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Santana - 1983-05-08 - Zurich, CH (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

May 8, 1983

"SBD > ? > CD-R > EAC > FLAC"

CD 1
01. "intro"
02. Watch Your Step
03. Nowhere To Run
04. Tales Of The Kilimanjaro
05. Black Magic Woman
06. Gypsy Queen
07. Oye Como Va
08. Hold On
09. Incident At Neshabur
10. Aqua Marine
11. "Jam"
12. Right Now
13. Savor > Jingo

CD 2
01. Havana Moon
02. Soul Sacrifice
03. The World Is A Ghetto
04. Soul Sacrifice
05. Open Invitation
06. She's Not There
07. Toussaint L'Overture
08. Europa
09. Shango
10. Mudbone Jam
11. Super Boogie Hong Kong Blues (fades out)

Santana - 1975-05-25 - Ypsilanti, MI (Pre-FM/FLAC)


Rynearson Stadium

Carlos Santana - guitars, percussion, vocals
David Brown - bass 
"Ndugu" Leon Chancler - drums
Tom Coster - keyboards, vocals
Armando Peraza - percussion, vocals
Leon Patillo - keyboards, vocals

01. Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen (06:49)
02. Oye Como Va (04:06)
03. Treat/Time Waits For No One (05:41)
04. Give And Take (05:0
05. Incident At Neshabur (07:35)
06. Savor/Soul Sacrifice (20:16)

Total Time: 49:35  

This show was recorded/aired for the "King Biscuit Flower Hour."  An FM version of this recording also circulates, but this is far superior in sound quality (I have both sources). This is a fantastic show but is not heavily circulated, for those of you listening to this for the first time I hope you enjoy it, for those of you who already have the FM version, enjoy the upgrade.

Rush - 1974-12-16 - Cleveland, OH (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundbaord FLAC)

December 16, 1974 
Agora Ballroom 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Source: sbd 
Lineage: sbd > master reel > proffesionally transfered (unknown process and equipment) > cd > eac > flac ( lvl 8 ) 

Geddy Lee
Alex Lifeson
Neil Peart 

01. Finding My Way 
02. Best I Can 
03. What You're Doing 
04. Fly By Night 
05. Here Again 
06. Anthem 
07. Bad Boy 
08. Working Man 

- First "Fly By Night" played live. 
- This source does circulate already. One source is a pre-FM which matches this source, and the other is an FM recording. The pre-FM version I found and downloaded for comparison. This source has some stage banter that was cut from the previously circulating source, a slightly better sound to my ears, and no SBE's. 
- 05 at 4:09 through 4:12 there is a flaw in the recording 
- There are some level fluctuations in 04. 
- 04 has a dead spot from 3:24 to 3:31 during applaus. No music is lost. 
- Thanks to Greenfox for another fine Agora source!! 
- QC done by Bgreen

Van Morrison - 1992-04-21 - San Francisco, CA (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Van Morrison 
Great American Music Hall 
San Francisco 
April 21, 1992 

Source: DAUD (second row of tables) 
Recording: Audio Technica pin-point mics > Sony D3 
Transfer : DAT > Cool Edit Pro > CD 
SHN: CD > EAC (Plextor PX-W4824A, secure mode, correct read/write offsets) > WAV > mkwACT > SHN 
Shntool confirms tracks cut on sector boundaries 
SHN files converted to FLAC

Van Morrison: vocals, guitar, harp, alto 
Ronnie Johnson: guitar 
Nicky Scott: bass 
Dave Early: drums 
Kate St. John: tenor, soprano, baritone, penny whistle 
Neil Drinkwater: keyboards 
Teena Lyle: everything else

DISC ONE (65:19) 
01. ///Professional Jealousy (2:26) 
02. The Mystery (3:24) 
03. Peace of Mind (4:39) 
04. Haunts of Ancient Peace (5:13) 
05. All Saints Day (2:29) 
06. Allow Me/Mama Don't Allow It (3:39) 
07. So Complicated (3:33) 
08. Sweet Thing (6:58) 
09. My Lagan Love (2:37) 
10. Star of the County Down (2:33) 
11. Why Must I Always Explain? (3:07) 
12. Vanlose Stairway/Trans-Euro Train (7:20) 
13. Cleaning Windows/Be Bop A Lula (5:04) 
14. It Fills You Up (4:11) 
15. Help Me (8:06) 

DISC TWO (55:44) 
01. Sticks and Stones (2:38) 
02. Crawlin' King Snake/Lonely Avenue (8:37) 
03. I'll Go Crazy (3:12) 
04. Inarticulate Speech of the Heart, No. 1 (4:02) 
05. A Town Called Paradise (6:26) 
06. Did Ye Get Healed (4:22) 
07. It's All In The Game/Give It A Rest Rant/Make It Real One More Time (8:14) 

08. I'm Not Feeling It Anymore (6:15) 
09. See Me Through/Soldier of Fortune/Chain Gang (10:58)

Mick Jagger - The Brothers of Sodom (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

Mick Jagger 
Australia Rehearsals 

"Brothers of Sodom" (Empress Valley Supreme Disc. EVSD 83/84/85/86/87/88) > eac > flac

