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Spirit - 1981-05-16 - Hamburg, DE (SBD/FLAC)

(soundboard FLAC)

Randy California - Guitar/Vocals
Ed Cassidy - Drums
Larry "Fuzzy" Knight - Bass
George Valuck - Keyboard

This is a soundboard source 9/10 rating for sound quality
A must-have for any Spirit/Randy California fan

SBD>CDR>wav>(flac)Traders Little Helper

01 - Crowd
02 - Shattered Dreams
03 - So Little Time To Fly
04 - Hey Joe
05 - Nature's Way
06 - Turn To The Right
07 - All Along The Watchtower
08 - Like A Rolling Stone
09 - Five In The Morning
10- All the Same
11- Drum Solo
12 - All The Same
13 - I Got A Line On You
14 - Can't Wait Until Tomorrow
15 - Wild Thing

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Deep Purple - 1970-04-06 - Vienna, AT (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Complete Audience Recording 


Ritchie Blackmore – guitar (1968–1975, 1984–1993) 
Ian Gillan – vocals (1969–1973, 1984–1988, 1992–present) 
Jon Lord – keyboards (1968–1976, 1984–2001) 
Roger Glover – bass (1969–1973, 1984–present) 
Ian Paice – drums (1968–1976, 1984–present) 

Disc 1 
01. Warm Up & Intro:
02. Speed King
03. Hush
04. Child In Time
05. Wring That Neck

Disc 2 
01. Wring That Neck(Cont)
02. Mandrake Root 

This is DEEP PURPLE again at their improvisational best. These are some of the wildest and best versions of these 5 songs live.  Back in this era Blackmore & Lord are the true "leaders" of the band and they display this with their musical bravado. 1970 is Ritchie Blackmore's year. There are alot of great guitar plays in the field of Rock & Jazz in this era of music, but no one has yet to bring classical music to into their guitar playing, at least not on the level that Mr.Blackmore would. At the very moment of this recording the "Man In Black" is without a "peer".  The dexterity in his playing and his willingness to go out on limb and play totally of the cuff without structure is beyond even Hendrix & Page at this point. This is the "Golden era" of Ritchie Blackmore...for pure improvisational guitar playing, he was damn near this year impossible to beat! And then there is Jon Lord...In the wake of progressive Rock in the 70's, Keyboards we're becoming more and more popular and many a musician started to make a name for themsleves just like the "Guitar Slingers". Keith Emerson was on the rise as well soon would be Rick Wakeman. But Jon Lord really is the name one typical thinks of when thinking of a heavy metal band having Keyboards. And rightly so....who else would jokingly refer to themself on stage as "Rick Emerson". lol It is stated in an interview by Ritchie Blackmore, that after hearing "Whole Lotta Love" on the radio in late 1969, that DP needed a new singer... Hence the arrival of Ian Gillan. The similarities to the two singers styles is obvious if your an Elvis fan. Gillan & Plant were both huge Elvis fans. In fact DEEP PURPLE is likely the only band to ever scare the shit out of Zeppelin with their own streched out "over top" improvisations.

Yngwie J. Malmsteen - 1985-07-05 - Chicago, IL (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Aragon Ballroom 
Chicago, Illinois 


From the collection of;"ritchfan" 

Uploaded by "Lucifer Burns" 

Yngwie J. Malmsteen- Guitars 
Jeff Scott Soto- Vocals 
Marcel Jacob- Bass- Bass 
Jens Johansson- Keyboards 
Anders Johansson- Drums 

Disc 1 
1. Intro:
2. As Above So Below
3. I'Ll See The Light Tonight
4. Far Beyond The Sun
5. Icarus Dream Suite Opus 4
6. I Am A Viking
7. On The Run Again
8. Little Savage Incl. Star Spangled Banner
9. Keyboard Solo
10. Kree Nakoorie* Incl.Guitar Solo

Disc 2
1. Anquish And Fear Incl.Drum Solo
2. Discipiles Of Hell
3. Black Star
4. Hiroshima Mon Amour*
5. Evil Eye
6. Jet To Jet*


The Rolling Stones - 1970s - Keep Your Motor Runnin' (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

The Rolling Stones
Keep Your Motor Runnin' (VGP-243) 2nd Reissue

1972 US Tour & 1973 EURO TOUR Compilation

Various SBD sources > ? > cd silver > eac > wav > flac

01 - Brown Sugar (Philadelphia, July 20, 1972)
02 - Bitch (Philadelphia, July 20, 1972)
03 - Gimme Shelter (Philadelphia, July 20, 1972)
04 - Happy (Fort Worth, June 24, 1972-1st Show)
05 - Tumbling Dice (Philadelphia, July 20, 1972)
06 - Sweet Virginia (Philadelphia, July 21, 1972-1st Show)
07 - You Can't Always Get What You Want (Houston, June 25, 1972-1st Show)
08 - All Down The Line (Philadelphia, July 21, 1972-2nd Show)
09 - Bye Bye Johnny (Philadelphia, July 20, 1972)
10 - Rip THis Joint (Philadelphia, July 20, 1972)
11 - Uptight / Satisfaction (Philadelphia, July 20, 1972)
12 - Brown Sugar (Newcastle, September 13, 1973-1st Show)
13 - Star Star (Newcastle, September 13, 1973-1st Show)
14 - Dancing With MR.D (London, September 9, 1973)
15 - Angie (Newcastle, September 13, 1973-1st Show)

