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Bruce Springsteen - 1976-04-04 - East Lansing, MI (AUD/FLAC) JEMS

(Audience FLAC)

Bruce Springsteen 
MSU Auditorium 
Michigan State University 
East Lansing, MI 
April 4, 1976 
JEMS Master 
16/44 Edition 

Recording Gear: Advent microphones > Sony TC-153SD cassette recorder (stereo recording) 

JEMS 2016 Transfer: master cassettes > Nakamichi 670 azimuth-adjusted playback > Wavelab 24/96 > resample to 16/44 > Peak Pro XT (volume smoothing / edit / index) > xACT 2.21 > FLAC 

01 Night 
02 Tenth Avenue Freeze-out 
03 Spirit In The Night 
04 It’s My Life 
05 Thunder Road 
06 She’s The One 
07 Born To Run 
08 Frankie 
09 Meeting Across The River 
10 Backstreets 
11 Growin’ Up 
12 Saint In The City 
13 Jungleland 
14 Rosalita 
15 Raise Your Hand 
16 Sandy 
17 Detroit Medley 
18 Quarter To Three 

Known Faults: 

On the 40th anniversary of the show, JEMS is pleased to present a fresh 2016 transfer of our master audience recording of East Lansing, April 4, 1976, the first time the show has been released direct from the master cassettes, in 16/44 and 24/96 editions. 

There is but one audience recording of this show, made by our own Tapeboy, and released many times before on titles like Livin’ Rock ‘n’ Roll, Hidden Worlds That Shine and EV2’s Rise Like The Rain. The new transfer renders all previous versions obsolete, offering what to our ears is a material upgrade of fuller, richer and more natural sound, especially in the bass and vocals. It has a clarity and depth previous incarnations lack. Samples provided. 

There are moments so clear in fact that you can hear the shutter on Tapeboy’s camera clicking as he shot rolls of color and black and white film. All his photos from the show are included here as well. 

As for the show, it too is a gem. It’s well known as being one of the few period concerts to feature performances of all eight songs from Born To Run, including a full-band “Meeting Across The River.” If that wasn’t enough, it is also notable for including the second known recording of “Frankie,” performed here in a magical version that I’ve played hundreds of times since I first got a copy of this show on cassette. 

It’s a long show, too, at 18 songs, among them fine versions of “Saint In The City,” “Growin’ Up” and a regional nod in the form of the “Detroit Medley.” 

Tapeboy sent along his recollections: 

“This was my third time seeing Bruce and my first time successfully getting my recorder into the show. It is arguably my best recording set up as well: the Sony 153SD cassette deck and Advent dynamic stereo mics. I also got my camera and a couple of lenses in...ahh...those were the days. 

MSU Auditorium was (is?) a gymnasium-type place with a U-shaped, single-level balcony surrounding the seats set up on the floor, where we were in the 11th row. This show featured all of Born To Run in an era before full-album shows. It was also the first time I'd heard Bruce play 'It's My Life', 'Raise Your Hand' and the brand new 'Frankie,' which featured Bruce on cowbell and pointed in a songwriting direction away from the sound of Born To Run. 

'It's My Life' was stunning, virtually unrecognizable until the chorus, and prompting a standing ovation midway through the song as the band completed the first chorus. Despite Bruce saying on the current River tour that 'Independence Day' was his first song about fathers and sons (and what about 'Adam Raised A Cain'?), clearly the spoken beginning of 'It's My Life' is where he first visited this theme. 

We left the show knowing we'd seen a great one, and thinking that a new album must be just around the corner; it was unimaginable that Darkness was still over 2 years away!” 

Applause goes to Tapeboy for his outstanding original recording and for pulling out the masters one last time to capture them at 24/96 and master this one for the ages. Thanks yet again to mjk5510 who continues to shore up the fulfillment end of the JEMS process. We couldn’t do it without him. 


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