Disc 1 - 3
Horden Pavillion, Sydney, Australia. Sep.16, 1988, Tour Rehearsals

Disc 1
01. Show Intro Music And Video
02. Band Warm Up (Soundcheck)
03. Beast Of Burden (Soundcheck)
04. Party Doll (Soundcheck)
05. Wild Colonial Boy (Soundcheck)
06. What Kind Of World Is This? (Soundcheck)
07. Mick harp (Soundcheck)
08. Party Doll (Guitar Soundcheck)
09. Mick harp (Soundcheck)
10. Wild Colonial Boy (Guitar Soundcheck)
11. Show Intro Music And Video
12. Throwaway
13. Just Another Night
14. Lonely At The Top
15. Honky Tonk Women
16. Miss You
17. Tumbling Dice
18. Radio Control With Video mix)
19. Ruby Tuesday
20. Can't You Hear Me Knocking
21. Harlem Shuffle

Disc 2
01. Soundcheck
02. Lucky In Love
03. Primitive Cool
04. War Baby (with video mix)
05. You Can't Always Get What You Want
06. One Hit (To The Body)
07. Foxy Lady
08. Beast Of Burden
09. Party Doll
10. Wild Colonial Boy
11. What Kind Of World Is This?
12. Shoot Off Your Mouth

Disc 3
01. Simon Phillips drum solo
02. Joe Satriani guitar solo
03. Gimme Shelter
04. Start Me Up
05. Brown Sugar
06. It's Only Rock'n Roll
07. Jumpin' Jack Flash
08. Let's Work
09. Let's Work
10. Let's Work(dance edit)
11. Let's Work(dance mix)

Horden Pavillion, Sydney, Australia. Sep.17, 1988,
Australia Tour Rehearsals.

01. Show Intro Music And Video #1
02. show Intro Music And Video #2
03. Throaway (Intro)
04. Throwaway (Soundcheck)
05. Sympathy For The Devil (Soundcheck)
06. Tumbling Dice #1 (Intro Soundcheck)
07. Tumbling Dice #2 (Intro Soundcheck)
08. Beast Of Burden
09. Bitch (Guitar Soundcheck)
10. Going Down #1 (Monitor Soundcheck)
11. Mick harp (Soundcheck)
12. Going Down #2 (Monitor Soundcheck)
13. I'm A King Bee #1
14. I'm A King Bee #2
15. Rip This Joint
16. Archie Bell Song (a.k.a "Tighten Up) Intro

Disc 5
Horden Pavillion, Sydney, Australia. Sep.17, 1988, Australia Tour Rehearsals.
Australia Tour Rehearsals.
01. Band Jam

Entertainment Center, Brisbane, Australia. Sep.20, 1988, Australia Tour Rehearsals.
02. Show Intro Music And Video (Monitor Soundcheck)
03. Throwaway (Intro)
04. Honky Tonk Women
05. Miss You
06. Tumbling Dice
07. Radio Control with video mix
07. Ruby Tuesday
09. Can't You Hear Me Knocking
10. Harlem Shuffle
11. Lucky In Love
12. Primitive Cool
13. War Baby

Entertainment Center, Brisbane, Australia. Sep.20, 1988, Australia Tour Rehearsals.

01. You Can't Always Get What You Want
02. One Hit (To The Body)
03. Foxy Lady
04. Beast Of Burden
05. Party Doll
06. Wild Colonial Boy
07. What Kind Of World Is This?
08. Bitch
09. Simon Phillips drum solo
10. Joe Satriani guitar solo
11. Gimme Shelter
12. Start Me Up
13. Brown Sugar
14. It's Only Rock'n Roll
15. Jumpin' Jack Flash
16. (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction

Roger Waters - 2006-06-29 - Cork, Ireland (DVDfull aud-shot)

(DVDfull aud-shot)

Hop The Pond proudly presents:

HOP 008 Roger Waters- Tripped Out in Cork.
Filmed by "The Producer" and his accomplice at the Marquee showground, Cork, Ireland, 29th June 2006.


Camera 1.(The Producer)
Filmed from the rear of the venue on a Sony HDR-HC1 HDV PAL camera shot in 1080i High Definition with Sony internal mic.

Camera 2. (His accomplice)
Filmed from the floor (approx 3rd row) of the venue on a Sony HDR-HC1 HDV PAL camera shot in 1080i High Definition with a pair of DPA 4063 mics.

Captured through Vegas 6 via firewire to an M2T file, then converted & rendered to 16:9 NTSC MPEG 2 (CBR 3).
Slight level adjustment with Cool Edit pro then converted to a 5.1, 48KHz 16 bit AC3 audio file with Vegas 6.
Menus,editing, conversions all done with Vegas 6, DVD authoring REEL DVD.