The Rolling Stones - 1970s - It's Only Goat's Head Soup...but we like it (STU/FLAC)

(Studio FLAC)

Rolling Stones
Bootleg Name: "It's Only Goat's Head Soup...but we like it" (Digipack Version)
Label: Mighty Diamond Records
Catalog-Nr: MD 2006
Number of Discs: 1
Source: Studio
Audio Quality: Excellent studio recording (10/10)

Sum: Outtakes & Alternates from "It's Only Rock'n'Roll" and "Goat's Head Soup" album, 1972-1974

SilverCD > EAC > (Secure with NO C2, Read offset correction) > WAV > FLAC Frontend (level 5) > FLAC > DVDR > HDD > YOU

01. It's Only Rock 'N' Roll [5:12] (rough mix)
1974, 10th - 15th April: Newbury, England, Stargroves (MJ’s house), Rolling Stones Mobile Studio and 20th - 25th May: London, Island Recording Studios.

02. Ain't Too Proud To Beg [3:51] (alternate mix)
1974, 10th - 15th April: Newbury, England, Stargroves (MJ’s house), Rolling Stones Mobile Studio and 20th - 25th May: London, Island Recording Studios.

03. Winter [5:34] (alternate mix)
1972, 25th - 30th November & 6th - 21st December: Kingston, Jamaica, Dynamic Sound Studios.

04. Silver Train [4:34] (alternate mix)
1973, 28th May onwards: London, Island Recording Studios. Mixing and overdubbing for the album ‘Goat’s Head Soup’ (partially without KR).

05. Drift Away [4:12] (unreleased song)
1974, 10th - 15th April: Newbury, England, Stargroves (MJ’s house), Rolling Stones Mobile Studio and 20th - 25th May: London, Island Recording Studios.

06. Time Waits For No One [6:46] (long version)
1974, 10th - 15th April: Newbury, England, Stargroves (MJ’s house), Rolling Stones Mobile Studio and 20th - 25th May: London, Island Recording Studios.

07. Criss Cross Man [4:06] (unreleased song)
1972, 25th - 30th November & 6th - 21st December: Kingston, Jamaica, Dynamic Sound Studios.

08. Through The Lonely Nights [4:16] (1974 b-side only)
1972, 25th - 30th November & 6th - 21st December: Kingston, Jamaica, Dynamic Sound Studios.

09. Living In The Heart Of Love [4:13] (unreleased song)
1974, 14th - 28th January: Munich, Germany, Musicland Studios.

10. Too Many Cooks [3:48] (unreleased Mick Jagger solo-single) (The Very Best Of Mick Jagger version)
1973, late December: ALL STAR BAND. Los Angeles, California, The Record Plant. Producer: John Lennon
Line-up: John Lennon (guitar)/Jesse Ed Davis (gtr)/Danny Kortchmar (gtr)/Al Kooper (keyb)/Jim Keltner (dr)/Bobby Keys (sax)/Trevor Lawrence (sax)/Jack Bruce (bass)/Bruce Gary (dr)/Mike Finnegan (keyb)/Wolfgang Metz (bass)/Rocky Djubano (perc)/Harry Nilsson & some unidentified girls (bvoc)

11. Angie [4:39] (rough mix without reverb & 2nd keyboard overdub)
1972, 25th - 30th November & 6th - 21st December: Kingston, Jamaica, Dynamic Sound Studios.

12. Dance Little Sister [5:03] (alternate mix)
1974, 10th - 15th April: Newbury, England, Stargroves (MJ’s house), Rolling Stones Mobile Studio and 20th - 25th May: London, Island Recording Studios.

13. Till The Next Goodbye [4:40] (alternate mix)
1974, 10th - 15th April: Newbury, England, Stargroves (MJ’s house), Rolling Stones Mobile Studio and 20th - 25th May: London, Island Recording Studios.

14. If You Can't Rock Me [3:45] (alternate mix)
1974, 10th - 15th April: Newbury, England, Stargroves (MJ’s house), Rolling Stones Mobile Studio and 20th - 25th May: London, Island Recording Studios.

15. Fingerprint File [7:06] (alternate longer mix)
1974, 10th - 15th April: Newbury, England, Stargroves (MJ’s house), Rolling Stones Mobile Studio and 20th - 25th May: London, Island Recording Studios.

Total Playtime: 71:10

As usual, the info was taken from Nico Zentgraf ( ), not from the backcover of the CD, which by the way, is not 100% accurate:

1. Tracks 1, 2, 5, 6, 12, 13, 14, 15 were not recorded at Musicland Studios, Munich, April 1974 like the backcover said, and some sites repeated, Http:// and

2. On April 1974, the Stones were in England (Newbury & London), not in Munich.

3. The Stones were in Munich on January (14th - 28th) recording early versions and primitive takes of Dance Little Sister, Drift Away, If You Really Want To Be My Friend, Living In The Heart Of Love, Luxury, Till The Next Goodbye, Time Waits For No One, Labour Swing, but I don't think any of the CD tracks are early versions or primitive takes.

4. The Stones were again in Munich on December (7th - 15th) (without Mick Taylor!), but they did not play any of the tracks from this CD. In fact, they played Act Together, Cherry Oh Baby, Fool To Cry, I Got A Letter.

