio cleaner>Accuraterip to flac level 8.

01 - Run, Shakers Life
02 - With A Little Help From My Friends
03 - Marjorine
04 - Change In Louise
05 - Can't Be So Bad
06 - Let's Go Get Stoned
07 - That's Your Business
08 - Delta Lady
09 - Hitchcock Railway
00 - Fluff with song titles.

Runtime 00:31:25

Roger Daltrey - 2012-04-27 - Yokohama, JP (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Performs The Who's Tommy and More 

taper: fab1 
sound professionals sp-cmc-8 > sony pcm-m10 > wav(24bit/48kHz) > sound forge(edit, convert to 16bit/44.1kHz) > flac 
Recorded from 3rd row. 

disc 1 
01. (applause) 
02. Overture 
03. It's a Boy 
04. 1921 
05. Amazing Journey 
06. Sparks 
07. Eyesight to the Blind (The Hawker) 
08. Christmas 
09. Cousin Kevin 
10. The Acid Queen 
11. Do You Think It's Alright? 
12. Fiddle About 
13. Pinball Wizard 
14. There's a Doctor 
15. Go to the Mirror! 
16. Tommy Can You Hear Me? 
17. Smash the Mirror 
18. Sensation 
19. I'm Free 
20. Miracle Cure 
21. Sally Simpson 
22. Welcome 
23. Tommy's Holiday Camp 
24. We're Not Gonna Take It 
25. (applause) 
26. (talk) 

disc 2 
and More: 
01. I Can See for Miles 
02. The Kids Are Alright 
03. Behind Blue Eyes 
04. (talk) 
05. Days of Light 
06. Going Mobile 
07. Who Are You 
08. My Generation 
09. Young Man Blues 
10. Baba O'Riley 
11. (band introduction) 
12. Without Your Love 
13. (applause) 
14. (talk) 
15. Blue Red and Grey 
16. (applause)

The Who - 2015-07-02 - Amsterdam, NL (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

The Who 
Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam, Netherlands 
Thursday 2nd July 2015 

Taper: dorenberg 
Recording gear: Tascam DR-2d internal mics at 24bit/96kHz 
Transfer: SDHC card --> Audition 24bit --> Level normalizing --> Splitting --> WAV 16bit --> FLAC level 8 (TLH) --> You 
Duration: 1h 52m 31sec 

01 Introduction 
02 Who Are You 
03 The Seeker 
04 The Kids Are Alright 
05 I Can See For Miles 
06 Pictures Of Lily 
07 My Generation 
08 Behind Blue Eyes 
09 Bargain 
10 Join Together 
11 You Better You Bet 
12 I'm One 
13 Love, Reign, O'er Me 
14 Eminence Front 
15 Amazin Journey 
16 Sparks 
17 Pinball Wizard 
18 See Me, Feel Me 
19 Baba O'Riley 
20 Won't Get Fooled Again 

Journey - 2014-05-18 - Phoenix, AZ (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Ak-Chin Pavillion, Phoenix, AZ
May 18, 2014

Tascam DR-05 (24-96) (middle of lawn) > Audacity downsample(16/44.1)(3db boost)
EAC Track on sector bound. > FLAC level 8 > YOU

01. Intro
02. Be Good To Yourself
03. Separate Ways
04. Any Way You Want It
05. Send Her My Love
06. Only The Young
07. Star Spangled Banner
08. Stony In Love
09. Mother Father
10. She's A Mystery
11. Lights
12. Piano Solo - Johnathan Cain
13. Open Arms
14. Ritual
15. My Baby
16. Any Time
17. Wheel intro
18. Wheel in the Sky
19. Faithfully
20. The Boulevard
21. Lovin' Touchin' Squeezin'
22. Band Intros

Sound is fine from center front of lawn

Bruce Springsteen - 2013-06-29 - Paris, FR (AUD/FLAC) "Crystal Cat"

(Audience FLAC)

Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band 
Stade De France 
Paris, France 
29th June 2013 

