giovedì 27 settembre 2018

The Stooges - 2007-09-02 - Laios, IE (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

The Stooges 

Stradbally Co. Laios, Ireland 
2007-09-02 (02 September, 2007) 
Stradbally Hall 

Norwegian NRK P3 broadcast 2007-12-19 

Lineage:FM>PC>NCH WavePad>FLAC8 

-Automatic gain control 
-Hum & hiss removal 

01 Loose 
02 Down On The Streets 
03 1969 
04 I Wanna Be Your Dog 
05 TV Eye 
06 Dirt 
07 Real Cool Time 
08 No Fun 
09 1970 
10 Fun House 
11 Skull Ring 

Complete broadcast, incomplete show 
Slightly faded at the beginning at track 1 
Removed commercial jingle towards the end of track 4(only crowd noise missing) 

Recorded directly to PC from seperate FM radio reciever but the recording have some hiss left that probably came from the PC during the recording. Have removed a little of this, but with my skills i stopped bechause when i tried to remove more, it affected the sound too much. 

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  1. LOL.....!!! What would this guy do if he developed male breast cancer!?