4. Tracks 1, 2, 5, 6, 12, 13, 14, 15 were recorded at Newbury, England, Stargroves (MJ’s house), Rolling Stones Mobile Studio (1974, April 10th - 15th) and London, Island Recording Studios (1974, May 20th - 25th)

Thunder - 1990-04-13 - Newcastle, UK (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

98.1 Tyne & Weer? FM radio broadcast
and includes the not so often heard Distant Thunder. In other words a great sounding show. Artwork is included Audio: 9/10

01 - Backstreet Symphony
02 - She's So Fine
03 - Love Walked In
04 - An Englishman On Holiday
05 - Until My Dying Day
06 - Higher Ground
07 - Girls Going Out Of Her Head
08 - Don't Wait For Me
09 - Distant Thunder
10 - Fired Up
11 - Dirty Love

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Billy Joel - 1989-12-27 - Uniondale, NY (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

Billy Joel 
Nassau Coliseum Soundcheck 
WBAB Broadcast 
December 27, 1989 

FM Broadcast> Maxell XLII-90 off air master> NAK BX-125> M-Audio 24/96> Adobe Audition> WAV> Flacfrontend> Flac 6> YOU 

Billy Joel - Lead Vocals, Piano, Synthesizer, Organ, 
Liberty DeVitto — Drums, Percussion 
Doug Stegmeyer — Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals 
David Brown — Lead Guitars 
Russell Javors — Rhythm guitars, backing vocals 
Mark Rivera Horns & Percussion 
Dave Lebolt-Keyboards 

01 Got To Get You Into My Life 
02 Bob Buchmann Interview 
03 Station ID 
04 Born Under A Bad Sign 
05 Dr Feelgood 
06 Respect 
07 What Id Say 
08 Born In The USA 
09 Lay Lady Lay 
10 N.S.U. 
11 Dazed And Confused 
12 BB Commentary 
13 Higher Love 
14 Ive Got You Under My Skin 
15 Beat It 
16 I Heard It Through The Grapevine 
17 Still Crazy After All These Years 
18 Walk On The Wild Side 
19 Olivers Army 
20 Cant Help Falling In Love 
21 Up From the Skies 
22 BB Commentary 
23 Goodbye Yellow Brick Road 
24 Up On Cripple Creek 
25 Ruby Tuesday 
26 Rebel Yell 
27 I Thank You 
28 King Of Pain-Walking On The Moon 
29 Born To Be Wild 
30 Little Bit Of Soul 
31 Allentown 
32 My Life 
33 Pressure 
34 Keeping The Faith 
35 Jump 
36 While You See A Chance 
37 Higher Love 
38 The Wind Cries Mary 
39 Hey Joe 
40 Hold The Line 
41 Band Intro by BB 
42 A Salty Dog 
43 Sledgehammer 
44 N.S.U. 
45 You Really Got Me 
46 BB Commentary 
47 Santa Claus Is Comint To Town 
48 Closing Remarks 

I'm calling this a sound check, although some may call it a rehearsal, of Billy Joel performing songs by a myriad of artists. Basically hamming it up and pretending because "we're on the air" that the guest artist is actually present. Many of these songs are just portions of the song, not complete run-thrus. There is commentary by DJ Bob Buchman mingled in with the performance. I found a set-list on the net of this performance but it ended after "Born To Be Wild" so I suspect there may be an abbreviated version of this performance in circulation. If that is so then this is about twice as long.

Andy Summers & John Etheridge - 1994-03-11 - New York City, NY (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

Guitar Duo Live

WAV source from trade > AEnc > FLAC (level: 6)

Disc 1 (1st set)
01. Sister Sadie (Horace Silver)
02. Moravia
03. 1 + 2 Blues (Larry Coryell)
04. Stoneless Counts
05. Good-bye Pork Pie Hat (Charlie Mingus)
06. Message In A Bottle
07. Nuages (D. Reinhardt)
08. Resolution (John Coltrane)
09. Little Transgressions

Disc 2 (2nd set)
01. Sister Sadie (Horace Silver)
02. Moravia
03. 1 + 2 Blues (Larry Coryell)
04. Stoneless Counts
05. Good-bye Pork Pie Hat (Charlie Mingus)
06. Message In A Bottle
07. Nuages (D. Reinhardt)
08. Resolution (John Coltrane)
09. Little Transgressions

Santana - 1992-04-25 - Rotterdam, NL (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)


Sbd -> DATs? -> cassettes (master?/low generation) -> DATs
DATs transferred on October 27, 2009
Sony PCM-R500 (extremely low error rates) -> RME Fireface -> Sony Laptop -> Cubase 3 -> Adobe Audition 2, minor front and tail edits etc., UV22 dither -> Trader's Little Helper (FLAC=8)

Carlos Santana (g/perc/vo), 
Walfredo De Los Reyes (ds), 
Benny Rietveld (b), 
Alex Ligertwood (g/vo), 
Karl Perazzo (perc/vo), 
Raul Rekow (perc/vo), 
Chester Thompson (kbd/vo)

D1 (6 Tracks) (60:10)
01) //Angels All Around Us/Spirits Dancing In The Flesh
02) Somewhere In Heaven
03) Saja/Right On
04) Life Is For Living
05) Your Touch ->
06) We Don't Have To Wait/Walfredo De Los Reyes/Benny Rietveld

