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Oasis - 2008-11-08 - Copenhagen, DK (SBD/FLAC)

Oasis - 2008-11-08 - Copenhagen, DK
(Soundboard FLAC)

ARTIST: Oasis - Pray For The Light (Silver CD) 
VENUES: Falkoner Theatre & Le Cabaret Sauvage 
CITY: Copenhagen, Denmark & Paris, France 
DATE: 08.11.2008 & 28.11.2006 

Rating: A+ 
Source: Soundboard 
Format: FLAC 
Lineage: Cd-r > Wav > FLAC (Level 8) > PC > THL > You 

Cd1 [01:15:38] 
01.Fuckin' In The Bushes 
02.Rock and Roll Star 
04.The Shock Of The Lightning 
05.Cigarettes & Alcohol 
06.The Meaning Of Soul 
07.To Be Where There Is Life 
08.Waiting For The Rapture 
09.The Masterplan 
11.Slide Away 
12.Morning Glory 
13.Ain't Got Nothin' 
14.The Importance Of Being Idle 
15.I'm Outta Time 

Cd2 [01:11:41] 
01.Don't Look Back In Anger 
02.Falling Down 
03.Champagne Supernova 
04.I Am The Walrus

Noel Live at Le Cabaret Sauvage - Paris 28.11.2006
05.It's Good To Be Free
06.Talk Tonight
07.Fade Away
08.Cast No Shadow
11.Strawberry Fields Forever
12.Don't Look Back In Anger
13.Married With Children

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