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The Doors - 1969-09-13 - Toronto, Ontario (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Varsity Stadium
"Toronto Rock & Roll Revival"

[Audience Recording]

Master Reel > ANA1 > CDR > EAC > WAV > Flac Frontend > FLAC (lvl 8, SBE aligned)

01. When The Music's Over - 12:18 
02. Break On Through - 3:52 
03. Back Door Man - 6:58 
04. The Crystal Ship - 3:09 +++ REMOVED +++ ("Crystal Ship" was released on Disc 3 of "Boot Yer Butt") 
05. Wake Up - 1:49 
06. Light My Fire - 12:04 
07. The End - 15:48 

A rare audience recording from 1969 (rare in the sense that few recordings from 1969 exist since The Doors didn't play many shows in the aftermath of the Miami incident). This is a first generation recording. There are a few bootlegs out there that feature songs from this night and none of them sound quite this good. The drums come through terrifically and Jim's vocals are right up in the mix. The guy who taped this show must have been right near the stage.

This show contains a unique "Back Door Man" medley where Jim includes lyrics from "Roadhouse Blues" and "Maggie M'Gill." Definitely worth a listen. Though only 7 tracks, the show lasts for about an hour thanks in part to a long version of "The End," where Jim explains how proud he feels to be performing "on the same stage with so many illustrious musical geniuses."

Unfortunately, while much of the festival was filmed, it doesn't appear that The Doors' set was (rumors persist that footage exists but no concrete information has ever surfaced). The Doors were the last to go on that night after John Lennon and the Plastic Ono Band, and by all accounts, the camera crew was already packing its gear by then. The only footage that's known to exist are shots of The Doors arriving in their car during the opening sequence to D.A. Pennebaker's 1972 film "Sweet Toronto." Watch the opening here ( and see if you can spot Ray and Jim at about the 2:50 mark (Jim is in the front passenger seat with his back to the camera; Ray is directly behind him and spots the camera).

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