giovedì 29 aprile 2021

Yes - 1977-11-08 - Glasgow, UK (DVDfull aud-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

Apollo Theater 

NTSC DVD by TooleMan TV, 2012 

Lineage (Firebird Suite through And You And I): Umatic video tape PAL -> PAL VHS -> multistandard VCR -> NTSC 
Lineage (Wakey's Magic Feat and Going for the One[Glasgow and Paris footage]): Umatic video tape PAL -> unknown conversion -> NTSC VHS 
Lineage (Flight Jam, Awaken): Umatic video tape PAL -> unknown conversion step -> NTSC VHS (two generations) 

All video and audio mastered by TheTooleMan 

01 - Firebird Suite 
02 - Parallels 
03 - All Good People 
04 - Close to the Edge 
05 - Wond'rous Stories 
06 - Colours of the Rainbow 
07 - Turn of the Century 
08 - Tour Song 
09 - And You And I 
10 - Wakey's Magic Feat 
11 - Going for the One 
12 - Flight Jam 
13 - Awaken 

Bonus footage: 
Yes in Paris, December 1977 - Going for the One 

I make no promises about this being the best version of this famous concert recording, but it's damn good and quite watchable. Considerable effort was expended to acquire the gear used to convert the footage, which was the best available to me. Thanks to my anonymous trading friends and Yes fiends for sharing their loot. 

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