01 - In The Flesh
02 - Mother
03 - Set The Controls For the Heart Of The Sun
04 - Shine On You Crazy Diamond
05 - Have A Cigar
06 - Wish You Were Here
07 - Southampton Dock
08 - The Fletcher Memorial Home
09 - Perfect Sense parts 1 and 2
10 - Leaving Beirut
11 - Sheep
12 - Dark Side of the Moon
13 - The Happiest Days Of Our Lives
14 - Another Brick In The Wall (Pt 2)
15 - Vera
16 - Bring the Boys back Home
17 - Comfortably Numb

Total running time: 236

Due to there being no media available to play High Def Video at the moment this has been converted for normal DVD viewing in NTSC at 720x 480.

Ok, This was the 14th show on the current European tour, and what a show it was!! The venue was a circus type marquee tent on a tarmac carpark just on the outskirts of Cork.
Due to this being in a tent there were no pyrotechnics and a full over head lighting rig was used.
What also makes this show unique is a power cut half way through (at the explosion in Perfect Sense Pt2) causing the main mixing board and the whole PA to go down. All you hear at that point are the onstage monitors and the crowd finish off by singing the end of the song!! There's a 25 minute break while power is resumed and the mixing board reset then the band come back on and continue with the rest of set 1 and go straight into DSOTM (with Nick Mason!)

This is a 2 camera mix and respect has to go to my filming accomplice who got caught filming not once but twice and was subsequently removed from the venue half way through Us and Them, hence the last 45 minutes being a single camera, hey that's the chance us filmers take and the sacrifices we make to bring you this stuff!!

Billy Preston - ohne Filter EXTRA (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

Breakdown into chapters by track: yes
Quality: SATRip
Format: DVD video
Video codec: MPEG2
Audio codec: MP2
Video: PAL 4: 3 (720x576) VBR, 6762 kbps
Audio: Not specified (MPEG1,2 ch), 256 kbps, 48.0 kHz

00. Intro
01. Space Race
02. It'S My Pleasure
03. With You I'M Born
04. Will It Go Round
05. What About The Love
06. Do What You Want To
07. Good Man
08. Hoochie Coochie Man
09. Nothin' From Nothin'
10. That'S The Way God Planned In
11. You Are So Beautiful
12. Outa Space
13. Jumpin' Jack Flash

Duration: 01:01:26

Preston collaborated with The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Band, Nat King Cole, Little Richard, Eric Burdon, Ray Charles, Joe Coker, George Harrison, Elton John, Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan, Sam Cook, King Curtis, Sammy Davis Jr. , Aretha Franklin, Jackson 5, Quincy Jones, Mick Jagger, Peter Frampton, Phyllis Hyman, Richie Sambora, Sly Stone, Johnny Cash, Neil Diamond, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Norah Jones and Ringo Starr.

Deep Purple - 2017-06-02 - Amsterdam, NL (DVDfull aud-shot)

(DVDfull aud-shot)

Deep Purple 
Date: 02-06-2017 
Location: Ziggo Dome 
City: Amsterdam 
Country: The Netherlands 

Bootleg Title: InFineNight 
Cover: Yes 
Menu: Yes, with chapters 

Recording position: Roger's side, front row 
Equipment: Lumix T70, stereo, 30x zoom --> Power Director 15 --> 2 formats available DVD 8,5GB and Bluray 25GB 

01 - Time for Bedlam (from new album Infinite) 
02 - Fireball 
03 - Bloodsucker 
04 - Strange Kind of Woman 
05 - Johnny's Band (from new album Infinite) 
06 - Uncommon Man 
07 - The Surprising (from new album Infinite) 
08 - Lazy 
09 - Birds of Prey (from new album Infinite) 
10 - Hell to Pay 
11 - Keyboard Solo 
12 - Perfect Strangers 
13 - Space Truckin' 
14 - Smoke on the Water 
15 - Encore: 
16 - Green Onions - Hush 
17 - Bass Solo 
18 - Black Night

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Judas Priest - 1979-03-11 - New York, USA (SBD/FLAC) "Mudd Quake"

(Soundboard FLAC)

24-bit-48kHz FLAC files > xAct (convert to .wav) > iZotope RX Advanced 1.30.768 (dither to 16-bit, resample to 44.1 kHz) > xAct (convert to .flac level 8, ffp)

ARTIST: Judas Priest
ALBUM: Mudd Quake
VENUE: Mudd club
CITY: New York City
DATE: March 11, 1979
LABEL: WOW-111 (Bootleg)
SOURCE: Soundboard
FORMAT: 12" Blue Vinyl

RIP.DATE: 2016 - January
CARTRIDGE: Rega Carbon (MM)
PHONOSTAGE: Cambridge Audio 651P
ADC: Focusrite 2i2 USB Interface
FORMAT: FLAC 24bit-48KHz

A1. Hell Bent For Leather
A2. Delivering the Goods
A3. Running Wild.flac
A4. Beyond the Realms of Death
A5. The Green Manalishi
B1. Victim of Changes
B2. Rock Forever
B3. Starbreaker

Roger Waters - 1985-04-09 - Austin, TX (FM/FLAC)

Roger Waters - 1985-04-09 - Austin, TX
(FM broadcast FLAC)

Roger Waters
Frank Erwin Center, University of Texas
Austin, Texas
April 9th, 1985
FM Broadcast>eac>flac

