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For everyone who has problems or doesn't know how to unpack z01, z02, files, follow this simple procedure: install the latest version of winzip or winrar, open only the zip files (ignore z01, z02 etc...), select the content and extract somewhere. That's all.

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David Bowie - 2002-07-01 - Paris, FR (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

David Bowie. 
Venue: L'Olympia, Paris. 
Date: 1st July 2002 
Broadcast: ARTE, 20th September 2002 

David Bowie 
Earl Slick 
Gerry Leonard 
Mark Plati 
Sterling Campbell 
Gail Ann Dorsey 
Mike Garson 
Catherine Russell

01. Stay 
02. Ive Been Waiting For You 
03. Breaking Glass 
04. Cactus 
05. Slip Away 
06. China Girl 
07. 5:15 The Angels Have Gone 
08. Fashion 
09. Be My Wife 
10. Ashes 
11. Afraid 
12. Changes 
13. Fame 
14. "Heroes" 
15. Heathen (The Rays) 
16. Everyone Says Hi 
17. Hallo Spaceboy 
18. Lets Dance 
19. I'm Afraid Of Americans 
20. Ziggy Stardust

Total Running Time: 01h 39m 20s

Yardbirds - 1968-03-30 - New York City, NY (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard Flac)

Source: Live Yardbirds! (Featuring Jimmy Page) Epic Records.
Lineage: Epic Lp>Wav>Cd-R>Wav(EAC)>Flac

Quality: Ex

01. The Train Kept A Rollin'
02. You're a Better Man Than I
03. Heartful of Soul
04. I'm Confused
05. My Baby
06. Over Under Sideways Down
07. Drinking Muddy Water
08. Shapes of Things
09. White Summer
10. I'm A Man

This show comes from a rather infamous Lp. With the success of Led Zeppelin, Epic decided to cash in on Jimmy Page and so released this Lp. The hardcore are familiar with the story - the drums were recorded with a single mic, crowd noise was added with the sound of clinking glasses, etc. The result? Jimmy immediately had the Lp pulled off shelves....but not before some got out. This set is taken directly from the original Epic vinyl (I had to go through a TMQ boot, then a pirate [artwork in black and white] before finally getting my hands on the genuine Epic Lp). The set includes an early version of Dazed & Confused (here called "I'm Confused"), which includes Keith Relfs original lyrics. The release has always been pretty panned over the years, but I've always enjoyed it quite a bit myself. See what you think.

Eric Clapton - 1985-07-14 - Denver, CO (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Eric Clapton - Strangled In Love 
Red Rocks Amphitheater, Denver, CO, USA 
July 14, 1985 
Audience recording 

AUD > ? > FLAC > trade > HD > Audacity (corrections @ equalization) > WAV > Easy CD-DA Extractor > FLAC 

Eric Clapton - guitars, vocals 
Tim Renwick - guitars 
Chris Stainton - keyboards 
Donald 'Duck' Dunn - bass 
Jamie Oldaker - drums 
Marcy Levy - backing vocals, vocals** 
Shaun Murphy - backing vocals, vocals* 

CD 1 
1. Tulsa Time 
2. Motherless Children 
3. I Shot The Sheriff 
4. Same Old Blues 
5. Tangled In Love 
6. White Room 
7. Steppin' Out * 
8. Wonderful Tonight 
9. She's Waiting 

CD 2 
1. She Loves You ** 
2. Badge 
3. Let It Rain 
4. Double Trouble 
5. Cocaine 
6. Layla 
7. Forever Man 
8. Further On Up The Road 

Eric Clapton - 1981-11-27 - Niigata, JP (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Niigata Kenmin-Kaikan, Niigata, Japan

Bootleg title: Perpetual Black
Label: Tricone 017/018

Silver CD's>EAC(secure mode)>FLAC

Eric Clapton: Guitar, Vocals
Albert Lee: Guitar, Vocals
Dave Markee: Bass
Chris Stainton: Keyboards
Henry Spinetti: Drums
Gary Brooker: Keyboards, Vocals

01: Tulsa Time
02: Lay Down Sally
03: Wonderful Tonight
04: I Shot The Sheriff
05: After Midnight
06: A Whiter Shade Of Pale
07: Setting Me Up
08: Another Ticket

01: Badge
02: Motherless Children
03: Rambling On My Mind / Have You Ever Loved A Woman
04: Blues Power
05: Cocaine
06: Layla
07: Member Intoroduction
08: Further On Up The Road

My comment:
1981 tour was an obscured tour, because circulated only a few of recordings. Now with Tricone, we have some new (and very good) recordings.

Eric Clapton - 1994-02-21 - London, UK (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Eric Clapton - Eye Of The Hurricane
Royal Albert Hall 
London, England 
February 21, 1994 
Mid Valley 204/205 

Thanks to ECMM for original upload 

Audience>?>Silvers>EAC>Flac frontend 6 

My Rating (scale 1-6) 6 

Eric Clapton guitar, vocals 
Andy Fairweather Low rhythm guitar 
Jerry Portnoy harmonica 
Chris Stainton keyboards 
Dave Bronze bass 
Richie Hayward drums 
Katie Kissoon backing vocals 
Maggie Ryder backing vocals 
The Kick Horns: 
Roddy Lorimer trumpet 
Tim Sanders tenor sax 
Simon Clarke baritone sax 

Disc 1: 
1. Terraplane Blues 
2. Come On In My Kitchen 
3. Malted Milk 
4. How Long 
5. Kidman Blues 
6. County Jail 
7. Fourty Four 
8. Standing Around Crying 
9. Going Away 
10. Blues All Day Long 
11. Hoochie Coochie Man 
12. It Hurts Me Too 
13. Blues Before Sunrise 
14. Someday After A While 
15. I'm Tore Down 

Disc 2:
1. White Room 
2. Badge 
3. Wonderful Tonight 
4. Stone Free 
5. Circus Left Town 
6. Tears In Heaven 
7. Five Long Years 
8. Tearing Us Apart 
9. Crossroads 
10. Groaning the Blues 
11. Layla 
12. Ain't Nobody's Business 

A fantastic Mid Valley audience recording. A visitor comment on the Geetarz site referred to a Where's Eric show rating of 5+. Well, I put my headphones on and my ears said its a show that can be given a 6. With either will love this show. Geetarz always gives us the art we need. This time I scanned the covers and 4 pictures that were included in the booklet that came with the silvers, in the hope they may be clearer and sharper.

