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Cheap Trick - 2011-12-31 - St. Petersburg, FL (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

Dream Police Live

Robin Zander - vocals
Rick Nielsen - guitar
Tom Petersson - bass
Daxx Nielsen - drums

Featuring The Bombastic Symphonic Philharmonic
with Rhythmic Noise Mind Choir in 4D

Source: Pro Shot 16x9 NTSC DVD

A Fair Use Fan Disc - Not for sale in any way shape or form! Strictly for fan use!!!

DVD has chapters for each song but no menu

01. Dream Police
02. Way of the World
03. The House Is Rockin'
04. Gonna Raise Hell
05. I'll Be With You Tonight
06. Voices
07. Writing on the Wall
08. I Know What I Want
09. Need Your Love
10. High Priest of Rhythmic Noise
11. I Want Be Man
12. The Flame
13. Stop This Game
14. California Man
15. Southern Girls
16. Yeah Yeah
17. If You Want My Love
18. Auld Lang Syne
19. I Want You to Want Me
20. Surrender

Running Time: 2:01:58

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