Roger Waters - bass guitar, vocals
Andy Fairweather Low - guitar, bass guitar
Jay Stapley - guitar
Mel Collins - saxophones
Michael Kamen - keyboards
Andy Newmark - drums
Doreen Chanter - backing vocals
Katie Kissoon - backing vocals

01. Welcome To The Machine (8:25)
02. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun (9:31)
03. Money (8:44)
04. If (4:21)
05. Wish You Were Here (6:25)
06. Pigs On The Wing (Part 1)/Get Your Filthy Hands Off My Desert/Southampton Dock (9:18)
07. The Gunners Dream (6:09)
08. In The Flesh (4:48)
09. Nobody Home (4:22)
10. Have A Cigar (6:16)
11. Another Brick In The Wall (Part 1) (2:37)
12. The Happiest Days Of Our Lives (1:56)
13. Another Brick In The Wall (Part 2) (5:48)

Genesis - 2007-06-26 - Dusseldorf, DE (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Artist: Genesis
Title:  Cinema rehearsal in D?sseldorf
Date: 26-june-2007
Type: AUDIENCE recording
Tour: Turn It On Again Tour
Location: LTU Arena, D?sseldorf, Germany
Source: Audience recording 
Rating: A 
Catalog: MVD-022
Lineage: WAV - HD - FLAC

Recorded live at the LTU Arena, D?sseldorf, Germany
Date: 26 june 2007.
Recorded on iRiver H340 using Rockbox, build 070408.
Recording format: 44.1 Khz WAV
Microphone: Sony ECM CS10 stereo
Sound enhancement with Soundforge 7.0
Matrixed with Adobe Audition 2.0
Sound editing with CD Wave editor
Flacs created with FLAC frontend 1.7.1 (level 7)

Phil Collins Drums, vocals
Tony Banks Keyboards
Mike Rutherford Guitar, bass, backing vocals
Daryl Stuermer Guitar, bass
Chester Thompson Drums

01. Preshow music
02. Behind the lines
03. Duke's end
04. Turn it on again
05. - We love Genesis
06. No Son of mine
07. Land of confusion
08. In the cage
09. The cinema show
10. Duke's Travels
11. Afterglow
12. Hold on my heart
13. - photo time
14. Home by the sea
15. Second home by the sea
16. Follow you, follow me
17. Firth of fifth
18. I know what I like

01. Mama
02. Ripples
03. Throwing it all away
04. - The domino principle
05. Domino
06. Drum duet
07. Los Endos
08. Tonight, Tonight, Tonight
09. Invisible Touch
10. I can't dance
11. - Official introduction of two people
12. Carpet Crawlers

total time (2.34.39)

This was an indoor show. The roof of the LTU arena was closed. I was 30 meters from the stage, to the left. This is a clean recording. You hear some people screaming and singing loud around me. But it is actually quite good to my ears. Phil didn't seem to have his best night; but all went well nevertheless. You hear some problems, but nothing that is really worth mentioning. The next night (27th) was aired to cinema's in the UK and Sweden. The band used this to get everything right for that event. That's why I call this one: Cinema rehearsal in D?sseldorf.

I was standing on the left side of the stage, about 30 meters away. The left speaker stack was in front of me. Mike hight at about 1,80 meters. Gain was set at + 14.0 dB, auto correction (live) Some clipping occured as a result of loud applause next to me.

I tried really to bring out the best of this one. I was standing to the left of the stage. The right channel had lots of echo from the venue. I prepared two versions of the raw source. One with more echo and one that sounds closer. I doubled the left channel for that purpose to the right. I brought out the bass a little and my special sound treatment so that it sounds just fine to my ears. I used some Soundforge filters for that, with settings adapted for this recording. With both versions I was not satisfied. So I decided to do a matrix of these two masters. With Adobe Audition I mixed the two together. The finishing touch was done with Soundforge again, to correct some loud clapping and adjust the volume level.

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Crosby & Stills - 1987-02-05 - Austin, TX (SBD/FLAC)

(soundboard FLAC)

featuring David Lindley

Cowboys For Indians Benefit 1987

Manor Downs, Austin, TX
February 5, 1987
Excellent stereo soundboard remastered

01. Midnight Rider
02. So Begins The Task
03. Treetop Flyer
04. Southern Cross
05. Blind Fiddler Medley
06. Love The One You're With
07. Almost Cut My Hair
08. In My Dreams

01. For Free
02. Carry Me
03. Delta
04. Compass
05. Guinnevere
06. The Lee Shore - David Crosby & David Lindley
07. Long Time Gone - Crosby, Stills & Lindley
08. Teach Your Children - Crosby, Stills & Lindley

CD1, tracks 1-6: Stephen Stills
CD1, tracks 7-8; CD2, tracks 1-5: David Crosby

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The Rolling Stones - The Lost Treasure (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

The Rolling Stones
The Lost Treasure
Various radio sessions from 1964

Very good FM recordings. At my opinion, better quality as 'Beat Beat Beat At The Beeb' (Invasion Unlimited).

