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Bruce Springsteen - This Hard Land (STU/FLAC)

(Studio FLAC)

Title: This Hard Land (Gatefold) (Later Press - Not Numbered) 
Label: A.D.M.T. Blood Brothers Records 
Catalog #: LP 1/2 A/B 
Format: Two 12" Black Vinyl Records 
Source: Studio Outtakes 
Bruce Base: 
Story Teller: 
Total Time: 1 hour 24 minutes 51.74 seconds 
Date: 1977 / 1983 
Location: Various Studio Locations 

Transfer/Trade and Generation Info: Original Vinyl -> Pioneer Quartz-Direct Drive PL-640 turntable -> Pioneer Integrated Amplifier A-20 -> TASCAM US-366 PC Audio Interface (sample width 24 bits, sample rate 44.1kHz, input level 6.02 dB, output level 6.02 dB) -> Audacity 2.1.0 (recording volume 1.0, sample rate 44100 Hz, sample format 16-bit) -> wav -> Nero Wav Editor -> click remove, Split -> TLH -> flac (Level 8) (Align On Sector Boundaries). 

Include: md5 (wav/flac), ffp, m3u (wav/flac), Frequency-Spectral Analysis, shntool_info/len, Complete Artworks, Info file and Par2 recovery files to 10%. 

Disc 1: (39:18.66) 
A1 This Hard Land (4:48.01) 
A2 I'm Goin' Down (3:28.59) 
A3 Cover Me (3:18.73) 
A4 Don't Back Down (1:00.10) 
A5 Born In The USA (8:15.53) 

B1 Murder Incorporated (4:47.16) 
B2 Glory Days (5:18.13) 
B3 Searching For You Darling (aka My Love Will Not Let You Down)(4:18.53) 
B4 Man At The Top (live) (4:03.13) 

Disc 2: (45:33.08) 
C1 Stolen Car (4:15.65) 
C2 I Wanna Be With You (3:11.03) 
C3 Preacher's Daughter (5:27.51) 
C4 Factory (2:19.59) 
C5 Down By The River (aka Say Son) (2:25.12) 
C6 Loose Ends (4:19.54)

D1 I Wanna Live (2:22.17) 
D2 Heart Of Stone (5:37.69) 
D3 I'm Going Back (5:37.00) 
D4 Janey Needs A Shooter (6:52.71) 
D5 City At Night (3:03.57) 

Tracks: A1/A3 - A5 - B1 - B3 The Hit Factory, New York, NY, USA 1982-03-01 
Track : A4 ??? 1983-07-01 
Track : B2 Power Station, New York, NY, USA 1983-05-10 
Track : B4 Alpine Valley Music Theater, East Troy, WI, USA 1984-07-12 
Track : C1 Power Station, New York, NY, USA 1979-06-21 
Tracks: C2 - C5 - D3/D5 Atlantic studios, New York, NY, USA 1977-06-01 
Tracks: C3 - D1/D2 Record Plant, New York, NY, USA 1977-09-01 
Track : C4 Record Plant / Atlantic studios, New York, NY, USA 1977-08-01 
Track : C6 Power Station, New York, NY, USA 1979-04-01 

All tracks with the exception of Track B4 were recorded in the studio. Track B4 was recorded live at the Alpine Valley Music Theater in East Troy, WI on July 12, 1984. 

Led Zeppelin - Studio Magik Godfatherecords (18 CDs STU/FLAC)

(Studio FLAC)

Led Zeppelin - Studio Magik Godfatherecords Discs 1,2,3 (786.37 MB)
Led Zeppelin - Studio Magik Godfatherecords Discs 4,5,6 (824.36 MB)
Led Zeppelin - Studio Magik Godfatherecords Discs 7,8,9 (1.15 GB)
Led Zeppelin - Studio Magik Godfatherecords Discs 10,11,12 (852.81 MB)
Led Zeppelin - Studio Magik Godfatherecords Discs 13,14,15 (1.10 GB)
Led Zeppelin - Studio Magik Godfatherecords Discs 16,17,18 (1.16 GB)

Jimi Hendrix - Studio 1969 (18 CD Box Set) (STU/FLAC)

(Studio FLAC)

Title: Jimi Hendrix - Studio '69 (15CD) / Singing The Blues In New York City (1CD) / AstroMan's Mannish Boy Session Edit (2CD) (Rev A & upgraded 2005)
Label: Is This Legal? & Willjamz Productions ITL? (WJ 101-115) / Willjamz Productions (WJ 402-203) Rev A / Willjamz Productions (WJ 404)
- in detail (text file) - download from torrent

- Lineage: Original CDs > EAC > WAV > FLAC
- Artwork included
- original uploader q345i

short description is taken here: Unofficial Jimi Hendrix Material

Studio '69 (Is This Legal? & Willjamz Productions ITL?-WJ 101-115 / 18.09.2004 / 15CDR)
(Outtakes 1969; Featuring 189 tracks spread across 15 CDs this is a complete as possible diary of Jimi's 1969 studio sessions. Complete tracklist with detailed info (Rev A) is available for download here (88 kB).) Compiled from the Best available Sources; Some tracks have been edited and/or Digitally restored

Disc 1 - 2: "The 1969 Studio Recordings Vol.1": Sessions 11.02.69 - 18.03.69 incl.Jams with Duane Hitchings, Record Plant, New York City, NY 11.02.69 & "Blue Window Jam" (1-2) [with The Buddy Miles Express]
- Disc 2 track 8 "Star Spangled Banner" (2) is the official version (1) slowed to half speed to give a better view of the overdubed effects.
- Disc 2 track 9 is a reversed version of "Star Spangled Banner" (2) to give a better view of the backward effects. This is not a true known recording but has been edited specificly for this set.

