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R.E.M. - 1985-05-27 - Raleigh, NC (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDFull pro-shot)

NC African Relief Concert
Meredith College

Pro-Shot video

Pro-Shot videotape > VHS (2nd generation) > Sony SLV700HF > Dazzle DV bridge: analog to digital conversion > Final Cut Express editing > iDVD (NTSC) with menus > VIDEO_TS folder + cover art/extras > you 

01.  7 Chinese Bros. (4:36)
02.  Hyena (3:02)
03.  Good Advices (3:32)
04.  Talk About The Passion (3:22)
05.  Driver 8 (3:40)
06.  Can't Get There From Here  (3:39)
07.  Maps And Legends (3:19)
08.  So. Central Rain (3:52)
09.  Auctioneer (Another Engine) (2:43)
10.  Old Man Kinsey (4:02)
11.  Pretty Persuasion (3:47)
12.  Life And How To Live It (4:01)
13.  Little America (3:26)
14.  Ghost Riders In The Sky (2:11)
15.  Second Guessing (3:06)
16.  (Don't Go Back To) Rockville (4:31)
17.  Wild Thing [with Don Dixon] (3:30)
18.  Theme From Two Steps Onward (4:50)
19.  9-9/Wind Out (4:46)
20.  Gardening At Night (3:54)      

Total = 74:00
(Opening songs not captured: Feeling Gravity's Pull, Harborcoat & Green Grow The Rushes)

Bonus Tracks
01.  Me & Dixon:  Buddha Buddha (3:27)
02.  The Pressure Boys:  Combination (3:16)
03.  The Connells:  Unspoken Words (3:23)

This show came into my hands over 20 years ago from a friend who was connected to the original source. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Student Television had permission to film the event, which was the NC African Relief Concert. It was held on May 27, 1985 at Meredith College in Raleigh, North Carolina. I was a witness to this show amongst a crowd of likely less than 1000. I was given a VHS tape copied from the original videotape. The video is Pro-Shot, but of medium quality. 

The tape included the majority of the performance starting at 7 Chinese Bros. & continuing to the show’s conclusion. Three opening songs were not captured: Feeling Gravity's Pull, Harborcoat & Green Grow The Rushes. Many songs were performed from their third full length LP, Fables Of The Reconstruction, 2 weeks before its June 11, 1985 US release. Early R.E.M. producer Don Dixon appears for Wild Thing. The band also plays Theme From Two Steps Onward, which was rarely performed.

Bonus tracks include 3 songs from other artists who appeared that day –
Me & Dixon: “Buddha Buddha,” Pressure Boys: “Combination,” & The Connells: “Unspoken Words.” I do not have any other video from that day. Other artists on the bill were Xenon & The Bill Lyerly Band.

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  1. I'd so love a copy of this '85 R.E.M. show. Do you only trade? I don't think I'd have any video or audio that you wouldn't already own. How much, if you'd sell a copy, would you charge? My email is

    -Rob K.