giovedì 13 settembre 2012

Willem Breuker Kollektief - 1978-07-10 - Imola, IT (AUD/FLAC)

Europa Jazz Festival, Imola ITA, 1978 07 xx
Cortile Della Rocca Sforzesca

Master Clone AUD (unknown equipment)> Denon DRW 750 azimuth adjusted> SoundBlaster Live!24-bit> CoolEdit PRO 2.0 (only tracking)> Wav> TLH> Flac level 8

Boy Raaymakers (tp)
Andy Altenfelder (tp)
Willem van Manen (tb)
Bernard Hunnekink (tp,p)
Willem Breuker (ts,as,ss)
Bob Driessen (as,cl)
Maarten van Norden (ts,ss)
Leo Cuypers (p,voc)
Arjen Gorter (b)
Rob Verdurmen (dm)

01. Intro (01:35)
02. (05:04)
03. (07:29)
04. (27:13)
05. (10:44)
06. (16:25)
07. (27:00)

3 commenti:

  1. hi t.u.b.e.,
    tried to dl willem breuker kollektief - live at imola, but all links are dead. could you please upload this concert ? i consider willem breuker kollektief as one of the best free jazz groups in europe and at the end of the seventies the band was in great form and full the way - mp3 will do, it should be much faster for you...
    thanks very much in advance.

    best regards.

    paul w.

  2. Awesome. A true original.