Disc 3 - 4: "The 1969 Studio Recordings Vol.2": Sessions 18.03.69 - 17.04.69 incl.Lonnie Youngblood Session, Record Plant, New York City, NY 19.03.69 & John McLaughlin Jam, New York City, NY 25.03.69

Disc 5 - 6: "The 1969 Studio Recordings Vol.3": Sessions 22.04.69 - 24.04.69 incl."Mannish Boy" Sessions, Record Plant, New York City, NY 22.04.69

Disc 7 - 8: "The 1969 Studio Recordings Vol.4": Sessions 07.05.69 - 22.05.69 incl."Things I Used To Do" Jams [Jam with Johnny Winter], New York City, NY 07.05.69
- Disc 7 track 8 is a newly surfaced track from the Johonny Winter Jams.

Disc 9 - 10: "The 1969 Studio Recordings Vol.5": Sessions 22.05.69 - 06.09.69 incl."Izabella/Machine Gun" Session, Hit Factory, New York City, NY 29.08.69

Disc 11 - 12: "The 1969 Studio Recordings Vol.6": Sessions 06.09.69 - 14.11.69 incl."Valleys Of Neptune" Sessions
- Disc 12 track 4 - the "Room Full Of Mirrors" (25) > "Stepping Stone" (2) Session - includes a 30 second portion of "Message To Love" (52) at the conclusion of "Room Full Of Mirrors" and about 10 seconds of "Machine Gun" (36) which is actually the beginning of "Stepping Stone" (2). This is the first time that this session is known to be presented in its full length.

Disc 13 - 14: "The 1969 Studio Recordings Vol.7": Sessions 14.11.69 - 23.12.69 incl."Power Of Soul" (6-29) Sessions, Record Plant, New York City, NY 21.11.69 & "Honeybed" (1-4) Session, Record Plant, New York City, NY 23.12.69

Disc 15: "The 1969 Studio Recordings Vol.8 - The Questionable Tracks, Guest Apperances & Bonus Composites": Sessions 1969 incl.Guest apperances on other artist's recordings
- Disc 15 tracks 10-12 are Composites that create the longest versions possible from the sources available as of September 2004. These are not true known recordings but have been edited specificly for this set.
- Track 10 "Mannish Boy" - Composite 2004 incorporates the 5 second intro from Track 7 into Track 8 from Disc 6. First Time presented in this form.
- Track 11 "Jam 292" [aka."Jelly 292"] - Composite 2004 incorporates the first 1.5 seconds of the start from Track 11 into track 12 from Disc 7. First time presented in this form.
- Track 12 "Born Under A Bad Sign" - Composite 2004 - incorporates the 11 second bass intro from Track 4 back into Track 3 on Disc 14. First time presented in this form.

Replacement Tracks (19.03.2005):
(Featuring an upgraded source for parts of the "Mannish Boy" Sessions. Replacing the tracks in question causes changes to 2 of the original discs in this set.)
Disc 5: Upgrade & Replacement tracks: "Mannish Boy" (35-42); tracks 32-38 on disc
Disc 6: Upgrade & Replacement tracks: "Mannish Boy" (43,44, 48-52); tracks 1-6 on disc
Revision A (22.01.2006): Replacement CD-ROM with additional tracks, replacement tracks, revised text-file and revised artwork.
(Rev A includes the 19.03.2006 replacemt tracks for Discs 5 & 6, and also adds upgraded tracks and additional material that causes changes for Discs 7 & 8.)
Disc 7: Upgrade & Replacement tracks: "Jam in E" (JS20) / "Earth Blues" Jam / "The Things I Used To Do" (1, 2, false start, 3, 3 [with reverb & echo], ? [S242]) / "Johnny Winter Jam" [new] / "Fuzzy Guitar Jam" / "Jam H290" [S939] / "Jam 292" aka. "Jelly 292" [S149] / "Jelly 292" (1); 13 replacement tracks incl. 1 new track
- Due to the inclusion of the new track "Johnny Winter Jam", the last track of the original Disc 7 has to be moved to the beginning of the new Disc 8.
Disc 8: "Jelly 292" (2) / "Jam With Horns And Piano" (1-3) / "Young / Hendrix" (2, 1) / "Bleeding Heart" (20, 1) / "Hear My Train A-Comin'" (52) / "Message From Nine To The Universe" (1); 10 replacement tracks
AstroMan's Mannish Boy Session Edit 2004 (2CD version) (Willjamz Productions WJ 402-203 Rev A / 19.03.2005 / 2CDR)
("Mannish Boy" Sessions, Record Plant, New York City, NY 22.04.69; 40:50 / 52:35)
- Companion piece to the 15CD set "Studio '69" focusing more closely on the 22.04.69 Session.
- This Set features "Manish Boy" takes 1-25 on disc 1 and takes 26-44 plus the 2004 Composite on disc 2.
- Revision notes: "Tracks 32-44 were re-edited due to the originally sourced files having been found to be flawed with tiny micro gaps. New source files where found for replacements to the "Studio '69" set and those replacements have been edited to fix the "Mannish Boy Session Edit" bonus disk included with the Originally Seeded "Studio '69" Data sets."
- Truncated version of this set is available.
Singing The Blues In New York City (Willjamz Productions WJ 404 / 18.09.2004 / 1CDR)
(Hit Factory, New York City, NY 06.09.1969; 78:39)
Tracklist: "Lord I Sing The Blues For You And Me" (1-3) / "Lover Man" (4) / "Lord I Sing The Blues For You And Me" (5) / Untiteled Instrumental Jam (?) / "Valleys Of Neptune" (22, 17, 19, 18, 20)
- Companion piece to the 15CD set "Studio '69" focusing more closely on the 06.09.1969 Session.
- Recordings also available from this date that are not included on this disc: "Lord I Sing The Blues For You And Me" (4) & "Lover Man" (45); These can be found on "Studio '69".

