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Jethro Tull - 1975-07-25 - Seattle, WA (AUD/FLAC) by REQUEST

(Audience FLAC)

Jethro Tull 
Date: 1975-07-25 
Location: Seattle, WA 
Venue: Seattle Center Coliseum 
Source: Audience 
Lineage: Master Reels @ full track mono>Tandberg Model 11>Wavelab 96/24 1ch mono>wav 44.1/16 2ch mono>flac 
Taping Gear: Tandberg Model 11 R2R deck, Sony ECM-22P mic 
Taped and Transferred By: JEMS 

Band Members: 
Ian Anderson - vocals, flute 
Martin Barre - guitar 
Jeffrey Hammond - bass 
John Evan - keyboards 
Barriemore Barlow - drums 

Disc 1 
01 Introduction 0:52 
02 Wind-Up-Passion Play 7:56 
03 Thick As A Brick 15:05 
04 Wond'ring Aloud 4:18 
05 My God (with flute solo) 12:29 
06 Sealion 2:52 
07 Skating Away (with band introductions) 8:09 
Total Time 51:41 

Disc 2
01 Ladies (with drum solo) 10:52 
02 War Child 4:14 
03 War Child Suite 5:19 
04 Cross-Eyed Mary 5:13 
05 Bungle In The Jungle 2:11 
06 The Hare Who Lost His Spectacles 1:14 
07 Aqualung 8:22 
08 Guitar Solo 3:35 
09 Back-Door Angels 5:48 
10 Minstrel In The Gallery 1:40 
11 Locomotive Breath 5:32 
12 Hard-Headed English General 4:25 
13 Back-Door Angels Reprise 1:54 
Total Time 60:19 

flute solo includes God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, Bourée & Living In The Past 

JEMS master recording. This is an excellent sounding recording. This show captures Jethro Tull touring in support of their War Child album. This recording has circulated for years but this is the first time the master reels have ever been properly digitized (April 2010). This is an excellent show and performance with an early taste of an excerpt of Minstrel In The Gallery which would not be released until later in 75. Ian's in between song banter at this show is as entertaining if not more entertaining than music. Also of note this show took place on the 25th of July not the 27th as some other sources have speculated in the past. 

1. Create stereo image. 
2. Adjust Tonality/EQ. 
3. Adjust dynamics. 
4. Adjust speed. 
5. Repair tape change/flip. 
6. Re-track.

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