Eric Clapton - 1995-09-21 - Buffalo, NY (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Cass (m) > cass (1) > Adobe Audition 1.5 (minor NR, just to remove the sound of the playback deck, minor EQ: a drop in the lo mids) > Easy CD-DA Extractor (flac level 5) > you

CD 1
01 Motherless Child
02 Malted Milk
03 From Four Til Late
04 How Long Blues
05 Kidman Blues
06 I'm Gonna Cut Your Head
07 Fourty Four
08 Blues Leave Me Alone
09 Standin' 'Round Cryin'
10 Hoochie Coochie Man
11 It Hurts Me Too
12 Blues Before Sunrise
13 Third Degree
14 reconsider Baby
15 Sinner's Prayer

CD 2
16 Everyday I Have The Blues
17 Early In The Morning
18 Can't Judge Nobody
19 Someday After A While
20 I'm Tore Down
21 Have You Ever Loved A Woman
22 Crosscut Saw
23 Five Long Years
24 Ain't Nobody's Business If I Do
25 Got My Mojo Workin'

Recorded witha Radio Shack portable cassette recorder. Copied from the Taper (my buddy Rob...actually his mom, cause Rob got too drunk) to my tapes ,with fades at the tape flips. pretty good show. I'm not a big EC fan, well not of his hardcore blues stuff, so if I erred on the setlist let me know.

Eric Clapton - 1974-07-06 - Orchard Park, NY (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Rich Stadium

Disc one
01 Going Down To Brownsville
02 Smile
03 Let It Grow
04 Hideaway (with F. King)
05 Have You Ever Loved A Woman (with F. King)
06 Tell The Truth
07 Willie And The Handjive

Disc two
01 Get Ready
02 Steady Rollin' Man
03 Little Wing
04 Blues Power
05 Presence Of The Lord
06 Little QUeenie

Another rarity from the 1974 tour, just like my other recent uploads this one comes from my old tapes too.
An average audience recording of unknown (but surely low) generation received about 20 years ago from the same great UK collector (I will never say enough "Thank you" to Mal B. who helped me build my collection back in the 80's with his enormous generosity).
You' d better read the wonderful review at
How can you resist ? You HAVE to download it !
This was a little difficult to transfer and edit; infact most of the songs are played nonstop one after the other and sometimes it' s hard to determine when one ends and the other begins !!! And this happens because Eric is so drunk that he starts playing songs without even caring of what his band
is doing !!!
The artwork at geetarz mentions Crossroads after Little Queenie, but I think they wanted to mention the song played with The Band, as Crossroads is not on the tapes (you can also check the "Slowhand tourography" and see that Crossroads was NOT played).
This is a short gig, it doesn' t fit on one CD just for a few seconds, so I had to split it.

Geetarz Comments: Widely reported as the worst show of the 1974 tour, in fact this may be EC's lowest point on stage - ever. Eric is massively, incoherently drunk, and unintelligable at times. As the show begins with EC's 'outroduction' of emcee "Legs" Larry Smith, a member of the crowd shouts out "Clean Up Yer Act!!!!" which really says it all.

EC begins his set with a rambling "Last Train to Brownsville", and then engages in an angry tirade: "To be serious ... one more of them, I'll tell you, and YOU'RE OUT OF HERE! One more of them silly fucking fireworks and you are out of here! Behaviour!"

As if the audience wasn't aware of his state, after "Let it Grow", Clapton shouts "I am drunk and I am ready for fuckin' trouble!". Then, as guest Freddy King takes the stage, "he's strapping on his guitar, moving to the guest spot ... and if you haven't heard of him ... you don't fucking deserve him! His name is Freddy ..." at this point a member of the crowd shouts out "Wanker!", presumably directed at Eric - and probably deserved.

As the solo progresss in "Hideaway", EC simply lets his guitar feed back for bar after bar, while Freddy King solos. Then in "Have You Ever Loved a Woman", after the line 'it's a shame and a sin', EC opines "don't believe them! there's no shame, there's no sin...". Freddie King then proceeds to wipe EC off the stage with his solo. Unfortunately, it's the only high point of this show!

As "Get Ready" begins, the tape source for this CD begins to exhibit lots of wow and flutter, which comes and goes for the remainder of the recording. "Blues Power" ends with the beginning of "Presence of the Lord" which continues on Disc 2. As the band segues into "Little Queenie", EC mumbles "there it is again ... mumble mumble ... what the fuck is going on? ... well, I'm happy to get going - suits me, suits you" and then finally, in what has to be the second most bizarre and/or obscure "Little Queenie" reference from the 1974 tour (the "Martin Borman - Vote Nazi!" comment from the Pittsburgh show takes the #1 slot), EC says "Meanwhile, in Birmingham ... England, that is, not here, in Alabama .... they're making Persian carpets ... at 19,000 quid apiece ... there's only 10 Pakistanis here! They can't be bad - who am I?"

Members of The Band come out and join Eric on a disjointed performance of "Chest Fever" and then by all accounts, carry the drunken Clapton off the stage.

