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Pink Floyd - 1988-03-08/09 - Osaka, JP (AUD/FLAC) Osaka Castle Nights

(Audience FLAC)

Osaka Castle Nights

6 Pro - CDR - Matrix Disc 1-6: NO

(P) 2014 Made In Japan

Pink Floyd “A MOMENTARY LAPSE IN OSAKA”, Diff-master and press platen, 2 Days Osaka performance in 1988 of the same day as the press platen more, 6-Disc bonus title must for fans of that high sound quality and complete recording of each “OSAKA CASTLE NIGHTS” is, will be attached specially.

PINK FLOYD – OSAKA CASTLE NIGHTS (Bonus 6CDR) Osaka-Jo Hall, Osaka, Japan 8th & 9th March 1988 TRULY AMAZING SOUND than Japan tour with in 1988 in “A Momentary Lapse Of Reason”, Osaka of the 9th and March 8th 6 pieces of fan indispensable neither complete recording with high-quality sound recording audience, 2 Days castle hall performances. Both performances with full Diff-master board and press “A MOMENTARY LAPSE IN OSAKA”. Number of sound sources is very low, as a valuable record of performance in Osaka ’88, the collector must-have in the press platen same.

Never ever booted on CD, sound source of March 8 is valuable take first. “A MOMENTARY LAPSE IN OSAKA” sound source is too good too, you might not wiped the sober impression by all means, but this is recording a very good quality in this.
Feel of the sound soft, unlike the press platen to be able to enjoy clear and that is sparkling, the whole picture of the show you can enjoy an analog-style sound of nostalgic feeling.

Will it better if you expressed as sound mild warm friendly feeling of the ear.
That amount, without even clapping sticks to ear, I can listen comfortably.
Natural low-frequency sound is attractive one. You may receive a modest impression, but this is now, I can assert that a very valuable record.

Sound source of the 9th was remastered recording had been released from Amity in the past the “Night Castle.”
To increase volume by reducing hiss, this place delivers a more robust sound.
Is there a turbidity in sound compared to the press board sound source is here, but the high frequency because out in clear, for enough, some great Gotae listen to the entire sound pressure. High quality sound that is well organized indeed, there is a sharp sound in the press board, but some powerful sound of this place hard to throw away.

As for the source of this 9th, cheers One Slip front of Angkor has been recorded more than two minutes, you can be made ??to the press, to confirm the advantage of as a record of only this board.

Whatever the case may be, Osaka 2 Days present time, in ’88, there is always has been confirmed only four sound source, including two press new sound source, the fan of a must-have, must-listen all of them no doubt.

Live at Osaka-Jo Hall, Osaka, Japan 8th March 1988

David Gilmour - Lead vocals, Guitars, Keyboards
Nick Mason – Drums
Richard Wright – Organs, Piano, Synthesisers, Vocals

Additional musicians:

Jon Carin – Keyboards, Sound effects, Vocals
Scott Page – Saxophones
Guy Pratt – Bass guitar, Vocals
Tim Renwick – Guitars, Vocals
Gary Wallis – Percussion
Rachel Fury - Backing Vocals
Durga McBroom - Backing Vocals
Margret Taylor – Backing Vocals
Lorelei McBroom - Backing Vocals

08 March 1988 

Disc 1: 
1. Intro 0:23
2. Shine On You Crazy Diamond 12:13
3. Signs Of Life 3:39
4. Learning To Fly 5:46
5. Yet Another Movie 7:04
6. A New Machine Part 1 1:35
7. Terminal Frost 6:07
8. A New Machine Part 2 0:46
9. Sorrow 10:19
10. Dogs Of War 8:00
11. On The Turning Away 8:43
Total Time: 65:35

Disc 2: 
1. One Of These Days 7:21
2. Time 5:45
3. The Great Gig In The Sky 5:15
4. Wish You Were Here 4:41
5. Welcome To The Machine 8:20
6. Us And Them 7:19
7. Money 11:50
8. Another Brick In The Wall 6:35
9. Comfortaby Numb 11:14
Total Time: 68:20

Disc 3: 
1. One Slip 6:43
2. Run Like Hell 8:05
Total Time: 14:48


09 March 1988 

Disc 4: Time:
1. Intro 2:48
2. Shine On You Crazy Diamond 11:33
3. Signs Of Life 4:18
4. Learning To Fly 5:40
5. Yet Another Movie 7:09
6. A New Machine Part 1 1:38
7. Terminal Frost 6:15
8. A New Machine Part 2 0:36
9. Sorrow 10:26
10. Dogs Of War 8:05
11. On The Turning Away 9:19
Total Time: 67:34

Disc 5:
1. One Of These Days 7:26
2. Time 5:44
3. The Great Gig In The Sky 5:04
4. Wish You Were Here 4:51
5. Welcome To The Machine 8:35
6. Us And Them 7:26
7. Money 11:34
8. Another Brick In The Wall 6:35
9. Comfortably Numb 10:32
Total Time: 68:10

Disc 6: Time:
1. Audience 2:20
2. One Slip 6:58
3. Run Like Hell 9:49
Total Time: 19:07

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