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Paul Rodgers - 1993-11-12 - Los Angeles, CA (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

Paul Rodgers
Superstar Concert  (KRW-Music Only)
The Troubador
West Hollywood, CA
FM Broadcast

Lineage 1:
FM>Analog Master>.wav>Audio Cleaning Lab for tape flip/ad edits and track marks nly>CDR>KRW transfer >EAC>TLH Flac (Level 8)

Paul Rodgers: Vocals
Reeves Gabrell: Guitar
Tony Franklin: Bass
Tony Thompson: Drums
**With Special Guest Slash Guitar on track 14 "The Hunter"

01 Can't Get Enough
02 Louisiana Blues
03 Purple Haze (ads/dj cut out edit right on id 4)
04 Muddy Water Blues
05 Wishing Well (ads/dj cut out edit right on id 6)
06 Fire and Water
07 Mr Big
08 Shooting Star (ads/dj cut out edit right on id 9)
09 Fire
10 Little Wing / Angel
11 Stone Free (tape flip edit at 48:58)
12 Foxy Lady
13 Bad Company (ads/dj cut out edit right on id 14)
14 The Hunter **
15 All Right Now

This circulates with several dates, November 11, November 23, and May 21. However, the correct date is November 12, 1993

NB: Rodgers played TWO sets on Nov. 12 at The Troubadour. 1st show labeled as the blues set, the 2nd as the tribute to Jimi Hendrix set.

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