This show is interesting in much the same way as a gruesome car accident beside the highway - you don't really want to look, but there's a certain sick curiosity that makes you! Certainly only a recording for diehard fans

Eric Clapton - 1994-10-05 - Toronto, ON (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Maple Leaf Gardens

CD-R2 - Aud 3

Eric Clapton Guitar, Vocals
Andy Fairweather Low Rhythm Guitar
Jerry Portnoy Harmonica
Chris Stainton Keyboards
Dave Bronze Bass
Andy Newmark Drums
Roddy Lorimer Trumpet
Tim Sanders Tenor Sax
Simon Clarke Baritone Sax


01. How long blues
02. Kidman blues
03. County jail
04. 44
05. Blues all day long
06. Going away
07. Standin' around cryin'
08. Hoochie coochie man
09. Hurts me too
10. Blues before sunrise
11. Third degree
12. Reconsider baby
13. Sinner's prayer
14. Can't judge nobody
15. Someday after a while
16. Tore down
17. Have you ever loved a woman

01. Crosscut saw
02. Five long years
03. Born under a bad sign (first minute is the remainder of Five long years)
04. Groanin' the blues
05. Crossroads
06. Ain't nobody's business
07. Sweet home Chicago

Eric's Band was accompanied by The Kick Horns (last 3 positions of the lineup). Cover art, checksums (ffp, MD5, ST5), EAC extraction logs, Audiochecker v. 1.2 and logs

Eric Clapton - 1975-08-09 - Palo Alto, CA (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Frost Amphitheater 
Stanford University 

unknown (audience recording, posted to DIME in January 2006) 

Disc one (62:56): 
01) Layla (9:20) 
02) Knockin' On Heaven's Door (5:37) 
03) Tell The Truth (9:58) 
04) Can't Find My Way Home (6:27) 
05) Key To The Highway (8:52) 
06) Carnival (8:36) 
07) Teach Me To Be Your Woman (5:25) 
08) Badge (8:37) 

Disc two (49:50): 
01) Tuning (0:48) 
02) Better Make It Through Today (6:40) 
03) Blues Power (12:50) 
04) Ramblin' On My Mind (11:57) 
05) Let It Rain (8:59) 
06) Eyesight To The Blind (8:34) 

One of the best EC audience recordings from the 1970s, this is a must-have for any Clapton collector. The 1975 tour is legendary for EC's erratic, sloppy behavior, but this is one of the better, more focused shows I've heard from this period. I presume this was recorded with permission of the band with fairly professional equipment and multiple microphones -- the quality surpasses almost any audience recording from the 1970s and is frequently mistaken for a soundboard. 

It's unfortunate that there is no lineage for this -- if you have a known-generation recording, please post it! In the meantime, this is a good listen for even a casual EC fan who likes Clapton's 1970s material. 

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Happy Easter to all our supporters!!!!

Dire Straits - 1992-07-15 - Hamburg, DE (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Alsterdorfer Sporthalle

Source: Audience (probably DAT) recording 
Format: 2 CD-R 
Quality : 9 ( Scale 1-10) 

Mark Knopfler : guitars and vocals 
John Illsley : bass and backing vocals 
Chris Whitten : drums 
Phil Pamer : guitars 
Alan Clark : keyboards 
Guy Fletcher : keyboards and backing vocals 
Chris White : sax and backing vocals 
Danny Cummings : percussions 
Paul Franklin : pedal steel guitar 

CD 1 
01. 12:45 Calling Elvis 
02. 6:08 Walk Of Life 
03. 5:07 Heavy Fuel 
04. 10:00 Romeo & Juliet 
05. 5:37 The Bug 
06. 9:34 Private Investigations 
07. 12:12 Sultans Of Swing 

Total 61:23 

CD 2 
01. 2:02 applause 
02. 4:28 Fade To Black 
03. 5:41 Your Latest Trick 
04. 7:05 On Every Street 
05. 5:12 Two Young Lovers 
06. 12:32 Telegraph Road 
07. 2:25 applause 
08. 6:56 Money For Nothing 
09. 1:26 applause 
10. 8:13 Brothers In Arms 
11. 1:12 applause 
12. 5:44 Solid Rock 
13. 3:53 Going Home (theme from "Local Hero) 

Total 66:49 

A really superb audience recording, almost A+. 

comments (J.v.Tol) 
Very good sounding recording. 
Featuring one of the best sounding versions of the rarely performed song Fade to black. 
Complete concert. 

Dire Straits - 1992-07-16 - Hamburg, DE (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Alsterdorfer Sporthalle

Source: audience 
Format 2 CD-R 
quality : 
9 (D1 - D2T4) 
8 (D2T5 - End) 

Mark Knopfler : guitars and vocals 
John Illsley : bass and backing vocals 
Chris Whitten : drums 
Phil Pamer : guitars 
Alan Clark : keyboards 
Guy Fletcher : keyboards and backing vocals 
Chris White : sax and backing vocals 
Danny Cummings : percussions 
Paul Franklin : pedal steel guitar 

CD 1 
01. Intro ( Calling Elvis) 
02. Calling Elvis 
03. Walk of life 
04. Heavy fuel 
05. Romeo and Juliet 
06. The bug 
07. Private investigations 
08. Sultans of swing 
09. When it comes to you 

CD 2 
01. Your latest trick 
02. On every street 
03. Two young lovers 
04. Tunnel of love 
05. Money for nothing 
06. Brothers in arms 
07. Solid rock 
08. Wild theme (Local Hero) 

Very good audience recording from Hamburg 1992! 
A recording which reflects the solid and good performance of that evening very well. 
Includes one of the best sounding versions of the rarely performed song When It Comes To You. 
Nice version of Tunnel of Love and more. 
Very good remastered sound. 
Solid Rock and Wild Theme are taken from another master and have less good sound. 
The rest of the recording is excellent! 

