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Uriah Heep - 2015-02-11 - Tel Aviv, Israel (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

Theatre Club 

*Incomplete Show* 

Source: 88FM Radio Broadcast 

FM -> Zoom H1 -> WAV (16bit/44.1khz) -> PC -> Audacity -> TLH -> FLAC 

Rating: VG- (read the notes below) 

Catalog: ANDY-034 

Mick Box - guitar, vocals 
Bernie Shaw - lead vocals 
Phil Lanzon - keyboards, vocals 
Russell Gilbrook - drums, vocals 
Davey Rimmer - bass 

-- Intro (broadcasted, not taped) -- 
-- Speed of Sound (broadcasted, not taped) -- 

01. The Hanging Tree 
02. Bernie Talks 
03. Too Scared to Run 
04. The Law 
05. The Outsider 
06. Sunrise 
07. The Magician's Birthday 
08. What Kind of God 
09. One Minute 
10. Can't Take That Away 
11. July Morning 
12. Lady in Black 

-Encore break (removed)- 
13. Gypsy 
14. Easy Livin' 
15. Land of Hope and Glory (Outro Tape) 

Length: 1:25:32 

1 Normalization 
2 Fade In/Out 
3 Tracking 
4 Fixed SBEs + Converted to FLAC + Tested and created checksums 

- The broadcast started on time, yet the website of the station didn't fix the time. 
- Usually I tune in some 30 mins before the broadcast, therefore only the intro and first song were missed. 
- Some hiss is present mainly during quiet parts. 
- There's DJ banter between some tracks, can be bothering at times. 

# This recording was made, edited and released by andy988 

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  1. Where is Ken Hensely? Uriah Heep isn't the Heep with out Hensely.