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Thelonious Monk - 1961-04-15 - Amsterdam, NL (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

Thelonious Monk Amsterdam 1961-04-15 The First European Concert silver
Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Lineage: Vara Radio Broadcast?>silver>EAC/FLAC

This is an EAC straight to FLAC with TLH for the obligatories. 
Nothing has been changed on this error free copy! 

Sound: VG+ (strict) - the ends are washed out but middle is strong, overall clear but not full broadcast strength

Thelonious Monk - piano 
Charlie Rouse - tenor sax 
John Ore - bass 
Frankie Dunlop - drums

01. Jackie-ing 
02. Crepuscle With Nellie 
03. off Minor 
04. Straight, No Chaser 
05. Evidence 
06. Bemsha Swing 
07. Well You Needn't
08. 'Round Midnight
09. I Mean You 

This gem appears never to have been posted and there's not much Monk here. maybe we can get a mini-flood going? 

Though titled "The First European Concert" he did record in Paris in 1954 and I'd assume played some date/s around that? It appears to be the first of many 1960's European concerts though.

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