Buckingham & Nicks - 1970 thru 1974 - 'coffee plant' demos (STU/FLAC)

(Studio FLAC)

Buckingham Nicks - Coffee Plant Demos

As you can see, the songs have more than one version. The only differences I can discern between
the versions are which instruments are brought forward in the mix, as indicated.

01. Without You (Acoustic Guitar/Vocal)
02. Nomad aka Candlebright (Acoustic Guitar/Vocal)
03. That's Alright aka Designs of Love (Acoustic Guitar/Vocal)
04. Garbo (Acoustic Guitar/Vocal)
05. Sorcerer (Acoustic Guitar/Vocal/No Drum Machine)
06. Cathouse Blues (Acoustic Guitar/Vocal)
07. Goldfish and the Ladybug (Acoutic Guitar/Vocal)
08. Without You (Bass/Vocal)
09. Nomad aka Candlebright (Alternate Acoustic Guitar/Vocal)
10. That's Alright aka Designs of Love (Bass/Vocal)
11. Garbo (Bass/Vocal)
12. Sorcerer (Bass/Drum Machine/Vocal)
13. Cathouse Blues (Bass/Vocal)
14. Goldfish and the Ladybug (Vocal Only)

They are called the "coffee plant demos" because Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks used to record in the basement of Lindsey's father's coffee plant before they went to LA to get a record deal. However, I feel that it is a bit of a misnomer because we know Sorcerer and Garbo were written after the couple arrived in LA. Regardless, these are wonderful quality demos. While some of these were released later by Stevie or Fleetwood Mac, the gem Without You, the aptly named Cathouse Blues, and the quaint Goldfish and the Ladybug never made it off the shelf. Authorship is not documented in those cases, but although Without You may have been co-written, it is safe to say the others were penned by Stevie.

The Rolling Stones - Complete Woodstock Tapes (STU/FLAC)

(Studio FLAC)

The Complete Woodstock Tapes (Red Devil - RED-001/002/003/004)
Source: Silver CD -> EAC Test & Copy -> Wavs -> Flac Front End -> Flacs Level 8
Quality: Very Good

Bearsville Studio
Woodstock, NY, USA
May/June 1978

Disc 1
1) Miss You
2) Respectable
3) Love In Vain
4) Play With Fire
5) No Expectations
6) Instrumental jam
7) Blues jam
8) Blues jam
9) Blues jam
10) Blues jam
11) Blues jam
12) Gimme Shelter
13) When The Whip Comes Down
14) Miss You
15) Through The Lonely Nights
16) Claudine

Disc 2
1) Don't Look Back
2) Instrumental jam
3) Beast Of Burden
4) C'mon Everybody / Summertime Blues
5) Rocket 88
6) Drums
7) Crazy Mama
8) Star, Star
9) Gimme Shelter
10) Don't Look Back
11) Beautiful Delilah
12) Thin I'm Going Mad

Disc 3
1) Cocksucker Blues
2) It's Only Rock & Roll
3) All Down The Line
4) Honky Tonk Woman
5) Brown Sugar
6) Tumbling Dice
7) Jumping Jack Flash
8) Memory Motel
9) The Fat Man
10) Beast Of Burden
11) Hot Stuff
12) Something Else
13) Sweet Little Sixteen
14) Hi Heeled Sneakers
15) Play With Fire
16) Cracking Up
17) Everything Is Turning To Gold

Disc 4
1) Tell Me
2) Shake Your Hips
3) Respectable
4) Don't Look Back
5) Instrumental Jam
6) Sweet Little Sixteen
7) Let It Rock
8) Shattered
9) Memory Motel
10) Far Away Eyes
11) Let's Spend The Night Together
12) Tumbling Dice
13) Happy
14) Prodigal Son
15) Brown Sugar
16) Drift Away

Wasp - Huge 35 demo songs collection (STU/FLAC)

(Studio FLAC)

Huge 35  demo songs collection.
Pre wasp demos (killer kane,sister,Circus circus)
and some early wasp demos....

quality is very variable
md/info files are in torrent..

01 On your knees
02 School daze
03 B.A.D.
04 Hellion
05 Sleeping (in the fire)
06 Master Of Disaster [Demo]
07 Animal (fuck like a beast)
08 Sleeping in the fire
09 I wanna be somebody
10 hellion
11 show no mercy
12 School Daze
13 On Your Knees
14 B.A.D.
15 Tormentor
16 The torture never stops
17 I wanna be somebody ver.2
18 Mr.Cool
19 Long haired woman
20 Don`t need you
21 Sex Drive
22 Tear down the wall
23 Don't Know What I Am
24 1980's Ladies
25 Sweet Dreams
26 Star Dancer (Demo 1980)
27 Harley Heart
28 Mr. Cool ver.2
29 Silver rain
30 Chasing A Rainbow
31 Straight from the heart
32 Rocktown U.S.A.
33 Love me
34 Doctor rockter
35 Hard bargain

Uli Jon Roth - 2016-02-29 - Nashville, TN (AVCHD-DVD)


Uli Jon Roth 
The Basement East 
Nashville, TN 
February 29, 2016 
The Ultimate Guitar Experience North American Tour 2016 
Opening Acts: Andy Timmons, Jennifer Batten 

This show was the first time Uli Jon Roth had ever played a gig in Nashville, Tennessee. It was in a small club on the East side and to be honest, my first time seeing a show there. The crowd was very small (maybe 100 people or so) which is a bit of a shame for the talent that was performing that night. Andy Timmons (formerly of Danger Danger) and Jennifer Batten (Michael Jackson, Jeff Beck) played great solo sets and then played with Uli on stage for a couple of songs. I was a little surprised at how short the setlist was, but with the songs stretched out to over 8 minutes for most, it was worth it. The setlist was purely Scorpions plus Dylan/Hendrix at the end. 