trade -> CDr -> EAC -> WAV -> TLH -> flac 6 

Saturday Club, BBC, London
Recorded on Feb. 3, 1964
Broadcasted on Feb. 8, 1964
01. Don’t Lie To Me
02. Mona (I Need You Baby)
03. Walking The Dog
04. Bye Bye Johnny
05. You Better Move On
06. I Wanna Be Your Man

Saturday Club, BBC, London
Recorded on the 3rd UK Tour, Feb. 8 - March 7, 1964
Broadcasted on March 8, 1964
07. Roll Over Beethoven
08. Beautiful Delilah

Saturday Club, BBC, London
Recorded on April 13, 1964
Broadcasted on April 18, 1964
09. Not Fade Away
10. I Just Want To Make Love To You
11. Walking The Dog
12. Beautiful Delilah
13. High Heeled Sneakers
14. Carol

Saturday Club, BBC, London
Recorded on May 25, 1964
Broadcasted on June 6, 1964
15. Down In The Bottom
16. You Can Make It Of You Try
17. Route 66
18. Confessin’ The Blues
19. Down The Road Apiece

Top Gear, BBC, London
Recorded on July 17, 1964
Broadcasted on July 23, 1964
20. Around And Around
21. If You Need Me
22. I Can’t Be Satisfied
23. Crackin’ Up

Rhythm And Blues, BBC, London
Recorded on Oct. 8, 1964
Broadcasted on Oct. 31, 1964
24. Ain’t That Loving You Baby

Nestle’s Top Swinging Groups, Radio Luxembourg,IBC or Regent Sound Studios, London
Recorded on March 18, 1964
Broadcasted on April 17-April 24-May 1-May 8, 1964 
25. It’s All Over Now*

* Not available on 'Beat Beat Beat At The Beeb' (Invasion Unlimited)

Thelonious Monk - 1961-04-15 - Amsterdam, NL (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

Thelonious Monk Amsterdam 1961-04-15 The First European Concert silver
Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Lineage: Vara Radio Broadcast?>silver>EAC/FLAC

This is an EAC straight to FLAC with TLH for the obligatories. 
Nothing has been changed on this error free copy! 

Sound: VG+ (strict) - the ends are washed out but middle is strong, overall clear but not full broadcast strength

Thelonious Monk - piano 
Charlie Rouse - tenor sax 
John Ore - bass 
Frankie Dunlop - drums

01. Jackie-ing 
02. Crepuscle With Nellie 
03. off Minor 
04. Straight, No Chaser 
05. Evidence 
06. Bemsha Swing 
07. Well You Needn't
08. 'Round Midnight
09. I Mean You 

This gem appears never to have been posted and there's not much Monk here. maybe we can get a mini-flood going? 

Though titled "The First European Concert" he did record in Paris in 1954 and I'd assume played some date/s around that? It appears to be the first of many 1960's European concerts though.

Teenage Cancer Trust - 2006-03-31 - London, UK (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Live at Royal Albert Hall, London, England March 31, 2006 

Teenage Cancer Trust - Tommy Vance Tribute Concert 
Judas Priest, Scorpions, Ian Gillan & Friends 
Audience recording 
Remastered by WhisyWoman 

Original CDs -> Remaster -> Burned to CDs -> iTunes rip in WAV -> flac with xACT -> you 

Disc 1
Ian Gillan & Friends 
01. D.J. Intro 
02. Second Sight 
03. No Laughing In Heaven 
04. Unchain Your Brain 
05. Day Late And A Dollar Short 
06. Have Love Will Travel 
07. When A Blind Man Cries 
08. Bluesy Blue Sea 
09. Sugar Plum 
10. Black Night 

Disc 2
01. Introduction By Bruce Dickinson 
02. Coming Home 
03. Bad Boys Running Wild 
04. The Zoo 
05. Lovedrive 
06. Wind Of Change 
07. Tease Me Please Me 
08. Blackout 
09. Big City Nights 
10. Rock You Like A Hurricane 

Disc 3
Judas Priest 
01. Introduction By Roger Daltrey 
02. The Hellion 
03. Electric Eye 
04. Metal Gods 
05. Heading Out To The Highway 
06. Judas Rising 
07. The Green Manalishi (With The Two Pronged Crown) 
08. Diamonds And Rust 
09. Turbo Lover 
10. Breaking The Law 
11. Hell Bent For Leather 
12. Living After Midnight 
13. Take On The World (With Scorpions & Ian Gillan)

Steve Winwood - 2013-12-12 - Silver Spring, MD (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

The Fillmore

Source: CA-14(cards)>CA-9200>Sony M10(24/48)
Transfer: Micro SDHC>PC>WAV>CQ Mastering>FLAC(16/44.1)
Location: 15' from stage-left stack

Taper: Lostbrook
Mastering: CQ
Covers: ethiessen1

Steve Winwood - lead vocals, Hammond B3 organ, guitar
José Neto - guitar
Paul Booth - saxophones, flute, keyboards, organ, whistle, percussion, backing vocals
Richard Bailey - drums & percussion
Café da Silva - percussion

