domenica 29 luglio 2018

Iggy Pop - 1996-04-29 - Vancouver, Canada (FM/FLAC)

(Excellent quality FM recording FLAC)

Commodore Ballroom

CDR > Audacity > CD Wave > TLH > FLAC

00 DJ Intro 
01 I Wanna Live 
02 Down in the Street 
03 Heart is Saved 
04 Raw Power 
05 Seek and Destroy 
06 Five Foot One 
07 Sixteen 
08 Sister Midnight 
09 I Wanna Be Your Dog 
10 Look Away  
11 The Passenger
12 Lust for Life 
13 Home 
14 DJ outro

Notes by the uploader:
This is a powerful performance! The vocal is a little off centre and I tried to correct that a bit, but there's only so much you can do without labouring for hours on this (well, hours more! :)). It's a high octane show from Iggy and his band...there's the odd flaw in the mix, and I did a little bit of playing around in Audacity to see what I can do. It seems to sound better than the version that was torrented last year to my ears...I don't do samples (this takes  nough time as it is!), but you can always download a track to see what you think. Like I say it sounds pretty powerful to me anyway.

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