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Simple Minds - 1983-03-15 - Rome, IT (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

Simple Minds
Title: Art Appeal
Date / Venue: March 15th, 1983 / Teatro Del Lido, Rome, Italy

Transferred to CD-R from vinyl bootleg

Lineage 1 (vinyl>CD):
TECHNICS SL-10 (MC pickup) > PHILIPS CDR-760 + BASF CD-R disc

Lineage 2 (CD>torrent):
TSST PC-internal DVD-device>EAC>wav>TLH>FLAC(Level 8)>TLH>torrent

01 King Is White And In The Crowd
02 Glittering Prize
03 I Travel
04 Celebrate
05 Hunter And The Hunted
06 Promised You A Miracle
07 New Gold Dream
08 Love Song

Absolutely brilliant SBD recording but unfortunately only a single-vinyl album.

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