D2 (6 Tracks) (47:08)
01) Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen ->
02) Oye Como Va
03) Wings Of Grace ->
04) Free All The People (South Africa) -
05) Savor
06) Agua Que Va Caer/Karl Perazzo/Raul Rekow

D3 (7 Tracks) (60:45)
01) Aqua Marine ->
02) Peace On Earth ->
03) A Dios ->
04) Make Somebody Happy

05) Soul Sacrifice
06) Europa ->
07) Jingo/Band Introduction

D1 - 52:19:32
D2 - 38:14:60, 47:01:44
D3 - 25:58:31

The Band - 1976-09-18 - New York, NY (FM/FLAC)


WNEW simulcast
offending track "forbidden fruit" to comply with DIME

maxell xl2s>sony hx pro/audio source eqone>philips cdr775>EAC>FLAC8

Robbie Robertson
Rick Danko
Garth Hudson
Levon Helm
Richard Manuel
Howard Johnson
Charlie Keagle
Tom Malone
Jerry Hey

01 - Dj Intro 1:17
02 - Ophelia 3:50
03 - Shape I'M In 4:17
04 - It Makes No Difference 7:18
05 - The Weight 5:18
06 - King Harvest 3:59
07 - Twilight 3:52
08 - Night They Drove Ol Dixie Down 4:52
09 - Across The Great Divide 2:59
10 - Stagefright 4:45
11 - Acadian Driftwood 7:06
12 - The Genetic Method 4:20
13 - Chest Fever 5:01
14 - Wheels On Fire 4:35
15 - Dont Do It 5:03
16 - Dj Chatter 1:26
17 - Up On Cripple Creek 5:05
18 - Lifes A Carnival 4:17
19 - Ws Wolcott Medicine Show 3:32


This was the inaugural concert for the Palladium , and it rocks. Sit back with your favorite measure , and grooove! Quality is outstanding , they could be in your living room.

Bruce Springsteen - 1972-02-xx - Richmond, VA (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Bruce Springsteen - 1972-02-xx "The Really, Truly, Complete Backdoor club Tapes"

Bruce Springsteen
The, Really, Truly, Complete Backdoor Club Tapes
Recorded live in February 1972 with The Bruce Springsteen Band
Backdoor Club, Richmond, VA

Disc 1
01 - Down The Road Apiece 6:12
02 - Make Up Your Mind 5:50
03 - Like A Stranger 10:46
04 - I Remember #1 15:10
05 - I'm Into Something Good 2:55
06 - Take Out Some Insurance 2:24
07 - Down To Mexico #1 5:22
08 - When You Dance 16:58

Disc 2
01 - Magic Kind Of Lovin' 5:53
02 - Love Is A Crazy Thing 6:04
03 - Band's Just Boppin' The Blues 12:53
04 - I Just Can't Change 6:27
05 - All I Want To Do Is Dance #1 7:45
06 - Down To Mexico #2 5:32
07 - Bless My Soul #1 11:47

Disc 3
01 - Down To Mexico #3 5:03
02 - Darkness, Darkness 12:22
03 - Sitting On Top Of The World 10:18
04 - Bright Lights, Big City 14:03
05 - It's All Over Now, Baby Blue 11:16
06 - Cowboys Of The Sea 10:50

Disc 4
01 - Down To Mexico #4 5:42
02 - Something You Got 8:20
03 - All I Want To Do Is Dance #2 7:27
04 - I Remember #2 14:29
05 - Bless My Soul #2 11:38

Radiohead - 1997-06-28 - Pilton, UK (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

Glastonbury Festival

Technical info:
Video: 720x576 25fps 4:3 VBR MPEG-2 (average bitrate=4178kbps)
Audio: 48000Hz stereo 256k MP2
Duration: 00:57:52
Size: 1.83Gb

Fortec Star Zeta PVR -> Firewire out -> MPEG Streamclip -> TMPGEnc MPEG Editor 2.0 -> TMPGEnc DVD Author 3.0

01 Lucky
02 My Iron Lung
03 Exit Music (For a Film)
04 The Bends
05 Paranoid Android
06 Karma Police
07 Creep
08 No Surprises
09 Just
10 Fake Plastic Trees
11 High and Dry
12 Street Spirit (Fade Out)

Re-broadcast on BBC4, 20th December 2010. This is a direct capture of the digital TV stream. 
Nothing has been re-encoded.

Huey Lewis and the News - 1986-12-17 - Portland, OR (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

"Superstars Concert Series"

WAAF 107.3 Worcester FM radio > Sansui 8 reciever > unknown average quality cassette deck (dolby off) > Maxell XLII 90 min. master cassette (probably never played in 24 years) > played on Nak. 300 into soundforge (wav) > flac (sb's aligned)

Huey Lewis - lead vocals and harmonica
Greg Adams - trumpet
Lee Thornburg - trumpet
Steve Kupka - baritone sax
Richard Elliot - alto and tenor sax
Emilio Castillo - tenor sax
the Tower of Power horns
Sean Hopper - keyboards, backing vocals
Chris Hayes - guitar, backing vocals
Johnny Colla - guitar, sax, backing vocals
Mario Cipollina - bass, backing vocals
Bill Gibson - drums, percussion, backing vocals