Crystal Cat CD set 

CD > EAC > Traders Little Helper > Flac8 sector aligned 

Bruce Springsteen – lead vocals, guitar, harmonica 
Steven Van Zandt – guitar, mandolin, backing vocals 
Nils Lofgren – guitar, slide guitar, accordion, backing vocals 
Roy Bittan – piano, keyboards, accordion, backing vocals 
Garry Tallent – bass, backing vocals 
Max Weinberg – drums 
Charles Giordano – organ, accordion, synthesizer 
Soozie Tyrell – violin, backing vocals, percussion, acoustic guitar 
with The E-Street Horns: 
Ed Manion - tenor and baritone saxophone, percussion 
Jake Clemons - tenor and baritone saxophone, percussion 
Curt Ramm - trumpet 
Clark Gayton - trombone 
Barry Danielian - trumpet 
and The E-Street Choir: 
Cindy Mizelle - vocals, percussion 
Curtis King - vocals, percussion 
Michelle Moore - vocals 
Everett Bradley - percussion, vocals 

Disc 1: 
Acoustic Pre-Show 
01 - This Hard Land 
02 - Burning Love 
03 - Growin' Up 

Main Set 
04 - Intro... 
05 - Badlands 
06 - Out In The Street 
07 - Lucille 
08 - Wrecking Ball 
09 - Death to My Hometown 
10 - Cadillac Ranch 
11 - Spirit In The Night 

Disc 2: 
01 - Introduction to "Born In The U.S.A." 
02 - Born In The U.S.A. 
03 - Cover Me 
04 - Darlington County 
05 - Working On The Highway 
06 - Downbound Train 
07 - I'm On Fire 
08 - No Surrender 
09 - Bobby Jean 
10 - I'm Going Down 
11 - Glory Days 
12 - Dancing In The Dark 
13 - My Hometown 
14 - Pay Me My Money Down 

Disc Three 
01 - Shackled And Drawn 
02 - Waitin' On A Sunny Day 
03 - The Rising 
04 - Land Of Hope And Dreams/People Get Ready 
05 - We Are Alive 
06 - Born To Run (with Elliott Murphy and Gaspard Murphy) 
07 - Ramrod 
08 - Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out 
09 - American Land 
10 - Thunder Road

Paul Simon & Sting - 2015-02-13 - Sydney, AU (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Qantas Credit Union Arena

CA11s > CA9000 > R09-HR

Tony Cedras - accordion, trumpet, keyboards, vocals
Jamey Haddad - percussion
Bakithi Kumalo - bass, vocals
Vincent Nguini - guitars, vocals
Jim Oblon - drums, guitars, vocals
Mick Rossi - piano, hammond organ, percussion
David Sancious - piano, keyboards
Andy Snitzer - saxophones
C.J. Camerieri - trumpets
Marcus Rojas - tuba, trombone
Mark Stewart - guitars, saxophone, wind instruments, vocals
Jo Lawry - vocals
Dominic Miller - guitars, vocals
Vinnie Colaiuta - drums
Peter Tickell - fiddle

01 Brand New Day (Sting cover)
02 The Boy In the Bubble (Paul Simon cover)
03 Fields of Gold (Sting cover)
04 Hello Sydney (banter)

05 So Lonely (Police cover)
06 When the World Is Running Down, You Make the Best of What's Still Around
(The Police cover)
07 Seven Days
08 Driven To Tears (The Police cover)
09 Walking On The Moon (The Police cover)

10 Mrs. Robinson (Simon & Garfunkel cover)

11 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover
12 Dazzling Blue
13 Graceland
14 Still Crazy After All These Years
15 That Was Your Mother

16 Fragile (Sting cover)

17 America (Simon & Garfunkel cover)
18 Message In A Bottle (The Police cover)
19 The Hounds of Winter
20 End Of The Game
21 Roxanne (Police cover)
22 Desert Rose

23 The Boxer (Simon & Garfunkel cover)

24 Me And Julio Down By The Schoolyard
25 The Cool, Cool River
26 Hearts And Bones
27 Mystery Train / Wheels (Junior Parker / Chet Atkins covers)
28 Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes
29 You Can Call Me Al

30 Cecilia (Simon & Garfunkel cover)
31 Every Breath You Take (The Police cover)
32 Bridge Over Troubled Water(Simon & Garfunkel cover)
33 When Will I Be Loved? (Everly Brothers cover)

venerdì 25 ottobre 2019

Iron Maiden - 2016-05-01 - Auckland, NZ (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Vector Arena Auckland, New Zealand 
Recorded and mastered by Navigator 

SP-CMC-8 (AT 943) > SP-SPSB-11 > Roland R0-05 (16/44.1) > Adobe Audition 3 (with iZotope Ozone 4 mastering plug-in) > CD Wave Editor (track splitting) > HAT (align sector boundries, FLAC) 

