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Motley Crue - 1990-03-17 - Detroit, MI (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

Motley Crue

Show or Bootleg Title:
Detroit, MI - March 17, 1990

Show Venue:
The Palace of Auburn Hills

DVD - Pro Shot

Video Quality/Production Info:
B / ?

Audio/Video Specs:
Audio: AC3, CBR, 48000Hz, 224 kb/s total, stereo, (2/0)
Video: MPEG-2, 44,878 Frms, 5385 kbps, 29.970 Frames/s, 720x480, 4:3, NTSC


01. Allister Fiend Laser Intro
02. Kickstart My Heart
03. Red Hot
04. Rattlesnake Shake
05. Too Young To Fall In Love
06. Shout At The Devil
07. Live Wire
08. Same Ol' Situation
09. Slice Of Your Pie
10. Mick Solo
11. Tommy Solo
12. Looks That Kill
13. Smokin' In The Boys Room
14. Wild Side
15. Girls, Girls, Girls
16. Without You
17. Home Sweet Home
18. Dr. Feelgood

Authored Pro-shot
This is as I recieved it. All credit to the Crue, and whomever deserves it for the work on this. I'm simply re-sharing it as it's a must have for any collection, in my opinion. A lot of collectors will or should already have this... but for anyone that doesn't... Enjoy!

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