Dire Straits - 1992-09-09 - Milan, Italy (AUD/FLAC)

(Exc sound FLAC)


Stunning Sound(LDB Master), very Rare, With the song "you and your Friend" (samples included)

Forum Di Assago, Milan, Italy. 9th September 1992

LDB Master #40

Source: Audience 
Format: 2CD-R 

Soundquality:9 (scale 1-10)

Mark Knopfler : guitars and vocals
John Illsley : bass and backing vocals
Chris Whitten : drums
Phil Pamer : guitars
Alan Clark : keyboards
Guy Fletcher : keyboards and backing vocals
Chris White : sax and backing vocals
Danny Cummings : percussions
Paul Franklin : pedal steel guitar

Tracks CD 1 
01 Calling Elvis 
02 Walk of life (Happy birthday Phil Palmer)*
03 Heavy fuel 
04 Romeo and Juliet 
05 The bug 
06 Private investigations 
07 Sultans of swing 

Tracks CD 2 
01 You and your friend 
02 Your latest trick 
03 On every street 
04 Two young lovers 
05 Telegraph road 
06 Money for nothing (with teasing intro)
07 Brothers in arms 
08 Solid rock 

Thx to LBD for (T)his master and orig. uploader,Thanks Enlight

comments J.V.Tol(OEB): 
Good sound quality. 
Great versions 
*)very special moment on Walk of life at the introduction of Phil Palmer. Mark Knopfler: "It's a very special night for him tonight, 'cause it's his birthday". Then the "happy birthday" tune is played on keyboards, embedded into Walk of life! 
Also a nice version of the rarely played You and your friend. 

Complete concert. 

Original taper/master/uploader comment:
LDB Master Series #40 

Hello, this is a collection of masters I would like to seed here. I've been taping shows for more than 20 years and have an awful lot of masters. Most of them are in the old cassette format, some others are on MiniDisc and others are on CD. I've taped many shows of many artists over the years, so don't be surprised if you will find many different artists taped! Some shows are already circulating, some others have not circulated through collectors yet. But most of all, enjoy! 
They all come from my mastertapes! This is a solid performance by the Dire Straits on their last tour under this name. I attended all four shows (all sold out!) the band played in Milano and, although I enjoyed the show, there were very little changes in the setlist. So the one you see here is the pretty much standard setlist played in Milano. the sound quality is very good to excellent. dedicated to the true Dire Straits fans... 

Lineage: Sony Professional > Aiwa microphone > Tape > Audigy Soundblaster > HD.

Enlight note:
Great show and excellent performance
The Third show from four in a row at the "Forum Di Assago" (7,8,9 and 10 September)
Very nice and enthousiasm crowed
The sound is excellent for an audience recording
Great to have a good version of "You and your friend" (see sample)
Nice intro at "Two young lovers"
Sultans of Swing (see sample) and Telegraph Road are stunning
And Alan or Guy on keyboard playing The happy birthday tune for Phil during the "walk opf Life" breakdown is awesome.(see sample)
Split in two CD files and track re-numbered by Enlight.

Dokken - 2014-02-08 - San Antonio, TX (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Zoom H2N w/1.5 Gain & 2ch M/S, lo cut, comp limiter type 1 general>normalize function>Roxio Sound Editor>TLH FLAC level 6. 

Don Dokken (Voice) 
Jon Levin (Guitar) 
Sean McNabb (Bass) 
Mick Brown (Drums) 

01. Intro 
02. Kiss of Death 
03. The Hunter 
04. Dream Warriors 
05. Banter 
06. Empire 
07. Banter 
08. Just Got Lucky 
09. Hwy to hell/Breaking the Chains 
10. Into the Fire 
11. When Heaven Comes Down 
12. Banter 
13. Alone Again 
14. Banter 
15. Too High to Fly w/guitar solo 
16. Banter 
17. It’s not Love w/bass solo/All Right Now 
18. Banter 
19. In My Dreams 
20. Leaving Back Stage Live 

Kate Bush - 2014-10-01 - London, UK (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Eventim Apollo


Type: Audience master, recorded from seat in centre of row F, the 2nd row of the stalls, 2 - 3 metres from the stage.

Source: Factory-matched pair of Schoeps CCM 41V microphones (DINa mounted) -> Marantz PMD661 recorder with Oade Concert Mod (-18 dB gain/44.1 kHz/24 bit WAV)

Lineage: Audacity 2.0.5
* Amplified right channel of Act I by 0.8 dB.
* Applied variable envelope amplification across recording for consistent listening experience.
* Painstaking manual attenuation of audience noise, including more than a thousand individual hand claps.
* Added fades.
* Split tracks.
* Converted to 16 bit.
-> FLAC (compression level 8) [libFLAC 1.3.0 20130526]

Taper: Ian Macdonald (ianmacd)

Act I.
01. [01:11] [announcement]
02. [04:54] Lily
03. [03:38] Hounds Of Love
04. [00:21] [banter]
05. [06:16] Joanni
06. [05:38] Top Of The City
07. [05:53] Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)
08. [08:28] King Of The Mountain

The Ninth Wave:
09. [03:05] [video: The Astronomer's Tale]
10. [04:00] [video: And Dream Of Sheep]
11. [03:26] Under Ice
12. [07:24] Waking The Witch
13. [03:36] [sketch: Father And Son]
14. [06:47] Watching You Without Me
15. [05:22] Jig Of Life
16. [07:59] Hello Earth
17. [05:29] The Morning Fog
18. [01:16] [banter]
19. [00:14] [announcement]


Act II.
A Sky Of Honey:
20. [02:48] Prelude
21. [10:28] Prologue
22. [05:27] An Architect's Dream
23. [01:32] The Painter's Link
24. [08:08] Sunset
25. [01:48] Aerial Tal
26. [07:00] Somewhere In Between
27. [06:10] Tawny Moon¹
28. [09:02] Nocturn
29. [10:55] Aerial
30. [01:40] [banter]

31. [00:58] [encore break]
32. [05:31] Among Angels
33. [00:41] [banter]
34. [07:58] Cloudbusting

Total running time: 165:20

¹ Sung by Albert McIntosh

Dire Straits - 1992-04-27 - Paris, FR (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Venue Palais Omnisports De Bercy, Paris, France
Date 27th April 1992
Source Audience
Format 2CD-R

CD 1
01. Calling Elvis
02. Walk of life
03. Heavy fuel
04. Romeo and Juliet
05. The bug
06. Private investigations
07. Sultans of swing

CD 2
01. Planet of New Orleans
02. Your latest trick
03. You and your friend
04. On every street
05. Telegraph road
06. Money for nothing
07. Two young lovers

Great sounding recording. One of the first 1992 European concerts, right after Dire Straits' US and Canadian tour. Great to hear another 1992 version of Planet of New Orleans and it seems that Your latest trick became part of the standard setlist from this month on. Also including a great sounding version of You and your friend and a very enthusiastic audience. Nice atmosphere. Complete concert.

