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Stevie Ray Vaughan - 1983-07-26 - Washington, DC (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble 
Date: July 26, 1983 
Venue: Bayou Club, Washington, D.C. 
Source: Soundboard Recording 

Source: CDr > WAV > FLAC [lilreed79 - thanks!] 
Convert: FLAC > Traders Little Helper > WAV > SHNtool [join wav files] 
Lineage: ANA(x) > CDr > WAV > SHNtool > Cool Edit Pro v2.0 > WAV > CD Wave v1.98 > FLAC [level 8] 

All edits and repairs with Cool Edit Pro v2.0; retracked with CD Wave v1.98. 

No EQ or noise reduction was used. No music was lost. This is not meant to be the definitve edition. I am pleased with the outcome and hope you enjoy it as well. 

01 Testify (1) 
02 So Excited 
03 Voodoo Child (Slight Return) 
04 I'm Cryin' 
05 The Things (That) I Used to Do 
06 Tell Me (2) 
07 Dirty Pool (3)
08 Mary Had a Little Lamb (4) 
09 Pride and Joy 
10 Love Struck Baby 
11 Texas Flood (5) 
12 Little Wing (6) > 
13 Third Stone From the Sun 

The following edits were performed with Cool Edit Pro v2.0: 
(1) added two seconds of silence and a two second fade in. 
(2) dropout in right channel amplified. 
(3) tape flip faded. 
(4) dropout in right channel repaired by copy > paste from left channel. 
(5) removed one-half second tape overlap @ 10:49. 
(6) very light static in the right channel of "Little Wing" and "Third Stone" was removed from the quieter passages. It is inaudible in the louder passages. 

Additional repairs: 
(a) track-at-once burn gaps between tracks repaired. 
(b) all clicks and pops painstakingly removed by hand. 
(c) edited and/or crossfaded track transitions to present a more seamless flow of the performance. 
(d) retracked

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  1. If you only download one SRV album, it's got to be this! It's scorching. A crystal clear mix with Stevie's voice clearly in the mix, plus a top notch set list with three, yes three Hendrix numbers. "Love Struck Baby" is jaw dropping. Do not miss!! Peter. (Sydney).