Before the show we were waiting out front for a few minutes before the doors opened and Uli just walked out and introduced himself to the group I was standing with before saying he was tired and wanted some rest to recalibrate himself for the show. After the gig, my VIP pass allowed me to stick around and meet all three guitarists and get a few things signed. Uli graciously signed my booklets for Fly To The Rainbow as well as my booklets from the 50th Anniversary remasters of Taken By Force and Tokyo Tapes. I also got a picture with him. I've met a few star musicians in my day and he's certainly one of the nicest, most approachable people I've met. 

All Night Long (3:47) 
Sun In My Hand (4:44) 
The Sails Of Charon (9:00) 
We'll Burn The Sky (8:56) 
In Trance (7:34) 
Fly To The Rainbow (14:51) 
Dark Lady (10:40) 
All Along The Watchtower (9:33) 
Little Wing (10:45) 

Sony HDR-XR500 Handycam - USB/PC - TMPGEnc Authoring Works 5 - AVCHD-DVD 

Filmed by Nashwolverine 
Equipment: Sony HDR-XR500 Handycam 

TV System: NTSC 
Codec: MPEG-4 AVCHD H.264 
Container: MPEG-2 TS 
Resolution: 1440x1080 (16:9) 
Frame Rate: 29 fps 
Data Rate: 9810kbps 
Total Bitrate: 10066 kbps 
Scan: Interlaced 

Dolby AC3 
Bitrate: 256kbps 
Sample Rate: 48khz 
2 Channels 

Menu: Yes 
Chapters: Yes 
Duration: 1 DVD (4.05GB) - 1:20:09

Sting - 2012-02-29 - Frankfurt, DE (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)


Audience HD Recording
ECM 717 > Zoom H2 (44.1/16)

Vinnie Colaiuta
Jo Lawry
Dominic Miller
Rufus Miller
Peter Tickell

01 All This Time (5.32)
02 <band intro> (1.11)
03 Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic (4.39)
04 Seven Days (4.41)
05 Demolition Man (5.16
06 I Hung My Head (5.39
07 I'm So Happy I Can't Stop Crying (4.11)
08 Stolen Car (Take Me Dancing) (5.36)
09 Driven To Tears (5.48)
10 Fortress Around Your Heart (4.56)
11 Fields Of Gold (4.22)
12 Sacred Love (6.29)
13 Ghost Story (4.56)
14 Heavy Cloud No Rain (4.16)
15 Inside (6.13)

01 Love Is Stronger Than Justice (6.49)
02 The Hounds Of Winter (6.43)
03 End Of The Game (6.54)
04 Never Coming Home (7.05)
05 Desert Rose (4.46)
06 Every Breath You Take (5.55)
07 Next To You (4.40)
08 Message In A Bottle (5.18)

Notes by the uploader
Same setlist as for the entire "Back To Bass" Tour, but this time with german announcements... and some really nice improvisations within the songs.

Weather Report - 1980-02-29 - Pasadena, CA (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

A Robert Collins Master Recording.

Artist / Title: Weather Report
Date February 29, 1980
Location: Perkins Palace, Pasadena, CA
Seats: Row-N (14th Row), Seat-12
Deck: Nakamichi 350
Mics: Nakamichi CM-300 (L, R), Sennheister MD-416 (Center)
Source: A:C Master Tape, 3-Mic Stereo
Sample Rate 44.1Khz, 16-bit (CD) (FLAC)
Rating: B

Josef Zawinul Keyboards
Wayne Shorter Saxophones
Jaco Pastorius Bass Guitar
Peter Erskine Drums
Robert Thomas Jr. Percussion

01 - 8.30
02 - Sightseeing
03 - Madagascar
04 - Three Views of a Secret
05 - Port of Entry
06 - Dream Clock
07 - Fast City
08 - Slang (Jaco Solo)

01 - Brown Street
02 - Forlorn
03 - Rockin' In Rhythm
04 - Birdland
05 - Percussion & Drums Duet
06 - Zawinul & Shorter Duet
07 - The Orphan
08 - Teen Town

Length: 123 Minutes

This master recording was stolen in 1986 along with many other gems. Until 2011, I didn't even have a single copy. Then about that time, I got back in contact with three different trading buddies from back in the day. All three of them had copies. But none of the copies were perfect. One copy was the best sounding, but the tape was mangled. The second copy was made on higher quality tape, was a complete show, but sounded like crap. The third copy was on lower quality tape, had a 45-second section missing, but sounded the best. Making matters worse, the first 30 seconds of the concert were missing (I was late setting up) and until the mics were all set, things were bumping and moving around a little.

