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Lou Reed - 1977-11-01 - Albury, AU (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

Cinema Centre Concert Auditorium
(aka the Regent Theatre)
Albury, New South Wales

Lou Reed: vocals, guitar
Michael Fonfara: keyboards
Stuart Heinrich: guitar
Richard Fliegler: guitar
Bruce Yaw: bass
Michael Suchorsky: drums
Jo'Anna Kamerin: backing vocals

01. stage announcement
02. Sweet Jane
03. Rock And Roll Heart
04. I Wanna Be Black (cut short when someone throws something on the stage)
- 25 minute gap while Lou is off-stage not on tape -
05. Rock And Roll > You Keep Me Hanging On
06. Walk On The Wild Side
07. Shooting Star
08. Satellite Of Love
09. Coney Island Baby
10. Banging On My Drum

I was surprised when I first saw the Australian 1977 Lou Tour Poster because it listed amongst capital cities some smaller cities / towns such as Newcastle, Canberra & Albury.
Albury however was the real surprise as it is a smaller town situated on the border between New South Wales & Victoria.
I mean right on the border as the bridge in Albury across the Murray River on one side is Albury and the other side of the bridge is Wodonga, Victoria.
Lou's tour promoters probably pencilled this show in as a pit stop after Canberra as the next stop after Albury was Melbourne.
I assume all the band equipment was driven from Sydney to Canberra then from there onto the Hume Highway which goes right through Albury straight onto Melbourne.
Melbourne was the next gig on the tour after Albury.

The venue name is a bit tricky, on the tour posters it’s called The Regent Theatre, but in the Albury newspaper, the Border Morning Mail, in the ads for the show it’s named as the Cinema Centre Concert Auditorium.
The Regent Theatre opened in 1927 and was said to be the most opulent theatre in Australia outside a capital city.
It originally had 1800 seats but later reports say it had 1300 seats.
The building remains today and is heritage listed. It has been a movie theatre for most of its life.
For a period in the 1970s-1980s it doubled as a concert venue and it seems that when a concert was held in the Regent, the Regent was also known as the 'Cinema Centre Concert Auditorium'.

In 1997, this show appeared as part of a 2CD Lou Bootleg titled 'Banging On My Drums' on the Midnight Beat Label.
I remember purchasing this at the Camden Town Markets in London at the time.
The Albury show is CD 1 (bar one song) of that bootleg, but it's listed on the bootleg as being from Aubrey, Canada on the 11th January 1977.

Some years later myself plus the rest of the Lou Reed live show collecting / trading community found out that it wasn’t Aubrey, Canada but Albury, Australia.
I guess someone somewhere did their research (was it you wee GL?).
It’s known that Lou’s 1977 tours started in March taking in Europe, a few shows in New York, then a second tour of Europe followed by a tour of Australia.
Lou had toured the US including dates in Canada the year before during his 1976 Rock And Roll Heart Tour with setlists that were rather different to the 1977 ones.
So, Canada was completely ruled out for 1977.
Perhaps, maybe someone had my 1977 audience recording, deduced that the set list at the Hordern was exactly the same as this recording bar one song.

A few years later I received a cassette of the show, it had nothing extra or anything removed as compared to the bootleg but IMHO was somewhat superior to the bootleg version.
It is from this cassette that this torrent is taken from.

I really enjoyed this show as apart from my so-so audience recording of the first Sydney show, this is the only other recording to surface from the 1977 Australian tour.
One can finally clearly hear Lou’s slightly off-key backing vocals during You Keep Me Hanging On sung by Jo’Anna Kamerin which was part of a medley with Rock And Roll.

I always wondered if this recording was incomplete but after finding a review of this concert recently it mentioned that there was no encore.
So it seems that this recording is the complete Albury show.
The review also states that the audience was 800 strong.
Interestingly, the chap who starts the show tells the audience on the floor that they can move forward, then tells those in the balcony that they can come down stairs.
If there were 800 in the venue, then there likely wouldn’t have been a lot of room to move downstairs - unless the theatre seats were all removed when the venue was used for a concert?
Even Lou before he hits a note tells the audience they can move forward.

The local Albury newspaper first printed an ad for this concert on 12 October 1977.
The same small ad appeared almost every day onwards until the show 20 days later.
The last of these ads on the day of the show said that tickets were still available.
I’m thinking that it may have been half-full of scattered groups of people upstairs & downstairs making it look akin to a dog with the mange, so they were all invited downstairs making it look somewhat fuller.

As most Lou fans know this was the show where something was thrown on stage & Lou chucked a hissy fit, then told the audience that he & the band where not playing any more.
In a short review published in the local paper the next morning, it is mentioned this something was a lolly (that’s sweet for UK viewers, candy for US ones;).
Nowhere is it mentioned that this thrown object actually hit Lou or any band member so why did Louis close down the show?
A local journalist who met Lou before the show has since written that Lou was so out of it before the show that he could not talk and fell asleep in a local pizza restaurant where he'd gone for dinner.
So maybe by the 3rd song that night he needed a top up & used this as an excuse to go backstage for a shot, snort of well anything!

When he did depart the stage for 25 minutes and the audience went dead-set mental according to the review. Apparently the local police were called as the venue feared there would be a riot. No arrests were made however. Makes me wish that these 25 minutes while Lou was off-stage hadn’t been exorcized from this recording. It would have made for an interesting listen!

Thanks to whoever sent me the cassette & to audiowhore for his help.
Enjoy the show & do read Tony Wright's story which was printed in the Sydney Morning Herald in 2013, the day after Lou’s passing & in which he retells his meeting with Lou Reed in Albury 1977.
Cheers, Waz

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