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Lou Reed - 2005-04-05 - New York City, NY (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Very sweet show.

SQ: A short mp3 sample is attached to a comment. Almost excellent, I rate it "A-". Previous postings of this recording received over 1260 Snatches.

Recorded by TA

Artwork included; many thanks to G. The Cock for creating the very cool artwork, I love it!

Lineage: Schoeps CCM4's>PCM-M1>?>CDR I got by mail>EAC>FLAC(level 8)

Disc One 55:36
1 Adventurer 7:12
2 The Proposition 4:06
3 My House 5:35
4 Ecstasy 12:07
5 Guilty 5:30
6 Mad 6:10
7 Talking Book 5:32
8 Slip Away 4:05
9 Charley's Girl 5:18

Disc Two 54:23
1 Burning Embers 6:12
2 Halloween Parade 5:11
3 Change 5:45
4 Vanishing Act 5:50
5 Why Do You Talk? 6:00
6 Guardian Angel 6:12
7 The Blue Mask 13:05

8 Perfect Day 6:03

Total 109:59
Size: 450MB

Lou Reed: guitar & vocals, bass on "Guilty"
Mike Rathke: guitar
Fernando Saunders: bass & vocals, guitar on "Guilty"
Jane Scarpantoni: cello
Tony "Thunder" Smith: drums

Notes by TA:
"A buddy called me at the last minute to go see this show. (I think he actually invited my recording equipment, not me, even though he knows I like listening to Lou.)(Only kidding if you read this Bob.) Crobar is a disco / dance hall on the West side of Mid-Town Manhattan. Once you get past the frilly designer entranceway and the few side bars and cozy areas you wind up in a room the size of half a high school gymnasium. Problem with the place for a show like this is that they sell the whole building to capacity, which includes all the people that are allotted for many small side areas, so that when Lou hit the stage, everybody converges into the one main room, which turned the place into a real sardine can of about 1500 people. Surprisingly, the crowd was really into Lou, relatively quiet and into the music, very unusual for the NYC set, most of whom appear just to be seen at the gig (or just to say they were there), rather than to appreciate it. Me, I know why I was there ... I had work to do, and so I did. But you can hear how cooperative the crowd was during the piano / voice duet Vanishing Point. This NYC crowd resisted the typical mid-song cat calls that normally fill the voids of silence. The place was so quiet, you will hear the bottles and bottle caps falling at the bar behind me. One more thing, my special thanks to the tall geek standing behind my buddy breathing down his neck like an air conditioning vent. Once you forced my buddy to leave, you tried to push your way in front of me. Hope your ribs are healing.

I have not had the time to put together a set list for this show. Though Lou announced the names for many songs, most songs were new to me. Anybody who thinks they can put together a set list, your help is most appreciated.

This is an original recording by me that has never been released before. Hope you all enjoy this recording as much as I do. As always your comments and star ratings are appreciated.

Please do not distribute this recording in lossy formats such as MP3. Though it's perfectly alright with me if you convert it to those kinds of formats for your own personal listening on your i-pods, etc., I would prefer that if you share it with a friend, kindly do so in .wav, .shn or .flac formats."

Note by coyote:
"I got a look at the handwritten planned setlist during the show, and had another song followed Perfect Day, it was to have been Sweet Jane."

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