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David Bromberg - 1972-12-12 - Hempstead, NY (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

Utrasonic Studios


Goody Pitch-Corrected Remaster


Goody's additional lineage:
Audition (Pitch Bender +65 cents; Tracking; pop/click/static repair; Amplify +2db) > TLH (FLAC Level 8; Align sector boundaries; .ffp) > foobar2000 (tags)

David Bromberg - guitar, mandolin, vocals
Kenny Kosek - fiddle, mandolin
Roger Mason - bass
Peter Ecklund - trumpet, mellophone and stuff
Jonathan Edwards - Special Guest On Harmonica

01 Six Days On The Road
02 Suffer To Sing The Blues
03 Band intros
04 Bluebird*
05 Travelin' Man
06 Someone Else's Blues
07 Sitting On Top Of The World
08 Interview
09 Mr. Bojangles (1 sec. fade in and out at ~6:27-6:28 - on original file - some missing music)
10 Hardworkin' John (includes "Turkey In The Straw")
11 Jugband Song
12 Danger Man
13 Mr. Blue
14 Sharon

Notes by the uploader:
Here's something that'll make lots of you very happy. It's a great sounding set from David Bromberg that's been circulating for some time, thanks to our great friend with the archive that never ends, davmar77. It hasn't been seen around these here parts since 2007, though. I've updated it for what should now be a definitive edition, correcting what has previously (and unknowingly) been shared as a very slow speed/flat pitched recording and cleaning up some nasty glitches as well as quite a few static pops, clicks, etc. To make it even more special, I gave it a little bump in volume. Here's David playing what could very well be one of his greatest sets you'll ever have the good fortune to hear, inspired by the ultra-cool vibe at Ultrasonic Studios and a collection of great players that evening, with Jonathan Edwards on-board to help contribute to the merriment. There's great banter between the perfect performances here, including a sly little reference to an old joke we all know now as "The Aristocrats", along with some other subversive asides you should listen closely for. The sound is warm (check out the gorgeous sound of Roger Mason's bass) and the great tunes keep a-comin'. I know this will be one of your favorites, as it is mine.

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