The Moody Blues - 1983-12-03 - Inglewood, CA (FM/FLAC)

(FM Broadcast FLAC)

FM Broadcast to Revox A77, 7.5 ips, Maxell tape. 

Archived @ 96 Khz/24 bit via Edirol HD recorder. 

Edited, down-sampled to 44.1 khz/16 bit, FLAC'd via Audacity. 

01 Sittin' at the Wheel 
02 Gemini Dream 
03 Tuesday Afternoon 
04 The Voice 
05 Going Nowhere 
06 Steppin 'in a Slide Zone 
07 The Story in Your Eyes 
08 Hole in the World, Under My Feet 
09 Painted Smile, Reflective Smile 
10 Veteran Cosmic Rocker 
11 Driftwood 
12 Talking Out of Turn 
13 Running Water 
14 Gypsy 
15 Isn't Life Strange? 
16 Blue World 
17 I'm Just a Singer 
18 Nights in White Satin 

Unfortunately, the 3 song encore was not present on the tape. FYI, good quality FM, some channel imbalances on a few tracks, and some very minor tape issues. 

David Bowie - 1987-06-06 - Berlin, DE (SBD/AUD/FLAC)

(Audience/FM FLAC)

Lineage FM & AUD: ANA(1)>WAV [96kHz/24bit]>WAV [44.1kHz/16bit]>FLAC [Level 8]
Transfer FM & AUD: Nakamichi CR-7A>PreSonus FireStudio Project>Adobe Audition 3.0>Cdwave editor>FLAC frontend 1.7.1
Taping Gear: Unknown mics/Unknown deck
FM and AUD Taped By: H.S.
Transferred By: Mike Ziegler

1st gens sourced from the JEMS archives

David Bowie - vocals, guitar, saxophone
Carlos Alomar - guitar
Erdal Kizilcay - keyboards, trumpet, congas, violin
Richard Cottle - keyboards
Carmine Rojas - bass
Alan Childs - drums
Peter Frampton - guitar

01. Purple Haze
02. Up The Hill Backwards
03. Glass Spider
04. Day In Day Out
05. Bang Bang
06. Absolute Beginners
07. Loving The Alien
08. China Girl
09. Fashion
10. Scary Monsters
11. All The Madmen
12. Never Let Me Down
13. Big Brother
14. 87 And Cry
15. Heroes

Length: 77:43

16. Time Will Crawl
17. Band Introduction
18. Beat Your Drum
19. Sons Of The Silent Age
20. New York's In Love
21. Dancing With The Big Boys
22. Zeroes
23. Let's Dance
24. Fame
25. Time
26. Blue Jean
27. Modern Love

Length: 48:29

JEMS 1st gens from the archives. Both sources are excellent sounding and cover the entire show. The whole show wasn't broadcast unfortunately but H's audience recording is hardly a drop down in quality from the FM broadcast and completes the whole show. This is an early show from Bowie's glass spider tour and features Peter Frampton on guitar.

Camel - 2015-07-15 - Limbourg, BE (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

very good audience rec. 
edirol r05 and sony ecm-717 mic-soundforge-flac. 

only upped/balanced the sound. 
no eq. 
this recording turned out very good. 

sit down in the dark and turn the volume up.... 

01. Intro 
02. Never Let Go 
03. The White Rider 
04. Song Within a Song 
05. Unevensong 
06. Spirit of the Water 
07. Air Born 
08. Lunar Sea 
09. Another Night 
10. Drafted 
11. Ice 
12. Mother Road 
13. Hopeless Anger 
14. Whispers In The Rain 

15. Lady Fantasy 
16. Long Goodbyes

Fleetwood Mac - 2014-10-06 - New York City, NY (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Madison Square Garden 

Recorded by: Mr. Railing 
Source: AT943cards>SP-SPSB-10>MM-AT-1>H2n(24/48) 
Transfer: wavelab>r8b>cdwav>TLH(8)>flac 
Location: First row upper level in line with left speaker stack. Mics split 2 feet placed over plexiglass barrier onto signage below 

01 intro 
02 The Chain 
03 You Make Loving Fun 
04 Dreams 
05 Second Hand News 
06 Rhiannon 
07 talking 
08 Everywhere 
09 talking 
10 I Know I'm Not Wrong 
11 Tusk 
12 Sisters of the Moon 
13 Say You Love Me 
14 Seven Wonders 
15 talking 
16 Big Love 
17 talking 
18 Landslide 
19 Never Going Back Again 
20 talking 
21 Over My Head 
22 talking 
23 Gypsy 
24 Little Lies 
25 Gold Dust Woman 
26 I'm So Afraid 
27 Go Your Own Way 
28 - encore break - 
29 World Turning 
30 band intros 
31 Don't Stop 
32 Silver Springs 
33 - encore break 2 - 
34 Songbird 
35 applause... 
36 ...Stevie final thanks 
37 Mick final thanks 

** A Mr. Railing recording ** 

Notes: I turned off the recorder and removed the mics after track 35. Then Stevie got back to the mic to speak. I started recording again holding the mics in my palm. I missed maybe 20-30 seconds between track 35 and 36. 

sabato 20 aprile 2019

Ten Years After - 1969-07-16 - New York, NY (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

New York, Wollman Rink @ Central Park 
July 16, 1969 

Unknown recording device > n generation tape > TEAC Tape Deck AD-RW900 > Creative Sound Blaster Recon 3D > HD > SoundForge Pro 10.0 > CD Wave > FLAC Frontend (level 6) 

Chick Churchill – keyboards 
Ric Lee – drums 
Alvin Lee – guitar, vocals 
Leo Lyons – bass 

01.I May Be Wrong, But I Won't Be Wrong Always 
03.Good Morning, School Girl 
04.Help Me 
05.I'm Going Home 

TT 44:02 

early TYA show in the magnificent setting of the Wollman Rink at Central Park. So many shows took place there in the 70's and fortunately quite a few were captured on tape for posterity. 

