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Massive Attack - 2019-09-05 - Hollywood, CA (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Massive Attack
Mezzanine XXI
Hollywood Palladium - Los Angeles, CA
September 5th, 2019
3rd of 3 Nights
Taper: mixter_

Lineage / Equipment:
on the rail / 15' from left ceiling stack / fob -> 6.5' h -> at853a's (4.7k dt mod) cards -> mic-in -> sony pcmm10 (24/48) -> san disk mobile ultra 16gb class 10 micro sd - 48mb/s -> reader -> izotope rx6 adv (decrackle) -> audition 3.0 (minor level adjust +3dB l / +9dB r) - fades - normalization - de-clap process - no e.q.) -> audition 3.0 (dither to 16/44.1) -> cd wave editor (track split) -> tlh (flac level 8, etc...) -> DIME -> you -> sense of enjoyment -> sharing is caring -> support the artist (yes) -XX convert to mp3 (no!!!)

Robert "3D" Del Naja: Vocals, Synthesizers.
Grant "Big Daddy" Marshall: Vocals, Synthesizers.

Horace Andy: Vocals on 04, 09, 14.
Elizabeth Fraser: Vocals on 05, 11, 15, 17.
and a cast of very talented uncredited musicians.

01. I Found A Reason *
02. Risingson
03. 10:15 Saturday Night +
04. Man Next Door @
05. Black Milk
06. Mezzanine
07. Bela Lugosi's Dead #
08. Exchange
09. See A Man's Face %
10. Dissolved Girl
11. Where Have All the Flowers Gone? ^
12. Inertia Creeps
13. Rockwrok =
14. Angel
15. Teardrop
16. Levels &
17. Group Four


* The Velvet Underground composition
+ The Cure composition
@ John Holt composition
# Bauhaus composition
% Horace Andy composition
^ Pete Seeger composition
= Ultravox composition
& Avicii composition

Everything about this show was incredible and well worth the wait! No real surprises in the US version of the set list. Still the video projections put the entire show into a proper context. Like, what's the deal with Britney's memory card? Friends of mine that attended the show two nights prior described it as a religious experience. I was simply blown away. The musicians and their performances were top notch. Horace Andy was stellar and Liz Fraser sounds like an angel and would give me chills when she sang. I did like how Grant and Robert "deconstructed" the album by performing several songs that either appeared on the album as samples or inspired the making. As much as I enjoyed hearing my third favorite Massive Attack performed in full, I still yearned to hear some material from Protection and Heligoland. Does that make me a bad person? After all, my two favorite Horace Andy tracks appear on the latter. Nevertheless, I cannot discount the personalsignificance of being able to witness Ms. Fraser perform live for the first time.

I was determined to try to get the best pull that I could from my rather modest rig. My friend and I arrived at the venue o a smallish line an hour before doors. I managed to secure a spot on the rail beneath the left stack. Surprisingly, the crowd in my immediate area were pretty quiet. Thankfully I was surrounded by friends on all sides. In spite of this, there is a fair amount of woo-hooing that occurs between Liz's verses. Nothing that's too terrible. The recording is clear andthe instrumentation is well balanced. So well that I resisted my usual urge to re-EQ. I spent many hours NOT remastering the audio on this. The bass is pretty prominent but not too boomy (unless you own beats ;-)). I love the way that this turned out. Sometimes the stars align.

Of Note:
Robert only appeared on stage for a few songs to provide vocals and the occasional synthesizer contribution. Not sure if this has been the case for the other shows on this tour. A more Massive fan than myself will have to chime in on this. Perhaps his taxes were due or one of the tour drivers called out sick. Still, it seemed strange. Also, David J was in attendance. I hope he enjoyed the band's turn on "Bela".

"Exchange", "Dissolved Girl", "Angel", "Inertia Creeps" and "Teardrop" of course. I really enjoyed hearing Liz sing such a sweet version of Pete Seeger's "Where Have All The Flowers Gone?" Wow! Just Wow!

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