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Pink Floyd - 1988-03-08/09 - Osaka, JP (AUD/FLAC) A Momentary Lapse In Osaka

(Audience FLAC)

A Momentary Lapse In Osaka

Sigma 108

Matrix Disc 1: Sigma 108 Disc-1 1A31800916 IFPILT029
Matrix Disc 2: Sigma 108 Disc-2 1A31800917 IFPILT029
Matrix Disc 3: Sigma 108 Disc-3 1A31800918 IFPILT029
Matrix Disc 4: Sigma 108 Disc-4 1A31800919 IFPILT029
Matrix Disc 5: Sigma 108 Disc-5 1A31800920 IFPILT029
Matrix Disc 6: Sigma 108 Disc-6 1A31800921 IFPILT029

(P) 2014 Made In Japan Stickered Numbered Limited Edition

02 March 1988 

Disc 1:
1. Intro 0:29
2. Shine On You Crazy Diamond 11:50
3. Signs Of Life 4:17
4. Learning To Fly 5:27
5. Yet Another Movie 7:24
6. A New Machine Part 1 1:35
7. Terminal Frost 6:18
8. A New Machine Part 2 0:36
9. Sorrow 10:02
10. Dogs Of War 7:58
11. On The Turning Away 9:14
Total Time: 65:00

Disc 2:
1. One Of These Days 7:12
2. Time 5:56
3. The Great Gig In The Sky 5:19
4. Wish You Were Here 4:45
5. Welcome To The Machine 8:29
6. Us And Them 7:34
7. Money 11:59
8. Another Brick In The Wall 6:44
9. Comfortaby Numb 11:05
Total Time: 69:03

Disc 3: Time:
1. One Slip 6:12
2. Run Like Hell 9:41
Total Time: 15:53


03 March 1988 

Disc 4:
1. Shine On You Crazy Diamond 11:34
2. Signs Of Life 4:17
3. Learning To Fly 5:28
4. Yet Another Movie 7:30
5. A New Machine Part 1 1:39
6. Terminal Frost 6:20
7. A New Machine Part 2 0:35
8. Sorrow 10:25
9. Dogs Of War 8:07
10. On The Turning Away 9:20
Total Time: 65:15

Disc 5:
1. One Of These Days 7:18
2. Time 5:46
3. The Great Gig In The Sky 5:04
4. Wish You Were Here 4:49
5. Welcome To The Machine 8:36
6. Us And Them 7:31
7. Money 11:21
8. Another Brick In The Wall 6:43
6. Comfortably Numb 10:18
Total Time: 67:26

Disc 6:
1. One Slip 7:07
2. Run Like Hell 9:04
Total Time: 16:11

from the Japan tour with in 1988 in “A Momentary Lapse Of Reason”, were made ??to tour the second half, and March 8 6-Disc CD press the complete recording with high-quality sound recording audience of the best level of performance Osaka Castle Hall on the 9th is an appearance.
“THE GREAT GIG IN THE BUDOKAN” (3/2 & 3), “SIGNS OF LIVES” (3/4 & 5), “SIGNS OF EVERLIFE” (3/6), recording’s miraculous ultra-high-quality recording that super-name record name taper visionary who spun off. If you listen with the appearance Osaka tape recording of the same person, Mania I think in not hide the color of excitement.First of all, compared to the performance in Tokyo, the presence of Osaka performance recording is limited, without any boot up to now March 8 the first day, only one sound source has been confirmed in the underground world. Performances March 9 of the second day, a sound source of sound quality passable could only have been released under the title to say “Night Castle” in the CDR from Amity label a few years ago. 6 pieces, Osaka 2 Days high-quality sound of this time, the new source that was not previously available on the world at all. Osaka the first day, which is housed in a 1-3 disk first. The sound quality is at best, perfect sound on a par to that Budokan and Yoyogi. Makes you feel like this recording’s, the spread of the sound very clear, it is a stunning recording. It is the gem which I was stunned for the first time in many years, “Nantes there was this recording!” And for Floyd fans. Floyd fans Kansai area is I think in not hide the excitement that the Osaka live I saw 26 years ago, is now, and it appeared in the highest sound quality that approaches the line recording in particular. From silence as crystal clear, that bright guitar Gilmore jumping out to have an overwhelming sense of color! This is a great recording that would listened in silence “This is a great …” in various places throughout. Long time in spite of the course only this, it’s not felt any deterioration of sound also a great place. Sound like spree fly freely it is a word of the best part in the stereo, the greatness of this sound, magic will not absolutely know I have to imperative to experience. Well, this is great! Second day, which is housed in a 4-6 a disk instead. This also high-quality sound that far exceed its outstanding the “Night Castle.” In a soft impression rather than on the first day recording, the sound quality is the impression that cede one step on the first day when it comes to clarity of the sound, but if you listen alone this, you can tell you that far from adequate, and stunning high-quality sound recording. I think a sense of stability of sound, sense of scale also on people, punch of sound is also sufficient, Osaka first day is a matter of course, but for this Osaka second day performances, sound source in excess of this recording in the future as not to appear so, there is plenty of value to fans should be available in six pieces press CD. New sound source choice of the performance in Osaka 1988 through the time of 26 years, was suddenly appeared!I can not stop the boot because there is this! ? 80 pieces of only the first will be the release of a sticker with numbering into. Live at Osaka-Jo Hall, Osaka, Japan 8th March 1988

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