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Sex Pistols - 1977-07-28 - Stockholm, SWE (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

MASTER SBD>?>CD>WAV (via QCD player)>SHN (via Shorten for Windows)>WAV>Cool Edit Pro v1.2>FLAC 6

VENUE: Student Kåren

01. Anarchy In The UK
02. I Wanna Be Me
03. Seventeen
04. New York
05. EMI (Unlimited Edition)
06. Submission
07. Problems
08. God Save The Queen
09. Pretty Vacant

TOTAL RUNTIME: 29mins 27secs

Here we have what appears to be an incomplete soundboard recording of a classic Sex Pistols performance. The sound quality is average for a soundboard and certainly isn't the cleanest sounding source. Nevertheless, for Pistols fans, this is a must! Besides, The Sex Pistols weren't exactly a "clean" sounding band anyways. As far as the remastering goes, the source recording needed a good few adjustments. To start with, the recording was originally at a very low volume. The sound waivers from track to track but each track needed an average increase in amplitude of about 10dB. This, in itself, accounts for a pretty large difference to the listening experience. However, boosting the level of the recording only scratches the surface of the edits done. Some of the tracks, mostly near the beginning of the recording, had a lot of pops and clicks and other noises/anomalies. I have carefully used a click/pop eliminator to remove most of these sounds. The music itself, does not suffer from this effect. It's not like noise or hiss reduction where the music usually suffers significant signal/frequency loss. Each track has been equalized and balanced very carefully and at times fairly drastically. As the source recording must've originally came from a high generation or very damaged tape, a lot of frequency loss has occurred. I have attempted to counteract this effect as much as possible. You will notice changes in sound quality and level from track to track at times. I've tried to match the tracks as closely as possible, but at times the difference in sound quality/frequency response is easily noticed and could not be avoided. Overall, I think the recording is significantly improved and more fun to listen to. I hope someone gets something out of this great early performanceby The Sex Pistols and my attempt to make it sound better. Enjoy!

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