giovedì 25 febbraio 2021

The Clash - 1982-02-25 - Hong Kong, China (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

AC Hall 

FM > Tape (unknown) > CDR > itunes > WAV > FLAC 

Disk 1 
01 London Calling 
02 Washington Bullets 
03 Tommy Gun 
04 Guns of Brixton 
05 Train in Vain 
06 Know Your Rights 
07 The Magnificent Seven 
08 Ivan Meets G 
09 White Man in a Hammersmith Palais 
10 Wrong em Boyo 
11 Koka Kola 
12 Broadway 
13 I Fought The Law 
14 Career Opportunities 

Disk 2 
01 Janie Jones 
02 The Call Up 
03 Brand New Cadillac 
04 Somebody Got Murdered 
05 Clampdown 
06 Charlie Don't Surf 
07 Police And Thieves 
08 Stay Free 
09 Armagideon Time 
10 Safe European Home 

It's an FM broadcast of the Clash playing in Hong Kong and one of the last gigs Topper Headon did before being sacked. It is FM but it is not the best quality, it still ranks as a must have show. It is most likely not a full set as they were playing longer gigs on this tour.There are also some interesting(!) cuts in the tape, it would appear that either the taper has cut out the radio anouncements or they were cutting the gaps between songs to save tape. I was well pleased when this turned up as a friend of mine was doing security at the gig and always told me how good it was. 

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