domenica 28 marzo 2021

The Cure - 1997-11-30 - Fairfax, VA (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

Artist: The Cure 
Date: 1997-11-30 
Venue: Patriot Center, Fairfax VA USA 
Source: FM 
Taper: Unknown, but likely a buddy of mine 
Source: FM->Sony D7->Gold CDR->EAC->FLAC 

01 Shake Dog Shake
02 Torture
03 Fascination Street
04 A Night Like This
05 Push
06 In Between Days
07 One Hundred Years
07 Track07
08 Pictures of You
09 High
10 Just Like Heaven
11 From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea
12 Never Enough
13 Wrong Number
14 Cut
15 Disintegration
16 Untitled

This was a radio broadcast from WHFS 99.1, and you can hear the station ID as the band leaves the stage after Untitled. Originally, I had this CDR labeled as 11-29, because the set list that day was almost exactly the same, except for the encore.

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