Bonnie Raitt - 1976-02-29 - Hollywood, CA (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

Clover Studios. Hollywood, CA

broadcast on WMMS
FM > gen(x) > cdr(x) > eac (secure) > flac

01 I Thought I Was a Child
02 Any Day Woman
03 Love Me Like a Man
04 My First Night Alone Without You
05 Give it Up or Let Me Go
06 Sugar Mama
07 Fool Yourself
08 Walk Out the Front Door
09 Nothing Seems to Matter
10 You Got to Know How
11 Angel from Montgomery
12 What Do You Want the Boy to Do?

Led Zeppelin - 1972-02-29 - Brisbane, AU (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Two sources mix

Main source: 2nd gen>DAT (S2)
2nd source: 2nd gen>CDr (S1)* used for two tracks of the acoustic set and the first minutes of both Dazed and Confused and Whole Lotta Love and "Going Down Slow" in the WLL medley.

Cleaned and speed corrected, unaltered sound.

Upgrade of the previous version that was missing the "Going Down Slow" portion.

dadgad prod.

Disc 1

01. Immigrant Song
02. Heartbreaker
03. Black Dog
04. Since I've Been Loving You
05. Celebration Day
06. Stairway To Heaven
07. Going To California
08. That's The Way*
09. Tangerine*
10. Bron-Y-Aur Stomp* 

Disc 2
01. Dazed And Confused*
02. What Is And What Should Never Be
03. Moby Dick
04. Whole Lotta Love Medley*
-Boogie Chillen'
--Cocaine blues
-Bottle It Up and Go
--Cumberland Gap
--They're Red Hot
--She's a Truckin' Little Baby
--The Wanderer
-Hello Mary Lou
-Let's Have a Party
-Going Down Slow*

Creedence Clearwater Revival - 1972-02-29 - Tokyo, JP (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Creedence Clearwater Revival 
Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 
EX audience tape (NOT SBD) 


new lineage note: Bootleg->CDR(x)->EAC->WAV(44.1)->FLAC(5) >> CDRW (x) >tascam cdrw 402 (for pitch and level adjustment) > CDR (x) > flac > WAV(SPEED/TIME CORRECTION AUDITION 2.0) -> FLAC(8) (DBPOWERCONVERT) 

01 - Introduction 
02 - Born On The Bayou 
03 - Green River>Suzie Q 
04 - It Came Out Of The Sky 
05 - Door To Door 
06 - Travelin' Band 
07 - Fortunate Son 
08 - Commotion 
09 - Lodi 
10 - Bad Moon Rising 
11 - Proud Mary 
12 - Up Around The Bend 
13 - Hey Tonight 
14 - Sweet Hitchhiker 
15 - Keep On Chooglin' 

59 min

mercoledì 28 febbraio 2024

Fleetwood Mac - 1969-02-28 - Amsterdam, NL (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)


Recorded and broadcast by Dutch Radio 
(broadcast date possibly 20 April?) 

Original source: 
Unknown transfer, taped from radio, tracked with CD Wave and encoded to flac 

Additional source lineage: 
Flacs decoded to wav with TLH, appended and speed corrected (- 5.8%) with Adobe Audition 3.0.1 
Wav tracked with CD Wave, encoded to flac 8 with Flac Frontend, tagged and verified 

Peter Green - guitar, vocal 
Danny Kirwan - guitar, vocal 
Jeremy Spencer - slide guitar, vocal 
John McVie - bass guitar 
Mick Fleetwood - drums 

01 intro>Merry Go Round 
02 One Sided Love 
03 Dust My Broom 
04 Got To Move 
05 Greeny Alone (instrumental) 
06 Sugar Mama 
07 I Can't Hold Out 
08 Tallahassee Lassie (fades out) 

Edit Notes: 
-DC offsets zeroed 
-azimuth aligned 
-radio interference reduced 
-hiss reduced 
-pops & clicks reduced 

Steppenwolf - 1970-02-28 - Portland, ME (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

University of Maine Portland Campus
Portland ME.
February 28th 1970
A Joe Maloney Reel to Reel Master
Transferred and Presented By Krw_co

As this is a mono recording the left channel was cloned into the right using Audacity.

John Kay lead vocals rhythm guitar harmonica
Larry Byrom lead guitar backing vocals
Nick St. Nicholas bass backing vocals
Goldy McJohn keyboards backing vocals
Jerry Edmonton drums backing vocals

01 Intro
02 John Kay Intro
03 Sookie, Sookie, Sookie, Sue
04 Don't Step On The Grass Sam
(reel flip edit at 00:12:34:20)
05 From Here To There Eventually
06 Magic Carpet Ride
07 The Pusher
08 Born To Be Wild

Neil Young - 1970-02-28 - Philadelphia, PA (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Electric Factory

1st gen aud > stand-alone cdr > cdr macintosh > xACT 1.5b3 > wav > xACT 1.5b3 > flac

from the fz collection

01. On The Way Home
02. I Am A Child
03. Broken Arrow
04. Flying On The Ground Is Wrong
05. Dance, Dance, Dance
06. Expecting To Fly
07. The Loner
08. Winterlong
09. Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere
10. Wonderin
11. Oh, Lonesome Me
12. Cinnamon Girl
13. Come On Baby Let's Go Downtown
14. Down By The River

this aud tape was recorded with a cheap rig 35 years ago. the vocals are hot and there is some hiss. this is still a wonderful show featuring one of only two performances ever of "Oh Lonesome Me" and one of the longest classic "Down By The River" at 31 minutes.

