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Jimmy Page & Robert Plant - 1995-07-26 - London, UK (DVDfull aud-shot DL)

(DVDfull aud-shot DL)

Wembley Arena 26th July 1995 - Dual Layer DVD

Linage: Video: Unknown DVD Generation, (Supplied to me by Jasta_II) / Video soundtrack muted except during gaps. New CD soundtrack used, taken from "Return To Electric Magic" Two Symbols Double CD NOT "Get Rid Of The Smoke" as previously mentioned. The DVD has a full menu which is split into chapters & authored on to a single Dual Layer DVD.

Size:- 6.9 GB
Region:- ALL
Approx run time:- 118 mins
NTSC Colour - 9200 kbps
Audio PCM 48Khz Stereo
Source: Audience recorded video camera > DVD (unknown gen) > Womble MPEG Video Wizard, (to maunually add new soundtrack) > TMPGEnc DVD Author 1.6
Includes Artwork (JPG)

01. Egyptian intro.
02. Immigrant/Wanton Song
03. Bring It On Home
04. Ramble On
05. Thank You
06. No Quarter
07. Battle Of Evermore
08. Hurdy Gurdy Solo
09. Gallows Pole
10. Since I've Been Lovin You
11. Song Remains The Same
12. Going To California
13. Friends
14. Four Sticks
15. Whole Lotta Love / Knebworth riffs/ Theramin
16. In The Evening

17. A quick Candy Store Rock jam / Black Dog
18. Kashmir 

A fun, celebration of a night, Robert remarked on a number of occasions that this was the 76th and final night for now. The crowd was better than the first night which Robert appreciated - he even remarked "Last night we played to your mums and dads!!"

Plant was in superb form - many songs carried extra embellishments. This was the best I've seen him on this tour and surpasses the late 70/80's. Page was also superb - another guy who has been rejuvenated by this tour. Again "Battle Of Evermore" was superb - this version was the best with Najma, now confident after a few gigs practice, pushing her phrasing around and delivering excellent vocal assistance to what is an excellent song.

From my vantage point I could see friends (wives?) of the pharaohs dancing to "Friends"

Michael Lee was the introduced with the usual occult bookshop piss-take. (Poor Man!)

At the end Robert thanked Bill Curbishly and Peter Grant, who could be seen signing autographs by the mixing desk. The thank you was understandably long on the last night (lighting, tea-boy etc.) but hinted at more collaboration together. Plant also thanked Radio 1FM - whether for the Glastonbury broadcast or something else remains to be seen.

Linwood's Tales From The Video 
Quality of the picture is pretty good for bootleg videos. This is an audience effort shot from up on the right hand side. The cameraman alternates between the stage action (which is well shot) and the video screen. This is still probably one of the better videos out there. Some nice moments, such as the Tambourine which rolls past Nigel Eaton during his solo (wonder who threw that!). This excellently captures the atmosphere and the fun of the last night of the tour. Worth downloading!

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