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Roxy Music - 1979-04-21 - Pasadena, CA (FM/FLAC)

(FM broacast FLAC)

Broadcast live and without commercials on KWEST-FM LOS ANGELES
from a first generation reel

FM Broadcast > 2-60 minute cassettes > Revox B-77 (me) > Sony DTC-690
Sony DTC-690 > Audigy 4 Pro (via toslink) > Audacity (clean up) > CD Wav > Flac (Level 8)

Bryan Ferry - vocals and keyboards
Phil Manzanera - guitar
Andy MacKay - sax and oboe
Paul Thompson - drums
Gary Tibbs - bass
David Skinner - keyboards

Disc 1
01. Introduction
02. Manifesto
03. Trash
04. Out Of The Blue
05. Angel Eyes
06. A Song For Europe
07. Still Falls The Rain (tape flip) >
08. Mother Of Pearl

Disc 2
09. Ain´t That So
10. Stronger Through The Years >
11. Ladytron
12. In Every Dream Home A Heartache (tape flip)
13  Love Is The Drug
14. Editions Of You

15. Do The Strand
16. Re-Make/Re-Model
Total Time 83 minutes 59 seconds

The worst:
Tape flip in "Still Falls The Rain" and is at 29:24. The recording goes to mono at 29:18 and returns to stereo at 29:44. "Mother Of Pearl" had a couple dropouts removed at 31:19. During "Love Is The Drug" there were 2 breaks close to each other. Removed about 5 seconds to make this seamless. Between 54:41 and 54:43 (during "Ladytron") there is 2 seconds of static from FM interference. Next tape flip is during " In Every Dream Home A Heartache". A little of the solo was removed at 61:49 to make a cleaner splice. That is the bad stuff that I worked on to make this more presentable to you.

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