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The Cure - 2000-02-25 - Chicago, IL (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

The Cure 
Vic Theater, Chicago, Illinois 
25 February 2000 

Source: Soundboard 
Lineage: FM (WXRT) -> ? -> CDRs -> CDEx -> Wavelab -> FLAC v1.7.1 etree edition - level 6 with verify -> FLAC 
Conversion by: superblast! 

Disc 1 
01 out of this world 
02 watching me fall 
03 want 
04 fascination street 
05 the last day of summer 
06 maybe someday 
07 from the edge of the deep green sea 
08 inbetween days 
09 if only tonight we could sleep 

Disc 2 
01 39 
02 prayers for rain 
03 one hundred years 
04 bloodflowers 
05 a strange day 
06 a forest 
07 just like heaven 
08 boys don't cry 
09 the figurehead 
10 disintegration 

I got this show in a trade a couple of years ago. This is from the Bloodflowers promo tour where the band played in smaller venues than usual. I tried to get tickets for the show but they were sold out within a couple of seconds here. Doh! I'm pretty sure I have the correct venue information and I'm also pretty sure it was recorded off of WXRT in Chicago. The discs I received had sector boundary errors between each track so I fixed those and some sloppy edits in Wavelab. Overall, this is an excellent sounding show but there's a couple of issues with One Hundred Years. There's a couple of dropouts at around one minute into the song. It looks like it happened during the broadcast but I'm not sure. Also, not long after the dropouts, the song fades out and Bloodflowers begins. It seems like an unnatural end to the song and I'd be surprised if it was.

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  1. Seriously Edge, you've been making my Cure dreams come true lately... Thanks so much for all the great stuff!

  2. great share Edge, many thanks for all these Cure shows,
    much appreciated.