Disc 1
01 Secrets (6:52)
02 I'm a Man (6:56)
03 Fly (8:53)
04 At Times We Do Forget (7:10)
05 Can't Find My Way Home (6:04)
06 Dirty City (9:18)

Disc 2
07 The Low Spark of High Heeled Boys (8:24)
08 Light Up or Leave Me Alone>Band Intros (18:07)
09 Higher Love (9:43)
10 Dear Mr. Fantasy (8:56)
11 Gimme Some Lovin' (7:37)

Thank you Steve Winwood and band for detouring from the Rod Stewart tour to bring us this excellent performance at The Fillmore. The house was packed and though I was in great position lined up with a stack, I had very little elbow room and was stuck near some major-league talkers for the first song. During "I'm A Man," I spotted a small opening and managed to creep forward enough to put the worst behind me, so it's more of a background murmur as opposed to the continuous conversation during "Secrets." Things settled down nicely as the band wove a hypnotic groove, and there was only one more issue I had to keep an eye on. My new position put me near a drunken idiot who was under the illusion that every girl that danced nearby wanted a piece of him. He was very touchy-feely, and several women got the hell out of there. You'll hear one turn to him at the beginning of "Higher Love" and say, "Don't touch me, don't talk to me, BACK OFF!" but this Neanderthal still didn't take the hint. Though most of his bad behavior was silent, unfortunately he does make a few inappropriate verbal appearances as well, the first of which I believe was during SW's intro to "Dirty City" when our hero felt the urge to yell, "Got any Grateful Dead?" He repeats his "Grateful Dead" yell and has a few cringe-worthy, drunken "YEAH!"s during "Dear Mr. Fantasy," but even that fails to ruin this stunning version of the song. Anyway, I'm very pleased with the recording and just wanted to let you know who your neighbors are going to be. I believe you've met them before.

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Joan Baez - 2018-03-10 - Gothenburg, SWE (FM/FLAC)

Joan Baez - 2018-03-10 - Gothenburg, SWE
(FM broadcast FLAC)

Joan Baez 
Gothenburg, Sweden 

MDR Kultur 
Kultur im Konzert 

FM (digital cable) - Vistron VT 855 - Audacity - xACT 
(MPEG-1 Audio Layer 2 / 192 kbit/s) 

01 There But For Fortune 
02 God Is God 
03 Farewell, Angelina / band intro 
04 Whistle Down the Wind 
05 Silver Blade 
06 It's All Over Now, Baby Blue 
07 Deportee (Plane Wreck at Los Gatos) 
08 The Things That We Are Made Of 
09 Diamonds & Rust 
10 Me and Bobby McGee 
11 Another World 
12 The Times They Are A-Changin' 
13 The President Sang Amazing Grace 
14 Joe Hill 
15 Seven Curses 
16 Silver Dagger 
17 The House of the Rising Sun 
18 Darling Corey 
19 Gracias a la vida 

20 Imagine 
21 The Boxer 
22 Swing Low, Sweet Chariot 

min: 92:40

Lucinda Williams - 2017-05-27 - Grass Valley, CA (FM/FLAC)

(FM Broadcast FLAC)

Strawberry Music Festival

Lucinda Williams
Nevada Co. Fairgrounds
Grass Valley, CA

FM Broadcast; Bob Carver Tuner >PC >FLAC
Trade FLACS >WAV >Change File Names To Reflect Etree Standards >FLAC (Level 8) + Tags Via xACT 2.29

Recorded By PJ Peak
FLAC + Tags, New Text File By OldNeumanntapr

Disc I:
01. Can't Let Go
02. Pineola
03. Drunken Angel
04. West Memphis
05. Lake Charles
06. Sweet Old World
07. Can't Close The Door On Love
08. Are You Down
09. Protection

Disc II:
01. Out Of Touch
02. Changed The Locks
03. Foolishness
04. Righteously
05. Honey Bee
06. Not My Cross To Bear
07. Joy

domenica 25 agosto 2019

Siouxsie & The Banshees - Love In A Void (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

Vinyl bootleg LP, 1978. NMR

01 - Love In A Void 
02 - Metal Postcard 
03 - Suburban Relapse 
04 - Mirage 
05 - Carcass 
06 - Overground 
07 - Helter Skelter 
08 - Hong Kong Garden 
09 - Make Up To Break Up 
10 - Carcass (II) 
11 - Love In A Void (II) 

01-04 Studio radio session (John Peel Show, BBC Radio 1, recorded 29/11/1979).
05-08 Studio radio session (John Peel Show, BBC Radio 1, recorded 6/2/1978).
09-11 Studio demos for Track Records (Riverside Studios, London, recorded 12/6/1977)

The Animals - 1964-12-15, 1965-03-16 & 1966-03-15 - Paris, FR (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)


Radio Broadcasts Unknown Lineage > Reel > M-Audio Transit > Cool Edit > Cd Wave Editor > Flac

DECEMBER 15,1964 
01 - Roadrunner 
02 - I'M Crying 
03 - Around And Around 
04 - Boom Boom 
05 - House Of The Rising Sun