Billy Preston with Brothers Johnson - 1973-02-28 - New York City, NY (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

Vieo Tracks:
224 MPEG-2, 720 × 480, 4:3, 29.97 fps, 9.10 Mbps, upper field first

Audio Tracks:
128 AC3 2/0, 48 kHz, 256 kbps

Duration: 0:59:07
Data Size: 3.93 GB
Bit Rate: 9.51 Mbps

SOUL! February 28, 1973 New York WNET television "The Master's Child".
This is a 1 hour live concert with Billy Preston at his prime during the "Music is My Life" period. It features Louis and George Johnson on bass and guitar as members of Preston's God Squad band. Preston displays his gospel/church roots as well as his secular pop side in this rare performance from an important figure in music history.

DVD has no menu and chapters every 5 min or so.

Billy Preston: Keyboards
George Johnson: Guitars
Louis Johnson: Bass Guitar
Hubert Heard: Keyboards
Manuel Kellough: Drums

01 - Intro
02 - Make The Devil Mad
03 - The Bus Is Coming
04 - Amazing Grace
05 - Go Round In Circles
06 - That's The Way God Planned It
07 - My Sweet Lord
08 - God Squad Introduction
09 - Higher

Yes - 1974-02-28 - Detroit, MI (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Detroit, Cobo Arena

Unknown recording device > n generation tape > Aiwa Tape Deck TC-WE475 > Creative Sound Blaster Audigy > HD >
SoundForge 7.0 > CD Wave > FLAC Frontend (level 6)

Alan White - drums
Chris Squire - bass, vocals
Jon Anderson - vocals, guitar
Patrick Moraz - keyboards
Steve Howe - guitar

01.Firebird Suite / Siberian Khatru
02.And You And I
03.Close To The Edge
04.The Revealing Science of God (Dance of the Dawn)
05.The Remembering (High the Memory)
06.The Ancient (Giants under the Sun)
07.Ritual (Nous Sommes du Soleil)

TT 129:08

Nice one from the Tales tour. It sounds pretty nice to my ears. I havent listened to any Tales tracks for some 10 years so it was good to listen to this show. I pretty much prefer this from the following Relayer tour where the band was getting too complex and slightly unlisteneable. The setlist was organised in a kind of "Floyd way": the last album in its entirety, the new record and one track from the past. In some shows the band would play a second encore (Yours Is No Disgrace) but here it was not the case. This is the second night in Detroit.

Led Zeppelin - 1975-02-28 - Baton Rouge, LA (SBD/FLAC) "Rampaging Cajun" by Empress Valley

(Soundboard FLAC)

Venue: Louisiana State University

Title: Rampaging Cajun
Label: Empress Valley

silver (EVSD-534/535/536) > EAC > FLAC (level 8 ) by Amduscia

Disc 1:
01.Rock And Roll
02.Sick Again
03.Over The Hills And Far Away
04.In My Time Of Dying
05.The Song Remains The Same
06.The Rain Song

Disc 2:
01.No Quarter
02.Trampled Underfoot
03.Moby Dick

Disc 3:
01.Dazed And Confused
02.Stairway To Heaven
03.Whole Lotta Love
04.Black Dog

Led Zeppelin - 1975-02-28 - Baton Rouge, LA (AUD/FLAC) "Led Astray"

(Audience FLAC)

This is the audience source. I think this version sounds better than EVSD's "The Battle Of Baton Rouge". Great to have along with the SBD, as it's one of the best audience recordings from 1975!

Led Astray

(Silver Rarities)

Louisiana State University

St/Aud 7-8



Sira 194/195/196

Art Included

Disc 1

01 - Introduction
02 - Rock And Roll
03 - Sick Again
04 - Over The Hills And Far Away
05 - In My Time Of Dying
06 - The Song Remains The Same
07 - The Rain Song
08 - Kashmir 

Disc 2
01 - No Quarter
02 - Trampled Underfoot
03 - Moby Dick

Disc 3
01 - Dazed And Confused
02 - Stairway To Heaven
03 - Whole Lotta Love
04 - Black Dog

Genesis - 1975-02-28 - Colmar, FR (OAM/FLAC)


Le Parc Des Expositions 
Colmar, France 
28 February 1975 

"Live At Colmar" 
Gasp 006 
OAM (open-air-microphone) 

"The GASP (Genesis Authentic Soundboard Project) is an attempt to 'standardize' the Genesis soundboards by finding, cataloging, and releasing the highest-quality, unremastered tape transfers." 

shn download (Genesis-Movement) > TLH > Wave > EAC > CD (Taiyo Yuden) > EAC > Wave > TLH > Flac - level 8 

cd 1 
01 The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway 5:05 
02 Fly On A Windshield 2:47 
03 Broadway Melody Of 1974 2:04 
04 Cuckoo Cocoon 2:30 
05 In The Cage 7:40 
06 The Grand Parade Of Lifeless Packaging 3:26 
07 Story To Rael Part 1 1:22 
08 Back In N.Y.C. 6:08 
09 Hairless Heart 2:45 
10 Counting Out Time 3:37 
11 The Carpet Crawlers 5:48 
12 The Chamber Of 32 Doors 5:41 
13 Story To Rael Part 2 4:46 
14 Lilywhite Lilith (Cut) 0:52 
15 The Waiting Room 4:10 
16 The Waiting Room (Continued) 2:01 
17 Anyway 3:30 
18 Here Comes The Supernatural Anaesthetist 2:47 

cd 2 
01 The Lamia 8:21 
02 Silent Sorrow In Empty Boats 3:03 
03 The Colony Of Slippermen 8:44 
04 Ravine 1:45 
05 The Light Dies Down On Broadway 3:36 
06 Riding The Scree 4:33 
07 In The Rapids 2:27 
08 It 4:09 
09 The Musical Box (Cut) 9:33

Kraftwerk - 1976-02-28 - Paris, FR (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

Paris, France
February 28th, 1976

Master tape from France Inter Radio archive > FLAC Level 8 > Dime > You!