Bruce Dickinson – lead vocals 
Dave Murray – guitars 
Adrian Smith – guitars 
Janick Gers – guitars 
Steve Harris – bass 
Nicko McBrain – drums 

01. Intro 
02. If Eternity Should Fail 
03. Speed of Light 
04. Children of the Damned 
05. Tears of a Clown 
06. The Red and the Black 
07. The Trooper 
08. Powerslave 
09. Death or Glory 

10. The Book of Souls 
11. Hallowed Be Thy Name 
12. Fear of the Dark 
13. Iron Maiden 
14. The Number of the Beast 
15. Bruce Dickinson talks New Zealand and All Blacks 
16. Blood Brothers 
17. Wasted Years 

Taped from the floor. 30-35m from the stage, facing stage right PA.

Rick Wakeman - 2016-02-20 - Wavendon, UK (AUD/FLAC) by REQUEST

(Audience FLAC)

Rick Wakeman
The Stables
Wavendon, UK
20 February 2016

Source: Audience master
Taper: phundercover

Lineage: Zoom H2 (built in mics) > USB > HD > Sound Studio (editing, tracking, fades) > xACT (sector boundary alignment, encoding, tags)
Editing: Volume +13db, music/chat additional +8db
Settings: Mid-side (MS) stereo mode, volume: 1 [much too low - not changed from previous recording)

CD 1
01. Pachelbel's Canon In D
02. Chat - About The Show
03. The Jig
04. Chat - Six Wives Of Henry VIII
05. Catherine of Aragon > Catherine Howard
06. Chat - Flying To Munich
07. The Meeting > And You And I > Wonderous Stories
08. Chat - "I still haven't been paid?"
09. Morning Has Broken
10. Chat - The Dodgy Curry Story
11. Dance Of A Thousand Lights

CD 2
01. Chat - David Bowie
02. Space Oddity > Life On Mars
03. Chat - Rock and Roll Knickers
04. Help > Eleanor Rigby
05. Chat - Pub Games At The Halfway Inn
06. Merlin

giovedì 24 ottobre 2019

Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow - 1995-11-12 - Tokyo, JP (AUD/FLAC) by REQUEST

(Audience FLAC)

Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow 
Title: The Legend Lives On... Tears Of Emperor 
Dates: November 12, 1995 
Venue: Yoyogi Olympic Pool, Tokyo, Japan. 

Source: Audience Recording 
Lineage: Unknown Label (11121/11122) Boot 2CD > WAV > EAC > FLAC 

Ritchie Blackmore: Guitar 
Doogie White: Vocals 
Greg Smith: Bass, Backing Vocals 
Paul Morris: Keyboards 
Chuck Burgi: Drums

01: Opening ~ Over The Rainbow 
02: Spotlight Kid 
03: Rainbow Eyes 
04: Too Late For Tears 
05: Long Live Rock'n Roll (incl. Black Night) 
06: Hunting Humans (Insatiable) 
07: Wolf To The Moon 
08: Difficult To Cure 
09: Keyboard Solo 
10: Still I'm Sad 
11: Drum Solo 
12: Man On The Silver Mountain 
13: Adlib Song #1 (Love Hurts) 
14: Temple Of The King 

01: Black Masquerade 
02: Ariel 
03: Street Of Dreams 
04: Trad Song #2 
05: Since You Been Gone 
06: Perfect Strangers 
07: Adlib Song #2 (Waltzing Matilda) 
08: Hall Of Mountain King 

Encore 1 
09: Stone Cold 
10: Trad Song #2 
11: Burn 

Encore 2 
12: Maybe Next Time 
13: Woman From Tokyo 
14: Smoke On The Water - Over The Rainbow

Kraftwerk 3D - 2017-06-14 - Gateshead, UK (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

The Sage 

SP-CMC-4U > TASCAM DR-40 > Sound Forge Pro 10 > Trader's Little Helper (level 8)

01 Intro 
02 Numbers 
03 Computer World 
04 It's More Fun to Compute/Home Computer 
05 Computer Love 
06 The Man-Machine 
07 Spacelab 
08 The Model 
09 Neon Lights 
10 Autobahn (short version) 
11 Airwaves 
12 Intermission/News 
13 Geiger Counter/Radioactivity 
14 Electric Cafe 
15 Tour De France/Prologue/Etape 1/Chrono/Etape 2 
16 Trans Europe Express/Metal on Metal/Abzug 
17 Encore Break Eins 
18 The Robots 
19 Encore Break Zwei 
20 Aerodynamik 
21 Planet Of Visions (short version) 
22 Boing Boom Tschak/Techno Pop/Music Non Stop 