01 - Jacob's ladder (Bruce Hornsby) 4:56
02 - I never walk alone 3:29
03 - walking on a thin line 6:16
04 - bad is bad 4:06
05 - the heart of rock and roll 5:42
06 - if this is it 4:29
07 - the power of love 5:23
08 - buzz buzz buzz 3:49
09 - hip to be square 5:10
10 - stuck with you 5:10
11 - back in time 5:05
12 - I know what I like 5:04
13 - I want a new drug (with band introductions) 10:47

runtime - 69:32 (minutes/seconds)

recorded live in Portland, it's the Huey Lewis Big Band. (about twice the size of the "sports" tour group lineup.) track 12 here is not to be confused with the 1973 Genesis song. the title is the same, but it's an entirely different song. "the power of love" and "back in time" were previously heard in the soundtrack of the movie "back to the future". just how hip is it to be square, really? Not very, according to Huey, apparently, at this time. He seemed almost embarassed about that being the current standard of hip in their native S.F. area. this tour is poppier than the "sports" music. highlights of this (imho) include Jacob's ladder, I never walk alone, the power of love and back in time. just a few nights before Christmas and all through the house, Huey Lewis was stirring up and scaring away all the mice with audio newspaper. If you celebrate Christmas, or Chanukah, or something similar this time of the year, and this is it, merry Chanukah, Happy Christmas or whatever else applies to you, and if you're stuck with someone, or just want a new drug, well... have some Huey. But be forewarned, sometimes bad is bad. not always, though.

Slayer - 1998-12-12 - Buenos Aires, ARG (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

Date: December 12, 1998
Venue: Estadio Vélez Sarsfield
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Tour name: Diabolus On Tour
Event: Monsters Of Rock
Media: 1 DVD
Version: Skymaster
Filming type: Professional
Generation: Low
Video format: NTSC
Aspect ratio: 4:3

01 - Bitter Peace
02 - Death's Head
03 - Evil Has No Boundaries
04 - Hell Awaits
05 - War Ensemble View Video Clip
06 - South Of Heaven
07 - Raining Blood
08 - Dittohead
09 - Die By The Sword
10 - Black Magic
11 - Captor Of Sin
12 - Dead Skin Mask
13 - Seasons In The Abyss
14 - Mandatory Suicide
15 - Angel Of Death

Led Zeppelin - 1971-12-16 - Birmingham, UK (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Sweet Brummy Roll- Empress Valley EVSD-243 ~ 245 
3CDs in a double jewel case. 
Birmingham Odeon, Birmingham 16 December 1972, with Brighton Dome , Brighton, 20 December 1972 

CDR>EAC(safe mode)>Shn 

Disc 1 (54.32) : 
01 - Rock And Roll
02 - Over The Hills And Far Away
03 - Black Dog / Misty Mountain Hop
04 - Since I've Been Loving You
05 - Dancing Days
06 - Bron -yr-Aur Stomp
07 - The Song Remains The Same
08 - The Rain Song 

Disc 2 (74.34): 
01 - Dazed and Confused
02 - Stairway To Heaven
03 - Whole Lotta Love 

Disc 3 (52.06): 
01 - Black Dog
02 - Misty Mountain Hop
03 - Since I've Been Loving You
04 - Whole Lotta Love 

Two completely new shows that have recently surfaced, pulled out of the hat by Empress Valley once again, how do they manage to release so many exciting new shows I wonder. The sound quality for Birmingham is almost very good, with Plant's voice talking in between songs sounding slightly distant. This source is from the master tape. Empress Valley have done a very good job in beefing up this tape, and the CDs sound louder and punchier than the master tape. There is a lot of tape wobble during Stairway To Heaven and the beginning of the Whole Lotta Love Medley. One point of great interest is that early on in The Rain Song John Paul Jones has big problems with the Mellotron, which goes out of tune, and he had to scurry across to the organ and play that instrument for the rest of the song. The first and only time I think in a Led Zeppelin concert, most surprising considering what a precocious instrument the Mellotron is. Brighton is a real gem, sadly only a fragment, taken from a first generation copy. It was recorded by a teenager who had little money for cassettes, and he recorded over much of this concert later at a Rory Gallagher concert. What a terrible shame as it was an amazing concert by all accounts. The sound on this is very good indeed. (Jules McTrainspotter Sept 03) 

Sweet Brummy Roll 3CD Empress Valley Supreme Discs EVSD 243-245 
Birmingham Odeon 16th December 1972/Brighton Dome 20th December 1972 

The latest offering from the premiere Japanese label is 2 shows from the late '72/early '73 UK tour, I was looking forward to hearing this release as it's the first appearance of these two shows which were played only 4 days apart. The tape starts off with a few words from the venue MC telling every one that the show is about to start. The band take the stage to a comment of "Strike a light!" from one of the tapers. The tape overloads for a few seconds as Rock & Roll starts but soon settles down to a reasonable audience recording with Bonzo's drums a little down in the mix. Plant's voice is in relatively good shape for this show as he hits those high notes during the verse to Over The Hills And Far Away. Unfortunately, none of Plant's between song comments the his home crowd can be made out due to the taper being up in the stalls, this lack of volume also affects the bow solo in Dazed And Confused and the beginning of Stairway To Heaven. The Rain Song contains a garbled section of tape which also affects the other side of the C120 cassette during Dazed And Confused. Dazed And Confused interestingly contains a snippet of the descending riff from 'In The Light' during the final section. The Brighton tape is clearer than that from Birmingham and all instruments are well defined, unfortunately we only have 50 minutes of this show containing Black Dog, Misty Mountain Hop, Since I've Been Loving You (only 3 minute's worth), Whole Lotta Love and an encore of Heartbreaker. Some sources state that the band played a medley of Christmas songs during the encore, well if they did, it's not here folks. Top marks to EVSD for finding these two new shows, it's just a pity that the shows weren't swopped around, eg the full Brighton show and 50 minutes of Birmingham because the Brighton show is a corker! (Yage 2003 September 03)

Queens Of The Stone Age - 2003-07-01 - Kristiansand, Norway (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

Quart Festival, Idrettsplassen

FM > monster cable > Wav 44.1kHz (CoolEdit2000) > CDR (Nero > SHN > FLAC (Traders Little Helper 2.3.1.)