Ralf Hütter: Minimoog Model D (2), Vako Orchestron, mixer
Karl Bartos: Electronic Percussion
Wolfgang Flür: Electronic Percussion, photo-electric light-activated drum cage
Florian Schneider-Esleben: ARP Odyssey (2), Votrax VS-6 "talking typewriter", electronic flute-synth device, mixer

01. Tuning & Radioactivity
02. Airwaves
03. The Voice of Energy & Die Sonne, Der Mond, Die Sterne
04. Kometenmelodie
05. Tongebirge & Tanzmusik
06. Autobahn
07. Mitternacht

Duration: 1 hr 31 mins.

Notes on the show:
Yet another AMAZING find that's now just come to light. This is a master tape from the France Inter archive of the FULL l'Olympia show! We only had 21 mins from the 'Somewhere in Europe' LP and then 38 mins from a rebroadcast in 2015. This is the complete show from a radio programme called "We're Going Out Tonight" with no radio DJ talking over the music or tuning. Very likely recorded before being broadcast on the radio. HUGE thanks to Babass_ and J.T. for helping to curate this incredible concert. Of special note is Florian's use of the Votrax VS-6 "Talking Typewriter" as Karl put it in his memoir for "Die Sonne, Der Mond, Die Sterne." No adjusting has been made but if anyone wants to improve on what's here, feel free!

David Bowie - 1976-02-28 - Cleveland, OH (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

David Bowie
Location: Public Auditorium Cleveland 
Date: 1976-02-281 
SQ 07/10 (Very Good Audience recording)
Artwork: Yes (I've scanned all the covers and discs of my silvers).
Title: Neoexpressionism 
Label: Trade Mark Of Quality
Cat Nos: Promotion Only-Not For Sale

Silver discs > Wav (Cdex) > Flac (flacfrontend)

Disc 1
01 - Intro Music (02.24)
02 - Station To Station (10.42)
03 - Suffragette City (03.50)
04 - Fame (04.08)
05 - Word On A Wing (06.10)
06 - Stay (07.31)
07 - Waiting For The Man (05.54)
08 - Queen Bitch (03.13) 

Disc 2
01 - Tvc 15 (False Start) (00.31)
02 - Life On Mars? (01.46)
03 - Five Years (05.28)
04 - Tvc 15 (False Start 2) (00.15)
05 - Panic In Detroit (09.10)
06 - Band Intro (00.27)
07 - Changes (04.04)
08 - Tvc 15 (04.53)
09 - Diamond Dogs (06.56)
10 - Rebel Rebel (04.03)
11 - The Jean Genie (07.16)

Bruce Springsteen - 1977-02-28 - St Louis, MO (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band
featuring the Miami Horns
Fox Theatre
St Louis, MO
February 28, 1977
"Official Audience Recording"
Nothing to Lose: The 1977 Tour Revisited Vol. Two
JEMS Archive

Lineage: low-gen cassettes (likely second generation) > DAT (circa 1993-94 16/48 transfer)

JEMS 2014 Transfer: 1994 DAT > Fostex D-5 > Sound Devices UBSPre2 > iZtotope RX > pitch correction > iZotope Ozone and MBIT+ convert to 16/44.1 .wav > Peak Pro XT (volume smoothing / index) > xACT 2.21 > FLAC

01 Night
02 Rendezvous
03 Spirit in the Night
04 It's My Life
05 Thunder Road
06 Mona > She's the One
07 Tenth Avenue Freeze-out (w/ Miami Horns) (splice)
08 Action in the Streets (w/ Miami Horns)
09 Backstreets
10 Jungleland
11 Rosalita (w/Miami Horns)
12 Born to Run
13 Quarter to Three (w/ Miami Horns)

Known Faults:
-Thunder Road: splice

Welcome back to the second round of JEMS' Nothing to Lose series revisiting Bruce's remarkable 1977 tour. For the full history of our obsession with this tour and the back story on these "Official Audience Tapes," please refer to the notes in Vol. One found here:

Our second installment is a cracking set from St Louis that despite featuring but 13 songs, still clocks in at close to two hours, thanks in part to long/epic versions of "It's My Life," "Mona > She's the One," "Rosalita" and a particularly gripping "Backstreets," played here at a much slower pace than you're used to (as is "Tenth Avenue"), perhaps because it is so heavy with emotion.

Despite Bruce's mumbled apology "sorry we're late," the show gets off to a lively start with "Night" and quite brilliant reading of "Rendezvous." The tour's unique original song, "Action in the Streets" (never played again with the E Street Band after this tour) is a highlight every single night and the same can be said for all the songs that feature the Miami Horns.

You will likely find the sound quality here to be a step up from Richfield/Vol. One. It is closer and fuller, with Garry W. Tallent well represented in the mix. If there's any complaint about the sound quality its that Bruce's vocals at some of the loudest peaks of the show ("Thunder Road," "She's the One" and "Born to Run") seems to be breaking up or distorting a bit in the PA, but you might not have noticed that if I hadn't pointed it out. Samples provided.

Thanks to M and J from JEMS for pulling out our many versions of these DATs and helping make new transfers, to the folks on Stone Pony whose thread sparked this series, and to mjk5510 who takes the handoff again and runs up the middle for the end zone.