A Rocking Regimental Recording

notes by the taper
Not my usual fayre...when this show was announced I had a real "do I, don't I" moment, ultimately reconciled by taking the view that they're "on the doorstep", so I'd might as well as the likelihood is I'd never have as convenient an opportunity to see these frontiersmen again. Convenient it may have been, easy it wasn't. Tickets sold out in minutes. I hadn't appreciated just how strong a following this lot still had, and when I got to the venue it was clear this was going to be "an event". Lots of Kraftwerk "lookalikes" (red shirts, black ties & trousers...), people of a certain age having made some effort. I like an air of expectancy before a concert, and this one had it in sack loads...with the added twist of everyone wearing 3D glasses to fully appreciate the 3D imagery that animated the show. And so, on with the show - and it is a SHOW. Four virtually static performers at their illuminated podiums, in front of a giant screen from which eminated retro-techno imagery. And boy, does it take you a time when even I felt technology was almost understandable yet wonderous at the same time. So, so stylish...a bit kitsch one might argue, but comforting nevertheless. A perfect accompanyment to the regimented electronica which was surprisingly familiar to even a sceptic like me. My curiosity was well founded, and like everyone else I was soon immersed in the experience, almost disappearing into the pools of lo-fi digital landscapes hypnotised by the heavy, metronomic pulse of the "pioneers at the podium". This is more than a concert, it's an art installation perhaps. It ain't rock 'n' roll, but it's infectiously entertaining nevertheless. The show seemed to last less time than it took for the tickets to sell out, the truth being that we'd been engaged for a little over two hours. Whilst there was much enthusiastic cheering between pieces, the audience was absorbed into virtual silence during the numbers.

mercoledì 23 ottobre 2019

Johnny Winter - 2012-05-24 - Nagoya, JP (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Bottom Line Nagoya, Aichi, Japan

Johnny Winter: G, Vo
Paul Nelson: G
Scott Spray: B
Vito Liuzzi: Ds, Vo*

CA-11 > SP-SPSB-8 > PCM-D50 > Audacity > TLH > Flac

Taped and Transferred by bighouse

01 Intro
02 Instrumental > Johnny Intro
03 Hideaway
04 She Likes To Boogie Real Low
05 Good Morning Little School Girl
06 Got My Mojo Working
07 Johnny B. Goode
08 Blackjack
09 Tore Down*
10 Lone Wolf
11 Don't Take Advantage Of Me
12 Bony Moronie
13 It's All Over Now > crowd

Encore:14 Dust My Broom
15 Highway 61 Revisited

Uli Jon Roth - 2012-01-28 - Westland, MI (DVDfull aud-shot)

(DVDfull aud-shot)

Token Lounge 

Westland, MI (Detroit area) 

(luciferburns) Sony DCR-HC52 MiniDV; 4:3 NTSC standard definition; encoded to MPEG2 in Sony Vegas Pro 12 with a 2-pass VBR at 8.3K max, 4.3K avg, 1k minimum 

(luciferburns) mini-disc 1536 bit LPCM 

DVD authoring: 
Silver Stallion (guitard on Dime) using Sony DVD Architect Pro 6 

ULI JON ROTH- Guitar/Lead Vocals

01. All Along The Watchtower 
02. If 6 Was 9 
03. Little Wing 
04. Fire Wind 
05. Day Late And A Dollar Short 
06. The Sails Of Charon 
07. We'll Burn The Sky 
08. In Trance
09. I've Got To Be Free 
10. Land Of Dawn 
11. Dark Lady 
12. Pictured Life 
13. Catch Your Train 
14. Fly To The Rainbow 

running time: 1 hr 42 mins (full show) 

Shot from the front row on Uli's side.

