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Pink Floyd - 1968-1974 - From Underground To The Moon (FM/FLAC)

(FM brodcast FLAC)

Format: 3CD
Catalog: Digital Phono Records, Digit 3101

Xref: Brain Damage (?), In the Sky (?)

Syd Barrett
Roger Waters
David Gilmour
Rick Wright
Nick Mason

CD 1:
England 1970
1. Milky Way 3:06

BBC, 25 June 1968
2. Let There Be More Light 3:32

BBC, 12 May 69
3. The Narrow Way 4:20
4. Green Is The Colour 6:03

German TV, 30 Dec 1976 (By Adrian Maben, NOT PF; listed as "The Journey" on sleeve)
5. Portrait of Jaacov Agam 9:09

Ummagumma version
6. Astronomy Domine 8:59

Santa Monica, 1 May 70
7. Interstellar Overdrive 13:20

KQED, San Francisco, 29 April 70
8. Cymbaline 8:35
9. Grantchester Meadows 7:09

BBC, 16 July 70
10. Embryo 10:00


CD 2:
BBC, 16 July 70
1. Atom Heart Mother 24:46
2. If 4:24

Rome, 20 June 71
3. Fat Old Sun 14:09

Pompeii, 4-7 Oct 71
4. Careful With That Axe, Eugene 6:23
5. "Pompeii"/Echoes 25:57


CD 3:
Pompeii, 4-7 Oct 71
1. One Of These Days 5:20
2. A Saucerful Of Secrets 9:48
3. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun 9:56
4. Mademoiselle Nobs 1:50

Wembley, 16 November 74
5. The Dark Side Of The Moon 47:21

Comments: Now this is amazing. It starts with "Milky Way", a great Syd Barret very rare song, and seems to be a "Best Of The RoIOs". An Italian Pressing with many italian live-recordings.

Rome, June 20 1971 - only (?) Concert with both Barrett and Gilmour.

Pompeii, June 21 1971 - Echoes called "The Return Of The Son Of Nothing" at this time. This Pompeii Concert is NOT the Pompeii-Movie-Soundtrack.

Southampton, January 23 1972 - well, this is so called recorded live (yes, with all the choruses and effects etc.) -MISC


MILKY WAY is a different take from that on Opel (extra guitar and bass), of far poorer quality.... - TAP#53

This set collects previously released material that's very familiar to CD collectors so it's nothing special. The packaging is unique and sound quality mostly excellent except on some  singular tracks. An excellent Pompey [sic] and Wembley BBC b'cast of DSOTM from 74 has record noise clicking towards the end. - BD#27

Almost all the sources given in the sleeve notes are incorrect; those listed above are the correct sources (and timings). The introductory instrumental to the Pompeii film is heard just prior to "Echoes", but is unlisted in the liner notes. - THE HEDONIST

I recently purchased FUTTM from a supplier. The packaging was a limited edition, Chinese silk design, box set. The artwork inside was different from the picture the database has. It also came with a number, and said it was XXXX out of 5000.

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