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The Saints - 1986-11-27 - Lyon, FR (pre-FM/FLAC)

(pre-FM FLAC)

The Lyon Tapes Collection (volume 383) - NEW TRANSFER - 

Lyon - Vaulx en Velin (France) 
November 27, 1986 

Lineage : preFM master 
master cassette on Nakamichi BX-300E (azimuth optimized) > SB live > Adobe audition 3.0 (acquisition & edition) > Wav > Flac files with TLH (SB aligned-Level 8) 

Chris Bailey - vocals/acoustic guitar 
Richard Burgman - guitar/vocals 
Louise Elliot - sax/harmonica 
Archie Larizza - bass/vocals 
Jeffrey Wegener - drums 

01. Follow The Leader 
02. Temple Of The Lord 
03. Big Hits On From the Underground 
04. Walk Away 
05. Hymn To St. Jude 
06. All Fools Day 
07. Ghost Ships 
08. Don't send Me Roses 
09. Imagination 
10. Only Time 
11. Let's pretend 
12. Sold Out 
13. The First Time 
14. In The Mirror 
15. Just Like Fire Would 
16. Know your product 
17. It's allright Mama 
18. Blues 
19. Photograph 
20. Casablanca 
21. Curtains 
22. Money 
23. River Deep, Mountain High 

23 separate tracks 
total time: 87'28" 

Notes : a new transfer - new tracking with some sound improvments ... 
-original notes - 
This was the second upload (August 2010) of The Saints in Lyon from my concerts collection recorded in Lyon (France) between 1982-1990, upload first on December 2006 from my own copy CD (done in 1998). 
To fit to CD, two songs were omitted on this transfer. 
Now, the concert is COMPLETE, 9 minutes longer than the former one and ripped from the master tape. 
The Saints (australian band) were recorded for Radio-Bellevue at the ENTPE (Ecole Nationale des Travaux Publics de l'Etat) in the suburbs of Lyon (France) 
I used a separate 12 tracks sound desk to mix live the band with soundboard outputs + some additional tracks instruments + ambiance mikes (Sennheiser) standing on a tripod. 
mixed on-the-fly with headphones to a Sony TCD5M.

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