Patti Smith - 2012-06-26 - Cardiff, Wales (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

The Coal Exchange


Edirol R09 (internal Mics) > soundforge (normalise, start & end edits) > CD Wav (track splits & flac creation)


01. Dancing Barefoot
02. April Fool
03. Fuji-San
04. Redondo Beach
05. Free Money
06. This Is The Girl
07. 9
08. Southern Cross
09. (Medley)
09. We Three
11. Because the Night
12. Happy Birthday
13. Pissing In A River
01. Peaceable Kingdom
02. Gloria
03. Banga
04. Rock ‘N’ Roll ******

Track 9 (Medley) was performed by the band without Patti

martedì 22 ottobre 2019

XYZ Great White All-Star Jam - 2012-05-12 - Columbia, MD (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

XYZ - Great White - Allstar Jam
M3 Rock Festival
Merriweather Post Pavilion
Columbia, MD.
May. 11th-12th. 2012.

Menu's - Yes
Chapters - Yes
Format - NTSC
Proshot - Yes
Quality - A+
Artwork - No
Full Show - Yes

HDNET - DVR - TMPGEnc Authoring Works 4 - to you

8000 Kbps,  29.970 fps,  720*480 (16:9),  MPG2 = MPEG 2 (SVCD/DVD),    Supported

224 Kbps,  48000 Hz,  2 channels,  0x2000 = AC3 DVM [0x80],    Supported

Firstplay Video:
Sybrmacdvds Intro

XYZ Set:
1. C'mon And Love Me
2. Face Down in the Gutter
3. What Keeps Me Lovin' You
4. Souvenirs
5. Inside Out

Great White Set:
1. Rock Me
2. Once Bitten Twice Shy

Missing Songs Not Aired:
Big Goodbye
Lady Red Light
Save Your Love

Allstar Jam Set:
1. Rainbow In The Dark
2. All Right Now
3. Heaven And Hell

lunedì 21 ottobre 2019

Michael Jackson - 1997-08-16 - Gothenburg, SWE (DVDfull pro-shot DL)

(DVDfull pro-shot DL)

HIStory Tour
Ullevi Stadium, Gothenburg, Sweden

Format: Pal
Resolution: 4:3
Size: 4.6GB

No Menu or Chapters

01 - Scream
02 - They Don't Care About Us
03 - In The Closet
04 - Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'
05 - Stranger In Moscow
06 - Smooth Criminal
07 - You Are Not Alone
08 - Jackson 5 Medley (I Want You Back / The Love You Save / I'll Be There)
09 - I'll Be There
10 - Billie Jean
11 - Thriller
12 - Beat It
13 - Blood On The Dancefloor
14 - Dangerous
15 - Black Or White
16 - Earth Song
17 - Heal The World
18 - HIStory

This particular VHS rip has never been uploaded before and happens to be an original broadcast recording that was available several months back. Quality is superb for a 17 year old tape. Colours are vibrant and the audio quality is almost flawless.

domenica 20 ottobre 2019

Bob Dylan - 2013-04-08 - Kingston, RI (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Town: Kingston, RI 
Venue: UUniversity of Rhode Island, Ryan Center 
Microphones: dpa 4061 + DAD6001-BC 
Recorder: M-Audio Microtrack II + APC Powerpack 

Bob Dylan - voc, piano, harp, 
Tony Garnier - bass 
George Recile - drums 
Stu Kimball - acoustic rhythm guitar 
Duke Robillard - lead guitar 
Donnie Herron - banjo, electric mandolin, pedal steel, lap steel 

01. Things Have Changed 
02. Love Sick 
03. High Water (for Charley Patton) 
04. Soon After Midnight 
05. Early Roman Kings 
06. Tangled Up in Blue 
07. Pay In Blood 
08. Visions of Johanna 
09. Spirit On The Water 
10. Beyond Here Lies Nothin' 
11. Blind Willie McTell 
12. What Good Am I? 
13. Thunder On The Mountain 
14. Scarlet Town 
15. All Along the Watchtower 
16. Ballad of a Thin Man 

total time: 101:44.34 

King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard - 2016-02-28 - Nuremberg, DE (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Z-Bau Galerie, Nuernberg, Germany 
February - 28 - 2016 

Rec. Info: 
AIWA CM30 -> Olympus LS11 (@ WAV 16/44) -> MemoryCard -> HD -> WeTransfer -> my HD -> Audacity (edit/remaster) -> WAV 16/44 -> TLH8 -> FLAC -> DIME -> YOUR EARS AND MIND... 
Recorded by the FUZZMAN close to the stage almost dead center. Very fine recording with a just a few balance adjustments. Almost no chatters, everything's ok with it. 

FULL SHOW (76:55 min.) 