This one comes from the tour supporting the Stonedhenge album and was part of a great festival called "Schaefer Music Festival" which ran from 1968 to 1976 and featured basically every single main act you could imagine, from Springsteen to Mahavishnu, Gentle Giant, Led Zeppelin, King Crimson, Poco, Peter Frampton and many more.

Bruce Springsteen - 1984-10-26 - Los Angeles, CA (AUD/FLAC)


(Audience FLAC)

Title: Blood Ties Volume 2
Label: Ev2
Format: 3CD
Source: Audience
Date: October 26, 1984
Location: Sports Arena, Los Angeles, CA

source : nakamichi cm300 (cp4) > sony tcd5m
transfer from master cassettes
taper : markp

Disc One:

01 Born in the U.S.A.
02 Prove It All Night
03 Out In The Street
04 Atlantic City
05 Nebraska
06 Reason To Believe
07 Highway Patrolman
08 Intro / Fleetingness Of Love
09 I'm Goin' Down
10 Darlington County
11 Glory Days
12 Intro
13 The Promised Land
14 Shut Out The Light
15 Darkness On The Edge Of Town 

Disc Two:
01 Badlands
02 Thunder Road
03 Cover Me
04 Dancing In The Dark
05 Hungry Heart
06 Cadillac Ranch
07 No Surrender
08 Downbound Train
09 I'm On Fire
10 Intro / The Garden Of Eden
11 Pink Cadillac
12 Bobby Jean
13 Racing In The Street 

Disc Three:
01 Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)
01 Jungleland
03 Follow That Dream
04 Born To Run
05 The Detroit Medley (w/ California Sun)
06 Twist And Shout
07 Can't Help Falling In Love - The Centrum, Worcester, MA February 25, 1988.
08 Love Me Tender - The Centrum, Worcester, MA February 29, 1988.

Once again from Mark P's master tapes.
Second ever performance of "Shut Out The Light" (premiere on "What Pulls People Apart", EV2).
Detroit Medley includes a fantastic "California Sun".

volume 2 fixes:
Cadillac Ranch & No Surrender are no more just 1 track. (Really?!)
Removed several cuts from Rosalita.
Every track re-EQ'd.

Audience tape. Second ever performance of "Shut Out The Light". “Racing In The Street” has the keyboard intro. ”Detroit Medley” includes a one off “California Sun”, most successfully recorded by The Rivieras in 1964. "Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)" is included in the encores. Released on CDR "Los Angeles 84" Thanks to Per for updates. Amazing audience recording from Mark Persic's master cassettes available on CDR "Blood Ties Volume 2" (Ev2).

Bruce Springsteen - 1985-01-26 - Syracuse, NY (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Carrier Dome
G Tape

Maxell High Position UDXII-90 Tapes -> Teac W-860R Double Cassette deck -> Xitel USB INPort -> Wav -> Goldwave 5.58(Track Editing/Volume Leveling) -> CDWav (Track Splits) -> TLH( Fix SBE's, convert to Flac Level 8, Verify)

DISC ONE: (78:32)

01-Born In The U.S.A. (5:39)
02-Out in the Street (5:42)
03-Darlington County (6:28)
04-Johnny 99 (4:16)
05-Atlantic City (5:06)
06-Reason To Believe (7:55)
07-Shut Out the Light (5:51)
08-Johnny Bye Bye (5:30)
09-Prove It All Night (6:00)
10-Glory Days (10:01)
11-The Promised Land (6:24)
12-My Hometown (9:34)

DISC TWO: (78:35)
01-Trapped (5:11)
02-Badlands (6:29)
03-Cover Me (6:29)
04-Dancing In The Dark (5:48)
05-Hungry Heart (5:01)
06-Cadillac Ranch (8:01)
07-Downbound Train (4:44)
08-No Surrender (6:35)
09-I'm On Fire (3:45)
10-Pink Cadillac (9:16)
11-Bobby Jean (4:27)
12-Racing In The Street (12:43)

DISC THREE: (33:58)
01-encore applause-thanks (2:06)
02-Can't Help Falling in Love (2:31)
03-Born To Run (4:45)
04-I'm a Rocker (4:01)
05-Ramrod (5:53)
06-Thunder Road (6:44)
07-Santa Claus Is Coming To Town (5:21)
08-outro music (2:32)

Time: 3:11:05

Thanks to G for this set of tapes, I've been looking to replace my lossy incomplete copy. The sound is much much better than the prior tape conversion uploaded by my good friend,KM. So consider this an upgrade. Sound is very good.