Scorpions - 1979-02-28 - Berlin, DE (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)


Quality:Varies Between Very Good + to Average


Disc One 43:31
01 - Intro
02 - Pictured Life
03 - Backstage Queen
04 - We'll Burn The Sky
05 - Loving You Sunday Morning
06 - Lovedrive
07 - In Trance
08 - Is There Anybody There
09 - Always Somewhere
10 - Always Somewhere

Disc Two 45:06
11 - Lipstick Traces
12 - Lifes Like A River
13 - Fly To The Rainbow
14 - Doctor Doctor
15 - He's A Woman She's A Man
16 - Another Piece Of Meat
17 - Top Of The Bill
18 - Robot Man
19 - Kojo No Tsuki
20 - Steamrock Fever
21 - I Can't Get Enough

Cd-r From Trades.
Transfer is free from "index mark click noise". The best quality version of this show I have heard yet, better than my original cassette. Sounds low gen. Killer performance,great setlist! Disc One Starts out loud and clear but by track 9 and 10 there is some tape wobble-warble,and the quality starts to suffer. There is an extra index mark for "Always Somewhere".
Disc Two sounds like much lesser quality and is only fair by comparison. Klaus announces Michael Schenker for "Lipstick Traces"

Pink Floyd - 1980-02-28 - Hempstead, NY (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

TDK D-C120 1980 OR 1981 cassette (low?) > *Technics RS-B965-M > Focusrite Saffire Pro 14 > Audacity 1.3 > WAV (24bit/96kHz) > r8brainPRO > WAV (16bit/44kHz) > TLH > FLAC

Side A (One Continuous Flac File)
01 - In The Flesh?
02 - The Thin Ice
03 - Another Brick In The Wall (Part 1)
04 - The Happiest Days of Our Lives
05 - Another Brick in the Wall (Part 2)
06 - Mother
07 - Goodbye Blue Sky
08 - What Shall We Do Now
09 - Young Lust
10 - One Of My Turns
11 - Don't Leave Me Now
12 - Another Brick in the Wall (Part 3)
13 - Goodbye Cruel World
14 - Hey You
15 - Is There Anybody Out There (Cuts)

Side B (One Continuous Flac File)
01 - Nobody Home
02 - Vera
03 - Bring the Boys Back Home
04 - Comfortably Numb
05 - The Show Must Go On
06 - Introduction
07 - In The Flesh?
08 - Run Like Hell
09 - Waiting For the Worms
10 - Stop
11 - The Trial
12 - Outside The Wall

Queen - 1981-02-28 - Buenos Aires, ARG (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

Band: Queen
Title: Buenos Aires 1981 Definitive Edition
Date: February 28, 1981
Venue: Velez Sarfield Stadium, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Label: Wardour
Number: WARDOUR-116
Source: Silvers > EAC > WAV > jetAudio > FLAC

Disc 1
02.We Will Rock You
03.Let Me Entertain You
04.Play The Game
06.Death On Two Legs
07.Killer Queen
08.I'm In Love With My Car
09.Need Your Loving Tonight
10.Rock It (Prime Jive)
11.Save Me
12.Now I'm Here
13.Dragon Attack
14.Now I'm Here (Reprise)

Disc 2
01.Love Of My Life
02.Keep Yourself Alive
03.Guitar Solo
04.Flash's Theme
05.The Hero
06.Crazy Little Thing Called Love
07.Bohemian Rhapsody
08.Tie Your Mother Down
09.Another One Bites The Dust
10.Sheer Heart Attack
11.We Will Rock You
12.We Are The Champions

J. Pastorius, M. Stern, B. Finnerty, R. Morales - 1984-02-28 - New York City, NY (DVDfull aud-shot)

(DVDfull aud-shot)

Jam Session 84-0228 

AUD (1 cam) > Med VHS > Standalone DVD / Cam audio 

Video : 
MPEG-2 Video 
4:3 Ratio 
720 x 480 Size 
29.97 Fr/sec 
10080 kb/s vbr 

Audio : 
stereo Mode 
48.00 kHz 
2 Channel(s) 
256 Kbits/sec 

a. Fannie Mae - INC 6:04 
b. Satin Doll 10:41 
c. Equinox 10:59 
d. Oleo 11:57 
e. N.Y.C. Groove - Jam - 4:49 
f. Clean Up Woman 1:54 
g. Dolphin Dance - INC 11:51 
h. Jams INC 5:23 
i. Blues INC 5:23 
j. Teen Town 12:21 
k. There Will Never Be Another You INC (JP out) 4:43 
l. Jams - Softly As In a Morning Sunrise (JP out) 7:23 
m. Unk. Title - Jams - INC 4:45 
n. Clean Up Woman 4:05 
o. Continuum INC 6:58 
p. Broadway Blues - 1:24 
q. Giant Steps INC 6:55 

Private Video/audience 123'
[N] k. l. guitars only.

Yes - 1984-02-28 - Millersville, PA (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Audience Recording > CDR Trade > EAC (wav) > FLAC Frontend encode level 8 > You.


01 Cinema
02 Leave It
03 Our Song
04 Yours Is No Disgrace
05 Hold On
06 Perpetual Change
07 It Can Happen
08 I've Seen All Good People
09 Tony Kaye Solo
10 Solly's Beard
11 Changes

01 And You And I
02 Soon
03 Make It Easy ~ Owner Of A Lonely Heart
04 Long Distance Runaround
05 WhiteFish
06 Amazing Grace
07 City Of Love
08 Hearts
09 Starship Trooper
10 Roundabout

This is the first concert of the tour, sound isn't better, but contains some interesting version from songs like "Leave it", "Perpetual Change" "City of Love" and others...