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Queensryche - 1984-12-10 - Detroit, MI (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

Title: Messure of Success, 
Date: 8th December 1984 
(somtimes credited to the 10th which was the broadcast date!) 
Location: Harpos, Detroit, MI, USA 
Source: FM 
Rating: 10/10 

Trade > CDr > dbpoweramp > Flac

01 - Intro 
02 - Nightrider 
03 - Prophecy 
04 - Deliverance 
05 - NM 156 
06 - Child Of Fire 
07 - Before The Storm 
08 - guitar solo 
09 - Blinded 
10 - The Lady Wore Black 
11 - En Force 
12 - Roads To Madness 
13 - Warning 
14 - Queen Of The Reich 
15 - Take Hold Of The Flame 

Total Time: 74mins"

Artwork for both "Messure of Succes" (two versions), "en force" and "Take Hold of Detroit" are included, just take your own pick. 

Note: This show is often mislabeled as being from December 8th, and being broadcast on the 10th. This is incorrect, Queensrÿche played a show on the 8th opening for KISS, and headlined this show on the 10th in a small theatre (hence the longer set, and relatively small crowd of 1400 people).

From "the Warning" headlining Tour 
This show is also known by the titles "En Force". "Motor City Madness" and "Take Hold of Detroit" but this version had the title I've used so I've stuck with it. Some of the other versions of this claim to be longer, but that is only becuase they include the Radio station ID's and announcements. This is the complete concert as broadcast. This is probably the best of the early bootlegs out there, and every QR fan should have it, at least once.

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