Bruce Springsteen - 1972-02-xx - Richmond, VA (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Bruce Springsteen - 1972-02-xx "The Really, Truly, Complete Backdoor club Tapes"

Bruce Springsteen
The, Really, Truly, Complete Backdoor Club Tapes
Recorded live in February 1972 with The Bruce Springsteen Band
Backdoor Club, Richmond, VA

Disc 1
01 - Down The Road Apiece 6:12
02 - Make Up Your Mind 5:50
03 - Like A Stranger 10:46
04 - I Remember #1 15:10
05 - I'm Into Something Good 2:55
06 - Take Out Some Insurance 2:24
07 - Down To Mexico #1 5:22
08 - When You Dance 16:58

Disc 2
01 - Magic Kind Of Lovin' 5:53
02 - Love Is A Crazy Thing 6:04
03 - Band's Just Boppin' The Blues 12:53
04 - I Just Can't Change 6:27
05 - All I Want To Do Is Dance #1 7:45
06 - Down To Mexico #2 5:32
07 - Bless My Soul #1 11:47

Disc 3
01 - Down To Mexico #3 5:03
02 - Darkness, Darkness 12:22
03 - Sitting On Top Of The World 10:18
04 - Bright Lights, Big City 14:03
05 - It's All Over Now, Baby Blue 11:16
06 - Cowboys Of The Sea 10:50

Disc 4
01 - Down To Mexico #4 5:42
02 - Something You Got 8:20
03 - All I Want To Do Is Dance #2 7:27
04 - I Remember #2 14:29
05 - Bless My Soul #2 11:38

Bruce Springsteen - 1984-11-12 - Denver, CO (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Denver, Colorado

Taper: MJK5510

Newly transfered and posted September, 2012.

Recording: 2 x ECM33F Sony Mics > WMD6 > Maxell MX90

Transfer: Audience Master > Nakamichi CR-5A (Azimuth Adjusted) > MacBook Pro > Audacity > Peak Pro XT (Volume Smoothing/Edit/Indexing) > xACT > FLAC

Please don't post to other trackers right away, I will be posting this at Jungleland after it's seeded here as I need the ratio help over there as well…damn this new tour:-)

This is a new azimuth adjusted transfer and should replace any versions currently in circulation.

The second of two nights I taped in Denver, first night is located here:

No issues getting through the frisk the second night, recorded from the floor somewhere around the 25th row dead center.

I think this night surpasses the first night just a bit in quality, another stellar performance from Bruce and the band with a beautiful acoustic No Surrender (dedicated to Little Steven of course), a rare Growin' Up w/story. Hungry Heart opens the second set, not unheard of but fairly rare during the latter part of the tour pushing Cover Me further back into the set.
After this all that was left was flying back to OKC and waiting two weeks for back to back nights in Dallas.

No cuts, no music missing…

Disc One

01 Born In The USA
02 Out In The Street
03 Darlington County
04 Atlantic City
05 Reason To Believe
06 Nebraska
07 State Trooper
08 Johnny Bye Bye
09 Prove It All Night
10 Glory Days
11 Promised Land
12 My Hometown
13 Badlands

Disc Two
01 Thunder Road
02 Hungry Heart
03 Dancing In The Dark
04 Cadillac Ranch
05 No Surrender (Acoustic)
06 I'm On Fire
07 Cover Me
08 Growin' Up w/story
09 Racing In The Streets

Disc Three
01 Jungleland
02 Born To Run
03 Detroit Medley w/I Hear A Train/Twist and Shout/Do You Love Me
04 Santa Claus is Coming To Town

Known issues:
Growin' Up - very slight quality change first 2 minutes or so after tape flip due to security (no music missing)

Bruce Springsteen - 1984-08-16 - East Rutherford, NJ (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Brendan Byrne Arena, Meadowlands Sports Complex, East Rutherford, NJ 

New Tape Transfer of an alternative source following an observation at SPL that Born To Run was missing from the Anubis version. 

This show was originally released on vinyl "Do You Love Me" and then on Anubis with the same title. Based on the content provided in the Jungleland artwork it was probably that version that was also used for "7th Night at Meadowlands Arena". These are all missing Born To Run and have I'm A Rocker following Jungleland. It appears that Rosalita and Jungleland were paired to fit on one LP side and I'm A Rocker moved to the final LP side with Born To Run then left off. 

Given that Brucebase is also currently showing the wrong setlist order then I assume this alternative source is not widely available in the collecting community. In other shows around that date I'm A Rocker always preceded Jungleland when both were played and this tape source has captured the transition. 

Quality is reasonable and listenable but in my opinion inferior to the "Do You Love Me" source. No problems with pitch stability though there are some tape burps. Quite bright and shrill early on but gets a lot better further through. This one comes with a "screamer" warning for the first set but she did get tired after about 30 minutes with just an occasional token effort thereafter. 

I transferred this with dolby off and play trim at neutral. My preference is to try to transfer as originally recorded and use play trim to boost treble where tapes have got dull over time. However the application of dolby on these tapes was inconsistant particularly early on so best left off. This means that these already bright tapes will sound a bit extra shrill in places and it does lead to some hiss but relatively mild for this show. 

Tapes obtained from a UK Record Fair in the mid 1980s as a C90, C60, C60 package on Sony BHF/HF cassettes. 

Playback via Yamaha KX480 tape deck. 

Recorded using Audacity, exported as flac files and tracks split using CD Wave. 

Files tested and checked for errors and SBEs using TLH. 

Each tape side was normalised individually. 

The original taper had a tape change after Cover Me where there is a cut but Darlington County was then added to the first side of my tape 1. Other tape changes after Hungry Heart, My Hometown, Backstreets and Jungleland. It appears the original taper also had tape changes after Pink Cadillac and Rosalita where there are cuts. 

A small snippet of the beginning of Rosalita is included where there was a cross tape overlap. I have not tried to edit or resolve tape endings so this is presented as per the tapes with no fades and just a couple of silences removed. 

The following disk order aligns with the Anubis version but reflects the revised sequence and includes Born To Run. Other options may work better for this source. 

