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Bruce Springsteen - 1992-09-22 - Los Angeles, CA (DSBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN (& the other band)
Warner Hollywood Studios
Los Angeles, CA
September 22, 1992
TITLE: "MTV XXPlugged - Direct From The Truck - Raw & Unedited"

SOURCE: Digital soundboard audio "direct from the truck"


01. 'the voice from the truck'
02. 'Hello to Bruce Springsteen'
03. Red-Headed Woman
04. Better Days 
05. Local Hero 
06. Lucky Town 
07. Atlantic City 
08. Darkness On The Edge Of Town 
09. Book of Dreams [false start]
10. Book of Dreams
11. 57 Channels (And Nothin' On) 
12. The Big Muddy 
13. Living Proof 
14. If I Should Fall Behind 
15. Leap of Faith [false start]
16. Leap of Faith
17. Man's Job 
18. Roll Of The Dice 
19. Growin' Up 
20. Human Touch 
21. Soul Driver 
22. Souls Of The Departed 
23. I Wish I Were Blind 
24. Thunder Road 
25. My Beautiful Reward 
26. Light Of Day 

27. Local Hero #2

ROCKCAT'S NOTES: I received a DAT clone of this concert in 1993 from my friend who received his copy "direct from the production truck"...and that's exactly what this is. This source is definitely NOT "the audio from the video", but the digital soundboard audio of the show (fed to the truck). There are no edits nor post-production EQ, nor have any of the tracks been resequenced out of order. This is live exactly as it happened. Even "the dead spaces" have been included. To my knowledge, this is the first time a version with "Leap of Faith" (including false start) has circulated (from a source so close to the master with no analog generations).

At the end, this version is missing the 2nd take of "Darkness" and "Glory Days", but those are available in good quality on other circulating versions. Likewise, the soundcheck is not included here either. My DAT #1 included tracks 1-23; DAT #2 included tracks 24-27. You can hear where I joined the two together; no music was lost. If you're planning to burn this to CD, my suggestion is to create the disc break between tracks 17 & 18. 
TRANSFER: DAT > Sony PCM-R500 > ESI Juli@ Soundcard > SoundForge Pro v11.0 > CD Wav Editor v1.98 > FLAC (level 5). Sound Forge was used to minimally Normalize the recording (+1.9 db). iZotope 64-Bit SRC was used to resample the recording from 48 MHz to 44.1 MHz. Sony's Click & Crackle Removal tool was used to minimize 2 clicks at 41:56, and 1:05:55 respectively. No other EQ or processing has been applied.

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