Josh Homme (Guitar, Voc)
Troy Van Leeuwen (Guitar, Lap Steel)
Nick Olivieri (Bass, Voc)
Joey Castillo (Drums)
Mark Lanegan (Voc)

01 First It Giveth
02 Do It Again
03 You Think I Ain't Worth A Dollar, But I Feel Like A Millionaire
04 You Would Know
05 Monsters In The Parasol
06 Quick And To The Pointless
07 Gonna Leave You
08 Hangin' Tree
09 In The Fade
10 Song For The Dead
11 Tension Head
12 Go With The Flow
13 Mexicola
14 Auto Pilot
15 Another Love Song
16 Regular John
17 No One Knows
18 Feel Good Hit Of The Summer
19 The Sky Is Fallin'

Total playing time: 78:04 min

Recorded from Norwegian p3 August 13th 2003. Should be noted that an incomplete version of this
concert was broadcasted July 1st 2003.

Townes Van Zandt - 1995-01-17 - Austin, TX (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

Live on Solo Sessions 
Austin Music Network Ch 15 Austin Tx cable 
Austin, TX January 17, 1995 

01 - Marie 
02 - Katie Belle Blue 
03 - Blaze's Blues 
04 - The Hole 
05 - Lover's Lullaby 
06 - A Song For 
07 - Ballad Of Ira Hayes 
08 - Two Girls 
09 - Dollar Bill Blues Intro 
10 - Dollar Bill Blues 
11 - Goin' Down To Memphis 
12 - Flyin' Shoes Intro 
13 - Flyin' Shoes 
14 - The Catfish Song 

TRT 52:55

Bob Dylan - 1984-07-07 - London, UK (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Wembley Stadium

Very Good Audience Recording

Master > 2 x TDK SA90 > Akai GX-95 MK11 > Soundforge PRO 10c > FLAC Level 8 Align on Sector Bounderies

Mastered & Artwork by JTT, May 2013

Disc One: 80.22
01. Highway 61 Revisited
02. Jokerman
03. All Along The Watchtower
04. Just Like A Woman
05. Maggie'S Farm
06. I And I
07. License To Kill
08. A Hard Rain'S A-Gonna Fall
09. Tangled Up In Blue
10. It'S Alright Ma (I'M Only Bleeding)
11. Simple Twist Of Fate
12. Masters Of War
13. Ballad Of A Thin Man
14. Enough Is Enough

Disc Two: 69.19
01. Every Grain Of Sand
02. Like A Rolling Stone
03. Mr. Tambourine Man
04. Girl From The North Country
05. It Ain'T Me Babe
06. Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat
07. It'S All Over Now Baby Blue
08. Tombstone Blues
09. Senor (Tales Of Yankee Power)
10. The Times They Are A-Changin'
11. Blowin' In The Wind
12. Knockin' On Heaven'S Door

Morrissey - 2011-07-18 - Berlin, DE (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)


Liberated silver-pressed bootleg CD > EAC (rip and FLAC encode) > Trader's Little Helper 

Recording info: 
DPA 4061 > MPS6020 > Edirol R-09HR 

01. Intro 
02. I Want The One I Can't Have 
03. You're The One For Me, Fatty 
04. You Have Killed Me 
05. Speedway 
06. Scaninavia 
07. Ouija Board, Ouija Board 
08. People Are The Same Everywhere 
09. -Band Introdcution- 
10. Action Is My Middle Name 
11. Alma Matters 
12. Satellite Of Love 
13. I Know It's Over 
14. Everyday Is Like Sunday 
15. One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell 
16. There Is A Light That Never Goes Out 
17. I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris 
18. Meat Is Murder 
19. Irish Blood, English Heart 
20. The First Of The Gang To Die 
21. Outro 

Running Time: 84 min 

R.E.M. - 1984-06-27 - Seattle, WA (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

Recorded at Music Hall,

SBD > ? > Flac

01 Moral Kiosk
02 Hyena
03 Camera
04 Pilgrimage
05 Talk About The Passion
06 7 Chinese Bros.
07 So. Central Rain
08 Pretty Persuasion
09 Gardening At Night
10 9-9
11 Windout
12 Old Man Kensey
13 Radio Free Europe
14 Little America
15 Burning Down
16 Pale Blue Eyes
17 1,000,000
18 So You Want To Be A Rock'n'Roll Star
19 Carnival Of Sorts (Boxcars)
20 Skank

This show is one of the all time greatest R.E.M. performances taken from a sweltering night in Seattle on the globe-trotting Little America tour. This show was recorded by the band for possible release as a live album but was shelved indefinitely because such a project just didn't fit with R.E.M.'s nonconformist and independent-minded ethos - live albums were soooooooo "corporate rock". Fortunately the tapes survived and we present them here in all their glory. This show provides THE definitive performances of so many classics like Radio Free Europe, Pilgrimage, Gardening at Night, 9-9, and Carnival of Sorts as the band rip through the songs with such breathtaking intensity and spectacular abandon that you'll throw away your studio albums for being pale imitations. Yet amongst the maelstrom and ferocity are exquisite and controlled performances of Old Man Kensey, the Velvet's Pale Blue Eyes and an incredibly emotional Camera that ranks as one of the finest ever performances by Michael Stipe.

