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Marillion - 1994-09-02 - Mexico City, Mexico (DVDfull pro-shot DL)

(DVDfull pro-shot DL)

Title: Chemicals in the Water
Catalog: DD-M940902DE-DL
Venue: National Auditorium, Mexico City, Mexico
Date: September 2, 1994
Media: 1 DVD-DL
Time: 146m:16s
Source: Proshot -> 1st gen VHS - NTSC - courtesy of Marilbil
Video: 2 pass 7100 vbr
Audio: 48,000 hz 192kb/s CBR AC3

Authoring: A/D conversion -> firewire -> capture and editing with
Adobe Premiere.
Video encoding -> TmpgEnc
Audio remastering -> Cool Edit Pro
Intro and menu -> Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, and Premiere
DVD authoring -> Sony DVD Architect 4

01. Interview
02. Concert Intro
03. Cover My Eyes
04. Slainte Mhath
05. Uninvited Guest
06. Sugar Mice
07. Bridge
08. Living With the Big Lie
09. Runaway
10. Goodbye to All That
11. Opium Den / Slide
12. Hard as Love
13. The Hollow Man
14. Alone Again in the Lap of Luxury
15. Paper Lies
16. Brave
17. The Great Escape
18. Made Again
19. Easter
20. Warm Wet Circles
21. That Time of the Night
22. Kayleigh
23. Lavender
24. Heart of Lothian
25. Hooks in You
26. The Space

Note: This is a dual layer disc. Thus a dual layer DVD recorder will be required to burn this release. Also, due to the 2 layers, a slight pause may be noticed partway through the concert during the layer change.

Release notes:
This is my third release of this particular concert, each time using a better source. For those of you who have my last release of this show, Mad For Mexico DE, you may recall that I described the source as being 1st gen, but that the picture quality didn't appear to be what I'd consider 1st gen quality. After releasing that show, and returning the source tape, I later heard back from my source, when he discovered that he'd sent me his backup tape by mistake, thus meaning that the source used was actually 2nd gen rather than 1st gen. He offered to send me the true first gen if I'd be interested in doing yet another version. I happily agreed, as I'd always liked this show and wanted to have it in the best quality I could find. I'm happy to report that the difference in quality between this version and the previous version is noticable. This one looks as a true 1st gen copy should. The sound is marginally better as well, as one would expect. This is great concert. The quality is quite nice. Well worth the download, if you have the dual layer burner required to burn a copy.

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