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The Who - 2012-11-08 - Greenville, SC (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Bi Lo Center 

Recorded from Section 2 Row 03 

SP Core Mics> Battery box with Bass Rolloff at 16Hz> Zoom H4n 16 bit 44.1htz >HDD>Goldwave to split the file > 
traders little helper flac level 7 

01 I Am the Sea 
02 The Real Me 
03 Quadrophenia 
04 Cut My Hair 
05 The Punk and the Godfather 
06 I'm One 
07 The Dirty Jobs 
08 Helpless Dancer 
09 Is It in My Head? 
10 I've Had Enough 
11 5:15 
12 Sea and Sand 
13 Drowned 
14 Bell Boy 
15 Doctor Jimmy 
16 The Rock 
17 Love, Reign O'er Me 
18 Band Introductions 
19 Baba O'Riley 
20 Pinball Wizard 
21 Behind Blue Eyes 
22 Who Are You 
23 Won't Get Fooled Again 
24 Tea & Theatre 

The Who in South Carolina for the first time. Since they are not coming to Texas this tour I made the trip to see them in the Carolina's. I had great seats but lousy (loud) neightbors to my left. There was the WHOHOO guy right next to my mics so watch between songs if you are playing this loud. He and his friend talked a lot during the show. It is not completely overwhelming or anything, but it is there. And during Tea and Theater they left and were replaced by an even more obnoxious jackass who thought everyone was there listen to him 
talk alot of crap. 

That is the bad. The good is that it is a great show. I am really happy they put Drowned back as an electric piece. All thoughI love the acoustic version also, my favortie versions of it have always been the electric versions from 82. And though it was not quite up to those standards it was a great change. Roger's voice is strong, While driving to the Greensboro show I listened to one of the Encore series shows from 2006 and his voice was so much weaker then than it is now. Pete played great and looked to be in good spirits the whole time. 

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