MARCH 16, 1965 
06 - Baby Let Me Take You Home 
07 - Let It Rock 
08 - What Am I Living For 
09 - Talkin' 'Bout You 
10 - Don'T Let Me Be Misunderstood 


MARCH 15, 1966 
11 - Shake 
12 - It'S My Life 
13 - Gin House Blues 
14 - We'Ve Gotta Get Out Of This Place 
15 - That'S All I Am To You 
16 - One Monkey Don'T Stop No Show 
17 - Cc Rider 
18 - Don'T Let Me Be Misunderstood 
19 - Rock Me Baby 
20 - Inside Looking Out 
21 - Talkin' 'Bout You

Joe Cocker - 1978-10-xx - San Francisco, CA (pre-FM/FLAC)

(pre-FM FLAC)

Joe Cocker (with the American Standard Band)
Old Waldorf San Francisco California 1978-10-xx

KSAN edited 1st gen reel(pre-FM) > Revox A-77 1/2 track RtR > Panasonic SV-250 DAT recorder (internal A/D conversion @ 48/16) September 1989

Panasonic 3800 DAT > OSX Peak 7 (editing, hum reduction) > xACT (flac 8, tags)

60 and 180 hertz hums reduced with -24 db 30.0 Q notch filter

01. Intro
02. Cry Me A River
03. A Whiter Shade Of Pale
04. Lady Put The Light Out
05. Delta Lady
06. I Know (You Don't Want Me No More)
07. Boogie Baby
08. Fun Time
09. What You Did To Me Last Night
10. Guilty
11. Watching The River Flow
12. I Heard It Through The Grapevine
13. With A Little Help From My Friends
14. The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress
15. High Time We Went
16. outro

Eric Clapton - 1979-10-29 - Jerusalem, Israel (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Eric Clapton 
Binyanei Ha'Ooma 
Jerusalem, Israel (though claimed by Israel and Palestine) 
October 29, 1979 

Audience recording > ? > TDK SA90 cassette > CD Wave > FLAC Frontend > FLAC (level 6) 

Eric Clapton - guitar, vocals 
Albert Lee - guitar, vocals 
Dave Markee - bass 
Henry Spinetti - drums 
Chris Stainton - keyboards 

CD 1: 
01. If I Don't Be There By Morning 
02. Worried Life Blues 
03. Tulsa Time 
04. Early In The Morning 
05. Lay Down Sally 
06. Wonderful Tonight 
07. Country Boy (Albert Lee vocals) 
08. Double Trouble 

CD 2: 
01. Blues Power 
02. Knockin' On Heaven's Door 
03. After Midnight 
04. La La La 
05. Setting Me Up (Albert Lee vocals) 
06. All Our Past Times 
07. (tuning) 
08. Cocaine 
09. Layla 

Total time = 88:08 

(Comment presumably from ECMusicMan): "My friends (and non-friends): whether you think '79 was a great performing year or just a so-so year, you GOTTA get this show. You won't believe your ears at the quality from a tape 28 years old! I was offered the tape and there was only 1 person to whom I would give it to...ML13. He did all the hard work, toiling for hours, wetting his pants, he couldn't believe what he was hearing. ML's wife was so worried about him, she called the 'nut police'. When they came and heard the tapes, the nut jacket was placed on the wife and they sat down for some of ML13's famous coffee. According to Mark Roberty's book, 'The Complete Chronicle,' there was only one show in Jerusalem on October 27. There exists a tape claimed to be recorded on October 29 in Jerusalem. During this tour Eric used to play (at least) two concerts in several cities, so it's not unlikely that he performed two shows in Jerusalem, too. The happening of this October 29 concert is solely based upon the audience recording which, of course, may be originated from the October 27 show, being labeled incorrectly." 

sabato 24 agosto 2019

U2 - 2017-05-21 - Pasadena, CA (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)


AT831 -> BB -> DR-2d -> Soundforge -> FLAC 

01. -intro-
02. Sunday Bloody Sunday
03. New Year's Day
04. Pride (In The Name Of Love)
05. Where The Streets Have No Name
06. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
07. With Or Without You
08. Bullet The Blue Sky
09. Running To Stand Still
10. Red Hill Mining Town
11. In God's Country
12. Trip Through Your Wires
13. One Tree Hill
14. Exit
15. Mothers Of The Disappeared
16. Miss Sarajevo
17. Bad
18. Beautiful Day
19. Elevation
20. Ultraviolet (Light My Way)
21. One
22. The Little Things That Give You Away

As usual, I shoot for the cheapest ticket, which this time puts me in the very last row against the back wall. After the Lumineers, I move to Sec 6 row 77 where there seemed to be empty seats and catch U2 from there. I am sure there will be something better along eventually.