This show is so good that when Peter Buck failed to get his copy of the masters due to a record company screw up he went out and bought the vinyl bootleg. Yes it is that essential and if not the greatest R.E.M. show of all time then it has to be in the top 3 no question.

Little Steven - 1983-04-26 - Utrecht, NL (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)


The Ken G. Collection [Vol 148]

Source: FM Broadcast > Unknown generation cassette

Transfer Lineage:
Maxell>Sony Deck TC-WE 475>JVC XL-R2010 CD-RW (standalone)>Soundforge 9.0>Wav>TLH [sector boundary aligned] Flac Level 8

Vocals and Guitar: Steve Van Zandt
Bass: Jean Beauvoir (Ex-Plasmatics)
Percussion: Monte Lewis Ellison
Drums: Dino Danelli
Keyboard: Peewee Webber
Trombone: Richie "La Bamba" Rosenberg
Baritone Sax: Eddie "Kingfish" Manion
Trumpet: Mark Pender
Trumpet: Nelson "Babyface" Bogart

01 Lyin' In A Bed Of Fire [cuts in]
02 Save Me
03 Inside Me
04 Forever
05 Princess Of Little Italy
06 Under The Gun
07 Caravan [Duke Ellington cover]
08 Until The Good Is Gone
09 Angel Eyes
10 Band Introductions
11 I Played The Fool
12 I Don't Want To Go Home
13 This Time It's For Real
14 Take It Inside
15 Respect
16 Workin' Too Hard
17 Interview

Total Time = 87:32 min

R.E.M. - 2005-07-02 - St. Gallen, CH (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

Date: 2005-07-02
Location: Switzerland, St. Gallen, Open Air
Name: St. Gallen 2005
Format: PAL - PRO-SHOT
menu, track select, play all

SF2 Broadcast (Swiss TV) - musicnights on SF

Direct digital stream capture-Skystar 2>HDD>TMPGenc DVD Author

Video Attribute :
Video compression mode : MPEG-2
TV system : 625/50 (PAL)
Aspect Ratio : 4:3
Display Mode : reserved
Source picture resolution : 720x576 (625/50)
Frame Rate : 25.00
Source picture letterboxed : Not letterboxed
Bitrate : 5.00Mbps

Audio Attribute :
Audio Coding mode : MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 without extension bitstream
Sampling Rate : 48kHz
Audio application mode : Not specified
Number of Audio channels : 2
Bitrate : 192 Kbps
Number of Audio streams : 1

01. The One I Love
02. The Outsiders
03. Drive
04. Leaving New York
05. Everybody Hurts
06. Electrolite
07. Orange Crush
08. Walk Unafraid
09. Losing My Religion
10. Imitation Of Life
11. The Great Beyond
12. Man On The Moon

Total Running Time: [58:37]

Notes: This is not the full set, but it is all that was broadcasted.


The Band - 1992-02-15 - New Britian, CT (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

The Band 
02/15/92 The Sting, New Brittian CT 
unknown analog information. 
dat>cd via Sony PCMR500>HHb 850 
cd>eac>flac encoded 04/11/15 

01. The Battle Is Over 
02. Crazy Mama 
03. Blind Willie McTell 
04. Caladonia 
05. It Makes No Difference 
06. Instrumental 
07. The Weight 
08. Stage Fright 
09. Ophelia 
10. Blue River 
11. Up On Cripple Creek 
12. The Shape Im In 
13. encore break 
14. (I Dont Want To) Hang Up My Rock and Roll Shoes 
15. Blues Stay Away With Me

Whitesnake - 1994-06-20 - St. Peterburg, RU (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

White Nights Festival

ID : 224 (0xE0)
Format : MPEG Video
Format version : Version 2
Format profile : Main@Main
Format settings, BVOP : Sim
Format settings, Matrix : standard
Format settings, GOP : M=3, N=12
Bit rate mode : variable
Bit rate : 4 215 Kbps
Maximum bit rate : 9 000 Kbps
Width : 720 pixels
Height : 480 pixels
Display aspect ratio : 4:3
Frame rate : 29.970 fps
Standard : NTSC
Color space : YUV
Chroma subsampling : 4:2:0
Bit depth : 8 bits
Scan type : Progressivo
Bits/(Pixel*Frame) : 0.407
Stream size : 953 MiB (93%)

ID : 189 (0xBD)-128 (0x80)
Format : AC-3
Format/Info : Audio Coding 3
Mode extension : CM (complete main)
Muxing mode : DVD-Video
Bit rate mode : Constante
Bit rate : 224 Kbps
Channel(s) : 2 channels
Channel positions : Front: L R
Sampling rate : 48.0 KHz
Bit depth : 16 bits
Delay relative to video : -285ms
Stream size : 50.6 MiB (5%)