01 Born In The USA 
02 Prove It All Night 
03 Out In The Streets 
04 Atlantic City 
05 Open All Night 
06 Nebraska 
07 Cover Me 
08 Darlington County 
09 Glory Days 
10 The Promised Land 

01 Johnny Bye Bye 
02 The River 
03 Badlands 
04 Thunder Road 
05 Hungry Heart 
06 Dancing In The Dark 
07 Cadillac Ranch 
08 Sherry Darling 
09 No Surrender 
10 My Hometown 
11 Pink Cadillac 

01 Fire 
02 Bobby Jean 
03 Backstreets 
04 Rosalita 
05 I'm A Rocker 
06 Jungleland 
07 Born To Run 
08 Detroit Medley: 
Devil With The Blue Dress
- Good Golly Miss Molly 
- C.C. Rider 
- Jenny Take A Ride 
- Travelin' Band 
09 Twist and Shout / Do You Love Me

Bruce Springsteen - 1977-02-17 - Richfield, OH (AUD/FLAC) JEMS Archive

(Audience FLAC)

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band
featuring the Miami Horns
Richfield Coliseum
Richfield, OH
February 17, 1977
"Official Audience Recording"
Nothing to Lose: The 1977 Tour Revisited Vol. One
JEMS Archive

Lineage: low-gen cassettes > DAT (circa 1993-94 16/48 transfer)

JEMS 2014 Transfer: 1994 DAT > Fostex D-5 > Sound Devices UBSPre2 > iZtotope RX > pitch correction > iZotope MBIT+ convert to 16/44.1 .wav > Peak Pro XT (patch / volume smoothing / index) > xACT 2.21 > FLAC

Second Source: low-gen 1980's tape trade > Nakamichi CR-5A (azimuth adjusted) > MacBook Pro > Audacity > Peak Pro XT (pitch correction / index) > Patch


01 Night
02 Rendezvous
03 Spirit in the Night
04 It's My Life
05 Thunder Road
06 Mona > She's the One
07 Tenth Avenue Freeze-out (w/ Miami Horns)*
08 Action in the Streets (w/ Miami Horns)*
09 Backstreets*
10 Jungleland*
11 Rosalita (w/Miami Horns)*
12 Baby I Love You (w/ Ronnie Spector and Flo and Eddie)
13 (Walking) In the Rain (w/ Ronnie Spector and Flo and Eddie)
14 Say Goodbye to Hollywood (w/ Ronnie Spector and Flo and Eddie)
15 Be My Baby (w/ Ronnie Spector and Flo and Eddie)
16 Born to Run
17 Quarter to Three (w/ Miami Horns)

* second source

Known faults:
-She's The One: last few seconds cut

There can be no denying the power of the Darkness tour. And my first show ever was on the mighty River tour. But there's always been something extraordinary about the 1977 tour. The spirit of '77 might best be summed up by lyrics that would appear on the album that followed once the lawsuit with Appel went away:

Tonight I'll be on that hill 'cause I can't stop
I'll be on that hill with everything I've got
Lives on the line where dreams are found and lost
I'll be there on time and I'll pay the cost

It is difficult to recall our courtship in specific detail, but I think the first '77 show I heard, and certainly the one I played the most early on, was Toronto, February 13, recorded, as I would later come to learn, by J in JEMS before we got the band together, so to speak.

Then, once I heard Boston March 24-25, 1977, it was all over, the tour had its hooks in me. To this day, every time I hear Bruce open a show with "Night," I fully expect "Don't Look Back" to follow. And shouldn't it?

Two years ago, JEMS had the good fortune to be entrusted with the master tapes of all four nights from Boston, March 22-25, as recorded by the legendary Steve Hopkins, a passion project I had pursued for several years. Why? Well, not only does that four-night stand make a convincing case as one of the greatest runs in Springsteen's touring history, but Hopkins' work also represents the best recordings of the tour.

For you see, my theory on why the '77 tour is not held in higher esteem more broadly despite being loved by many is due to its lack of available soundboard or radio broadcast performances.

While one can presume that surely some soundboard recordings exist, locked away in the Thrill Hill vaults, we also know that on this tour and seemingly this tour only, Bruce's sound crew set up open mics at the board to make what some have called Official Audience Recordings. Instead of recording the Front of House mix from the board, they captured an ambient recording in the room, just like a taper would. Why this was done is pure speculation, but it may explain the lack of true '77 boards given how many we have from the tours immediately before and after it.

In the early 1990s, an active and well-connected SoCal trader told JEMS he had obtained four such official audience recordings from someone with ties to the '77 crew: Richfield, OH, February 17; Milwaukee February 22; St. Louis February 28; Towson, MD March 13. Those tapes were subsequently loaned to us, DAT copies were made and not only added to the JEMS archive but selectively traded back in the day. Given the era, copies eventually made there way to bootleggers and the Milwaukee set and parts of Richfield wound up on a bootleg CD.

Because of that, I had always presumed all four were widely circulating, but I have come to understand that is not the case. There's also evidence of a fifth official audience recording, New Haven 3/18. Given we had the original DATs in hand, three of our own masters from the tour, and some first generation DATs of other masters it seemed only right to launch a '77 series, with Richfield the kick-off.

Memories have faded as to why Richfield isn't complete, missing what feels like one 45-minute side of tape from the middle of the show. But what is there provides a good example of these '77 official audies, with rich, full sound, no nearby audience noise and a wide, consistent stereo image.

The set pulls you right in with a cracking "Night" rolling right into "Rendezvous," a lively "Spirit" and one of the tour's show-stopping highlights, the epic "It's My Life." The official audience source drops in the waning moments of "She's the One" and picks up at the start of the famous encore, with the E Street Band backing the legendary Ronnie Spector on three Ronettes classics (with vocal assistance from future "Hungry Heart" back-up singers Flo and Eddie), plus their recently recording collaboration (produced by Miami Steve), "Say Goodbye To Hollywood."

That encore makes this show an historic one-off and well worth a listen. JEMS had long had the missing 45 minutes from a second source, but we were pleased to learn our brother from another mother, mjk5510, was in possession of a much lower generation copy of the same second source markedly superior to our copy. Together, you get the entire show save for a few seconds of "She's the One" in very listenable quality, and giving us a fine start to our series. Samples provided.

Thanks to M and J from JEMS for pulling out these DATs and helping make new transfers, to the folks on Stone Pony whose thread sparked this series, and to mjk5510 who again provides essential expertise and collaboration.