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Black Sabbath - 2016-02-06 - Tacoma, WA (DVDfull aud-shot)

(DVDfull aud-shot)

Tacoma Dome 

Birate 9058 
Framerate 29.970 
720 x 480 
16: 9 

Audience filmed by "Hellrazor" 
Panasonic Lumix - DMC ZS50 > Nero > dvd decrypter > Dime 

Artwork is for a Blu Ray, made by Nono 

Chapters; none, just one long video 

Black Sabbath 
Fairies Wear Boots 
After Forever 
Into The Void 
War Pigs 
Behind The Wall Of Sleep 
Hand Of Doom 
Rat Salad/Drum Solo 
Iron Man 
Dirty Woman 
Children Of The Grave 

Iommi bending them string at 6:38 

Was an awesome day for me. I had the "Soundcheck" VIP package so I had gotten there a bit early and saw them play 3 songs Supernaut, Symton Of The Universe, then Ozzy came out to sing on War Pigs. We then went back to a room where free beer and snacks was served for about an hour 

As for the show, it was killer. I had 5th row in front of Iommi. But unfortunaltely I was one short person away from a brilliant capture, as there was a very tall man standing between me and the drum riser where Tony parked himself for a lot of the show and also Tommy was blocked here n there as well. There is some heads, hands and devices so check the sample before downloading 

Edit: I forgot to mention that security was flashing their light at me during Dirty Woman so I had put the camera down to see what they wanted and they were trying to get the kid standing on the seat next to me to get off the seat and stand on the ground

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