Vocals: David Coverdale
Guitars: Adrian Vandenberg (Vandenberg,Manic Eden, Vandenberg's MoonKings)
Guitars: Warren de Martini (Ratt)
Bass: Rudy Sarzo (Quiet Riot, Ozzy Osbourne, Manic Eden)
Drums: Denny Carmassi (Montrose, Heart, Coverdale-Page)
Keyboards: Paul Mirkovich (Nelson)

01. Bad Boys
02. Slide It In
03. Love Ain’t No Stranger
04. Judgement Day
05. Is This Love
06. Vandenberg Solo
07. Don't Leave Me This Way
08. Soldier Of Fortune
09. Smoke On The Water
10. Oi
11. Slow & Easy
12. Fool For Your Loving
13. Here I Go Again
14. Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City
15. Still Of The Night
16. We Wish You Well

Duration: 1h 40mn

The Notting Hillbillies - 1998-07-16 - Birmingham, UK (DVDfull aud-shot)

(DVDfull aud-shot)


SETLIST (2h.19'):
01 Intro
02 Run me down
03 One way gal
04 Good rockin' tonight
05 Your own sweet way
06 Railroad worksong
07 Why worry
08 Water of love
09 Rope stretching
10 Hobo's lullaby
11 Meet me in the bottom
12 Denomination blues
13 K.C. Moan
14 Can't be satisfied
15 Blues stay away from me
16 Calling Elvis
17 His latest flame
18 You better move on
19 Bewildered
20 Mystery train
21 Are we in trouble now
22 Setting me up
23 Feel like going home
24 Nadine
25 The next time I'm in town

Additional comments: Poupystar Creation. Good picture and sound quality. Filmed from the first row. Mark Knopfler is mainly filmed on this recording. Includes the song "You better move on" (sung by Mark Knopfler and only played once on this tour). Also a very cool version of Nadine. Complete concert. DVD menu. Cover.

David Bowie - Bang Bang - 1987-1988 - TV appearances (DVDfull pro-shot DL)

(DVDfull pro-shot DL)

Author: steve23yh
Video Source: TV

2 x VHS tapes > direct wire, VHS - DVD-R > ripped using Ulead DVD Movie Factory V6 and then clipped into sections and exported as MPG > Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum V11 to resequence and compile to single feature > Ulead DVD Movie Factory V6 for titles and final compilation to DVD9

Menu: yes
Chapters: yes
Transfer Rate: 7mb/s
Format: PAL / 25fps
Audio: Dolby Digital Audio, 48 KHz, 2/0(L,R)
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Number of Discs: 1
Disc Type: DVD9

01. Bang Bang from press conference (German TV)
02. Coca Cola Rock Files, Superclassifica Show, March 1987
03. Arrival at Milan Airport, RAI, 24th March 1987
04. "Da Jeans Del 25 Marzo", RAI, 25th March 1987
05. "Discoring" (probably), RAI, 25th March 1987
06. RAI5 culture report, March 1987
07. The Tube, Channel 4, 27th March 1987
08. Music Box, German, dubbed, April 1987
09. Rox Box, probably Belgian TV, April 1987
10. Live At 5 - US TV report, May 1987
11. Hamburger Journal, German TV, 13th June 1987
12. 1500 Jahre Berlin, ZDF, 16th June 1987
13. Newstime, RTL, 10th July 1987
14. Okay, ORF, Austria, 19th July 1987
15. The Record Guide, US TV, 27th July 1987
16. David and Ryuichi with German subtitles

Intruders At The Palace
17. ICA audience recording, July 1988
18. BBC Newsnight report, July 1988
19. Dr Moebius report, July 1988

Total Running Time: 2:34:37

There was a VHS compilation called "Bang Bang" in the box from Andre F.  Three hours' worth, and stated to be a compilation of stuff from '87.
In the event, there was a fair bit of stuff that was from 1990 (and a couple of bits from '83 as well), so I've put those aside for now, and added in some bits from other tapes I got from Andre. In all, nineteen nuggets, sixteen from promiting Never Let Me Down and Glass Spider, three from the "Invaders At The Palace" appearance with La-La Human Steps.
Quality is variable, between blurry and black & white (much of the Italian stuff) and near perfection (The Tube, Invaders At The Palace).  Some clips are a couple of minutes, whereas The Tube's a good half hour.

The Rolling Stones - 1998-01-17 - New York City, NY (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

"Sweet Home New York City"
Madison Square Garden; New York 17th January 1998

Uploader : Johnky []

Websites : /==/

Sound Quality : Soundboard

Length : 77.26 / 77.23

01. Intro
02. Satisfaction
03. Let's Spend The Night Together
04. Flip The Switch
05. Gimme Shelter
06. When The Whip Comes Down
07. Might As Well Get Juiced
08. All Down The Line
09. Saint Of Me
10. Out Of Control
11. Miss You
12. Thief In The Night
13. You Don't Have to Mean It

14. Intro
15. Little Queenie
16. I Just Wanna Make Love To You
17. Like A Rolling Stone
18. Sympathy For The Devil
19. Tumbling Dice
20. Honky Tonk Woman
21. Start Me Up
22. Jumpin Jack Flash
23. You Cantt Always Get What You Want
24. Brown Sugar
25. Low Down
26. Memory Motel
27. Little Red Rooster