domenica 28 febbraio 2021

David Bowie - Lost In Our Vaults Until Now (STU/FLAC) 24bit/96kHz

(Studio FLAC)

Lost In Our Vaults Until Now
Label & Nr: ELEPHANT RECORDS - ELP 012 5 A/B
Cover: printed full colour cover 
Records: 1 LP Released: 1982

LP - WaveLab (24bit/96kHz) - Flac8

01 - Life On Mars?   
02 - Ashes To Ashes 
03 - A Lad In Vain 
04 - Tired Of My Life
05 - BBC Introduction 
06 - Waiting For The Man 
07 - The Width Of A Circle
08 - Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud

1+2 Johnny Carson TV Show 1980
3+4 Studio Outtakes From Aladdin Sane
5-8 BBC 1970 ( by Tommy "The" Vance, maybe the greatest Radio-DJ in those times)

again a record bought in my beloved Record-Shop in Denmark. It is nearly in mint-condition, you will hear nearly no crackles. If you read the songs on the back-cover, they are in wrong running order, they are pressed as noted above, but the cover mistakes 03+04 and 07+08, funny little gag that often happened with Bootleg-LPs in those times. The sound quality of my transfer is way beyond any version I've heard before.

Declaration to 'other' : I planned to seed this record in the next days, had it recorded and then came Your seed.....but I think, as mine is a truly upgrade, You will like that I seed it so short after Yours. At least I hope You will not condemn me !

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