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Peter Gabriel - 1982-11-30 - Madison, WI (SBD/AUD/FLAC)

(soundboard/audience matrix FLAC)

Peter Gabriel
Civic Center
Madison, Wisconsin
November 30, 1982

Matrix of two recordings:
(1) Soundboard-recording of unknown gen.
(2) Audience-recording of unknown gen.

Lineage: See "What Was Done" below

Disc one (41:14):
(1) The Rhythm of the Heat (6:47)
(2) I Have The Touch (5:49)
(3) Not One Of Us (9:08)
(4) The Family and the Fishing Net (9:16)
(5) Family Snapshot (4:37)
(6) Intruder (5:32)

Disc two (53:58):
(1) I Go Swimming (5:36)
(2) Lay Your Hands on Me (9:40)
(3) Solsbury Hill (5:13)
(4) Band introductions (1:57)
(5) I Don't Remember (4:38)
(6) San Jacinto (10:58)
(7) On The Air (7:36)
(8) Biko (8:18)

Cover and CD artwork, info file, and md5 signature file are included.

This file set was originally posted by "Freddyfifou" to Dime in January 2011, though it may have appeared on other trackers earlier. To my knowledge, this hasn't appeared on Dime since, so I thought it might be worth re-upping this for those who missed it the last time around.

This is a matrix for which a LOT of work has been done (see comments below), and while it still isn't perfect, it's probably one of the best 1982 shows in circulation. The vocals are prominent in the mix and you can hear all of the band members clearly in a reasonably good mix; on the downside, this sounds to me like there is some distortion on one or both of the sources used to compile this matrix. Sounds like it's overloaded throughout; still quite listenable, but not of the quality that you're likely to mistake this for a commercial release. Still, we take what we can get, and this matrix is better than I recall either the raw or audience or soundboard sources to be (though in fairness, it's probably been 20+ years since I've listened to either, and at the time I had both on cassette). Definitely worth having if you're a Peter Gabriel/Genesis collector.

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