Led Zeppelin - 1977-05-28 - Landover, MD (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

Date: 1977-05-28

Location: Capitol Center, Landover, Maryland, USA
Label: Empress Valley
Release title: "The Powhatan Confederacy" EVSD496

Lineage: Silver CDs> EAC (Secure Offset Corrected) > TLH > FLAC Level 8

Recording type: Soundboad
Quality: Excellent

Disc 1:

01. The Song Remains the Same
02. Sick Again
03. Nobody's Fault But Mine
04. In My Time of Dying
05. Since I've Been Loving You
06. No Quarter 

Disc 2:
01. Ten Years Gone
02. The Battle of Evermore
03. Going to California
04. Black Country Woman
05. Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp
06. White Summer
07. Black Mountain Side
08. Kashmir

Disc 3:
15. Over the Top
16. Guitar Solo
17. Achilles Last Stand
18. Stairway to Heaven
19. Whole Lotta Love
20. Rock and Roll

Twisted Sister - 2003-06-08 - Norje, SWE (DVDfull aud-shot)

(DVDfull aud-shot)

Sweden Rock Festival

DVD Video
Pal 4:3(720x576)VBR
LinearPCM, 2ch

Dee Snider
Eddie Ojeda
Jay Jay French
Mark Mendoza
AJ Pero

01 - Intro
02 - What You Dont Know
03 - Like A Knife In The Back
04 - Stay Hungry
05 - Dee
06 - Destroyer
07 - Be Chrool To Your Scuel
08 - Under The Blade
09 - Jay Jay
10 - You Cant Stop Rock And Roll
11 - I Am (I'M ME)
12 - The Fire Still Burns
13 - Dee - Ride To Live, Live To Ride
14 - Shoot Em Down
15 - We'Re Not Gonna Take It
16 - The Price
17 - I Believe In Rock And Roll
18 - Burn In Hell-Aj Drum solo
19 - I Wanna Rock
20 - Come Out And Play
21 - Band Intro
22 - S.M.F.


The Last Shadow Puppets - 2016-04-15 - Indio, CA (ts pro-shot)

(ts pro-shot)

The Last Shadow Puppets 
April 15, 2016 
Coachella Festival 
Indio, CA 

Lineage: YouTube livestream > ffmpeg (.ts output) > .ts 

Video: MPEG4 Video (H264) 1920x1080 30fps 
Audio: AAC 48000Hz stereo 142kbps 

01. Calm Like You (with string intro) 
02. The Age of the Understatement 
03. Aviation 
04. Miracle Aligner 
05. Bad Habits 
06. Used to Be My Girl 
07. My Mistakes Were Made for You 
08. The Dream Synopsis 
09. Meeting Place 
10. Everything You've Come to Expect 
11. Sweet Dreams, TN 
12. Standing Next to Me 

Length: 00:50:14 

The Cure - 2013-07-28 - Naeba, JP (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

The Cure 
July 28th 2013 
Naeba Prince Hotel Ski Resort 
"Fuji Rock Festival" 
The Great Circle Tour 2013

source TV > ? > DVD > TRADE > YOU 

quality : very good 
Chapters : yes 
Menu : no 
artwork : yes 
size : 1,33 Go (19 minutes & 33 seconds) 

Technical stuff: 
video codec : mpg-2 
frame rate: 25 pics/s 
frame: 720 x 576 
screen: 16:9 PAL 

Robert Smith
Simon Gallup
Jason Cooper
Roger O'Donnell
Reeves Gabrels

01 Lullaby 
02 Lovesong 
03 Just Like Heaven 
04 From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea

Pink Floyd - 1988-05-26 - Kansas City, MO (AUD/SHN)

(Audience SHN)

Venue: May 26th, 1988 – Arrowhead Stadium, Kansas City, Missouri, USA.

Disc 1:
1. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (13:29)
2. Signs Of Life (3:54)
3. Learning To Fly (6:06)
4. Yet Another Movie (7:35)
5. A New Machine – part 1 (1:30)
6. Terminal Frost (6:38)
7. A New Machine – part 2 - Sorrow (12:09)
8. The Dogs Of War (8:45)
9. On The Turning Away (10:20)

Disc 2:
1. One Of These Days (8:07)
2. Time (5:55)
3. On The Run (3:38)
4. The Great Gig In The Sky (5:22)
5. Wish You Were Here (5:18)
6. Welcome To The Machine (8:53)
7. Us And Them (7:58)
8. Money (11:27)
9. Another Brick In The Wall – part 2 (5:22)

Disc 3:
1. Comfortably Numb (11:46)
2. One Slip (6:58)
3. Run Like Hell (9:07)

Rare bootleg from north american leg of the second part of 1988 "A Momentary Lapse Of Reason" world tour. Complete show. Three discs version. Low gen source. Very good quality.

Willie Dixon - 1988-08-18 - Charlotte, NC (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundbaord FLAC)

Unknown Venue 
Charlotte, NC 


Willie Dixon - Vocals 
Dennis Miller - Guitar 
Carey Bell - Harmonica 
Darren Darnell - Drums 
Michael Morrison - Bass 

01 Ain't No Sunshine 8:23
02 I Don't Know 5:40 
03 Back Door Man 5:29
04 I'm Ready 5:53
05 I Just Want To Make Love To You 8:31
06 Rockin' The House 12:57
07 Ain't Nobody's Business If I Do 8:03
08 Unknown Instrumental 11:15 
09 Got My Mojo Workin' 6:09