Ambrose Kenny Smith - Harmonica, Vocals, Synth. 
Cook Craig - Guitar 
Eric Moore - Drums, Percussion, Theremin. 
Joey Walker - Guitar, Vocals. 
Lucas Skinner - Bass Guitar. 
Michael Cavanaugh - Drums. 
Stu Mackenzie - Lead Vocals, Guitar, Sitar, Flute. 
Noah Taylor - Violin (I guess not on the tour) 

01. Intro -> ... (4:36) 
02. ... (13:26) 
03. ... (7:48) 
04. ... (3:08) 
05. Gamma knife (4:30) 
06. Trapdoor (2:45) 
07. People - Vultures (5:33) 
08. The river (10:20) 
09. ... (3:47) 
10. Evil death roll (7:57) 
11. I'm in your mind jam (13:00) 

Superb (but way too short) show from Australia's finest psychedelic rock band (hands down under, Tame Impalas). One of only three shows on german soil, but hopefully not the last ones. I'd really enjoy them playing cool summer festivals like Burg Herzberg, as they would fit in very nice. And - to my personal shame - I have not heard a single note from them before I got this show, but that'll change soon. In the rather short time since their founding in Melbourne 2010, they have released several albums of fine music. I'll lighten one up for this and go chasing some vinyls...yummy...SB. 

sabato 19 ottobre 2019

Linkin Park - 2015-05-09 - Las Vegas, NV (ts pro-shot)

(ts pro-shot)

Linkin Park 
Rock In Rio USA 
Main Stage 
City of Rock 
MGM Resorts Festival Grounds 
Las Vegas, NV 
May 9, 2015 

Live Webcast -> downloaded .ts segments (batch script) -> TSSplitter (join) -> .ts 

MPEG4 Video (H264) 1280x720 6000 Kbps 30.00 fps 

AAC 128 Kbps 44.1 KHz stereo 

01 - Papercut (Long Intro) 
02 - Given Up (Ext. Outro) 
03 - One Step Closer (Ext. Outro) 
04 - A Line in the Sand (Live Debut) 
05 - Runaway (Shortened W/ Intro/First Verse/ Chorus Only & Ext. Outro Transition w/ 'Wastelands' Verse 1) 
06 - Wastelands 
07 - Castle of Glass (Experience Version w/ 'Wisdom Justice and Love' & 'The Radiance' snippets) 
08 - Leave Out All the Rest / Shadow of the Day / Iridescent (Ballad Medley w/ Aaron Pauley] 
09 - Robot Boy (Shortened) 
10 - Joe Hahn Solo (w/ 'Wretches And Kings', 'Victimized' Remix, 'Buy Myself', 'Cure For The Itch', 'Session', 'Place For My Head') 
11 - New Divide 
12 - Burn It Down 
13 - Wretches and Kings / Remember the Name 
14 - Numb (Numb/Encore Intro/Outro) 
15 - In the End 
16 - Faint (with Austin Carlile) (Ext. Outro) 
17 - Waiting for the End ('Apaches' Intro w/ 'Until It Breaks' w/ 'Wall of Noise' Outro) 
18 - What I've Done (Short Intro w/ Ext. Guitar Solo Bridge) 
19 - Bleed It Out (Ext. Bridge w/ Sing-A-Long) 

TRT = 1 hr 17 min

Bruce Springsteen - 1996-03-19 - Belfast, Ireland (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Bruce Springsteen 
Location King's Hall, Belfast 
Date: 1996-03-19 
Label: Sugarland Records #0006 
Title: This Hard Land 
Sound: Audience 

Lineage: CDR Trade -> EAC -> FLAC Level 6 

Disc 1: 
01. The Ghost Of Tom Joad 
02. Adam Raised A Cain 
03. Straight Time 
04. Highway 29 
05. Darkness On The Edge Of Town 
06. Murder Incorporated 
07. Nebraska 
08. The Wish 
09. Little Things That Count 
10. Brothers Under The Bridge 
11. Born In The U.S.A 
12. Dry Lightning 
13. Reason To Believe 

Disc 2: 
01. Youngstown 
02. Sinaloa Cowboys 
03. The Line 
04. Balboa Park 
05. Across The Border 
06. Bobby Jean 
07. This Hard Land 
08. Streets Of Philadelphia 
09. Galveston Bay 
10. The Promised Land

Audience tape. Released on CDR "This Hard Land".